P1 blog 9/2/18

What great fun we have had this week in p1. Our visit from 2 local police officers kick started our ‘People who help us’ topic. We had lots of questions for them like “what clothes do you wear when your police clothes get dirty; why don’t you use monster trucks; how fast can you run?” The children were reminded about personal safety strategies such as stranger danger, crossing roads and looking after property and the police role within these. The most invaluable thing for the children was realising that the police officers are not scary and are there to help them any time they need it.
In numeracy we have been counting 2 groups of items. Because one group of items is covered we have had to use mental addition strategies to work out ‘how many altogether.’ Some of us break numbers up (partition) to help add, others imagine the shapes of the numbers and count on and some are using their fingers to find totals – all excellent strategies!
In writing this week we wrote about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Some of us did our best piece of writing yet. Around the room there was lots of independent word building, using full stops and finger spaces. In reading we have been exploring non-fiction texts. We know these are not stories but rather information books. These will be the focus of our reading homework after the February break.
We had lots of fun playing outside on Thursday afternoon. We fed the birds, created art with chalk and puddles, did word building with beanbags, created our own castle, played with dice. It was great fun despite the rain.
In PE we are focusing on controlled ball skills. We are getting much better at throwing and catching and love practicing with small tennis balls. Why not play a throwing and catching game to help us practice even more?
I hope you all have a very well rested February break. The children have worked incredibly hard so far this term and I hope they enjoy their well-deserved rest! See you all on Wednesday.