P2 blog 24/11/17

In P2 this week we have been learning about seasons of the year. We learnt that animals on farms are mostly born in spring and that flowers start to grow because it is beginning to get warmer. In summer the weather is the warmest it has been all year and sometimes it gets so warm that people like to go to the beach and play in the cool water. In autumn most leaves start to turn orange, brown or yellow and eventually they fall off the tree. In winter it becomes very cold and sometimes puddles turn into ice. Sometimes snow falls in winter and when it does snow we can make snowmen and snow ladies. In art we drew a picture of a windstorm and the trees were being blown sideways by the strong and powerful winds. Next week we are going to paint a snow storm. In numeracy we have been working on missing numbers in addition sums and place value. In writing we wrote a letter of thank you to The Scottish Book Trust to tell them how much we love our Read, Write and Count bags. If you want to learn more about these bags you can look on the following website: scottishbooktrust.com/learning/read-write-count/
Before we take the bags home on Monday 27th November our parents and guardians are welcome to come in at 3pm to play, read, write, and count or create puppet shows with us.

In spelling we have been working on the sound aw (paw, draw, awful). In PE we finished our skipping by having races. We skipped with hula hoops and skipping ropes. We also had lots of fun singing with our chums. We sang You’ve Got a Friend in Me to Mrs Ramsay at assembly. Miss Cuthbert and Miss Tully said our singing was fantastic 

Next week in numeracy we will be moving onto subtraction. In writing we will be writing a letter to Santa and in PE we will be moving onto ball skills. Also on Monday we have a visit from the author of The Kilted Coo Rachel McGaw. We will have a chance to ask her questions and purchase a book. Our sound for phonics and spelling is oi (boil, moist and join).