P2 blog 23/2/18

This week we have continued with magic e in spelling and phonics. We have been looking at o-e words such as stole, rope and bone. In writing we wrote an imaginative story about space using our sentence starts. In Maths we have been learning about division by sharing a group of items out equally such as 10 shared equally by 5 = 2 etc. We have started our first week of Paired Reading with our chums. It is a lot of fun and we are enjoying picking our own books as well as reading to our chums. We have also started Reading Routes. It is fun because we get to work in groups and share our thoughts before we answer the questions. We worked together to think of questions beginning with who, what, why, where and when to ask Cinderella and her ugly sisters. We then took on a role as Cinderella, an ugly sister or a reporter. We then filmed ourselves carrying out the interview like you would see on TV. We had to remember to face the camera, speak clearly and not mumble. It was a lot of fun and we had a bit of a giggle when we watched the interviews on the Smartboard.
For Topic we drew our own portraits and wrote a sentence about what we want to be famous for when we are older. Some of us want to be inventors, scientists, architects, anthropologists, sports stars, charity workers and actresses. For our new topic Global Warming we discussed what it is and what we want to learn about it. Our focus is plastic so we are interested in learning why we use so much of it. In PE we are working on our balancing skills. Standing on one leg is getting easier but standing on our tip toes and staying still is hard.

Next week is the school show with P5 and P6 performing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but we get to watch their last rehearsal on Monday afternoon. We also have a visit from the SSPCA on Thursday as well as an author coming in to do some story telling.