P5blog 26/5/17

Hello and welcome to P5’s class blog.In class we have been doing CEM testing. It is a test on a computer to see how we are doing and feeling in school. Most of us have finished all of the tests. Dogs trust came in to talk about how to look after dogs and how not to look after dogs. The good thing about it is they brought in things to simulate how to do it in real life. In maths we have been doing division sums and have been learning about fractions and how to simplify fractions. Decimals are the main focus we have done a lot on decimals.


Information on Newsround: The class normally listen to the class novel or watch Newsround with milk after break except when the news covers sensitive issues such as the sad events in Manchester this week.


P2 blog 26/5/17

We had a little accident with our caterpillars 😞 Two of them were pupating when they dropped from the lid. They never made it back up to the top and now things don’t look so good for them. Or, as Euan put it, ‘They’re done for…’. Two of the remaining three are hanging in a hook shape from the ceiling and the third one is almost ready to hang. Fingers crossed they make it!
We have completed the worksheet about cycles of the Moon. Most of us know the order now. New Moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full Moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent, then back to new Moon again. We are also very good now at singing ‘Phases of the Moon – movie’. You can watch it on YouTube.
We have been practising handwriting, forming the letters properly. Mrs Laurie is very impressed with us!
The new climbing apparatus got rather hot on Thursday and Friday. We finished reading ‘Claude on Holiday’ and we’ve now started ‘Claude in the Country’. We think they’re great!

Update for parents/carers following events earlier this week: We only watch Newsround in Primary 2 very occasionally. This is obviously pre-watched by the teacher to ascertain suitability and any questions are dealt with sensitively and carefully.

Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie

P4H blog 26/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog. This week in forest schools we learned about willow and how bendy it is, we made baskets for our topic, lighthouse. We made rope lines so we could move the basket between two places. We learned about how gravity pulled down the basket then we had to find a way of pulling it back. Some people discovered that if the rope did not go down enough it would not move so they had to change the level of the rope to make it steeper. If the rope was too loose it would stop, so we had to make the rope tighter. Also some of us put stones in the basket and made it go faster. We have all really enjoyed our Forest schools experience and are looking forward our last one. In PE we have been doing Kick Rounders. We have been learning to cooperate as a team to try and win. It is nice to mix up football with Rounders. We think it is great to play outdoor games. We like getting home runs because it gets more points for your team. In maths some of us have been playing games to help us recognise and describe shapes. We had to feel a shape, describe it and name it. Others have been doing multiplication revision and how it links to division. In our dogs trust visit we had to use our maths skills. We had to work out using division and multiplication how much it cost to have a dog for 1 year. We found that the total was about £1052. We were astonished about how much it cost to own a dog. In French we have been playing games about classroom objects. We had a bag and we had to pick out an object and say what it was in French. It was hard but we all think we are getting slightly better each time we do it. In literacy we have been learning about trying to give clear instructions. We had to write in the present tense use command verbs and write enough details to explain clearly what the reader had to do. We wrote about making a model lighthouse. We have been enjoying our Minister’s Reading Challenge and been reading most days, we have therefore not had time to watch Newsround. We have just finished learning about how water is used in a baptism. We learned that a christening is when you become a Christian and god welcomes you into the Christian church. This is our last week of Forest school so please remember to come dressed in suitable clothes.
We hope you have a nice week from
Jude, William, Grace G. And Billy
(We are writing this outside in the playground, it is a beautiful, hot sunny day)
Next Week’s Highlights WOW WEEK
Monday 29nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
Tuesday 30th Bread Making
Friday 2nd Parents Open door event

