P1 blog 22/9/17

Primary one have had yet another busy week! On Wednesday we became famous again when having our photographs taken for another newspaper. We all had such smiley faces and cannot wait to see our photographs in two newspapers!
We have been doing lots of work on teen numbers this week and have been finding out how they are made up. Lots of us noticed that the units started all over again from one to 9 but with a ten in the number too! We love using numicon to play around with the numbers and explore how they are made.
On Wednesday we went out bird watching. Our first photographer had a little pink bird in his camera that managed to escape! We went out building nests for it, drew pictures of it from our imagination (or actual sightings!) and Miss Smith and Mrs Kerr were so impressed with our team work throughout these activities.
We have been hearing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week and some of us managed to build a beanstalk the length of the room! We had to persevere as it kept breaking but we were so excited and impressed. Our pinchy finger muscles were very tired from all the building with little cubes!
Next week we will have our first set of homework sent out including Phonics work, reading and also some numeracy. It will be due in on Friday.
Thank you to everyone who has already sent in a glass jar for our potion making on Tuesday with buddies – keep sending them in!

P5H blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. This week we have been learning about different units of measurements; mostly length and capacity. We went into groups of 5 and went around the classroom measuring different objects [including people]. We had to measure 2 things over a metre, 2 things under a metre and 2 things under a centimetre, it was really fun and we enjoyed it!
Last week we collected lots of sticks and outdoor objects for our art this week. We were going to make British Isle pictures. We had to look at atlases to find what the outline of the British Isles, the United Kingdom and Great British looked like. We are going to use the sticks and objects to create outlines of the countries .We all enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun but quite a challenge to make the outline using the sticks. We had to break them into lots of different sizes.
In PE we did a badminton tournament; we were in groups of 4 and played against each other. It was fun having a small competition.
We hope you all had a good September break, we did lots of fun things during our holidays and we hope you did too.
Hamish, Matthew, Imogen and Lily
Next Week’s Highlights
WOW week next week

P4 blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog! This week has been a very short week as it was the September weekend. We had a great time relaxing and doing lots of fun things at home. This week in numeracy we started to use different mental strategies for addition. We were using numicon to help us with our adding and this was really fun and helpful. Some of us even added more than two numbers together and instead, added four or five numbers together! This was challenging as we had to do it in our heads but we figured out the easiest way of adding and used this to help us reach the answer. In literacy this week we were continuing to build our knowledge on VCOP. We have been learning about more WOW words which we could use to make our writing more interesting to read. We were continuing the story of The Doomed Voyage. This was about a ship which was sinking. It was interesting to hear the way different people continued the story. Some of us had a very happy ending whereas some others decided to leave it on a cliff hanger. In art we created 3D boats out of paper for our Linlithgow High Street display. This was very fun! We are all very sad that our Linlithgow topic has come to an end. We created leaflets about Linlithgow High Street which will give people information about the history of Linlithgow, attractions in Linlithgow and some of us even drew a map of Linlithgow!

P6 blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P6’s class blog. We have had a short week so here is a summary of what we have done so far. We have been writing a diary about what we did over the September holiday weekend. Some people went away on holiday and some of us stayed at home. When we got back to school we wrote diaries about what we happened over the weekend. Everyone wrote their own diary entry. At the beginning of the lesson, we looked at a diary example and discussed as a class how this person could improve their work.
In PE, we continued to play team games to improve our team work and sportsmanship within the class. We decided to play dodge ball in teams again as a tournament occasionally swapping players around.
We also had chum time with Primary 2. We helped them with their spelling by playing games such as match the words, silly sentences and spelling snake. The Primary 2’s enjoyed playing these games with us.
In numeracy, we have continued to work in our groups looking at place value and enjoyed playing ‘mystery numbers’.
From Sam, Finlay, Eleanor and Nuala.

P3 blog 22/9/17

Hello from P3!
We’re just back from the September weekend, but already we have worked hard! We have completed another animal challenge, this time on wildlife in Asia. We painted pandas, a snow leopard, a Bengal tiger, an Asian elephant and an orangutan! We found out facts about these animals and drew flags of the countries we found in Asia.
In maths we have been playing a fun loop game, where we are using speed and our knowledge of place value to complete the game.
In Literacy we learned how to write an acrostic poem. We used the words WORLD WILDLIFE as a theme for our poem. We used our knowledge so far about wildlife to complete the poems.
As the weather changes, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for all weather as we like to go out rain or shine. We will also be visiting Annet House on the 28th September, to hear an author talk, so make sure you have a waterproof jacket in case it is raining!

