P7 blog 17/11/17

Hello and welcome to the p7 blog,
Recently we have been doing lots of art and opening up our creative minds. We have been creating our very own tartan antlered stags and made cats with our buddies.

In PE we have recently moved to the topic of dance, we have covered the American art of line dancing and Scottish country dancing with the p6’s and can’t wait to see what Mrs Johnston has in store for us next.

This week is anti bullying week and we have been checking this out and hearing what other people have to say about bullying and if it’s a good or a bad thing, what do you think?

In maths we have quickly moved on to time where some of us are struggling and some are boosted with confidence.
By Rosie, Leah and Alyssa

P7 blog 10/11/17

Hello and welcome to our P7 blog,
This week we went to the Linlithgow academy to do an athletic festival with all the cluster schools. Everyone enjoyed it and some of us came first in some of the relay races!
In maths we have been doing perimeter and measurement. Some people have been finding it quite challenging but others found it easy but we learned a lot. In IDL we have been learning about our new topic wars. It is very interesting and we all enjoying it. We are reading the novel “the boy in the striped pyjamas”.
In RME we learned about a story for the saying don’t judge a book by its cover.
In ART we designed and made Pandora’s Box {not the shower gel} and Medusas using our own photos – it was very fun.
By Patrick, Ryan and Harry

P7 blog 3/11/17

Hello and welcome to the P7 blog,
This week we went on a magical journey to Linlithgow primary school to watch a theatre production all about friendships and how important they are. It was a really good performance and it made us all laugh.
In maths we finished off algebra using algebraic equations in relation to our lesson using IZAK nine. We have also moved on to measuring and so far have covered perimeter and the units of measure.
On Halloween we created our own spooky Halloween stories. For inspiration we listened to a picture book called the 10 timid ghosts. We swapped jotters and peer assessed other people’s masterpieces.
In P.E we have constructed our own obstacle courses and tested other people’s to judge which one was the ultimate obstacle course…
Thank you for reading our blog; we will update you again next week
By Leah, Alyssa and Mairi J

P7 blog 27/10/17

Hello and welcome to our p7 blog,
This week we have been doing lots of fun stuff which included visitors from the bank, algebra, P.E, art, writing literacy and much more!
In MoneySense we did budgeting for a birthday party for a person we chose on a sheet of paper. We all worked in our table groups to create the best party with a budget. Three visitors from the bank very kindly volunteered to help us create the party.
We also did the algebra assessment. Lots of us found this very difficult and got confused on quite a lot of the questions. Mrs Johnston thinks it would be a good idea to get some algebra homework to help!! Oh no!
In P.E we have been doing athletic stuff. Running, javelin throwing and shot put. Everyone enjoyed it and it got quite competitive on the baton relay race.
We also were writing about our own aliens and used descriptive language, similes, metaphors and alliteration. We got someone to draw what they read on someone else’s writing. We created super cool aliens! It was interesting to see the results! J
Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog!
By Ryan, Abby and Georgia.

P7 blog 13/10/17

Hello and welcome to the P7 blog,
This week we have been working very hard on the SNSA assessments and we have been doing some practise tests as preparation. Some of us prefer the new testing system to the CEM testing we have been doing in our past years, and some of us think that the SNSA tests give us more freedom because you’re allowed working and it is not a timed test. Saying that there are people that are debating against SNSA assessments and want the old CEM tests back, so its SNSA v CEM! In addition we’ve been doing dodgeball in PE and we have made some new rules, lots of us agree with the new rules however there are always people going against them. Always something to discuss and debate in Primary 7!
By Leah, Kayleigh and Cara

