P5 blog 22/6/17

Hi welcome to P5 class blog.

This week we have been:

Maths- in maths we have been looking at area it has been tricky for some but most found it quite easy.  We had to measure the shapes and find the area.  We also created our own shapes.

In Health and Wellbeing we’ve been talking about honesty. We watched a video talking about honesty and discussed different scenarios and how they were dealt with. We also learned about inclusion and diversity, what they mean and what they entail. We have been looking more at persuasive language and looking at how it is used in adverts.


Archie and Calvin


P6 blog 22/6/17

Hello and welcome to the p6 blog,

This week in maths we have been working on coordinates and compass points. We played a game of battleships and did drawings with coordinates. Linked to our topic fairgrounds we made a map of the park using scale and map skills. For compass points we went outside and wrote places that are either of the points.

In Spanish we learned numbers up to 20, common phrases and colours. We watched a video about colours and numbers and acted it in groups 4.

In art we drew a picture using words. For example, if you are drawing a cloud you write it with the word cloud. We had to draw a person, animal, tree, cloud and sun.

In PE we played a game of rounders in our previous teams we all enjoyed it very much. We played capture the flag with new rules.

In writing we were creating and describing a new room for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and then drew a picture to go along with it. We all really enjoyed it.

We also got our reports this week and went through them with Miss Smith and also the smoke free homes and zones certificate got handed out.

Most of us have handed in our reading books ready for no more homework in P6

From P6 class


P4T blog 22/6/17

Hello from P4T

Fearghas and Amelie enjoyed writing letters to their new Primary 5 teacher. We had to plan out our writing first to decide what information we should put in it. Amelie included information about herself such as her birthday and her hobbies. Jozh and Isla included what they would like to learn about in Primary 5. During this lesson, we recapped how to lay out a letter. Fearghas remembered that the address goes in the top right hand corner of the letter.

In numeracy this week, Finlay and Alex moved onto fractions. They started learning about the numerator and denominator in a fraction. The children got into pairs and revised basic fractions. In Miss Tully’s class, Sophie and Shaymaa told us that we spent some time revising dividing by 3 and 4. We used the cubes to represent the amount of items and then we split them into groups of 3 or 4 to see how many they get each. We have started to look at length and revised measuring in metres and centimetres.

In PE with Mrs Clapton, Ryley and Flora enjoyed playing Danish long ball. This is a mix of rounders, dodgeball and football. The class liked the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ using their body.

Thank you for reading


P3 blog 22/6/17

Hello from P3!

This is the very last blog of P3! It has been a fabulous year, especially as we got to do the school show with P2.  We have really enjoyed our latest technology topic, enabling us to turn our classroom into a medieval castle! We have reflected on our targets for this term and wrote about our achievements. We got to meet our teacher for P4 and wrote a letter to her, telling her all about ourselves, saying what we liked in P3 and what we are looking forward to in P4.

We have been completing some work on science. We looked at inheritance using Mr Men and Little Misses. We looked at traits passed on to us from our parents. The Mr and Mrs Men had babies and we had to guess the parents by looking at the traits. We made up our own characters, a mum and a dad and they had babies which included traits from each of them. We also looked at the circulatory system, which is how the heart and lungs work. We learned about how the red blood cells take oxygen from the lungs all round the body and then pick up carbon dioxide, a waste product, and take it back to the lungs for us to breathe out. The heart pumps all the time allowing the red blood cells to move in the right direction. We had some really interesting discussions round this!

Next week we will have a medieval banquet to round off our topic. We made menus for a healthy banquet using knowledge from the Eatwell plate.

Lastly, please have a safe and relaxing holiday! It has been a pleasure teaching you all. We will see you back on Tuesday 22nd August in your new classes!!!


P5 blog 20/6/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog

Meet the teacher hour:  we went in to our new classroom, sat in the seats and waited for our new teacher to arrive.  A couple of seconds later our new teacher came in, it was Miss Tully and everyone started cheering because we were so happy.  After everyone had stopped cheering we played two truths and a lie then we each got a paper jigsaw piece and we were told to write down on it all about us.

This week we also did short talks on our non- fiction books in small groups. We returned our library books.  We finished time and completed a fidget spinner maths investigation that solved a crime. We wrote letters to our new teacher and did our ‘All About Me’.  We talked more about how Bridges are constructed and made our own using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was very tricky.


Holly and Carolyn


P4H blog 16/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Today we were going to meet our new teacher and we were delighted to find out that our new teacher is Mrs Henderson, again! Mrs Henderson says she is also delighted to be taking us into primary 5.

In maths some of us were doing fractions and decimals it was great fun. We enjoyed using Numicon to learn about decimals. We eventually saw the link between decimals and fractions. One tenth equals 0.1. We did lots of sums to practise them. Some other people were using the computers to learn about division.

We wrote letters to our new teacher and Mrs Henderson says she will look forward to reading them. We used a check list to make sure we included the right things in a letter. We have now completely finished our literature circles books and this week we shared our book reviews and our opinions about our books. Some people liked their book and some people did not like it as much as they had hoped.

