P4 blog 17/11/17

Class Blog

Hello and welcome back to our weekly blog.
In numeracy this week, we have been learning to subtract. We were learning the different mental strategies you can use when you are subtracting such as bridging and partitioning. We also learned about the different words associated with subtraction such as take away, minus, the difference between and subtract.
In literacy this week, we learned our new sound which is the ‘oo’. We then practiced our spelling words using the different strategies.
In art this week we designed Christmas baubles for a completion for Tesco. We used glitter, pens, pipe cleaners and tinsel to make them wonderful and Christmassy!!! The class looked like it had been hit by a glitter tornado.
We also created a mood board for Poppy Scotland. We had to draw a space for a good place to remember people who fought in the war.
In our Ancient Greece topic we learned about the Battle of the Marathon. We know that it is one of the most important battles that have taken place in History! We also learned about the Gods and Goddess. We chose one God or Goddess and researched facts about them. We then displayed our knowledge on a poster.
Next week is Road Safety week!

P5P blog 17/11/17

Hello from Primary 5P
This week we did…
In Writing we were given a Story Starter. Here is our Story Starter: ‘What have you done?’ yelled the Head-Master, trembling with rage. I wasn’t sure how to explain-it was a bit of a long story…Everyone wrote a story beginning with this Story Starter.
Maths Subtraction
In Maths we did Subtraction. In the Green Group they did check-up on subtraction. In the Orange Group we did a check-up with Subtraction sums going as far as 10,000,000.
In Fitness we did Tae Bo with Billy Blanks (obviously not the real Billy Blanks). We thought it was really hard for all the class. We also did Fitness for kids with Mo Jones (HARD).

Country Dancing
We also did Country Dancing with Mr Carswell (who came in with his kilt). We learned ‘The Saturday Morning Jig’. It involves 4 people going around in circles and lots of fast movements. We also did some other dances.

In IDL we have been learning about the Battle of Bannockburn.

By Flora and Elodie

P7 blog 17/11/17

Hello and welcome to the p7 blog,
Recently we have been doing lots of art and opening up our creative minds. We have been creating our very own tartan antlered stags and made cats with our buddies.

In PE we have recently moved to the topic of dance, we have covered the American art of line dancing and Scottish country dancing with the p6’s and can’t wait to see what Mrs Johnston has in store for us next.

This week is anti bullying week and we have been checking this out and hearing what other people have to say about bullying and if it’s a good or a bad thing, what do you think?

In maths we have quickly moved on to time where some of us are struggling and some are boosted with confidence.
By Rosie, Leah and Alyssa

P1 blog 17/11/17

In numeracy we have been using our mathematical thinking incredibly well this week. We have been looking at numbers to 20 and how they are made, counting forwards and backwards and finding missing numbers. Some of us have been doing similar tasks with numbers up to 100! We are very impressed with our numeracy skills and love exploring the way numbers are made up.
We had our first nativity rehearsal this week. We had to sit very patiently and we were a grrreat audience when our friends were up performing. We are very lucky to have Miss Barnes come down and work with us on a Thursday afternoon to help us with our lines and to help us add lots of expression to our voices. It is very important that we practice at home so please help us as much as you can!
In HWB we focused on something a little different this week. We focused on Gender. We decided that if everyone was the same it would be very boring. We were thinking about colours and toys and P1 thought that we should not have girls toys and boys toys – everyone can play with anything they like as long as we all have fun. We also though that there should not girls and boys colours. We were all very mature in sharing our thinking and had some great discussions. We are trying hard not to talk about girls and boys things because we think it should not matter if you are a girl or boy – we should all just have fun and play together!
Mrs Sharp brought in a special visitor to meet us. Teddy is a very old teddy bear who belongs to Mrs Sharp’s brother – he is 58 years old! We noticed the difference between some of our teddies and Teddy. We loved having him in class with us.
We had a very fun buddy time this week – we made beautiful cats and wrote short stories about them with our P7 buddies. They are very bright and colourful and our cutting skills were put to the test again.
Thank you to everyone who has handed in the Online Learners Journal forms. Please hand these in ASAP (even if you already have an account set up!).

P5H blog 17/11/17

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections

In Health and Well Being we have been learning about how to become more independent and take responsibility for ourselves. We discussed the things we do at home that help us to learn about the skills we need to look after ourselves when we grow up. We have also been doing Scottish dancing. We have been doing real Scottish country dancing with Mr Carswell and in PE with Mrs Henderson we made up our own Scottish dances with partners. We then merged groups, and did it in groups of three or four!  We have found out that you need lots of energy to do dancing and it is more tiring than it looks.

In Inter disciplinary learning we were making Christmas cards for our International link with other countries and for our pen-pals. We have made lots of cards. We have also been addressing envelopes to Spain, Malta, Portugal, France and many more other European countries. We made Christmas tree shapes and put glitter and decorations on them. We have started to receive cards from other countries but we are not allowed to open them until nearer Christmas.

We have also been learning about saints in RME. We were learning about patron saints, especially St David the patron saint of Wales. We learned about how some people in Wales celebrated this with special dancing and Welsh cakes. Their national emblems are a dragon and a leek, they also use daffodils.

In literacy we wrote squirrel poems, first we found out about the red squirrel and wrote a fact file, and then we read a poem about them and thought of words that described how squirrels moved and what they looked like. We used thesauruses to find interesting words. Mrs Henderson has picked some of them to go on our wall.

