P1 blog 23/2/18

Our ‘people who help us’ learning has been great fun this week! We all wrote a list of people who help us and had a lovely visit from a very kind visitor who came in to chat to us about being a doctor. It was great to hear that primary 1 are already using skills such as team work and communication and are, of course, very caring! We can’t wait for more visits next week.
Through our play we have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and created some lovely art inspired by the artist. We used black line drawings and rulers and have made a beautiful display to show off our great work and attention to detail.
In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We have had shapes out to play with in class and went outside on a shape hunt – out school building is covered in spheres, cylinders and triangular prisms. We found that the climbing wall shapes have 13 faces making it a tridecahedron.
We have had great fun learning our diagraph (two letters working together to make one sound) ‘ch’ this week. On our letter boards these sounds are joined together to remind us that they are friends. We have also been reading some interesting non-fiction texts. We all think our reading is improving every week!
As part of health and wellbeing we have been learning about PANTS. We enjoyed the catchy song that reminds us of the rules we learned and now have a wonderful washing line of brightly coloured pants hanging on our wall. The Pantasaurus was hilarious!

P2 blog 23/2/18

This week we have continued with magic e in spelling and phonics. We have been looking at o-e words such as stole, rope and bone. In writing we wrote an imaginative story about space using our sentence starts. In Maths we have been learning about division by sharing a group of items out equally such as 10 shared equally by 5 = 2 etc. We have started our first week of Paired Reading with our chums. It is a lot of fun and we are enjoying picking our own books as well as reading to our chums. We have also started Reading Routes. It is fun because we get to work in groups and share our thoughts before we answer the questions. We worked together to think of questions beginning with who, what, why, where and when to ask Cinderella and her ugly sisters. We then took on a role as Cinderella, an ugly sister or a reporter. We then filmed ourselves carrying out the interview like you would see on TV. We had to remember to face the camera, speak clearly and not mumble. It was a lot of fun and we had a bit of a giggle when we watched the interviews on the Smartboard.
For Topic we drew our own portraits and wrote a sentence about what we want to be famous for when we are older. Some of us want to be inventors, scientists, architects, anthropologists, sports stars, charity workers and actresses. For our new topic Global Warming we discussed what it is and what we want to learn about it. Our focus is plastic so we are interested in learning why we use so much of it. In PE we are working on our balancing skills. Standing on one leg is getting easier but standing on our tip toes and staying still is hard.

Next week is the school show with P5 and P6 performing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but we get to watch their last rehearsal on Monday afternoon. We also have a visit from the SSPCA on Thursday as well as an author coming in to do some story telling.

P6 blog 23/2/18

Hello from Primary 6!
Firstly, we would like to say a huge well done to Nathan Brown for winning the school competition to design a new bin for behind the school. This idea was suggested by both eco and pupil council VLG groups.

We’ve had a very busy week getting ready for school show! We have been working hard with Primary 5P and Primary 5H to get the final touches sorted for next week. We are all very excited now that the scenery is up and we are using some props. Miss Tully is very impressed with the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the pupils in her class. We are looking forward to our dress rehearsal on Monday before our two evening shows on Tuesday and Wednesday. A groupcall has gone out regarding the logistic details for our performances. Tickets are on sale for both nights via ipayimpact and will be issued from the office. Please bring these on the night.
We look forward to seeing you on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Our school is very lucky to have Mrs Fan, our Hanban teacher helping us learn Mandarin. So far, in P6 we have learned a lot about Chinese New Year and what life is like in China. Mrs Fan has told us a lot of interesting facts. We have also learned how to say hello, where we live and how to introduce ourselves to Mrs Fan! We have a small panda jotter to note down phrases that Mrs Fan has taught us. The children loved telling Mrs Fan about Scotland and traditional Scottish food.

Our chums have been working hard on their reading skills and Miss Cuthbert kindly asked us to help them for two weeks. This is called ‘paired reading’ and lasts for 15 minutes every day. Not only has this given us an opportunity to see our lovely chums every day, it has also allowed Primary 6 to demonstrate many skills such as listening, cooperation and constructive feedback.

As part of our PE lessons, we had two lovely local rugby coaches in this week to begin our five week taster sessions. This was great fun and the sun was shining (which is very unusual)! We worked hard on our teamwork and reaction time. We played a few games which incorporated reaction speed drills. These games included: tag thief, shark and fishes then rats and rabbits.
We enjoyed sharks and fishes because it was fun and quite challenging to get around the sea weed and sharks. Can’t wait for our next session on Tuesday!

