P3 blog 23/2/18

Hello from P3!

In literacy we learned how to write a persuasive text. As we have been learning about body systems and how to keep our bodies healthy, we made a leaflet for a doctor’s surgery. It was a persuasive leaflet, giving advice on healthy eating and the impact this would have on your body, especially your heart. Out spelling sound was –ie- words. We learned the rhyme: I comes before E except after C when it rhymes with key, but this does not always work as the English language is WEIRD and we noticed that PROTEIN also doesn’t follow the rule!

We have been learning a lot about the human body and different systems. We looked at the circulatory system, the skeletal system and will be looking at the nervous system and the digestive system next week… It is all very exciting and we have produced some really super work! We also learned about germs and how easily they spread. We did an experiment with glitter representing the germs on our hands and saw how easily they were passed on. We then washed our hands properly in order to prepare food. We made some delicious chocolate truffles!

Next week we will be starting our class talks. Pen drives can be brought in or PowerPoints sent to the school email which will be forwarded to P3. Please make sure you practise your talk using the criteria sheet in your homework jotter as they will be assessed using this criteria and feedback will be given on each talk.

Thank you for your continued support!