P7 blog 24/2/17


This week in science p7 did a terrific scientific experiment that involved dying our tongues blue to find what type of taster we are. There are 3 different types of taster which were Non-taster, Taster and Super-taster. Once we had our tongues dyed blue we counted how many fungiform papillae we had in a little space of our tongue. This was the result of our test.

  • Non taster 3
  • Taster 17
  • Super taster 13

Engineer visit

On Tuesday 21st we got a visit from an aero-space engineer. It was Jenni from the Lego workshop and we had prepared lots of questions for her. This was to help us with our inventions for the Scottish Engineering Award.  Here are some questions we asked her:

  • Q: Do you like working with Lego more than your old job?

A: I really enjoy Lego but I do miss my previous job.

  • Q: What lesson in school helped you the most?

A: I think English because communication is key.

  • Q: What is your favourite type of Lego to build?

A: I enjoyed building Space Lego especially rockets.




In PE we did gymnastics and circuits. We enjoyed the circuits but it was very tiring. Gymnastics was on the equipment so it was lot of fun. We are enjoying having Mrs Clapton back to teach us P.E.  Mrs Johnston took us for the circuits and we did things like press-ups, sit-ups, planks and Russian twist. It was fabulous fun and we have built up strength.


By Kristina, Anna B and Molly T


P7 blog 9/2/17

Academy trip – On Wednesday P7 went on a trip to the academy for a tour and more information about the classes. The funniest teacher we met was probably Mr. Scott the art teacher because he gave us a big fright when we walked into the room. We were split into groups and mixed in with Bridgend primary and Linlithgow Bridge primary to help us make friends with other people who will be in academy with us. It was so fun and we are looking forward to our next trip.
Origami Nessies – On Tuesday we were constructing our own origami Nessies. We were using our skills from the last origami we made. We used 3 pieces of paper, 2 big and 1 small. The 2 big pieces were for the head and the body and the small piece was the tail. We all enjoyed it but found it challenging. We would definitely do it again.
Potato Project – Throughout the week we have been involved in the potato project for our STEM IDL. Last Friday we put rocket potatoes inside of egg boxes and waited for them to chit. So far it has been a fun experiment and we will learn a lot from it.
By Becca, Jess, and Robbie

P7 blog 3/2/17

This week P7 had a visit from a Lego Workshop who taught us about forces. We did his by creating theme park rides and testing them out. The forces that we were looking at were gravity, friction and the centripetal force. We learned that many forces were involved in this creative activity.
In Writing, we did a 500 Words assessment. The competition was challenging but fun! We used our creativity, imagery skills and vocabulary skills. It was tricky and some pupils did not finish. We learned how to write under pressure and time management.
In maths we were improving on our adding mixed fractions and multiplying, dividing, subtraction and addition of decimals! We improved our mental maths etc. We could also improve on our noise level when working individually.
We also had the pleasure of attending Ronnie’s memorial. We improved on our respectfulness as well as our photo faces! The councillors also took photographs of us to go in the newspaper!
By Anna S, Emma and Matthew!

P7 blog 27/1/17

> Art
This week in Art we focused on Pop-art/inventions. Pop-art is a piece of art using many bright colours, mainly using pens or paint. There are two types of Pop-art, one where the paper is split into quarters, repeating the same design in different colours and another made up of brightly coloured dots.
> 500 words planning
On Wednesday we started planning for the 500 word contest. We planned out the beginning, middle (climax) and end (conclusion.) We also described our main character(s) and consolidated our plot.
> Gymnastics – PE
In PE we had a gymnastic specialist come in; we got to go round lots of stations learning new gymnastic moves. There were mats where we practised partner balancing moves, ropes where we climbed and did some tricks and more. Everyone really enjoyed it!
by Megan, Molly and Chloe

P7 blog 20/1/17

This week was very interesting. We went to the Risk Factory where we learnt loads of things like how to deal with different scenarios and situations like what to do if you could smell gas or see a fire. We can’t give too much away about the Risk Factory but all we can say is that it was really fun.
We were very lucky to have a specialist P.E. teacher for netball. She coached the Wild Cats for West Lothian and she was very particular with how she taught us. All of us improved our skills within netball.
This week we also did maths and we have now changed our area of study towards fractions. Some of us like it and some of us don’t. A lot of the time we focus on converting fractions to decimals and percentages.
This week we have entered a robot designing competition and we all enjoyed it. Fingers crossed someone wins!
By Findlay, Broddy and Gordon

P7 blog 13/01/2017

In Maths we were doing work on fractions and one group were simplifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions while the other group were working on finding fractions of quantities. Some found this quite easy to go back to while others struggled a bit.

In P.E we were doing basketball and we were practising our shooting skills and taking turns going round each net and trying to score. We also had matches against each other. Some people struggled a bit to get into space but some of us found that easy to do.

