P7 blog 23/3/18

It was the Primary 7’s last assembly today – Movies with a message.  As usual the class put on an amazing performance.  The movie that won the most votes was Spy Pigs – well done that team!!  We will be showing our P1 buddies all our movies during our first week back next term.

We were pleased to be runners up in the Seabird Centre competition – we had to create a script to go along with a film about gannets at the Bass Rock.  The feedback we got was very encouraging and we are waiting on a box of goodies to arrive as our consolation prize.

We are all now ready for our holidays – we hope everyone has a super 2 weeks and then it’s our last term at primary school – where have the last 7 years gone?

Primary 7 and Mrs Johnston

P7 blog 16/2/18

Just a short blog this week – mainly to say a huge well done to Kate, Freya, Oliver and Alasdair who won the Rotary quiz. We are all really proud of you! They were selected to represent the school and class through a series of general knowledge quizzes which we made up ourselves. After about 18 quizzes we then all worked out our percentage of accuracy (maths is always useful!) and the top 4 scorers went to Torphichen PS and won the day!

Last week we visited the Academy as part of our transition programme – we were given a tour of a variety of classrooms by S6 pupils, had juice and a snack, were entertained by the amazing Matt the magician (also an S6 pupil) and then got to ask some questions. It was pretty exciting and we learned a lot!

P7 blog 25/1/18

We’ve been learning all about angles again this week and it’s getting pretty complicated with alternate, corresponding, straight line, supplementary, complementary angles to remember!! We researched and drew constellations attached to star signs for IDL and we all entered the John Byrne drawing competition. We enjoyed the basketball drills and mini matches at PE this week and want to do more next week.
Our trip to the Risk Factory was great and we learned a lot about the different types of risks we may encounter in life – we don’t want to give too much away as the P6s might go themselves next year.
We spend some time in our school garden tidying it up – we filled 10 bags with leaves, branches and sticks – the garden definitely looks a bit neater and we can see lots of bulbs starting to grow. We have big plans for garden so watch this space!
We have been talking a little about mental health in class (a hot topic in the news just now) and the importance of talking about worries we have with people we trust. We will be continuing with this through our resilience programme which is part of the P7 transition programme here at Low Port.
We are starting our Engineering Leaders award next week – a parentmail has gone out but if you’re reading this and you’re an engineer, please consider helping us – we can’t do the award without an engineer to help us!
Parents are invited into school on Tuesday to see how we learn about literacy – P7 have something very exciting planned so we hope you can join us – bring your dancing shoes!

P7 blog 19/01/18

Welcome to the 3rd term with Primary 7. It’s been a very busy week. We are entering Radio 2’s 500 words competition so started this on Monday – we’ve all created a story start but it’s not set in stone and can change over the next few weeks as we’ll be doing a lot of editing! Our new IDL is STEM so we’ve started with the Big Bang Theory. Because of the weather we also investigated the science of snowballs, did some snow painting and used teamwork to build walls.
A lot of the class love ‘the Greatest Showman’ so our P4C was based around one of the song’s lyrics – ‘This is me’ – a lot of interesting discussion about how it’s ok to be different and how we shouldn’t judge people on how they look or how they act. We also created our own performances to the Greatest Showman main theme song – very impressive performances from both the boys and girls group.
We’ve finished percentages in Maths and to combine maths with health and wellbeing actively we worked out the different alcohol content in some well known alcoholic drinks and pouted the equivalent amount of water into the empty bottles – it was interesting to actually see how much alcohol is in the different drinks.
For buddy time this week we taught our buddies the importance of handwashing and then made Rocky Road with them – we were on cutting duty and the buddies were on ‘smashing biscuit’ and mixing duty! IT was a lot of fun.
A big well done to the football teams – we took part in a cluster tournament on Monday night in the freezing cold and rain and everyone did brilliantly with lots of goals, tackling, saves and teamwork!

P7 blog 15/12/17

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our Enterprise night – we all really enjoyed selling our products and raising money for the school in the process. We nearly sold out! Patrick and Freya also did really well at their charity stall – William Barr won the Sloth competition – his name was Sidney – well done William.

We are still working hard in P7 doing some co-ordinates and shape revision in Maths, learning about the different nativity stories – did you know there are 2 different accounts of the nativity in the bible? We went to the Rigg/Secret Garden with our buddies where we did a scavenger hunt, a senses walk and some hide and seek – it was great getting back into the Rigg after so long! We also helped our buddies make reindeers pictures with their hands and feet – a little bit stinky and messy but good fun!

We are now practising hard for our carol concert at the Care home on Tuesday – Miss Barnes is leading this and a lot of us have duets/trios/solos to perform – surprisingly she keeps telling us to sing up! We’ve never had a problem with our volume before!

