P3 blog 24/3/17

Hello from P3!
Wow! The show, The Last Monster in Scotland was an amazing success!!! What stars we all are! Such a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience went into this show. This displayed what confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens we are! Amazing work P2 & 3!

In literacy we wrote a personal piece on what we want to be when we grow up. There were lots of interesting jobs and great explanations of why we wanted to do these jobs. We also learned that text does not need to be from a book. We listened to a man reading The Musicians of Bremen and completed some work relating to it. This is text too, as are films, songs, story CDs etc…

In maths we looked at symmetry and used a mirror to complete pictures and patterns. We found the line of symmetry in many shapes, letters and in nature. We drew the other half of Easter egg patterns and spring animals; they were very accurate and symmetrical.

We have completed our Fairtrade topic and learned so much about why Fairtrade is so important. We also learned a lot about honey bees and that they help pollenate most of the food we eat. We learned that a lot of pesticides are killing off the bees and some governments are trying to stops this. You can see our display set up outside Mrs Livingstone’s office.