P2 blog 13/3/18

Last week and this week in P2 we have been consolidating our phonic sounds and common spelling words. In maths we have been working on our division skills as well as looking at area. For area we drew around our hands and worked out how many counters we needed to fill in the area of our hands. For HWB we are focusing on The Body. We looked at the skeleton and named the different bone areas and what they do (rib cage protects vital organs, skull protects the brain etc).We then drew around our friend and put the different bones of the body inside their outline. We linked our topic (Plastic in the Environment) with art and literacy to design a poster about using plastic bottles, bags and cups. Miss Cuthbert is going to put our posters around the school to help raise awareness of reusable bags, cups and bottles. Also for topic we wrote a story about a sea creature being killed or injured by plastic in the sea. Miss Cuthbert said she felt very sad when she read them. We have been finishing off our Paired Reading with our chums (due to missing out on the snow days) and trying out our new reading books for next week’s homework. We also looked at adjectives in our Reading Routes lesson on Monday 5th March. With Mrs Fan we learnt numbers in Mandarin up to 10. We really enjoyed dressing up as book characters on Friday. We had some personal reading time in class as some of us brought in books from home. We all received a book token and sticker.

Next week homework is as normal and Paired Reading is finished however we are allowed to bring in books, comic, annuals etc. from home and read them in class on a Friday as part of enjoyment of reading. On Tuesday we have an author visit with P1. They will be telling us what it is like writing stories as a job and how they get their ideas. In maths we will be looking at time (mainly o’clock and half past) and revising addition and subtraction. In spelling/phonics we will be looking at the magic rule a-e as in take and gave. We need to start collecting egg boxes. We need 20 egg boxes as we are going to make treasure chests and use them to learn about fractions in maths. So if you have any spare egg boxes at home please send them in.