P1 blog 23/3/18

In literacy we have been doing a lot of blending and building. Our new interactive board means we have been using this to make and blend different words using the sounds we have learned. We really enjoyed our writing lesson this week. The letters we wrote to all of you were fantastic and we really hope you enjoyed reading about our proudest moment.

In numeracy our focus this week has been on addition. We have made it trickier by hiding some objects and counting on to find the total. We have been able to share some fantastic strategies and our mathematical brains have been working really hard.

On Wednesday we went out for a ‘Spring’ walk. Whilst we were able to see some little buds and new plants starting to grow we were interested to see not as many new plants as expected. We decided that this is because of the weather – hopefully the sunshine will come out soon to help them grow. This followed on very nicely from our exciting learning with Miss Barnes who taught us about different flowers and encouraged us to explore different plants at our flower station this week.

We have loved our gymnastics topic over the past few weeks. We have demonstrated excellent balancing, forward rolls, pencils rolls and safe jumping. We have been encouraging our peers and had great fun using some of the equipment.

Thank you very much to all of you for coming along to parents evening – what a great 2 nights celebrating and sharing the fantastic work of the children this year!