P1 blog 16/2/18

What excellent stories primary 1 have been writing this week. We learned that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We also learned about setting and character and were able to create stories using these 5 aspects. The level of detail in our drawings was excellent too!
In mathematics (not numeracy – that’s numbers!) we have been learning about 2D shapes. We enjoyed exploring corners and edges and got very excited when, in groups, we used our bodies to create different shapes. The most exciting part of the lesson was counting the edges of a dodecagon and describing it as a pizza or umbrella.
We were very lucky to have a lovely buddy time this week. They made pancakes for us, helped us build enormous, intricate towers and taught us some of their different styles of drawing. We love spending time with our buddies – they are great!
We are all looking forward to the next half of this term, learning more sounds, new ways of looking at number and learning about people who help us.