P2 blog 16/3/18


This week in P2 we have been learning about time in maths. We went over o’clock and looked at half past. We played different activities to learn o’clock and half past but our favourite was What’s the Time Mr Wolf when Miss Cuthbert was the wolf and chased us when we got the time right. Miss Cuthbert also said we picked up o’clock and half past well so we went over other information about time. We looked into the fact that each number on the clock is 5 minutes so we can use our 5 times table to help us work out how many minutes each number is worth. We then played time bingo. Some of us are very competitive but it was lots of fun. We also had a little look at quarter past and quarter to.  In spelling we have moved on to a-e in magic e (cake, came and name etc.). We also went over common words. In reading routes we had to put a story in the correct order. On Tuesday an author came and read her book Rowan the Red Squirrel to us. It was very interesting to have the author read their book to us. She raised her voice when characters spoke and paused at punctuation just like we have been learning in class. We asked her questions about what it is like to be an author.  For topic we looked at all the plastic items around the school and discussed what else they could make them from that is kinder to the environment and sea creatures. Wood, metal, stone, clay, fabric and paper could be used instead of plastic for lots of things. We also found out that scientists in Italy have made a plastic from cooking oil and bleach. The plastic disintegrates in 6-8 weeks. So Miss Cuthbert said that hopefully when we are adults a lot of this more environmentally friendly plastic will be used instead of the bad plastic being used now and that means the animals and see creatures will be safer.  We also learnt that plastic is made from the same chemical as the petrol people use in their cars. In writing we wrote an imaginative story using our targets and we also wrote a mini report card for parents’ night next week. In handwriting we joined o and f together. In PE we have continued to work on our core strength. It is getting easier and we can balance for longer now.


Next week is parents’ night on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be learning about fractions in maths and covering u-e in magic e for spelling. No reading homework will be handed out but we will be doing our reading every day in class as normal so we all need to make sure we have our reading books back in school on Monday. We still need to collect 9 egg boxes for our treasure chests to help us learn fractions. So please remember to hand some in after the holidays. We hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday and remembers to write in their diaries using their targets for our return in April.