P1 blog 9/3/18

After a few days playing in the snow (and having great fun by the sound of it!) primary 1 have come back to school raring to go! You can upload photographs onto the online journals of things your child is working on at home – I would love to see some of the fabulous things they get up to!

In literacy we have been focusing on building and blending this week. We have enjoyed being rude with the ‘th’ sounds by sticking out our tongues. The children requested a story writing table on Thursday and a few of them worked together to write a book! It’s great to see so many of them using their phonics learning to write their own stories.

In numeracy we are moving into bigger numbers. We love counting backwards and forwards up to and beyond 100 and enjoy playing with the enormous 100’s square in our classroom. We have also been making our own addition sums, using the addition and equals signs. We have been doing the calculations mentally then ‘double checking’ using concrete materials (beans!).

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mr McGilliard this week – he is a joiner. He brought lots of tools in to show us and we learned about the different roles of people on building sites. Some of us thought it would be a good idea to try out the drill on our walls…

With class talks coming up, please come and have a chat if I can do anything to help. PPTs can be emailed to the office or brought in on a pen drive (please label!). All props etc required should be brought in by Monday 19th March.