P7 blog 23/3/18

It was the Primary 7’s last assembly today – Movies with a message.  As usual the class put on an amazing performance.  The movie that won the most votes was Spy Pigs – well done that team!!  We will be showing our P1 buddies all our movies during our first week back next term.

We were pleased to be runners up in the Seabird Centre competition – we had to create a script to go along with a film about gannets at the Bass Rock.  The feedback we got was very encouraging and we are waiting on a box of goodies to arrive as our consolation prize.

We are all now ready for our holidays – we hope everyone has a super 2 weeks and then it’s our last term at primary school – where have the last 7 years gone?

Primary 7 and Mrs Johnston

P1 blog 23/3/18

In literacy we have been doing a lot of blending and building. Our new interactive board means we have been using this to make and blend different words using the sounds we have learned. We really enjoyed our writing lesson this week. The letters we wrote to all of you were fantastic and we really hope you enjoyed reading about our proudest moment.

In numeracy our focus this week has been on addition. We have made it trickier by hiding some objects and counting on to find the total. We have been able to share some fantastic strategies and our mathematical brains have been working really hard.

On Wednesday we went out for a ‘Spring’ walk. Whilst we were able to see some little buds and new plants starting to grow we were interested to see not as many new plants as expected. We decided that this is because of the weather – hopefully the sunshine will come out soon to help them grow. This followed on very nicely from our exciting learning with Miss Barnes who taught us about different flowers and encouraged us to explore different plants at our flower station this week.

We have loved our gymnastics topic over the past few weeks. We have demonstrated excellent balancing, forward rolls, pencils rolls and safe jumping. We have been encouraging our peers and had great fun using some of the equipment.

Thank you very much to all of you for coming along to parents evening – what a great 2 nights celebrating and sharing the fantastic work of the children this year!


P1 blog 16/3/18

This week in P1 we have been very lucky to have 2 teachers working with us. Miss Barnes will be working with us for the rest of our time in P1. We have worked hard to make her feel very welcome, show her around our classroom and explain the rules/routines of P1.
Miss Barnes taught us about floating and sinking this week and we had such fun designing and making some boats. It was great to see the experimentation of different materials and, after some Titanic style sinking, the children went back to the drawing board to adapt and recreate their boats based on what they had learned from their first attempt.
In literacy we have all been doing some excellent blending and building. We have been having great fun with our tricky words by including them in some very silly sentences. Our reading books were completed to a very high standard this week and we enjoyed using different types of punctuation in our writing.
In numeracy we have been focusing on addition. We have been finding ‘how many altogether’ and have done some excellent mathematical thinking, explaining our strategies to our friends very well.
Wee reminder – class talks will begin on Monday. Please send in all resources for the children on Monday and we will work through them over the course of the week. Feedback will be sent home as a paper copy for you to see how your child got on and celebrate the success of their first class talk!
I look forward to seeing you all at Parent’s Evening on Tuesday and Wednesday and the children are excited for you to see some of the hard work they have been doing over the course of P1.

P2 blog 16/3/18


This week in P2 we have been learning about time in maths. We went over o’clock and looked at half past. We played different activities to learn o’clock and half past but our favourite was What’s the Time Mr Wolf when Miss Cuthbert was the wolf and chased us when we got the time right. Miss Cuthbert also said we picked up o’clock and half past well so we went over other information about time. We looked into the fact that each number on the clock is 5 minutes so we can use our 5 times table to help us work out how many minutes each number is worth. We then played time bingo. Some of us are very competitive but it was lots of fun. We also had a little look at quarter past and quarter to.  In spelling we have moved on to a-e in magic e (cake, came and name etc.). We also went over common words. In reading routes we had to put a story in the correct order. On Tuesday an author came and read her book Rowan the Red Squirrel to us. It was very interesting to have the author read their book to us. She raised her voice when characters spoke and paused at punctuation just like we have been learning in class. We asked her questions about what it is like to be an author.  For topic we looked at all the plastic items around the school and discussed what else they could make them from that is kinder to the environment and sea creatures. Wood, metal, stone, clay, fabric and paper could be used instead of plastic for lots of things. We also found out that scientists in Italy have made a plastic from cooking oil and bleach. The plastic disintegrates in 6-8 weeks. So Miss Cuthbert said that hopefully when we are adults a lot of this more environmentally friendly plastic will be used instead of the bad plastic being used now and that means the animals and see creatures will be safer.  We also learnt that plastic is made from the same chemical as the petrol people use in their cars. In writing we wrote an imaginative story using our targets and we also wrote a mini report card for parents’ night next week. In handwriting we joined o and f together. In PE we have continued to work on our core strength. It is getting easier and we can balance for longer now.


