P3 blog 6/10/17

Hello there!
This week we wrote chapter two of our book. We wrote about what our animal eats and how they get their food. We used the research we did for homework to help plan this piece of writing. It is exciting being an author, just like Mike Nicholson who we met last week! We had a lovely time outside in the garden, listening to how he comes up with ideas and we even took part in an investigation just like the characters from his books, the Museum Mystery Squad. Our spelling sound for this week is wa- as in was, water, wall, wander, warm, swallow etc. We also learned about verbs, they are something you can do, so we called them ‘doing words’. We looked in our reading books to find them.
In numeracy we rounded up our knowledge so far on place value, adding 10 and 100 by completing some work for our teacher, we all did well! We are looking at different strategies to use when adding. We talk and share these strategies to help each other. Number Talks helps us do this, we were talking about friendly numbers this week. Friendly numbers are easy to add and take away from other numbers. They are the stations of the ten times table. Sometimes when we see a sum such as 29+ 13, it is easier to change one of the numbers into a friendly number, such as changing 29 to 30, then it is easier to add 13 to it, but remember to take one off the final answer!
We looked at the continent of North America during our animal challenge this week. The group work is improving all the time! Next week we will look at South America and leave the last two continents until after the October break.