P2 blog 22/9/17

In P2 this week we have been given our reading homework. It is due in on Monday 25th September. In Maths we have been playing addition games and have started 2D shape. We will continue 2D shape next week. In writing we made a poster about classroom rules and focused on capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. In spelling we have been going over Fry’s words and are having mini tests at the end of each day. In Reading we have been looking at our new book for next week. In PE we went over hand and foot skills whilst playing ball and hoop games.

Next week PE is on Monday and Wednesday. For spelling and phonics we will be revising ck, ai, oy, oa,qu and start a new sound the following week. In maths we will be working on 2D shape.

P1 blog 15/9/17

In primary one we have had another busy week! We have been very lucky and have been given some new resources to use in our classroom. We now have an easel so we can draw and paint, a sandpit and a cool new Tuff tray for keeping messy play in one place.
We have had to have our best smiley faces this week and have had our photographs taken. Once for school photographs and the other for the Courier. We were so excited to find out we are going to be famous so look out for our lovely class photo in the newspaper.
In numeracy we have been counting forwards and backwards to and from 20. We love doing it in different voices, starting at different numbers and singing lots of songs to help us. We find counting backwards quite tricky and need some help recognising and knowing our numbers from 10-20.
In writing, we did some excellent drawings of ourselves turning on a light. We are adding lots of detail to our pictures and are beginning to make up stories around the theme of our pictures. Miss Smith was very impressed.
Come along to our Literacy Workshop on Wednesday 20th September at 3:20. Mrs Cleland and Miss Smith will give you lots of information to help us with our literacy.
Homework will begin for primary one the week beginning the 25th September.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone – see you on Wednesday!

P7 blog 15/9/17

It’s Scottish maths week so we were bombarded with a ton of maths. We started a group task with primary 6 which involved making multiple shapes with a piece of string. Most of us did enjoy this activity. On the Tuesday we did P.E with Mrs Clapton – it was badminton so some of us enjoyed this activity but others not so much. Carrying on with the maths week we used cocktail sticks to make squares and worked out how many it needed to make different squares. On Wednesday we did another maths challenge. We had to make shapes using only one single cut. It was challenging but lots of people were surprised with the shapes we managed to make. It was very interesting. So overall a mathtastic week.

By Ted, Zak and Blair


P5H blog 15/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. In maths we have been doing rounding to nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, and some also went to millions. Some of us found it tricky remembering all the numbers we had to write, we also had to remember that if it was a 5 we had to round up to the higher number.
In P.E. we were doing badminton with Mrs Clapton; we were doing doubles and singles. We were also practicing different ways of hitting the shuttle-cocks. Some of us found them tricky and some found them easier. The highest score for doubles was 28, and the highest for singles was 13.We all found this good fun. In tennis we were doing rallies with doubles.
Some of us enjoyed music because we got to try different instruments e.g. the tambourine, the maracas and the drums. We were remembering the difference between beat and rhythm. The beat is the steady speed of the music; the rhythm follows the lyrics and is a repeated pattern.
Our new topic is the British Isles we are looking at the geography of the land and the countries that make up The British Isles. We discovered that it was Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. We used and explored atlases to discover information about our topic.
We are all waiting to hear about who has been lucky enough to get a musical instrument. We wish everyone good luck!
We hope you have a good week.
Written by Grace P, Euan, Dexter and Sophie
Next Week’s Highlights
Wednesday-Return to School
Friday-P5P Assembly

P4 blog 15/9/17

Hello and welcome to P4 class blog. Wow, what a busy week it has been. In numeracy this week we have been learning all about estimating numbers. We were learning why we might estimate numbers. It was fun as we looked at empty number lines and tried to guess where each number was. Some of us were very good with our estimating and were almost accurate in our guesses. In literacy we were writing some spooky ghost stories…it is Halloween soon after all! We continued the story in the same style as the writer and used our knowledge of VCOP to make our wring even better and more interesting! In art we stuck with the autumn/ Halloween theme and created some lovely autumn pumpkins. We shaded them in using different colours we thought were autumn colours. They are now in the classroom on display and they look GREAT! We also went on our trip to the Linlithgow High Street and the Annet museum. We first of all just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in organising the trip and the helpers who came along. We had so much fun! We learned all about how Linlithgow has changed over the years! It was very interesting finding out what different buildings used to be such as the Tesco used to be a bomb factory! We also found it very cool and interesting that many things were produced in Linlithgow such as glue, whisky and different medicines. We also found out that different buildings have plaques on them. Some of us haven’t noticed them before therefore we thought this was very fascinating that so many buildings had these. Next week is our long September weekend. We are very excited to be off Monday and Tuesday!
VLG launch assembly on Friday
September Weekend