P3 blog 24/11/17

Hello from P3!
Literacy is not always about writing a story in a jotter, it is in many shapes and forms. This week we drew and wrote a cartoon strip telling the story of Romulus and Remus and how Rome was founded. We had to remember the order to the story and include the important parts. We focused on ‘ch’ spellings that sound like ‘c’ as in school, choir, chemist and of course… Christmas! We looked at asking the characters in our reading books ‘open’ questions. This means the answer would not be a one word answer or a yes or no answer.
In maths this week we continued work on telling the time and converting times from analogue to digital and vice versa. We also worked on subtraction and took part in a number talk to share strategies we use when taking away.
We were learning about how some religions use light as an integral part of their festivals. We started with Diwali, and made lovely rangoli patterns using chalk pastels instead of coloured, powdered rice. They had to be symmetrical and using chalk pastels is very tricky, but the results were amazing! We are going to make diva lamps also, as they are used to celebrate Diwali.
Thank you to everyone who has donated a Fairtrade item to our tombola so far, our stall should look amazing!
Remember wear joggies/trackies on Wednesday 29th for taking part in the benchball festival. Also make sure you wear a jacket as we will be walking to the academy, rain or shine!