P2 blog 20/4/17

We all came back to school on Tuesday 18th. We now have Mrs Laurie and we’re getting along just fine!
On Wednesday we had PE outside with Mrs Clapton. We are doing Athletics for the rest of the term. In the afternoon we went outside with Mrs Cameron for Science. We found out about the three elements – solids, liquids and gases. We made three posters, one for each element.
We are putting our smaller magnetic letters into stronger bags and attaching them to the wall with magnetic tape.
Tomorrow we are looking forward to Assembly and Golden Time.
We’re just starting our new topic about ‘Change’. We’re going to see how many things we can think of that change. So far we’ve got a cygnet into a swan, the time, us, the weather and the months, seasons, day and night and days of the week.

P2 and Mrs Laurie