Next week is parents’ night on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be learning about fractions in maths and covering u-e in magic e for spelling. No reading homework will be handed out but we will be doing our reading every day in class as normal so we all need to make sure we have our reading books back in school on Monday. We still need to collect 9 egg boxes for our treasure chests to help us learn fractions. So please remember to hand some in after the holidays. We hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday and remembers to write in their diaries using their targets for our return in April.


P2 blog 13/3/18

Last week and this week in P2 we have been consolidating our phonic sounds and common spelling words. In maths we have been working on our division skills as well as looking at area. For area we drew around our hands and worked out how many counters we needed to fill in the area of our hands. For HWB we are focusing on The Body. We looked at the skeleton and named the different bone areas and what they do (rib cage protects vital organs, skull protects the brain etc).We then drew around our friend and put the different bones of the body inside their outline. We linked our topic (Plastic in the Environment) with art and literacy to design a poster about using plastic bottles, bags and cups. Miss Cuthbert is going to put our posters around the school to help raise awareness of reusable bags, cups and bottles. Also for topic we wrote a story about a sea creature being killed or injured by plastic in the sea. Miss Cuthbert said she felt very sad when she read them. We have been finishing off our Paired Reading with our chums (due to missing out on the snow days) and trying out our new reading books for next week’s homework. We also looked at adjectives in our Reading Routes lesson on Monday 5th March. With Mrs Fan we learnt numbers in Mandarin up to 10. We really enjoyed dressing up as book characters on Friday. We had some personal reading time in class as some of us brought in books from home. We all received a book token and sticker.

Next week homework is as normal and Paired Reading is finished however we are allowed to bring in books, comic, annuals etc. from home and read them in class on a Friday as part of enjoyment of reading. On Tuesday we have an author visit with P1. They will be telling us what it is like writing stories as a job and how they get their ideas. In maths we will be looking at time (mainly o’clock and half past) and revising addition and subtraction. In spelling/phonics we will be looking at the magic rule a-e as in take and gave. We need to start collecting egg boxes. We need 20 egg boxes as we are going to make treasure chests and use them to learn about fractions in maths. So if you have any spare egg boxes at home please send them in.

P1 blog 9/3/18

After a few days playing in the snow (and having great fun by the sound of it!) primary 1 have come back to school raring to go! You can upload photographs onto the online journals of things your child is working on at home – I would love to see some of the fabulous things they get up to!

In literacy we have been focusing on building and blending this week. We have enjoyed being rude with the ‘th’ sounds by sticking out our tongues. The children requested a story writing table on Thursday and a few of them worked together to write a book! It’s great to see so many of them using their phonics learning to write their own stories.

In numeracy we are moving into bigger numbers. We love counting backwards and forwards up to and beyond 100 and enjoy playing with the enormous 100’s square in our classroom. We have also been making our own addition sums, using the addition and equals signs. We have been doing the calculations mentally then ‘double checking’ using concrete materials (beans!).

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mr McGilliard this week – he is a joiner. He brought lots of tools in to show us and we learned about the different roles of people on building sites. Some of us thought it would be a good idea to try out the drill on our walls…

With class talks coming up, please come and have a chat if I can do anything to help. PPTs can be emailed to the office or brought in on a pen drive (please label!). All props etc required should be brought in by Monday 19th March.