In writing we were learning about how we can make good characters and using famous phrases from things like films and making new characters with those phrases. There were some quite clever ones based in a sort of crime genre. There were some others like a talking and walking rubber named Ricky!

In IDL we made power points about the solar system. The planets we did were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then we presented our power points.

BY Oscar, James and Joseph

P7 blog 16/12/16

Christmas service

This week in p7 we had a Low Port Primary School Christmas Service. We think you will agree that the P1’s, strings, brass, choir and readers were fabulous. The choir sung Sleigh ride and O holy night. The skills everyone used were bravery to stand up in front of everyone and singing skills to sing nicely.


In science we were creating slime using PVA glue, laundry detergent and bio-carbonate soda. It was awesome but unfortunately most of them did not work. The slime wasn’t a solid but it wasn’t a liquid – it was in between.


In art we have been doing snow globes for buddies using paper plates, card and colour. The skills we used were decorating skills, writing skills and time management skills so we don’t run out of time. We will be giving the snow globes to our buddies on Thursday. We have also made cards to tell our buddies how amazing they did in the nativity. (which we think you will all agree they were amazing. )


In maths we have been doing division. We have been discussing different strategies to help us with dividing including chunking and the formal method. Most of us preferred the formal method. We will be moving on to another aspect of maths next term.

By Adam.S., Adam.H. and Ruth


P7 blog 9/12/16

This week’s blog
This week in PE we revised our dance moves. We danced to the song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. We had 16 beats to create our own dance that we would be able to remember. We also did the Gay Gordons and the Virginia Reel with Mr Snaddon. We always sigh when we hear we’re doing social dancing but everyone seems to enjoy themselves!
This week in IDL we decided if we wanted to be for or against Trident we found out that the SNP don’t want Trident but David Cameron (when he was in power) did. We also got into groups for a debate on Friday and took notes for reasons why we either wanted Trident or not. To find out which side we were on we either picked out a red piece of card which meant we were against Trident or a piece of green card which meant we were for Trident. We think the debate could get quite heated. It will really test some of our debating skills as some of us are having to support something we don’t believe in!!
We used pastel crayons this week to make pictures of the Northern Lights – we played around with patterns and shapes and some of us cut out trees for the foreground. We then blended the colours together to get the effect of the Northern Lights. They all turned out differently but we think they look great.
by Sophia, Jess and Joseph

P7 blog 2/12/2016

> This week in p7 we have been doing magnificent artwork. The style of art we were painting was abstract art of trees in the moonlight whilst the moon is surrounded by a spiral multi-coloured atmosphere. The skills we learned were making sure that each line was blended in with each other and it turned out really well. Each tree was unique and also every spiral atmosphere was different.

> This week in PE we are continuing our dance to the song “Can’t stop the feeling” and we are progressing really well and hopefully preforming soon. Also on Monday PE we did social dancing which got a couple of sighs when we heard that was the theme but it was quite fun at the end.

> This Wednesday the netball team had their first match against Linlithgow bridge and did very well and we just lost by 3 points. They all tried their hardest and achieved 10 points snd they all had fun WELL DONE NETBALL TEAM !!!!!!! J

> Also on Monday the 5th of December2016 the Christmas Post box is coming out to encourage the Christmas spirit. So if you have any Christmas cards for pupils in the school please write the name and class of the child. The Post box will be either outside or inside of the office. Thank you.

BY Lois, Molly and Robbie

P7 blog 25/11/16

Children in need-
Last Friday our P7’s held a Children in Need day. We organised many stalls such as throw the sponge, how many buttons in a jar, name the teddy bear and many more! Out of all these stalls we raised £361.76, and that’s a lot!
We are convinced everyone enjoyed it considering we saw many smiley faces! Due to our incredible P7’s, they made the day absolutely spotacular! For how many buttons in a jar we had two winners from P7 with their estimate very close to the answer which was 1281! Our winners from P7 were Chloe and Lois.
We also organised a teacher’s bake off. Lana and Laura played the part of Mel and Sue, the presenters. Even though all the teachers baked their best, it only came down to one winner – Miss Smith! Miss Paton took 2nd place and Miss Tully came 3rd.
Talking about bakes we had an incredible bake sale which proved really popular with amazing money raised! We had a ton of people bringing in home baking and that upped our sales a lot!
Rookie Rock stars-
Last week we just started ROOKIE ROCKSTARS, rehearsing and learning songs. Up to this week we have been learning songs and on Tuesday and Wednesday we had our very own concert which was very FUN!
We are all very grateful to Rhoda and Glenn who took time to come in and teach us songs!!
The message of Rookie Rockstars is to be kind to people and not to be a bully and that it’s ok to be a bit different!
Blog by Megan Ella Lana