P2 blog 9/2/18

This week in P2 we have presented our class talks on Famous Scots. We learnt about a lot of different Famous Scots. It was very interesting. We all spoke loud and clear and faced our audience. Some of us dressed up in character, some of us made a PowerPoint and some of us had props and photos. We also learnt about Mary Queen of Scots and Nicola Sturgeon with Miss Cuthbert. In maths we have been using cubes and Numicon to make groups of a given number such as 4×3= (4 groups of 3) etc. we worked together in pairs and on our own. In spelling/phonics we have started the magic e rule and this week we are doing i-e as in pine, smile and shine etc. On Tuesday we learnt about internet safety and how to stay safe online. We learnt not to give any information about ourselves when playing online such as name, age, school or the town we live in. In writing we wrote sentences on our white boards and in our jotters with sentence starts such as My, The, I, The last time, Another thing, Sometimes etc. On Thursday we went to see our chums present Powerpoints they made about Easter.
In PE we are working on our balancing skills and at the end we completed a challenge. Miss Cuthbert said we all made a great effort so we all earned a counter for our group. In French we went over our French colours again and learnt to say please and thank you. On Tuesday we had a Chinese teacher visit us name Mrs Fan. She taught us how to say hello in Mandarin. Next week is Chinese New Year and she will come in to our class on Thursday 15th February. To mark the Chinese new year and to show our thanks to our Chinese teacher we are allowed to bring something red to wear in class on the Thursday afternoon. We can change into or put the red item of clothing on after lunch.
Next week we are off on Monday and Tuesday so our homework is due in on Wednesday 14th February. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday break.