P3 blog 23/2/18

Hello from P3!

In literacy we learned how to write a persuasive text. As we have been learning about body systems and how to keep our bodies healthy, we made a leaflet for a doctor’s surgery. It was a persuasive leaflet, giving advice on healthy eating and the impact this would have on your body, especially your heart. Out spelling sound was –ie- words. We learned the rhyme: I comes before E except after C when it rhymes with key, but this does not always work as the English language is WEIRD and we noticed that PROTEIN also doesn’t follow the rule!

We have been learning a lot about the human body and different systems. We looked at the circulatory system, the skeletal system and will be looking at the nervous system and the digestive system next week… It is all very exciting and we have produced some really super work! We also learned about germs and how easily they spread. We did an experiment with glitter representing the germs on our hands and saw how easily they were passed on. We then washed our hands properly in order to prepare food. We made some delicious chocolate truffles!

Next week we will be starting our class talks. Pen drives can be brought in or PowerPoints sent to the school email which will be forwarded to P3. Please make sure you practise your talk using the criteria sheet in your homework jotter as they will be assessed using this criteria and feedback will be given on each talk.

Thank you for your continued support!

P1 blog 23/2/18

Our ‘people who help us’ learning has been great fun this week! We all wrote a list of people who help us and had a lovely visit from a very kind visitor who came in to chat to us about being a doctor. It was great to hear that primary 1 are already using skills such as team work and communication and are, of course, very caring! We can’t wait for more visits next week.
Through our play we have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and created some lovely art inspired by the artist. We used black line drawings and rulers and have made a beautiful display to show off our great work and attention to detail.
In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We have had shapes out to play with in class and went outside on a shape hunt – out school building is covered in spheres, cylinders and triangular prisms. We found that the climbing wall shapes have 13 faces making it a tridecahedron.
We have had great fun learning our diagraph (two letters working together to make one sound) ‘ch’ this week. On our letter boards these sounds are joined together to remind us that they are friends. We have also been reading some interesting non-fiction texts. We all think our reading is improving every week!
As part of health and wellbeing we have been learning about PANTS. We enjoyed the catchy song that reminds us of the rules we learned and now have a wonderful washing line of brightly coloured pants hanging on our wall. The Pantasaurus was hilarious!

P2 blog 23/2/18

This week we have continued with magic e in spelling and phonics. We have been looking at o-e words such as stole, rope and bone. In writing we wrote an imaginative story about space using our sentence starts. In Maths we have been learning about division by sharing a group of items out equally such as 10 shared equally by 5 = 2 etc. We have started our first week of Paired Reading with our chums. It is a lot of fun and we are enjoying picking our own books as well as reading to our chums. We have also started Reading Routes. It is fun because we get to work in groups and share our thoughts before we answer the questions. We worked together to think of questions beginning with who, what, why, where and when to ask Cinderella and her ugly sisters. We then took on a role as Cinderella, an ugly sister or a reporter. We then filmed ourselves carrying out the interview like you would see on TV. We had to remember to face the camera, speak clearly and not mumble. It was a lot of fun and we had a bit of a giggle when we watched the interviews on the Smartboard.
For Topic we drew our own portraits and wrote a sentence about what we want to be famous for when we are older. Some of us want to be inventors, scientists, architects, anthropologists, sports stars, charity workers and actresses. For our new topic Global Warming we discussed what it is and what we want to learn about it. Our focus is plastic so we are interested in learning why we use so much of it. In PE we are working on our balancing skills. Standing on one leg is getting easier but standing on our tip toes and staying still is hard.

Next week is the school show with P5 and P6 performing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but we get to watch their last rehearsal on Monday afternoon. We also have a visit from the SSPCA on Thursday as well as an author coming in to do some story telling.

