P7 blog 15/9/17

It’s Scottish maths week so we were bombarded with a ton of maths. We started a group task with primary 6 which involved making multiple shapes with a piece of string. Most of us did enjoy this activity. On the Tuesday we did P.E with Mrs Clapton – it was badminton so some of us enjoyed this activity but others not so much. Carrying on with the maths week we used cocktail sticks to make squares and worked out how many it needed to make different squares. On Wednesday we did another maths challenge. We had to make shapes using only one single cut. It was challenging but lots of people were surprised with the shapes we managed to make. It was very interesting. So overall a mathtastic week.

By Ted, Zak and Blair


P7 blog 8/9/17

Hello this is the P7 blog,
Two weeks and a half back and we are already very busy. Here are some of the things we’ve learnt. We learnt about formulas and probability in maths so we’ve been using our maths skills to solve lots of problems. We have also been doing lots of mental math, improving on our mental skills. P.E. has been challenging with badminton testing all sorts of skills. In writing we loved writing scripts of classic fairytales. Some of us made up our own fairytales and others put a twist into some of the original ones. We enjoyed drama this week because it let us express ourselves in different ways and some of us were very comical! We also discussed the types of things we want to learn in French/Spanish this year – these included directions, food, shopping, and words so we can make up our own sentences. We also enjoyed creating our movie characters for our Class Charter and agreed on the articles that we will focus on.
By Leah, Maisie and Rory

P7 blog 1/9/17

This week we (Primary 7) have been very enthusiastic with our buddies. We have been with them for break and lunch and have really enjoyed it. They have now come out of their shells and are beginning to play by themselves. We had buddy time together last week where we created wonderful rainbow fish with brightly coloured tissue paper. We had great fun!
We also had great fun with John Richardson, Party at the Palace organiser (in addition Alice and Ben’s dad). We asked him some questions about the event and its effect on the community and we learned loads about the costs, sponsorship, catering, organisation etc. We also need to mention this sounds like John and his partners must have put in a lot of dedication and effort. Thank you John.
Due to being house captains this year we have been making power points to show the definition and origins of our houses. We have been working on them all week and we finally think we are ready. We will present them at assembly so the rest of the pupils learn something about their houses.

P7 blog 26/5/17

This week we have been doing a lot on division, using the chunking method and long division method. A lot of us liked the long division method because it was easy to learn and a quicker method to use.
Also the Netball team went to a netball tournament on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun and we came 9th out of 15 teams. It was a great experience for the team. Well done team!!
The George Allan football teams both did well. The Lion’s best game was a 5 nil win against Bridgend, Ted scoring first then Adam scoring 2nd hitting a half volley from the half way line then eventually Finlay scored by intercepting and then slotting it into the bottom corner etc.
We have recently been doing class talks and some people did very normal subjects like dance or golf etc. and others did more unusual things like pants or missing children – it has all been very informative. We’ve learned a lot!
We sometimes watch Newsround to catch up on world events. Sadly this week we learned about the attack in Manchester however it gave us a chance to talk about it together, to feel reassured and to keep informed on things so we can keep ourselves safe.
By Lois, James and Finlay

P7 blog 19/5/17


This week in maths we have been doing multiplication. We have been practising different methods. These methods include chimney sums, grid method and the gelosia method. This week we have had lessons on different methods.

Class Talks

This week we did class talks and so far we have had everything from pants to Italy and for one class talk we got to try free food. Every class talk was really good but we still have a lot to go!

By Oscar, Lee and Joseph


P7 blog 12/5/17

Sports Day
Today we had the all-important sports day. P7’s came into school early to help Mrs Clapton setup at the peel. After that we split into our house groups and collected the P1’s – P6’s. Next we went into the hall and did a head check to make sure everyone was here. Next we set off to go to the peel where the P7’s, Mrs Clapton and the S3 sports leaders had setup earlier. Then we took our groups to the correct stations. The activities were – Beat the goalie, Egg and spoon, Netball shooting, Space hoppers, Hurdles, Javelin, Sports quiz, Hockey, Football dribble, Double hoop, Beanbag throwing and Obstacle course. All of these activities were fun and some were different to what we had in previous years. We kept a record of the scores so that we could find out the winning house at the end. The houses are Beecraigs, Cockelroi, Ochiltree and Cairnpapple. Next we went on to the class races, P1 went first then P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 but P7 did a silly race and there was a mum’s race, a dad’s race and a teacher race. Shortly after that the scores were announced.
The order was –
4th – Beecraigs
3rd – Ochiltree
2nd – Cockelroi
1st – Cairnpapple

P7 blog 28/4/17

Blog 27/4/17
Once upon a time in the magical land of Linlithgow in the school of Low Port there was a PE hall. Inside of the PE hall there was a class doing… HOCKEY!
Let us provide you with our learning!
Inside the PE hall a PE specialist came to teach us the art of hockey.
Sometimes some people took it too seriously. Apart from that we all had a good time. Some of the skills we were provided with, were how to hold a hockey stick, how to dribble and how to score against goalies.
We have been writing instructions. This week we focused on instructions to get us to the Academy or if we took the bus or lived next to the Academy, we made directions to Low Port. The focus was to provide clear, concise instructions but with ambitious vocabulary, interesting openers and stunning connectives.
By Gordon, Matthew and Robbie

P7 blog 24/3/17

Finally we have finished CEM so that means we can collaborate during certain subjects (for example mental maths, reading and a few more). It can get so infuriating when everybody starts talking while you’re trying to concentrate so we’ve talked a lot about respecting each other and the importance of being quiet at certain times.
This week in maths we have been doing angles for spicy and for mild we have been identifying triangles and learning parts of a circle.
Transition visit
On Wednesday some teachers and pupils from the academy to talk to us about going up to the academy! It was nice to hear a bit more about the academy and about the houses.
We have an assembly coming up in the near future and we have decided that we should base it on the Oscars. So that means we all have to make movies and trailers. Right now we are making an iMovie trailer about the school – the best school advertisement will go on yammer!!
Done by
Gordon, Oscar and Leah

P7 blog 17/3/17

Tesco’s Farm to Fork Healthy eating trail-
This week we visited Tesco to learn about healthy eating. One of the things we learned is the amount of sugar in cereals, drinks and treats. We also found out about the difference in price between frozen, tinned and fresh.
We created our own healthy muesli while there as well which was quite fun. The skills we developed were our measuring, creativity, safety and literacy.
In art we were drawing/sketching still life. We had to make setups of objects in the classroom, take a photo of it and then create a sketch of our creation with shading and no colour. We learned about shading techniques, sketching and trying to make our drawings look realistic. The skills we used were to be creative, to use random objects and create a scene
In PE we were practicing our circuits. We had to try and push ourselves as hard as possible. We learned about scissor kicks, jump steps and skipping. Some of the skills we used were perseverance, listening carefully to instructions and resilience.
By Anna, Sophia and Chloe

P7 blog 10/3/17

P7 blog 9.3.17

(Sam’s birthday)

Lush Talk/Shop

This week lush came in to talk to us about how they make their products and how everything they use is Fairtrade. We had a big assembly where they came in to talk to us about how all their products are handmade in factories daily and that as the Fairtrade logo is expensive they have a thing called fairly traded!



We’ve started a thing called Yammer which is basically a West Lothian controlled Facebook. All the class are logged on to this social media site and are enjoying it! We are all on our own class group called the LPPS Legendary 33.