P3 blog 16/6/17

Hello from P3!

It has been an interesting week, even though we were off for the Marches! We have been working on problem solving, finding all the different possibilities in the problems we were working on. We work in groups of three so we can contribute effectively and help each other.


We made Sun Safety posters which we will share around the school. They all have messages on them about how to keep safe in the sun, even in Scotland! We used the message: Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on some sun cream Slap on a hat! Also wear sun glasses, drink water and find shade if it is too hot, especially at mid-day!


We have been thinking about foods we would like for a healthy medieval banquet and the types of food they ate then. We linked this to the Eatwell plate where we learned what constitutes a healthy diet. We learned that fruit and veg should take up a third of your diet and carbohydrates should take up another third. The remaining third is split up with protein taking up the biggest portion, dairy or an alternative taking up the second biggest and a tiny bit for oils and spreads. Sweeties and crisps are not on the plate, but it is ok to have a little of them every so often!