P2 blog 15/12/17

This week in P2 we have been learning the sound ew as in flew, drew and chew. In maths we have been learning about Data Handling. We have filled in a pictogram and some bar charts. We have also been designing under water super heroes for a competition with our P6 chums. Our wanted and kidnapped posters for Casper and Zippy are up around the school and there have been many sightings and mischief going on but we are still waiting for them to come back to our classroom. Casper put elf notes in our trays and it turns out he has been watching us doing our work in class for months. For topic we learnt that lightning is a flash of electricity created by positive and negative energy and that thunder is the noise of air crashing together in a storm. It is usually heard when you see lightning. We also created a page in our weather book for thunder and lightning as well as a page about hurricanes and another page on Tornadoes. As part of our topic to share our understanding we are going to make board games and have extreme weather as the theme. We have made a rough plan and will make the finished game on our own or with friends to be played in class at golden time. On Thursday the whole school watched a Christmas movie in the hall and we were allowed to wear Christmas jumpers as well as a snack and something comfy to sit on. It was a lot of fun.
Miss Cuthbert has created a list of winter work ideas along with our Glow Login details on a double sided sheet in our bags in case schools are closed due to extreme weather.
Next week the finalists from our class talent show will perform in front of P7 on Monday morning and those chosen by P7 will perform at the school talent show on Friday 22nd December. On Thursday the 21st December it is our Christmas party. We are having our party with P1. P1 and P2 will be laying out reindeer food in the school playground so hopefully Santa’s reindeers can find our school and come to our party.