P6 blog 24/2/17

This week primary six have been very busy. We had our first science lesson with Mrs Cameron all about electrical circuits. Everyone really enjoyed making circuits with buzzers and other electrical components. Some groups joined theirs together and managed to power nine light bulbs!
Another important thing that happened this week was the heats to get into the Euroquiz team. The four people who are in the team are Alasdair, Freya, Kate and Ted. All of p6 wishes them good luck when the time of the quiz comes in 2 weeks.
In maths, we have been working on time. We were timing how long it takes to do different things, estimating first. We had some good guesses but others were way off! We have also been looking at 12 and 24 hour time and some of us have been trying to work out the speed if we know the distance and the time. We have been working very hard.
In PE we had our first rugby lesson. We didn’t do any contact, so don’t worry your children won’t come back with broken bones! We’re just practicing the basic skills like passing and evasive manoeuvres. We played lots of fun games to practise the skills we learned. Hopefully our rugby will come on a lot and we can’t wait to try again next week. Be aware that we play outside on the grass so please bring old trainers on Mondays.
Miss Smith has been looking at all of our reading passports for the First Ministers reading challenge. Some of us have read a huge amount whilst others have only a few stickers in their passport. We have set our own challenges and hope to read a set number of books by Easter. Ask us what our target number is!
CAMP!! We are getting very excited now. Miss Smith is waiting on a few EE2s to be returned. If you would like to hand in your luggage label to Miss Smith (she would lose hers!) please bring it in and she can keep it with all other camp information. 19 days to go!!
Coming up: We have a few trips coming up; Tesco on the 9th of March and St Michael’s church for Cracking Easter on the 23rd of March. Thank you to those who have offered to help.

P6 blog 17/2/17

This week has been very busy,
Our topic is the Scottish parliament. On Thursday we held an election on what we should change in the school. The parties were, The Ninja Sporty Squirrels, Crazy Clubs, Golden Sports & The Arty Sporty Dancing Peanuts! Every class had a time slot to vote and choose which party would bring the most change. Our Fantastic Presiding Officer was… Kate.
In P.E. we were doing basketball games. It was our last P.E. session with Mrs Cameron (Mrs Walls will be coming back from her maternity leave.)
Writing this week has been fun whilst challenging. We have improved our letter writing & VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.) we have also had a ‘word jail’ which we use if we have already used a word. The words that are in jail right now are amazing and “and then” (and then is joined together)
For languages we learned some Spanish and French. In Spanish we learned how to say Hello “Hola!” and can I go to the toilet is, “puedo ir al baño por favour” in French we were doing some revision. Head in French is, “tête” shoulders is, “épaules” knees is, “les genoux” toes is, “les orteils”

P6 blog 3/2/17

Primary 6 this week has been very busy.
We have had a special visitor from the fire department which said what to do when there’s a fire and he told us a story about a hoax call and why we should not do it. Part of our homework next week will be to discuss exactly what to do if our smoke alarms go off at home and where we should go.
In PE we have been doing basketball. We were playing some games. We were learning to pass accurately so had to use skills such as eye contact, communication, team work and cooperation. We are all enjoying basketball and the best part is when we get to play games.
In writing, we have been using our imagination and creativity. We had to write a story about what happens to a herd of Elephants during a flood. Some of us wrote about them joining the circus, how they hide in caves and find ghosts and also the herd reaching the Pyramids in Egypt.
In maths we have been using the ‘smile’ method to help us solve division sums. We also learned a new method – we have decided to call it the ‘choppy’ method. It’s quite hard to remember each step and some of us prefer to use the smile method. Both are good at getting us to use our mental strategies.
In our grammar lesson, we were trying to come up with different ways of remembering which ‘there’ to use. We think we now have a better understanding of this and are trying to remember which one to use in all of our writing tasks.
In IDL, we were learning about democracy. We had to carry out an activity in different groups with different leadership styles to see which one works best. We have also begun to write our manifestos and are preparing our speeches for assembly tomorrow.
Next week – remember to come along for the Robinwood information evening on Tuesday 7th February at 6pm. P6 children are welcome to come along too and ask any questions they have!
Also – The newsletter states that P6 Bike checks will be Mon 27th February. However, this is a mistake and they will be carried out on Monday 27th March.

