P2 blog 6/10/17

In P2 this week we have been working on 3D shape and patterns. We played lots of fun games to learn the names of 3D shapes such as sphere, cylinder, cone, cube and cuboid. For patterns we went outside and collected found objects to make patterns with. We got counters for our table jar if we could name any of the found objects 3D names. In writing we wrote a set of instructions on how to wash your hands using first, next, now, then and last as sentence starters. In French we are learning the days of the week and with Mrs Ramsay we went over greetings. For chum time we designed ourselves as superheroes and then used different art materials such as paint and card to make them into art pieces. In spelling we have been going over the sound ay and if we see a word with the ay sound in it Miss Cuthbert gives us a counter for our table points when we read the word aloud to her. In PE we are continuing with our Basic Move skills. This week we used the skills to play Dodge Ball safely. Also in maths we learnt how to layout addition and minus sums in our jotters.

Next week we will be going over the sound ea as in (leaf). In maths we will continue with 2D and 3D shape as well as patterns and how to layout sums in our jotters. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are Parents Evening so we hope you have booked your appointment so Miss Cuthbert can tell you how wonderful we are.