P2 blog 12/1/18

This week in P2 we are all really happy to be back and see our friends. We have been revising our previous learning by playing maths and phonics games and activities. Also in maths we have been learning about money. We have looked at the different coins and discussed other ways to pay for things such as bank notes, bank cards, credit cards and mobile phone apps. We then added 3 or 4 coins together to work out their total amount. Next week Instead of collecting counters for table points Miss Cuthbert is going to award us money (plastic coins) and for every £1 we earn we can purchase 5 minutes golden time. In reading we have been working with our books for next week’s homework. We have been reading them to our peers, discussing the type of books they are by looking at the key features and reading aloud to show expression and tone. For topic we learnt that people who investigate and monitor weather are called meteorologists and that they send balloons up in to the sky to measure the temperature. We also learnt that different crops grow in different climates i.e. corn grows in hot weather and rice grows where it is wet, wind vanes show which direction the wind is blowing and it moves the clouds. Did you know that if a pine cone falls from its tree and it’s closed it fell when it was wet and if it is open it was dry? Or that a frog croaks more when it is about to rain? We are also going to carry out a science experiment next week to show a water cycle. A water cycle is when water rises up to the sky to make clouds then it falls back down again in bigger droplets as rain.

Next week PE and homework is as normal. Miss Cuthbert asked if we could check if we have any school reading books at home, that we all have our PE kit back and that we all have indoor shoes to wear in the classroom.