In Health and Well-being our current topic is drug education. We have been learning how to value our body in a positive way. We had a class discussion about why people might want to take drugs and had a look at different laws including the legal age to drink alcohol. We have learned that there are different kinds of drugs which can have both positive and negative effects in our bodies. Some of which are legal and others clearly illegal. We looked up the definition of legal and illegal. Afterwards, we moved on to what health and safety skills should be adhered to when handling medicines.

In literacy this week, we have been reading our novels as we had no reading homework this week. Some of us were reading aloud to help with expression in our voices; others were completing reading tasks and some groups were researching words which they had never come across before. Suzie and Lewis discovered the word ‘hullabaloo’ which is a lot of noise or fuss made by people who are angry or excited about something. In writing, we used the technique ‘sound on, sound off’ to help with our descriptive language. We had to listen to a clip with only the sound then draw what we thought was going on. The second time we listened to it, we had a discussion about what the video was possibly about. The class then had to write a short piece about what they think it could be about using descriptive language. Most of us thought this was funny and enjoyed using ‘sound on, vision off’.

In numeracy this week P6 have been finishing their data handling topic. We are looking forward to moving onto multiplication and division. The class discussed probability and looked at the language of probability. This included words such as: impossible, unlikely, likely or certain. Then we moved on to the language of chance. We had fun thinking about events which would have no chance, poor chance, even chance, good chance and a certain chance of happening. We used probability to answer some questions that included square numbers, prime numbers and triangular numbers. It is important that we keep going over the mean, mode, median and range at home to ensure we don’t forget how to use these elements to interpret data.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to sharing our show with you next week!
Remember to bring your favourite book next Friday to assembly for paired reading with another stage.
‘Low Port’s extreme reading challenge’ is running until Friday 2nd March so if you have a photo of yourself reading in a funny or strange place then please bring it in!

Just a sneak peek of next week:
School show dress rehearsals on Monday afternoon.
Rugby lesson on Tuesday afternoon.
School show evening performances starting at 6:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.
World book day on Thursday 1st March.
Visit from SSPCA officer on Thursday afternoon.
VLG on Friday.

P2 blog 16/2/18

In P2 this week we have been writing in our new diaries. We get to take the diaries home and write about things we have done over the week or at the weekend. Inside our diaries are writing targets and a helpful word list. On the word list there is space so we can add any words we might use often in our diaries. We need to bring our diaries in every Monday so we can share what we have been up to with our friends. In maths we worked more on the concept of multiplication by grouping given amounts such as 3 groups 4, 2 groups of 6 etc. We also learnt about eating a healthy diet in Health and Wellbeing. We learnt that our bodies need nutrients from fruits and vegetables. We also learnt a little about food groups. We used this knowledge to make our own healthy lunch boxes. Also in health and wellbeing we made friendship birds for our class friendship tree. We wrote about what makes someone a good friend on each bird.
Next week we are starting Paired Reading with our chums so every day we will be bring back our workbooks and a book of our choice to read at home (we will not be bring home a school reading book for the two weeks of paired reading). Our normal reading homework will commence on the week beginning Monday 5thMarch.

P1 blog 16/2/18

What excellent stories primary 1 have been writing this week. We learned that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We also learned about setting and character and were able to create stories using these 5 aspects. The level of detail in our drawings was excellent too!
In mathematics (not numeracy – that’s numbers!) we have been learning about 2D shapes. We enjoyed exploring corners and edges and got very excited when, in groups, we used our bodies to create different shapes. The most exciting part of the lesson was counting the edges of a dodecagon and describing it as a pizza or umbrella.
We were very lucky to have a lovely buddy time this week. They made pancakes for us, helped us build enormous, intricate towers and taught us some of their different styles of drawing. We love spending time with our buddies – they are great!
We are all looking forward to the next half of this term, learning more sounds, new ways of looking at number and learning about people who help us.

P7 blog 16/2/18

Just a short blog this week – mainly to say a huge well done to Kate, Freya, Oliver and Alasdair who won the Rotary quiz. We are all really proud of you! They were selected to represent the school and class through a series of general knowledge quizzes which we made up ourselves. After about 18 quizzes we then all worked out our percentage of accuracy (maths is always useful!) and the top 4 scorers went to Torphichen PS and won the day!

Last week we visited the Academy as part of our transition programme – we were given a tour of a variety of classrooms by S6 pupils, had juice and a snack, were entertained by the amazing Matt the magician (also an S6 pupil) and then got to ask some questions. It was pretty exciting and we learned a lot!

P6 blog 16/2/18

Hello and welcome to our class blog 15.2.18

We have been so busy doing school show so we haven’t had much time to post a blog.

