P1 blog 2/2/18

What great fun primary 1 have had making Cranachan this week. We learned that it is a traditional Scottish dessert using local ingredients. To make it healthier we swapped the cream for yogurt. We did lots of squashing, mixing and measuring whilst our buddies did the oat toasting for us. We can’t wait to have a taste.
In literacy we have been learning y and z. What excitement when we realised we have almost finished the alphabet! We have been doing some word building, sentence reading and some outstanding reading this week.
We were great mathematicians this week too. We organised ourselves into equal groups, did lots of counting forwards and backwards and are all exploring addition using a range of numbers. A few of us have a favourite number – infinity! We had a chat about ‘the concept of infinity’ because some of us knew it is not an actual number but rather a big idea. We love exploring numbers!
The primary 1 children have decided to use the shop in a different way this week – fixing it, measuring it and turning it into a construction site. I am sure they will be excited to see what we have planned for it next week!
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday to see what we get up to in p1! Your help with boat making was much appreciated. On Wednesday we were able to use them to explore floating and sinking. Some of us had to balance our boats to stop them tipping over.
Next week we have a surprise visit from the community police officer to kick start our people who help us topic. Thank you to those people who have already offered to come in and share their expertise with the children. Look out for a note in the homework next week with a plea for more parents to share their jobs and how they help people!