P2 blog 19/5/17

We got a huge surprise on Monday when we saw our caterpillars.  They had grown to a massive 2cm!  By the end of the week though, the biggest one had grown to 4.5cm.  We think they might pupate over the weekend – that means they turn into Supa Dupa Pupas! Or Chrysalides if you prefer.  It’s all very exciting.

On Monday, we had a very special visitor.  It was from Lee who is an SSPCA officer.  She told us that we shouldn’t touch injured wild animals, but phone for help from the SSPCA.  Lee also showed us a video about how they help animals in need.  We loved the bit about how they saved a baby deer (fawn) whose mother was killed. She also gave us all a pencil sharpener.

We watched a live show on Book Bub with Alex T. Smith, who is the author and illustrator of the Claude books.  He even showed us how to draw Claude and Sir Bobblysock.  We have just begun reading our second Claude book.  It’s title is ‘Claude on Holiday’ and we are loving it!

We are also learning about the Moon.  We’ve found out that there are eight phases of the Moon and we’ve got a brilliant song that helps us to remember their names and the order they come in.

On Tuesday we started to come straight into class when the bell goes.  We don’t have to have to line up outside anymore.  We have been liking this very much.


Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie 😊