P2 blog 26/5/17

We had a little accident with our caterpillars 😞 Two of them were pupating when they dropped from the lid. They never made it back up to the top and now things don’t look so good for them. Or, as Euan put it, ‘They’re done for…’. Two of the remaining three are hanging in a hook shape from the ceiling and the third one is almost ready to hang. Fingers crossed they make it!
We have completed the worksheet about cycles of the Moon. Most of us know the order now. New Moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full Moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent, then back to new Moon again. We are also very good now at singing ‘Phases of the Moon – movie’. You can watch it on YouTube.
We have been practising handwriting, forming the letters properly. Mrs Laurie is very impressed with us!
The new climbing apparatus got rather hot on Thursday and Friday. We finished reading ‘Claude on Holiday’ and we’ve now started ‘Claude in the Country’. We think they’re great!

Update for parents/carers following events earlier this week: We only watch Newsround in Primary 2 very occasionally. This is obviously pre-watched by the teacher to ascertain suitability and any questions are dealt with sensitively and carefully.

Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie

P5 blog 19/5/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog!

SSPCA: The SSPCA visited P5, 6 and 7 to talk to us about saving animals. They ended with a quiz which the girls won!


In maths we have been doing decimals and some of us have been going with Mrs Ramsay.  Most of us have been working in our text books.  We learned about how fractions are so similar to decimals.


We sorted our questions about bridges into categories and it was interesting to see the questions that other people in the class had suggested.  We researched some of the questions and will finish this and present our findings to the class next week.  We looked at the special £1 coins from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 with images of bridges and found out about them.

Living and Growing:

We learned about parts of the body. We also learned about the differences between boys and girls.


In P.E we did a couple of games of Capture the Flag.  We all did a vote on what games we wanted to play and Capture the Flag won. Next week we will do a different game.  We all found it very fun!!


This week we did Minecraft themed yoga. It took us on a magical Minecraft journey.  Some of us do not look forward to yoga but most people do. After the yoga we did Zumba and we thought that we would have to dance for 45 minutes non- stop. Instead we just did 20 minutes.


Suzie, Katie and Erin


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