P2 blog 2/2/18

This week in P2 we have been working on the spelling/sound y as in fly, why and myself. In maths we have been looking at the two times table and doubles as well as revising our even and odd numbers. In handwriting we have been joining the letters n and k together. In French we learnt to say my name is (je m’ appelle). For our Famous Scots topic we learnt about Alexander Fleming and Alexander Bell. Alexander Bell invented the telephone. Just think if he never invented the telephone we would not have mobile phones or the Internet. Miss Cuthbert showed us what a phone looked like when she was a child and we compared it to the mobile phones we use today. We then invented our own phones for the future. Our phones can disappear, give you a puppy, make your dinner and give you all the money in the world. Alexander Fleming invented a medicine called penicillin. Thanks to his discovery many lives have been saved. We linked this to our Health and Wellbeing and looked into different types of medicine. Then we invented our own medicine. Some of our medicines cured meningitis, allergies, chicken pox, eczema and strokes. We also looked at the different ways medicines can be taken/given (pills, liquids, creams etc) and packaged. We then designed our own packaging for our medical creation. On Tuesday afternoon the school had an open literacy afternoon. In P2 we went over Paired Reading. We will be starting Paired Reading with our chums after the February break for 2 weeks. Our Paired Reading books will be sent home every day instead of our normal reading books. We can use the school books provided, our own books from home or books from the local library. In PE we have moved on to working on our balancing skills/ability. It is a lot of fun as some of us wobbled around a lot. In writing we wrote part one of an imaginative story about a pirate. We used adjectives to describe the sea, ship and pirate.

Next week our class talks are due in on Monday 5th February and we will present our talks to the class on Mondays or Tuesday. Tuesday is also Internet Safety day so we will be learning how to keep safe whilst using the internet. In maths we will be working more on times tables by grouping given amounts i.e. 4 groups of 3 = ? 2 groups of 6 =?. In Spelling/Phonics we will be starting magic e. We will be learning about the i-e rule (side, smile and hide). For topic we will be learning about Famous Scottish Ladies.