P6 blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P6’s class blog. We have had a short week so here is a summary of what we have done so far. We have been writing a diary about what we did over the September holiday weekend. Some people went away on holiday and some of us stayed at home. When we got back to school we wrote diaries about what we happened over the weekend. Everyone wrote their own diary entry. At the beginning of the lesson, we looked at a diary example and discussed as a class how this person could improve their work.
In PE, we continued to play team games to improve our team work and sportsmanship within the class. We decided to play dodge ball in teams again as a tournament occasionally swapping players around.
We also had chum time with Primary 2. We helped them with their spelling by playing games such as match the words, silly sentences and spelling snake. The Primary 2’s enjoyed playing these games with us.
In numeracy, we have continued to work in our groups looking at place value and enjoyed playing ‘mystery numbers’.
From Sam, Finlay, Eleanor and Nuala.

P6 blog 15/9/17

Welcome to our P6 blog!
This week it is Scottish Maths Week. We did a task with Primary 7. We went outside and made shapes with a string, there was 3D shapes and 2D shapes. We found some of them were tricky and so did the P7s.
In literacy, we continued to learn about different types of nouns. We learned common, collective and proper nouns. We then found out more about neuter, masculine and feminine nouns.
We also went on a class trip to St Michael’s Parish Church and learned about lots of historical facts. We learned that St Michael’s church is over 700 years old and Mary Queen of Scots was baptised in St Michael’s church. We enjoyed this trip and were able to discuss the research we had found in class.
In writing, we discussed our favourite holiday as a class. We had to make sure we put in lots of detail about our holiday and ensure we had used correct punctuation.
By Kyran, Tara, Aimee and Michael.

P6 blog 8/9/17

Hello and welcome to P6 class blog. We had a visit from the NSPCC (the national society for the prevention of cruelty to children.)They taught us about child abuse and what to do if you are in one of these situations. Their number is 0800 1111.
We all enjoyed chum time on Tuesday. We made autumn trees with them. We made the trees by drawing round our hands and sticking our paper hands on to a piece of coloured paper. Then we put paint on the paper by using our fingers to make the tree leaves. Our paintings were put in the hall.
On Wednesday we did tree diagrams to help us solve problems in maths. Tree diagrams help us to see the different combinations that could be used to solve the problem.
From Erin, Holly, Matthew and Callum.

P6 blog 1/9/17

Hello and welcome to the primary 6 class blog.
This week in P.E we have been doing badminton at the start of the lesson we did 2v2 matches then we did 1v1 matches with teams of 4 then we got changed then we went back up to class.
We have been doing autobiographies which are the different stages of your life for example when you started school or an instrument or something like that.
We did chum time and we made Linlithgow palace out of construction. Most of us made a brilliant structure.
For our topic (St Michael’s church) we would like to visit the church so we all wrote a letter to the minister.
In P.E with the teacher we played rounder’s it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
In HWB we had the chose to make a life sized pupil or a poster about a perfect pupil .Most people chose a life sized pupil!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading our class blog and enjoy the rest of your day!!!

P6 blog 22/6/17

Hello and welcome to the p6 blog,

This week in maths we have been working on coordinates and compass points. We played a game of battleships and did drawings with coordinates. Linked to our topic fairgrounds we made a map of the park using scale and map skills. For compass points we went outside and wrote places that are either of the points.

In Spanish we learned numbers up to 20, common phrases and colours. We watched a video about colours and numbers and acted it in groups 4.

In art we drew a picture using words. For example, if you are drawing a cloud you write it with the word cloud. We had to draw a person, animal, tree, cloud and sun.

In PE we played a game of rounders in our previous teams we all enjoyed it very much. We played capture the flag with new rules.

In writing we were creating and describing a new room for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and then drew a picture to go along with it. We all really enjoyed it.

We also got our reports this week and went through them with Miss Smith and also the smoke free homes and zones certificate got handed out.