P6 blog 27/1/17

Hello, welcome to Primary 6’s blog
On Monday we had a visitor in school doing gymnastics with us. We all enjoyed it very much. We had lots of activities from swinging on the ropes to climbing very high on the wall bars. We also learned how to jump from high up safely. Flexibility and strong muscles were needed.
We have set out our classroom like the Scottish Parliament debating chamber. We all have different political parties for an election which will be held for the whole school on Thursday the 9th of February. The parties are Crazy Clubs, The Arty Sporty Dancing Peanuts, Clubbin’ Golden Chimpanzees, Sporty Ninja Squirrels and Golden Sports.
On Wednesday we did imaginative writing. This was an assessment to show off how well we are doing. We could write about anything we wanted to and had to use lots of ambitious VCOP.
In Maths, some of us have been getting a little muddled with Division. We are looking at strategies for mentally solving division but we prefer to just use the written method. We have been using concrete materials to help us, working in pairs and sharing lots of ideas.
Some of us have been finishing off the Scottish Maths Challenge questions this week. They are very tricky questions but we have shown good perseverance to work them out and share our working. We will bring them home for you to try out next week! The rest of us worked incredibly hard on Thursday to solve a range of problem solving challenges where we had to work backwards to solve a problem. We worked well in pairs and could explain our thinking clearly.
Next week, we are looking forward to our visit from the Fire Safety officer on Monday.

P6 blog 20/1/17

Hello to this week’s p6 class blog
We have been to the Scottish parliament. First we went through security and then we learned why, how and when the parliament was built. We met two MSPs – Jeremy Balfour and Fiona Hyslop. We asked them questions about being an MSP and what it was like. We also met Florrie (the owl), Sky (paragon falcon) and Nevada (the Hawk). We saw Sky scare all the pigeons away. We also all got to hold Florrie – she was so soft and friendly!
In writing we wrote imaginary stories with our chums. First we read a short story and then we wrote our own but we mainly helped with up levelled vocabulary and the writing. Our chums decided what the theme would be. The skills required where patience, helping them out and imagination.
In P.E we have been doing a variety of different sports but mainly basketball. We have been practising passing and most of the class are enjoying it. Now we are still passing but using our skills when playing games. The skills required are strength, accuracy and control.
We were also very lucky to have a session of street dancing! We had so much fun learning some moves and hopefully we can have a dance off with p7!
In maths, we have been finishing off our topic of multiplication. Ask us at home to show our grid method when solving sums like 658 x 8. We have all developed lots of confidence in multiplication.
By Oli and Jamie

P6 blog 13/01/2017

Hello and Welcome to primary 6 class blog,
This week we have been studying the Scottish Parliament as our new topic. We have very much been looking forward to our class trip to the Scottish Parliament which will be on Tuesday the 17th January – remember your packed lunches! We may even be able to see the debating chamber although we will have to go through a lot of security. Miss Smith has been giving us spelling related to our topic. We’re planning on having our own debates, creating our own political parties and having our own election involving the whole school.
In maths, we are still working on multiplication. We are creating new strategies and improving our mental multiplication all the time. Some of us have started the final round of the very tricky Scottish Maths Challenge and are doing very well to persevere and show our working out.
In PE, we are focusing on ball skills – chest, bounce and shoulder passes and how we can defend and attack in games. We are specifically playing basketball and most of us are really enjoying it.
On Wednesday, we did writing and it was very challenging because we had to carry on from a story about a beast. We had to show good perseverance, creativity and use of VCOP to make our stories exciting.
Our class is very excited for Robinwood (camp) from the 15th of March to the 17th of March. We will be involved in very fun activities: like the Piranha pool, the Big Swing, caving and the big walk and also the night trail and many more. Your child will be well fed after their fun and exciting activities. We are all extremely excited.
By Leah and Kayliegh

