P2 blog 9/6/17

It was Violet’s birthday on Monday and we gave her a pink balloon.  At the end of the day we went to the Zone and played with different equipment.  It was fun.

It was raining cats and dogs on Tuesday but we still walked along to the Rugby Club.  There was a Book Festival on and our books were colouring books drawn by an illustrator, Eilidh Muldoon.  She got us to draw and colour pictures to stick on a great huge drawing of the Palace, the Church and the Peel.  By the time we got back to school we were soaking wet!  Thank you to the parent helpers who came with us.

We had Mrs Cameron on Wednesday.  We did Art instead of Science.  Our pictures were sponge paintings of dandelion clocks.  We also had Chum Time with P6s and we did some Creative Thinking, designing restaurants!

Two of our chrysalides emerged as Painted Lady butterflies.  They looked amazing once they had dried their wings.

On Thursday Mrs Laurie came back.  She was so delighted because she was able to see the third butterfly emerge.  We have been doing CEM quizzes this week and Mrs Kerr says we are all stars because we worked brilliantly.


Mrs Laurie and Primary 2