P2 blog 12/5/17

On Tuesday we had a brilliant surprise when a parcel for P2 was delivered to our room. It was a tub with five larvae – all of them eventually METAMORPHOSING into Painted Lady butterflies. We can’t tell one from the other, so we’ve called them all ‘Cal’. We’ll tell you next week how much they have grown. They’re about 2cm today.
We’ve also learned about the life cycle of a frog. We learned that the sun has to be really hot before its heat can make a difference to our ‘shapes on black paper’ pictures. It didn’t work, so we will try it again when the sun is much stronger.
Thursday morning (Sports Day) was great fun, except for those of us who don’t like stuff like that. We say ‘We can’t be good at everything, and it’s not about winning, but taking part. We can only try our best’.
Mrs Laurie and Mrs Ramsay think we are all wonderful anyway!!

Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie