P6 blog 24/3/17

Hello, this week in art with Mrs Dickson we created landscapes inspired by French artist Vincent Van Gogh. Some people used their imagination whilst others went basic. Thanks Mrs Dickson! In our other art this week we created the water lily by Monet. Everyone’s was Fab and they are now going to go up on the wall outside the classroom.
In PE with Mrs Clapton we made up routines on the mats. It was good fun and the routines were great as well. The skills we developed during PE were balancing and co-ordination. It is good to have Mrs Clapton back!
In maths we have been doing shape work. It has been challenging for some people and easier for others. We have also been using I Zak 9 which is a big cube with problems on it which are tough. When we do I Zak 9 we need to work in groups to complete challenges which involve problem solving and we need to work together in order to complete them. The skills we developed were teamwork and problem solving.
This week we watched the dress rehearsal of the P2/3 school show. It was based on the loch ness monster Nessie and Drumnadrochit. It was fabulous and they should be proud of themselves.
Next week is the last week of school before the Easter holidays. Hope you have a great Easter this year! See you next time on P6 class blog!

P7 blog 24/3/17

Finally we have finished CEM so that means we can collaborate during certain subjects (for example mental maths, reading and a few more). It can get so infuriating when everybody starts talking while you’re trying to concentrate so we’ve talked a lot about respecting each other and the importance of being quiet at certain times.
This week in maths we have been doing angles for spicy and for mild we have been identifying triangles and learning parts of a circle.
Transition visit
On Wednesday some teachers and pupils from the academy to talk to us about going up to the academy! It was nice to hear a bit more about the academy and about the houses.
We have an assembly coming up in the near future and we have decided that we should base it on the Oscars. So that means we all have to make movies and trailers. Right now we are making an iMovie trailer about the school – the best school advertisement will go on yammer!!
Done by
Gordon, Oscar and Leah

P3 blog 24/3/17

Hello from P3!
Wow! The show, The Last Monster in Scotland was an amazing success!!! What stars we all are! Such a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience went into this show. This displayed what confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens we are! Amazing work P2 & 3!

In literacy we wrote a personal piece on what we want to be when we grow up. There were lots of interesting jobs and great explanations of why we wanted to do these jobs. We also learned that text does not need to be from a book. We listened to a man reading The Musicians of Bremen and completed some work relating to it. This is text too, as are films, songs, story CDs etc…

In maths we looked at symmetry and used a mirror to complete pictures and patterns. We found the line of symmetry in many shapes, letters and in nature. We drew the other half of Easter egg patterns and spring animals; they were very accurate and symmetrical.

We have completed our Fairtrade topic and learned so much about why Fairtrade is so important. We also learned a lot about honey bees and that they help pollenate most of the food we eat. We learned that a lot of pesticides are killing off the bees and some governments are trying to stops this. You can see our display set up outside Mrs Livingstone’s office.

P2 blog 24/3/17

Our highlight this week definitely has to be the P2 and P3 school show. The children were all fantastic and I’m sure you were extremely proud of them. We were! Thank you for your help and support with costumes and learning lines and for bringing them to school both nights. We’ve had great fun and so many positive comments.
In June, Primary 2 will be going to a Book Festival in Linlithgow, organised by ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. We will attend a session by Eilidh Muldoon, the illustrator of ‘The Colouring Book of Scotland’. We have looked at this in class and discussed her techniques and we are looking forward to meeting her and asking her lots of questions.
Look out for special surprises for our Mums on Sunday (they’ll be in school bags on Friday this week). Our art work is on display in Tesco too and it’s worth a look.
It’s that time of year again…..the annual Easter Egg Decorating Competition is on Thursday 30th! Children should bring a hard boiled egg (or more depending on what they’d like to make!) and anything specific they need. It’s also a good idea to send these in a box so carrying home is easier too, thank you. Judging will take place on Thursday afternoon and there is a prizewinner in every class.
We are hoping to watch ‘The Water Horse’ on Tuesday afternoon as a special treat with Primary 3, letters requesting permission have been sent home as this is a PG. Please return to school asap.
Our Easter Service at the Church is at 11am on Wednesday and we hope you can join us. Annie and Layla are doing readings.
It’s the P7 Assembly on Friday and we always love class assemblies!
Zippy is with Archie – have fun you two!!

Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Ramsay

P7 blog 17/3/17

Tesco’s Farm to Fork Healthy eating trail-
This week we visited Tesco to learn about healthy eating. One of the things we learned is the amount of sugar in cereals, drinks and treats. We also found out about the difference in price between frozen, tinned and fresh.
We created our own healthy muesli while there as well which was quite fun. The skills we developed were our measuring, creativity, safety and literacy.
In art we were drawing/sketching still life. We had to make setups of objects in the classroom, take a photo of it and then create a sketch of our creation with shading and no colour. We learned about shading techniques, sketching and trying to make our drawings look realistic. The skills we used were to be creative, to use random objects and create a scene
In PE we were practicing our circuits. We had to try and push ourselves as hard as possible. We learned about scissor kicks, jump steps and skipping. Some of the skills we used were perseverance, listening carefully to instructions and resilience.
By Anna, Sophia and Chloe

