P1 blog 3/2/17

This week has been WOW week for the children and they have recorded all of their work along with some pictures in their WOW Jotter. The WOW jotter shows a Week Of Work and will be available for parents to look at during parent consultations. P1 have enjoyed looking back at the work they did earlier in the year and they can see the progress that they are making.
In P.E the children have been continuing to work on performing gymnastic techniques in a safe way and in Health and Wellbeing we have been working on our class charter.
The focus in numeracy this week has been partitioning numbers 3-10 and exploring different ways to make numbers to 10. The children have also been creating their own doubles machines to learn to double numbers up to 10. We have also looked at doubling a number and then adding 1 and this will be a continued focus for next week.
Phonics this week has been continuing to practice and identify ch, sh ,th, ph and use these to create words. Whilst writing and reading this week has been continuing to focus on Imaginative writing and including tricky words in sentences.