P7 blog 6/10/17

This week we did lots of active maths including guessing and checking and addition and subtraction. We worked hard in pairs each day solving puzzles and problems galore. Some of us enjoyed it whereas others preferred textbook maths. Also we wrote our entries for the rotary writing competitions. The theme this year was ‘Making a difference’. Some of us went with the imaginative perspective on the subject whilst others went with poems or even a personal essay. Rory described the task as challenging whereas Freya and Alyssa found it hard to begin with but it became easier as they went on. In pe we have doing badminton and doing games and rallies. For badminton you need to be agile and be quick at reacting and batting the shuttlecock. With Mrs Johnston we tried to partake in the BBC terrific scientific but we found the test we had to do before hand and afterwards infuriating. We did the bleep test which overall we found exhausting but good exercise.
This week we had loads of sporting achievements. Georgia and Freya got 3rd and 2nd medals with the school ski team and Ted came an amazing top 15 in the west Lothian championships of cross country. To celebrate black history month we watched a video called ‘that’s so raven’ about a girl who tries to get a job but fails as the manager doesn’t hire black people. Her and her friends went undercover and eventually succeeded by firing the manager. We discussed famous black people who stood up for theirs and others rights.
We hope you enjoyed our blog
From Rory, Freya and Alyssa

P7 blog 29/9/17

Our assembly went superbly, despite Ryan’s sword breaking during his battle with Freya.  We all enjoyed our assembly and we hope the parents and pupils did too.  It was fun dressing up and using our own work to produce the dramas and writing – it took a lot of effort!  We found it interesting learning about Shakespeare and about his play Macbeth.  It was fun making potions with our buddies but it did get a bit messy!

As part of a science experiment we practised the Bleep test – it was great fun but extremely tiring.  Badminton continues to be fun but is getting very competitive and we have arguments over rules and cheating at times!

Everyone did well in their writing assessments and will now have an idea of what to do to improve their writing.

Maths and mental maths are often timetabled together but we don’t like this – Mrs Johnston is going to try and split them up so we do mental maths before break and normal Maths after break.  After a week of ‘textbook’ maths we’re ready for some active maths next week.

P7 blog 15/9/17

It’s Scottish maths week so we were bombarded with a ton of maths. We started a group task with primary 6 which involved making multiple shapes with a piece of string. Most of us did enjoy this activity. On the Tuesday we did P.E with Mrs Clapton – it was badminton so some of us enjoyed this activity but others not so much. Carrying on with the maths week we used cocktail sticks to make squares and worked out how many it needed to make different squares. On Wednesday we did another maths challenge. We had to make shapes using only one single cut. It was challenging but lots of people were surprised with the shapes we managed to make. It was very interesting. So overall a mathtastic week.

By Ted, Zak and Blair


P7 blog 8/9/17

Hello this is the P7 blog,
Two weeks and a half back and we are already very busy. Here are some of the things we’ve learnt. We learnt about formulas and probability in maths so we’ve been using our maths skills to solve lots of problems. We have also been doing lots of mental math, improving on our mental skills. P.E. has been challenging with badminton testing all sorts of skills. In writing we loved writing scripts of classic fairytales. Some of us made up our own fairytales and others put a twist into some of the original ones. We enjoyed drama this week because it let us express ourselves in different ways and some of us were very comical! We also discussed the types of things we want to learn in French/Spanish this year – these included directions, food, shopping, and words so we can make up our own sentences. We also enjoyed creating our movie characters for our Class Charter and agreed on the articles that we will focus on.
By Leah, Maisie and Rory

P7 blog 1/9/17

This week we (Primary 7) have been very enthusiastic with our buddies. We have been with them for break and lunch and have really enjoyed it. They have now come out of their shells and are beginning to play by themselves. We had buddy time together last week where we created wonderful rainbow fish with brightly coloured tissue paper. We had great fun!
We also had great fun with John Richardson, Party at the Palace organiser (in addition Alice and Ben’s dad). We asked him some questions about the event and its effect on the community and we learned loads about the costs, sponsorship, catering, organisation etc. We also need to mention this sounds like John and his partners must have put in a lot of dedication and effort. Thank you John.
Due to being house captains this year we have been making power points to show the definition and origins of our houses. We have been working on them all week and we finally think we are ready. We will present them at assembly so the rest of the pupils learn something about their houses.