P4H blog 17/3/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
We all completed our class talks on birds this week. We all had mixed feelings about standing up and talking to the rest of the class. We were excited to show what we had created but also nervous about something going wrong. Some of the skills we needed for our class talk were having a loud, clear voice, not fidgeting and trying to keep a positive expression on our face. We all tried to keep our audience interested by thinking about good eye contact and using a voice that sounded interesting. It was a little disappointing when the internet was not working very well for our links but we all kept very positive and kept going; we think this is having a growth mind-set. We did manage to show some of them the next day, thankfully. We have explored Sugar for Fairtrade and found out how much sugar was in some foods and we were very surprised about how much sugar was in some sweets and chocolate. We also found out about how sugar is grown and produced, we even made a short drama to explain all the different parts. We also made a little booklet, by folding paper.
In PE we were doing Gymnastics and racket sports. We have been learning how to control our bodies and how to control bats and balls.
We have been looking at disabled access around the school and grounds. We discussed things that were good and things that could be improved.
Well done to the Low Port ski team who competed on Wednesday.
Rosie, Matthew, Fraser, Maya and Archie
Next Week’s Highlights
Monday Class photographs
Tuesday P2/3 show
Wednesday P2/3 show
Friday VLG

P5 blog 17/3/17

This week P5 have been doing…
A railway safety police officer came in and talked us about railway safety, he showed us a video that was based on a true story it was about two brothers who snuck onto the railway tracks to spray paint. One of the brothers gets flattened by a train and it changed the brother’s life.
Our new topic is substance abuse we have been thinking about alcohol and how it can affect your life and not for the better. We watched a video about two kids whose parents were addicted to alcohol and how it affected their lives.
We created games for PE. We had to create instructions for our games. We had to use commanding speech. We had to list down the equipment the players needed to play the game.
We have been doing some mental maths to improve our maths, at first it was hard for some of the class but then we got the hang of it and improved some of our maths
We were learning about Spanish weather. We drew pictures of houses and in the background we drew and wrote about what the weather was. It was hard but it was fun.

Michael and Nathan

The class have been working very hard on maths the past two weeks. I am very happy with their work ethic and progress. In literacy we are working on non- fiction writing and so far have written a persuasive piece and instructions. Next week we will be using our discussion planners that have been sent home to write a discursive piece.

A few children do not have indoor shoes for PE. Could you please check their kits over Easter. We will be having an Easter Egg decorating competition on the 30th of March. Please provide a hard-boiled egg (or 2 to cover potential breakages) and anything they may need to decorate it.

28th and 29th- Parents Nights
29th March- Church Easter Service
30th- Easter Egg Competition
31st- Easter Holidays

P2 blog 17/3/17

Primary 2 have all been working very hard and learning well!
We listened really carefully to PC Jackson, who came in to teach us about railway safety. We learned some very important messages:
• Don’t throw things on the railway or at the overhead wires.
• Don’t throw things at the trains.
• Don’t play near the tracks.
• Don’t go on the tracks – EVER!
• Don’t go past the yellow line when you are on the platform.

We’ve been busy writing and making things for some very special people and will bring these home on 24th March.
Our Dress Rehearsal for our show is on Monday 20th March and we look forward to performing in front of the rest of the school and some Nursery visitors. We’ve had lots of rehearsals with props but this will be our first experience of being in our costumes! Mrs Ramsay thinks we are all stars!
Zippy had fun with Violet last week and he’s now at Seb’s house until Monday – we look forward to hearing what they got up to!

We’ve done a lot of Number Talks recently in Numeracy and this is something we really enjoy. We’ve concentrated on doubles and near doubles. Mental Maths with Mrs Brockbank was fun and we worked on counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s. We also did some exciting Problem Solving involving a Secret Code and went on a Nature Walk in the school Grounds to look for signs of spring. Drama was outside this week too and we enjoyed sharing our improvisations with our peers.

Thank you for your continued support. Next week is a busy and tiring week for the children and therefore there are no expectations regarding Homework! There will be a note in the Homework Jotters on Friday 17th explaining and giving you time over the weekend, if preferred.

Mrs Ramsay (PT)

P7 blog 10/3/17

P7 blog 9.3.17

(Sam’s birthday)

Lush Talk/Shop

This week lush came in to talk to us about how they make their products and how everything they use is Fairtrade. We had a big assembly where they came in to talk to us about how all their products are handmade in factories daily and that as the Fairtrade logo is expensive they have a thing called fairly traded!



We’ve started a thing called Yammer which is basically a West Lothian controlled Facebook. All the class are logged on to this social media site and are enjoying it! We are all on our own class group called the LPPS Legendary 33.

P1 blog 10/3/17

P1 have been working on their assembly this week. The theme of the Assembly is to display some of the work we have been doing in Science this year. This will take place on Friday 17th at 9:05 in the Assembly hall.
In Reading this week the children have been developing their analytical skills in a text. This has included group work in which the children have been asked to identify key Character, events and themes. This has also inspired some of their own writing. Thank you for all your positive feedback about the Character Cap activity in homework this week. I will try and provide some more of these activities for home learning. As your children become more confident with sounding out, recognising sight words and reading using picture clues it is important that they are starting to understand and analyse key parts of their stories and books. The more experience they have with this now the easier it will be to apply these skills to more complexed texts in the future.
In Maths this week we have been continuing to look at time. This has involved reinforcing the sequence of days of the week and months of the year as well as looking at reading o’clock times on digital and analogue clocks.
In IDL the children have been asking interview questions to a parent on how to look after a baby. Next week they will be preparing questions for a rail safety police officer.