P7 blog 26/5/17

This week we have been doing a lot on division, using the chunking method and long division method. A lot of us liked the long division method because it was easy to learn and a quicker method to use.
Also the Netball team went to a netball tournament on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun and we came 9th out of 15 teams. It was a great experience for the team. Well done team!!
The George Allan football teams both did well. The Lion’s best game was a 5 nil win against Bridgend, Ted scoring first then Adam scoring 2nd hitting a half volley from the half way line then eventually Finlay scored by intercepting and then slotting it into the bottom corner etc.
We have recently been doing class talks and some people did very normal subjects like dance or golf etc. and others did more unusual things like pants or missing children – it has all been very informative. We’ve learned a lot!
We sometimes watch Newsround to catch up on world events. Sadly this week we learned about the attack in Manchester however it gave us a chance to talk about it together, to feel reassured and to keep informed on things so we can keep ourselves safe.
By Lois, James and Finlay

P3 blog 26/5/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we learned about functional writing. In our class castle there lies magic! We decided to share this magic and write spells that you could order from a catalogue. There are some strange and wonderful spells for sale in P3! We also chose a character from our book and asked open questions to him or her in relation to the story. We answered what we thought the character would say.
In maths we finished our medieval themed Bluebot mats and challenged each other to find directions using vocabulary such as left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise, north, south east and west. Some of us also learned about turning 45, 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees. In numeracy we were revising fractions, division and times tables.
For our class castle, we drew portraits of the staff and made big chunky frames for them as no castle is complete unless it is full of portraits! We are in the process of making frames for the portraits, big chunky gold frames. We also learned about technical drawing and drew plans of the castle; a plan is a bird’s eye view. We had some interesting rooms in our drawings, including a haunted room!
P3 quite often watch and discuss Newsround with milk, but not every day. We also have a class novel that the teacher reads. This week because of the sensitive events, we did not watch Newsround as the news was very upsetting. Our teacher said if we wanted to watch it, ask parents and discuss this topic at home. Many thanks.

P4T blog 26/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Literacy circles have been resumed this week for homework. We have been working super hard practising our class assembly that takes place on Friday morning. We are looking forward to welcoming parents along to see our hard work. In writing this week, we looked at the story of ‘Cinderella’ and spent time investigating the other characters in this story. The class had to retell this story from the view of another character! We plan to continue this next week.
In numeracy with Miss Tully this week, we have been investigating 3D shapes. We looked at 5 shapes: cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and cones. The class enjoyed going into the playground to carry out a ‘3D shape hunt’. On Tuesday, we learned about faces, vertices and edges on a 3D shape. We used a ‘feely bag’ in class to describe the shapes to others in the class.
Rosie Black, the Linlithgow Ranger came along to teach the children about bush craft on Wednesday afternoon. Henry enjoyed being outdoors for the afternoon as it was a lovely day. The class had to go on a wild food search to find a list of items that Rosie put on a sheet. Isla told us that we had to search for oak leaves, beech leaves, nettles and many other wild food items. Rosie also taught us how to pick nettles without being stung! We had to go in pairs or a group to build a shelter for ‘Malcom the mouse’ using the materials from around the loch. Rosie also found some garlic mustard which is edible!
On Thursday, we had a visitor from the Dog’s Trust who taught us about the different senses that dogs have. Different children were picked to become scientists and carry out a range of experiments. Ryley tested out ‘smell’ by pretending to be a sniffer dog! He has to cover his eyes with a blind fold and sniff out the dog biscuit. Ryley took only 20 seconds to sniff it out but we found out that dogs can take up to 5 seconds! Sophie and Alex tested out ‘hearing’ by carrying out a listening experiment. We learned that this is the second most developed sense for a dog. Zoe was lucky to test out ‘taste’ and had to try dog food (luckily this was a piece of chocolate)!
In P4T, we use CBBC Newsround in class daily in order to discuss and debate the issues sensibly and sensitively.
Have a lovely weekend

P4H blog 19/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog.

In Mrs Henderson’s maths group we have been working on Time. We have used some computer games to practise digital and analogue times. We also worked in groups asking the time and writing it down three different ways. Miss Tully’s group has been looking at division we have been looking at halving and dividing by 10, 2 and 5.

