P3 blog 22/6/17

Hello from P3!

This is the very last blog of P3! It has been a fabulous year, especially as we got to do the school show with P2.  We have really enjoyed our latest technology topic, enabling us to turn our classroom into a medieval castle! We have reflected on our targets for this term and wrote about our achievements. We got to meet our teacher for P4 and wrote a letter to her, telling her all about ourselves, saying what we liked in P3 and what we are looking forward to in P4.

We have been completing some work on science. We looked at inheritance using Mr Men and Little Misses. We looked at traits passed on to us from our parents. The Mr and Mrs Men had babies and we had to guess the parents by looking at the traits. We made up our own characters, a mum and a dad and they had babies which included traits from each of them. We also looked at the circulatory system, which is how the heart and lungs work. We learned about how the red blood cells take oxygen from the lungs all round the body and then pick up carbon dioxide, a waste product, and take it back to the lungs for us to breathe out. The heart pumps all the time allowing the red blood cells to move in the right direction. We had some really interesting discussions round this!

Next week we will have a medieval banquet to round off our topic. We made menus for a healthy banquet using knowledge from the Eatwell plate.

Lastly, please have a safe and relaxing holiday! It has been a pleasure teaching you all. We will see you back on Tuesday 22nd August in your new classes!!!