P3 blog 19/5/17

Hello from P3!

It’s been a wee while since the blog was updated as we were off for the local election and had sport’s day last week!

In literacy we have created job adverts for our class castle! We had to use persuasive language to attract applicants. We listed the skills needed for the jobs. We advertised for maids, jesters, blacksmiths and knights! We discovered a secret panel in our class castle. We made a zigzag book and used our imagination to write down how it opens, what was in it, who put it there, what the object does and how we would use it. They turned out really well. We wrote our assembly script which is all about the skills we learn in school which we can use to prepare us for work and later life. We also tuned into Authors Live and listened to Alex T Smith talk about his books. What a busy week in literacy!


In maths and numeracy we have been working on direction. We have tried out different activities in relation to this. We learned about co-ordinates, compass work using N S E W and North East, South East etc. We used left, right, forward and backwards when programming the Bluebots and using the mats. We are in the process of creating our own medieval style mats to test our direction skills. We also kept up with our numeracy skills by doing a number talk about friendly numbers and adding up with numbers that are two away from a friendly number. Ask your children how this works!

We now have wood panelling, stained glass windows AND suits of armour in our classroom castle! We used technology skills to make full size suits of armour and we worked in groups. We still have to spray them silver, but they look amazing!