P1 blog 16/3/18

This week in P1 we have been very lucky to have 2 teachers working with us. Miss Barnes will be working with us for the rest of our time in P1. We have worked hard to make her feel very welcome, show her around our classroom and explain the rules/routines of P1.
Miss Barnes taught us about floating and sinking this week and we had such fun designing and making some boats. It was great to see the experimentation of different materials and, after some Titanic style sinking, the children went back to the drawing board to adapt and recreate their boats based on what they had learned from their first attempt.
In literacy we have all been doing some excellent blending and building. We have been having great fun with our tricky words by including them in some very silly sentences. Our reading books were completed to a very high standard this week and we enjoyed using different types of punctuation in our writing.
In numeracy we have been focusing on addition. We have been finding ‘how many altogether’ and have done some excellent mathematical thinking, explaining our strategies to our friends very well.
Wee reminder – class talks will begin on Monday. Please send in all resources for the children on Monday and we will work through them over the course of the week. Feedback will be sent home as a paper copy for you to see how your child got on and celebrate the success of their first class talk!
I look forward to seeing you all at Parent’s Evening on Tuesday and Wednesday and the children are excited for you to see some of the hard work they have been doing over the course of P1.