We had PE and played a game called Danish Long Ball. One team were fielders and the other team stand in a line. The fielders throw and pass the ball and try to hit the other team as they run, all together, to the other side of the pitch and back. We had to be good at throwing, catching and dodging the ball. Every team member gets a point if they run there and back without being hit. We used a soft ball because it would be safer.

In French we have been revising classroom objects, we also heard a song about things you would find in a school bag or in a pencil case. We drew and labelled a picture about this.

Some of us enjoyed watching the Marches parade. It was good to see the floats; they were Boss baby, Beauty and the Beast and Denise the Menace. We enjoyed hearing different music from the drums, the bagpipes and the brass bands.

Some of us enjoyed the rides at the fair. It was great fun and we are looking forward to the gala. We hope you enjoy gala day.


Primary 4H

Next Week’s Highlights

Tuesday: visit to Tesco bakery and shop and picnic in the Peel.

(Please do not bring a packed lunch or pay for a lunch that day. We are buying our lunch in Tesco; a small charge will be confirmed at a later date.)

Friday: VLG assembly and coffee morning for parent helpers.


P3 blog 16/6/17

Hello from P3!

It has been an interesting week, even though we were off for the Marches! We have been working on problem solving, finding all the different possibilities in the problems we were working on. We work in groups of three so we can contribute effectively and help each other.


We made Sun Safety posters which we will share around the school. They all have messages on them about how to keep safe in the sun, even in Scotland! We used the message: Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on some sun cream Slap on a hat! Also wear sun glasses, drink water and find shade if it is too hot, especially at mid-day!


We have been thinking about foods we would like for a healthy medieval banquet and the types of food they ate then. We linked this to the Eatwell plate where we learned what constitutes a healthy diet. We learned that fruit and veg should take up a third of your diet and carbohydrates should take up another third. The remaining third is split up with protein taking up the biggest portion, dairy or an alternative taking up the second biggest and a tiny bit for oils and spreads. Sweeties and crisps are not on the plate, but it is ok to have a little of them every so often!


P5 blog 9/6/17

Drama: We split into six groups and acted out different scenes in the book Spellchaser’s. It was really hard to think of how to act it out. The class enjoyed it.

Writing: In writing we wrote a message in a bottle. We had to write to our family like it was our last words.  We were writing from an island and needed someone to save us. We all found it fun.

Book Festival: We went to the rugby club to see Kate Leiper. She told us how she became an illustrator and how her life was back then. It was really fun meeting her. Thanks Kate Leiper!

Maths: In maths we did 24hr time. We wrote in our books the answers to the questions. There were questions about before and after the time that was in the text book.

PE: In PE we played Danish long ball it was really good fun. We all ran into the middle to get the ball and it was funny because we all were running quite weird but majority of the class liked it.

Election: We all went in our groups from drama and got a sticky note. All got a different party and one group got to make up a party. Then we did some research about the party and created and shared a PowerPoint with P3 and P5. We then voted! The made up party won.


Katie, Orla and Sam


P2 blog 9/6/17

It was Violet’s birthday on Monday and we gave her a pink balloon.  At the end of the day we went to the Zone and played with different equipment.  It was fun.

It was raining cats and dogs on Tuesday but we still walked along to the Rugby Club.  There was a Book Festival on and our books were colouring books drawn by an illustrator, Eilidh Muldoon.  She got us to draw and colour pictures to stick on a great huge drawing of the Palace, the Church and the Peel.  By the time we got back to school we were soaking wet!  Thank you to the parent helpers who came with us.

We had Mrs Cameron on Wednesday.  We did Art instead of Science.  Our pictures were sponge paintings of dandelion clocks.  We also had Chum Time with P6s and we did some Creative Thinking, designing restaurants!

Two of our chrysalides emerged as Painted Lady butterflies.  They looked amazing once they had dried their wings.

On Thursday Mrs Laurie came back.  She was so delighted because she was able to see the third butterfly emerge.  We have been doing CEM quizzes this week and Mrs Kerr says we are all stars because we worked brilliantly.


Mrs Laurie and Primary 2


P3 blog 8/6/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we wrote a character study on a character of our choice from our reading books. We drew a picture of our character, wrote lots of adjectives around them and used them all in a paragraph. We also invented a character and labelled them with similes. There were many strange and wonderful characters with a cape as red as blood, teeth as sharp as nails and hair as wavy as the sea! We also had the privilege of attending the Linlithgow Book Festival to listen to an author called Mike Nicholson. We had read his book previously in class!

In maths we played round the world, which is a times tables game of speed and skill. We also went outside to look carefully at multiplication and make arrays from chalk, stones and twigs. We drew as many ways as we could think of that helps us work out a multiplication. Some of us were interested in long multiplication and we were shown how to break down the numbers and use the ‘box’ method.

Our castle now has an owlery. We drew beautiful owls using chalk pastels and they are now roosting in our class! Our entrance to the class is now a big wooden door with a portcullis. The portraits of the staff are also now on display.