We hope you have a good week.


Billy, Grace GM, Lewis and Rosie B


Next Week

Road Safety Week

Start to create our items for Enterprise evening!

Thursday-Dancing –Mr Carswell



P6 blog 17/11/17

Hello and welcome to our P6 class blog !
In topic, we have moved on to World War Two. We are focusing on Britain, the blitz and rationing. We did timelines to see how long the war was. It went on for six years.
In maths, some of us moved onto subtraction whilst the rest of us are rounding up on addition. We have been revising mental subtraction with three digit numbers.
In chum time, we made paper cats (not real ones)! We got lots of different materials to use. We also got a template to make it easier for our chums.
We made trees with Mrs Ramsay, they had lots of colours and it was cool. We had the choice of a winter or an autumn tree. They will use them for a display.
Thank you for reading our blog by Sam, Stuart, Eleanor and Holly.

P2 blog 17/11/17

In P2 this week we have had lots of fun preparing for our class assembly. We all created our own sound track by drawing a musical swirl of a storm. We all played different musical instruments to represent wind, rain, thunder, lightning and waves crashing. We have all chosen our parts for our assembly and are looking forward to performing to the whole school. In maths we have continued with place value and using different resources to add 2 digits to 2 digits. We also looked at adding with a missing number such as ? + 7 = 12, 17 + ? = 23 etc. In reading and spelling we have continued with our fry’s words and worked on this week’s sound (ue-blue, glue). In writing we wrote a letter to the elves in the North Pole. We wanted to ask them if any of the elves will be coming to our class and be our elf on the shelf. Hopefully they will write back soon.

Next week in maths we will work more on missing number addition sums and place value. In phonics our sound will be aw as in jaw, draw and crawl etc. In PE we will continue with skipping before moving onto ball skills.

P3 blog 17/11/17

Hello from P3!
This week we were focusing on subtraction in numeracy. We learned that there is different language used for taking away numbers and it all means the same thing. We played ICT games, worked together and did some work out our text book. We all did really well! We are also learning to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks.
We began to learn note taking this week. We watched a PowerPoint about why the Romans invaded Britain and used our notes to write 4 paragraphs. This was a factual piece of writing. When taking notes, we learned that you don’t need to write sentences, just words, phrases or bullet points which we can later turn into proper sentences.
We made a super timeline which stretches the length of our class, all about the Romans in Britain and Scotland. We found out they never actually conquered Scotland because it was too cold, we were too fierce and it was too full of midges! We are making ‘wanted’ posters for another fierce Celt, a lady called Boudicca. We also looked at the Roman gods that the planets are named after. We used non-fiction books to find facts about the god and the planet. We learned about rotation and revolution of the earth. We know rotation gives us night and day and revolution gives us our year. Because the earth is spinning in a tilted axis, we learned this gives us seasons.
The Benchball festival is on Wednesday 29th Nov. Please come dressed in tracksuit bottoms. We will change into our t-shirts in school and wear our sweatshirts on the walk to the academy.

P7 blog 10/11/17

Hello and welcome to our P7 blog,
This week we went to the Linlithgow academy to do an athletic festival with all the cluster schools. Everyone enjoyed it and some of us came first in some of the relay races!
In maths we have been doing perimeter and measurement. Some people have been finding it quite challenging but others found it easy but we learned a lot. In IDL we have been learning about our new topic wars. It is very interesting and we all enjoying it. We are reading the novel “the boy in the striped pyjamas”.
In RME we learned about a story for the saying don’t judge a book by its cover.
In ART we designed and made Pandora’s Box {not the shower gel} and Medusas using our own photos – it was very fun.
By Patrick, Ryan and Harry

P5H blog 10/11/17

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections
This week we were doing time in maths. Some of us were telling the difference between AM and PM and also working out the difference in 12 Midnight and 12 Noon. We had to change from one time to another time. Mrs Henderson says we all worked really hard… We all really enjoyed it but unfortunately this was the last week of time.
In PE we were doing country dancing. We went into pairs to make up dances, but we had to dance to a beat of 4 or if you felt like it 8. Some people liked it but some didn’t but everybody tried their best. We are also doing Scottish country dancing with Mr Carswell, we learned the “Saturday Morning Jig “and the “St Bernard’s Waltz”
In Science we did an experiment to try to prove the water cycle. We got a bowl, a plastic cup, Clingfilm and water. We filled the bowl with water and put the plastic cup in [with weights in it] and put the Clingfilm over it, we hope the water will evaporate and go onto the Clingfilm and drop into the cup and therefore prove the experiment.
In art and literacy we were learning about why the Red Squirrel was endangered. We had watched a clip about red squirrels and then took notes. We listened first and then took notes when we listened a second time. We learned that they were endangered because of the squirrel pox. This disease makes their face come out in sores swell up and this makes it difficult for them to eat and drink. After two weeks they die slowly of hunger and thirst. Grey squirrels carry the disease and pass it onto the red squirrel but the grey squirrel do not get ill. Interesting Red Squirrel fact, it can fall 12 metres and not get hurt. It can be left or right handed and its nest is called a drey.
We revised the Ten Commandments and drew tablets of stone. They can be split into two different categories, one about God and one about how you should treat other people around you. We hope you have enjoyed our reflections
Imogen, Lily, David and Hamish
Next Week
String on Thursday 15th not Thursday as usual
Dancing Mrs Carswell on Thursday