P1 blog 17/11/17

In numeracy we have been using our mathematical thinking incredibly well this week. We have been looking at numbers to 20 and how they are made, counting forwards and backwards and finding missing numbers. Some of us have been doing similar tasks with numbers up to 100! We are very impressed with our numeracy skills and love exploring the way numbers are made up.
We had our first nativity rehearsal this week. We had to sit very patiently and we were a grrreat audience when our friends were up performing. We are very lucky to have Miss Barnes come down and work with us on a Thursday afternoon to help us with our lines and to help us add lots of expression to our voices. It is very important that we practice at home so please help us as much as you can!
In HWB we focused on something a little different this week. We focused on Gender. We decided that if everyone was the same it would be very boring. We were thinking about colours and toys and P1 thought that we should not have girls toys and boys toys – everyone can play with anything they like as long as we all have fun. We also though that there should not girls and boys colours. We were all very mature in sharing our thinking and had some great discussions. We are trying hard not to talk about girls and boys things because we think it should not matter if you are a girl or boy – we should all just have fun and play together!
Mrs Sharp brought in a special visitor to meet us. Teddy is a very old teddy bear who belongs to Mrs Sharp’s brother – he is 58 years old! We noticed the difference between some of our teddies and Teddy. We loved having him in class with us.
We had a very fun buddy time this week – we made beautiful cats and wrote short stories about them with our P7 buddies. They are very bright and colourful and our cutting skills were put to the test again.
Thank you to everyone who has handed in the Online Learners Journal forms. Please hand these in ASAP (even if you already have an account set up!).