P2 blog 9/2/17

This week in P2 Miss Cuthbert is happy to be back and has been very impressed with our singing for the school show. In Maths we have moved onto Money. Yesterday we looked at the different coins, their colours, size and shape. Today we added different coins to make a given total and identified which coins make a given amount (select 3 coins that make 27P). Miss Cuthbert will update our maths learning wall soon to reflect our future learning. In spelling we have been continuing with the ‘au’ sound (because) with Miss Cuthbert and will move onto ew (flew) next week. In writing we have been designing posters for the school show and looking at the importance of font (letter) size to grab the viewers’ attention as well as key information. Homework will remain as it is until Miss Cuthbert is back fulltime.

We hope everyone enjoys their February break and we look forward to settling back into our normal routines on Wednesday 15th February. Family/Friends could discuss the different coins, notes and bank cards in your purse/wallet with your child to familiarise them with different methods of payment.