School show is going very well and we know most of our lines for it now. Our school show is called Let Loose. It is about school children going on camp. The stage is now up and it is so exciting. (tickets are on sale now via ipayimpact)

In P.E, we have been trying out new dodgeball games and most of us liked Jedi dodgeball. The way to play is to get 4 hoops and place 2 on each side if you are standing in a hoop you are safe, if you get hit and you’re not in a hoop you are put straight out the game.

In numeracy, we have all been doing range, mode, median and mean. Most of us say that the mean is the hardest to do because you have to add all the numbers then divide by the number of values to get the answer.

We have been doing imaginative writing this week. We started by looking at a picture of a forest and went on from there.

By Stuart and Tara

P2 blog 9/2/18

This week in P2 we have presented our class talks on Famous Scots. We learnt about a lot of different Famous Scots. It was very interesting. We all spoke loud and clear and faced our audience. Some of us dressed up in character, some of us made a PowerPoint and some of us had props and photos. We also learnt about Mary Queen of Scots and Nicola Sturgeon with Miss Cuthbert. In maths we have been using cubes and Numicon to make groups of a given number such as 4×3= (4 groups of 3) etc. we worked together in pairs and on our own. In spelling/phonics we have started the magic e rule and this week we are doing i-e as in pine, smile and shine etc. On Tuesday we learnt about internet safety and how to stay safe online. We learnt not to give any information about ourselves when playing online such as name, age, school or the town we live in. In writing we wrote sentences on our white boards and in our jotters with sentence starts such as My, The, I, The last time, Another thing, Sometimes etc. On Thursday we went to see our chums present Powerpoints they made about Easter.
In PE we are working on our balancing skills and at the end we completed a challenge. Miss Cuthbert said we all made a great effort so we all earned a counter for our group. In French we went over our French colours again and learnt to say please and thank you. On Tuesday we had a Chinese teacher visit us name Mrs Fan. She taught us how to say hello in Mandarin. Next week is Chinese New Year and she will come in to our class on Thursday 15th February. To mark the Chinese new year and to show our thanks to our Chinese teacher we are allowed to bring something red to wear in class on the Thursday afternoon. We can change into or put the red item of clothing on after lunch.
Next week we are off on Monday and Tuesday so our homework is due in on Wednesday 14th February. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday break.

P1 blog 9/2/18

What great fun we have had this week in p1. Our visit from 2 local police officers kick started our ‘People who help us’ topic. We had lots of questions for them like “what clothes do you wear when your police clothes get dirty; why don’t you use monster trucks; how fast can you run?” The children were reminded about personal safety strategies such as stranger danger, crossing roads and looking after property and the police role within these. The most invaluable thing for the children was realising that the police officers are not scary and are there to help them any time they need it.
In numeracy we have been counting 2 groups of items. Because one group of items is covered we have had to use mental addition strategies to work out ‘how many altogether.’ Some of us break numbers up (partition) to help add, others imagine the shapes of the numbers and count on and some are using their fingers to find totals – all excellent strategies!
In writing this week we wrote about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Some of us did our best piece of writing yet. Around the room there was lots of independent word building, using full stops and finger spaces. In reading we have been exploring non-fiction texts. We know these are not stories but rather information books. These will be the focus of our reading homework after the February break.
We had lots of fun playing outside on Thursday afternoon. We fed the birds, created art with chalk and puddles, did word building with beanbags, created our own castle, played with dice. It was great fun despite the rain.
In PE we are focusing on controlled ball skills. We are getting much better at throwing and catching and love practicing with small tennis balls. Why not play a throwing and catching game to help us practice even more?
I hope you all have a very well rested February break. The children have worked incredibly hard so far this term and I hope they enjoy their well-deserved rest! See you all on Wednesday.

P4 blog 9/2/18

This week has been a very busy week. Mrs Fan visited our class and was teaching us all about China. She was very impressed with what we already knew about Chinese New Year. We even learned the name of some animals in Chinese!!!
This week in numeracy we have been looking at the partitioning way of multiplying numbers. Some of us have been learning strategies such as halving and doubling numbers to make the multiplication number easier to work with. Some of us are becoming very fast at recalling our tables to 10!
In literacy this week we did a lesson on Vision Off Sound On. We listened to the clip without watching it and used our imagination and we took notes on the sound to draw and write what we though was happening. At the end we finally watched the clip and it was very funny. Some of our own drawings were very similar to the clip! We also created humorous comic strips in writing. We were inspired by the work of Oor Wullie.
In health and wellbeing we were learning about trusted adults. We discussed which adults we can take medicine from safely. We then read out a number of scenarios which discussed things we should do to ensure we are being safe with medicines. In groups we had to discuss the most appropriate actions we should take if we were in the scenario.
We are very excited to have a long weekend this weekend! Only a week left until our class assembly!