We have been enjoying Forest school and this week we played a game called camouflage. This is like hide and seek but the seeker is not allowed to move and the hiders are to try not to be seen. The winner is the one who moves the closest and touches the tree. We also made willow baskets to transport something over a pulley. We learned that willow is a bendy tree that lives near water so it can soak up lots of water.

We have been learning about lots of different drugs like alcohol, medicine, tobacco and solvents. They are all drugs you can buy if you are 18 or over. We discussed lots of different kinds of drugs and why they might be dangerous.

In science we used magnets to push a metal ball through a maze. We also made posters to show different activities that use different push or pull forces from skiing to diving.

In literacy we have been doing comprehension. We have been using a highlighter pen to mark the keywords in a text and then working out what the main idea of a text might be.

We have all finished our lighthouses and they work! We used our knowledge of electricity and circuits to make a light in our lighthouse go off and on. Mrs Livingston was very impressed when she saw them.

We hope you have a good week.


Archie, Dexter, Maya, Lily and David

Next Week’s Highlights

Monday 22nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Thursday 25th May Dogs Trust visit

Thursday 25th May-Ragbag day please

Friday P4T Assembly


P2 blog 19/5/17

We got a huge surprise on Monday when we saw our caterpillars.  They had grown to a massive 2cm!  By the end of the week though, the biggest one had grown to 4.5cm.  We think they might pupate over the weekend – that means they turn into Supa Dupa Pupas! Or Chrysalides if you prefer.  It’s all very exciting.

On Monday, we had a very special visitor.  It was from Lee who is an SSPCA officer.  She told us that we shouldn’t touch injured wild animals, but phone for help from the SSPCA.  Lee also showed us a video about how they help animals in need.  We loved the bit about how they saved a baby deer (fawn) whose mother was killed. She also gave us all a pencil sharpener.

We watched a live show on Book Bub with Alex T. Smith, who is the author and illustrator of the Claude books.  He even showed us how to draw Claude and Sir Bobblysock.  We have just begun reading our second Claude book.  It’s title is ‘Claude on Holiday’ and we are loving it!

We are also learning about the Moon.  We’ve found out that there are eight phases of the Moon and we’ve got a brilliant song that helps us to remember their names and the order they come in.

On Tuesday we started to come straight into class when the bell goes.  We don’t have to have to line up outside anymore.  We have been liking this very much.


Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie 😊


P5 blog 19/5/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog!

SSPCA: The SSPCA visited P5, 6 and 7 to talk to us about saving animals. They ended with a quiz which the girls won!


In maths we have been doing decimals and some of us have been going with Mrs Ramsay.  Most of us have been working in our text books.  We learned about how fractions are so similar to decimals.


We sorted our questions about bridges into categories and it was interesting to see the questions that other people in the class had suggested.  We researched some of the questions and will finish this and present our findings to the class next week.  We looked at the special £1 coins from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 with images of bridges and found out about them.

Living and Growing:

We learned about parts of the body. We also learned about the differences between boys and girls.


In P.E we did a couple of games of Capture the Flag.  We all did a vote on what games we wanted to play and Capture the Flag won. Next week we will do a different game.  We all found it very fun!!


This week we did Minecraft themed yoga. It took us on a magical Minecraft journey.  Some of us do not look forward to yoga but most people do. After the yoga we did Zumba and we thought that we would have to dance for 45 minutes non- stop. Instead we just did 20 minutes.


Suzie, Katie and Erin


* Please remember to send in library cards/ fobs on Monday if you have one.


P7 blog 19/5/17


This week in maths we have been doing multiplication. We have been practising different methods. These methods include chimney sums, grid method and the gelosia method. This week we have had lessons on different methods.

Class Talks

This week we did class talks and so far we have had everything from pants to Italy and for one class talk we got to try free food. Every class talk was really good but we still have a lot to go!

By Oscar, Lee and Joseph