We also have the talent show auditions next week and the final on the last day so we will be looking forward to seeing what talent Low Port has to offer.

Our party is on Monday afternoon with P6 and we have another buddy time on Wednesday where we will be creating puppets and using storylines from storybooks so we can entertain our buddies. We also hope to learn more about food chains and do a team survival challenge.

Primary 7 and Mrs Johnston

P7 blog 8/12/17

Hello and welcome to the P7 blog
This week we have been preparing stuff for enterprise night, it has been quite tough as we have a lot of things to make. We have been working together to create our sensational masterpieces to sell including pompom hedgehogs and paracord bracelets.
In maths we have been learning about negative numbers and integers. Some of us find this challenging whereas others find it easy. Before that we were working on coordinates. We have completed it by doing a small assessment.
We had buddy time and the P1s are amazing in their nativity, hopefully you can come and watch on Wednesday the 13th of December. As well as the P1s some of the P7s are reading the Christmas story and performing in brass, strings and choir.
In writing we wrote a letter to refugees describing Scotland and to tell them to never give up hope. We all found this very hard hitting and we hope it will improve our gratitude for life.
In PE we were focusing on Bollywood dancing; we all really enjoyed it and gave it laldy! We created our own routines and even we have to admit they weren’t bad at all! This week was a blast and we all hope next week is just as good.
By Molly, Mairi and Maisie.

P7 blog 5/12/17

Hello and welcome to this week’s P7 blog.
In maths we have been focusing on co-ordinates. Some of us have been finding it difficult and some harder than others. We have been plotting points and reflecting co-ordinates over the Y and X axis. We did some Scottish country dancing with our buddies. Earlier in the week we were also dancing with the P6’s. The skills we were developing were rhythm and pacing. In p4c we had a heated debate about nuclear weapons and lots of people had some strong ideas and shared them vigorously. We were learning about the importance of the UK’s Trident nuclear defence system. We also learned about the five giants after World War 2 and we made election posters and videos. We used teamwork to work well together. Some of us made fake moustaches to be more realistic. We also found out who the judges are for the schools talent show. Congratulations Ted, Alasdair, Leah and Kate! We wrote poems after learning about the poem In Flanders Field – the poems were very emotional and had powerful messages.
By Patrick, Blair and Ted

P7 blog 24/11/17

This week we have started advertising the Christmas post – it starts on the 4th of December until the 20th December and we will deliver cards round the school. The postbox will sit at the main entrance. Please make sure envelopes are clearly marked with pupil full names and class!
We’ve been developing our understanding of what the main features of newspaper writing are – these include headlines, photographs with captions, the 5W’s (where, what, why, who, when), paragraphs and connectives. We made up our own newspaper articles on either imaginary events or real-life events.
We have done a lot of art this week including scratched off Blitz pictures and chalk solar systems.
In Maths we are concentrating on time, timetables, time/speed/distance calculations and converting hours/mins into decimal times – we get assessed on this next week! Eek!
We are starting to get our enterprise products organised and made – we have 3 groups who will work independently to produce their own products – make sure you save the date – 7th December!
Lastly we would like to say a huge thank you and goodbye to Mrs Ramsay – she’s been here our whole time at Low Port PS and we will miss her lots and lots. We think Mid Calder PS are very lucky to be getting her! Good luck Mrs Ramsay.

P7 blog 17/11/17

Hello and welcome to the p7 blog,
Recently we have been doing lots of art and opening up our creative minds. We have been creating our very own tartan antlered stags and made cats with our buddies.

In PE we have recently moved to the topic of dance, we have covered the American art of line dancing and Scottish country dancing with the p6’s and can’t wait to see what Mrs Johnston has in store for us next.

This week is anti bullying week and we have been checking this out and hearing what other people have to say about bullying and if it’s a good or a bad thing, what do you think?

In maths we have quickly moved on to time where some of us are struggling and some are boosted with confidence.
By Rosie, Leah and Alyssa

P7 blog 10/11/17

Hello and welcome to our P7 blog,
This week we went to the Linlithgow academy to do an athletic festival with all the cluster schools. Everyone enjoyed it and some of us came first in some of the relay races!
In maths we have been doing perimeter and measurement. Some people have been finding it quite challenging but others found it easy but we learned a lot. In IDL we have been learning about our new topic wars. It is very interesting and we all enjoying it. We are reading the novel “the boy in the striped pyjamas”.
In RME we learned about a story for the saying don’t judge a book by its cover.
In ART we designed and made Pandora’s Box {not the shower gel} and Medusas using our own photos – it was very fun.
By Patrick, Ryan and Harry