P6 blog 23/2/18

Hello from Primary 6!
Firstly, we would like to say a huge well done to Nathan Brown for winning the school competition to design a new bin for behind the school. This idea was suggested by both eco and pupil council VLG groups.

We’ve had a very busy week getting ready for school show! We have been working hard with Primary 5P and Primary 5H to get the final touches sorted for next week. We are all very excited now that the scenery is up and we are using some props. Miss Tully is very impressed with the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the pupils in her class. We are looking forward to our dress rehearsal on Monday before our two evening shows on Tuesday and Wednesday. A groupcall has gone out regarding the logistic details for our performances. Tickets are on sale for both nights via ipayimpact and will be issued from the office. Please bring these on the night.
We look forward to seeing you on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Our school is very lucky to have Mrs Fan, our Hanban teacher helping us learn Mandarin. So far, in P6 we have learned a lot about Chinese New Year and what life is like in China. Mrs Fan has told us a lot of interesting facts. We have also learned how to say hello, where we live and how to introduce ourselves to Mrs Fan! We have a small panda jotter to note down phrases that Mrs Fan has taught us. The children loved telling Mrs Fan about Scotland and traditional Scottish food.

Our chums have been working hard on their reading skills and Miss Cuthbert kindly asked us to help them for two weeks. This is called ‘paired reading’ and lasts for 15 minutes every day. Not only has this given us an opportunity to see our lovely chums every day, it has also allowed Primary 6 to demonstrate many skills such as listening, cooperation and constructive feedback.

As part of our PE lessons, we had two lovely local rugby coaches in this week to begin our five week taster sessions. This was great fun and the sun was shining (which is very unusual)! We worked hard on our teamwork and reaction time. We played a few games which incorporated reaction speed drills. These games included: tag thief, shark and fishes then rats and rabbits.
We enjoyed sharks and fishes because it was fun and quite challenging to get around the sea weed and sharks. Can’t wait for our next session on Tuesday!

In Health and Well-being our current topic is drug education. We have been learning how to value our body in a positive way. We had a class discussion about why people might want to take drugs and had a look at different laws including the legal age to drink alcohol. We have learned that there are different kinds of drugs which can have both positive and negative effects in our bodies. Some of which are legal and others clearly illegal. We looked up the definition of legal and illegal. Afterwards, we moved on to what health and safety skills should be adhered to when handling medicines.

In literacy this week, we have been reading our novels as we had no reading homework this week. Some of us were reading aloud to help with expression in our voices; others were completing reading tasks and some groups were researching words which they had never come across before. Suzie and Lewis discovered the word ‘hullabaloo’ which is a lot of noise or fuss made by people who are angry or excited about something. In writing, we used the technique ‘vison off, sound on’ to help with our descriptive language. We had to listen to a clip with only the sound then draw what we thought was going on. The second time we listened to it, we had a discussion about what the video was possibly about. The class then had to write a short piece about what they think it could be about using descriptive language. Most of us thought this was funny and enjoyed using ‘vision off, sound on,’.

In numeracy this week P6 have been finishing their data handling topic. We are looking forward to moving onto multiplication and division. The class discussed probability and looked at the language of probability. This included words such as: impossible, unlikely, likely or certain. Then we moved on to the language of chance. We had fun thinking about events which would have no chance, poor chance, even chance, good chance and a certain chance of happening. We used probability to answer some questions that included square numbers, prime numbers and triangular numbers. It is important that we keep going over the mean, mode, median and range at home to ensure we don’t forget how to use these elements to interpret data.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to sharing our show with you next week!
Remember to bring your favourite book next Friday to assembly for paired reading with another stage.
‘Low Port’s extreme reading challenge’ is running until Friday 2nd March so if you have a photo of yourself reading in a funny or strange place then please bring it in!

Just a sneak peek of next week:
School show dress rehearsals on Monday afternoon.
Rugby lesson on Tuesday afternoon.
School show evening performances starting at 6:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.
World book day on Thursday 1st March.
Visit from SSPCA officer on Thursday afternoon.
VLG on Friday.