P6 blog 9/12/16

This week in P6 we have been working very hard.
In writing we were learning how to write instructions the right way. We were writing instructions for a magical Christmas. To make it excite our reader we had to use up-levelled vocabulary, which we have all managed to do.
On Monday we went down to P1 to help them learn their J sound by going round the school looking for words beginning with the sound of J. After, we watched the nativity to give the P1’s constructive advice about their speaking.
In PE we are doing our dancing block and have been practicing our class routine. Mr Carswell has been coming in to teach us Scottish country dancing with P5, we have all tried to produce good dancing.
Our IDL focus currently is WW2, this week we were in our groups to research about evacuation. We all seem to have loads of great information.
We have also had a visit to P4H to learn about Ancient Greece. We made posters about a given topic with some P4’s. This helped us to work on our prior knowledge, team work and communication skills.
In maths we have been doing multiplication. We have all been working on our on methods and refreshing our knowledge of multiplication.
Mrs Livingston gave us a treat and set up a movie in the hall for us. We got to watch The Secret Life of Pets, we all enjoyed it a lot.
We have had a very busy week with lots of challenges and are looking forward to lots of things coming up next week. Dates: Wednesday is the Church Service at St Michael’s and Thursday is our Christmas Party – remember your party clothes!
By Molly and Zak

P6 blog 2/12/2016

We have had a very busy week in primary 6.
We have focused on multiplication in maths this week. We were playing lots of games to get us remembering our times tables and pushing for speed and accuracy. Some of us could do with a little extra practice at home so why not test our knowledge? We have also been trying out ‘Grid Method’ multiplication to help us with longer sums.
In writing, we were outside again to take inspiration from the weather and our lovely school grounds. This week, we were writing winter themed Haikus. We were also redrafting our winter scene writing from last week to display in the hall – look out for it! We backed it onto a blue, wintery evening scene and they look fab.
Literature circles have been a great success so far. We are all really enjoying our books and can’t wait to get stuck in. Remember – don’t read ahead. Take another book and try and get another sticker in your reading passport to add to our total of 24 this week.
In PE, we have had a special focus on dancing for the past few weeks. Primary 5 and 6 are lucky to have Mr Carswell come in and share some of his Scottish Country dances with us. We are improving each week and are excited to try out some of the dances at our Christmas party.
In RME, we are getting into the Christmas spirit. We have been learning about the different Christmas traditions around the world. We will be sharing our findings with the class soon.
The nativity songs are also coming along nicely. We have been doing lots of practice in preparation for the Nativity at St Michael’s Church on Wednesday the 14th of December.
Miss Smith has also started her Marathon counter so we can keep tabs on how she is getting on. She is running the Paris Marathon in April and has a lot of training to do.
Next week – Christmas lunch! Remember your Christmas hats, jumpers and antlers!

P6 blog 25/11/16

Hello and welcome to the primary 6 class blog.
This week we were writing about a description on winter. We went outside to get some ideas and came back in and wrote about walking round the school. We needed lots of descriptive vocabulary and imagination. Most of us enjoyed doing the writing.
One of our favourite things was the scavenger hunt with our chums. We needed to find specific natural materials, such as pine cones and leaves. Also some man made things like litter (there was lots of it) but luckily the eco group have made a rota for litter picking at lunch and break.
In PE Mrs Cameron has made a dance for us to preform and we have been adding our own small routines into the class dance. It had to only be 8 beats long, so it didn’t add too much time. Most of us enjoyed it particularly the girls.
In P4c (philosophy for children) we were discussing what was the naughtiest thing that we could do. It was quite interesting because everyone had different opinions there was a big discussion about whether it was worse to call a teacher a bad name or to call a pupil a bad name? We didn’t come up with an answer but most of us still enjoyed the debate.

P6 blog 22/11/16

Welcome to the p6 class blog,
This week we have been doing Rookie Rockstars and we have been learning new songs every morning like Hey Hey (I’m ok) and ‘Bullies ain’t big’. Today we have recorded our cd to give to our family and friends.
This week we have also been entering a competition on which Scottish school can come up with the best film of remembrance, it has to be 2min long or it does not count. Our class is hoping they can win this prize money. If we do it will allow us to buy more stuff and expand students learning.
Yesterday and today we were doing Izak9. We were counting in the 3x table and today we were doing the alphabetical order of numbers in Spanish.
Today five members of our class Ted, Freya, Patrick, Maisie and Kirsten went into the school gardens to bury a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years.
By Leah and Rosie