Most of us have handed in our reading books ready for no more homework in P6

From P6 class


P6 blog 12/5/17

In primary 6 this week we have been sporting athletes! Our cross country festival took place on Wednesday and we were outstanding! Unfortunately we did not get anyone in first place however we have all improved so much over the last few weeks. Running up and down the hills at the peel is hard work. Thank you to everyone who came along to cheer us on – we were definitely the loudest school there.
To continue with the sporty theme, we all loved our time on the Peel for Sports Day. We enjoyed supporting the younger ones, using lots of skills at our 12 activities and had so much fun. The races were super and we all tried our best.
In maths, we have been working on finding fractions of amounts. We were using concrete materials in the form of counters to consolidate our understanding and prove our answers. Some of us have also been doing addition and subtraction of fractions. We had to consider equivalence and we have all been using our knowledge of multiplication and division.
We were able to be imaginative and create stories in writing. We used this time to show off to Miss Smith all our learning from this year by producing excellent stories. We had to imagine we were traveling on the back of an animal. We got our inspiration from a short clip called Adrift.
In French, we were consolidating our knowledge of weather. We have all been asking and responding to Quel temps fait-il? We have all improved and had fun playing games to show off our learning.
On Monday, we will be working with Mr McRae as Miss Smith and Mrs Livingston will be away with the Euroquiz finalists to the Scottish Parliament. We hope they do amazingly well – they have been doing lots of revision and have worked hard. Good Luck! We will have a few visitors from West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Services in with us next week to do some tobacco education and will also be doing Bikeability on Monday – remember your helmets!!

P6 blog 21/4/17

In maths we have been doing fractions. We have been simplifying them and looking at fractions that were equivalent. We were using Cuisenaire rods to help us visualise the fractions and order them. We also used long bits of paper to demonstrate a long jump and found, compared and accurately worked out different fractions of the whole distance. We also did some mental maths questions which were quite good for improving our speed of calculations. Some were quite challenging but we all did well.
PE with Mrs Clapton was fun because we did lots of relay races and played lots of games. We are training for our upcoming X Country Festival so are excited about how this will help us be faster and have enough stamina to complete the route. Next week, we will be training on the Peel – trainers brought in from home may be a good idea as boots/shoes/indoor shoes are not always the best for running.
During French we were learning how to say the names of different animals in French. To do this, we had a quiz to see if we remembered how to say it in French. We watched a video and also listened to a song.
Our assembly preparations are well underway! We have been thinking about its structure and working out how we can make it very exciting. As part of our assembly practice we have been refining our Hakas. We all had to put our ideas together to make it a very good Haka. We had to think about our facial expressions and make sure we sounded intimidating for the other teams – we are very excited for you to see them next week.
In writing, we were creating stories for the Young Writers Competition. We had to ensure we were using high level VCOP and create an exciting and unique story. They were all great and Miss Smith had a tricky job choosing 3 to go forward for the competition. Well done everyone!

P6 blog 24/3/17

Hello, this week in art with Mrs Dickson we created landscapes inspired by French artist Vincent Van Gogh. Some people used their imagination whilst others went basic. Thanks Mrs Dickson! In our other art this week we created the water lily by Monet. Everyone’s was Fab and they are now going to go up on the wall outside the classroom.
In PE with Mrs Clapton we made up routines on the mats. It was good fun and the routines were great as well. The skills we developed during PE were balancing and co-ordination. It is good to have Mrs Clapton back!
In maths we have been doing shape work. It has been challenging for some people and easier for others. We have also been using I Zak 9 which is a big cube with problems on it which are tough. When we do I Zak 9 we need to work in groups to complete challenges which involve problem solving and we need to work together in order to complete them. The skills we developed were teamwork and problem solving.
This week we watched the dress rehearsal of the P2/3 school show. It was based on the loch ness monster Nessie and Drumnadrochit. It was fabulous and they should be proud of themselves.
Next week is the last week of school before the Easter holidays. Hope you have a great Easter this year! See you next time on P6 class blog!

P6 blog 10/3/17

We went on a trip to Tesco. We were looking at different logos and what they meant and we had to find food with these logos. We were learning about sustainability and we focused on Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance. The products we discussed were Cocoa, Bananas, Fish, Coffee, Tea, and Sugar. We also got to make a Banana Mash-Up which was made by mashing up bananas and adding strawberry yoghurt, cinnamon and coco powder. Some of us enjoyed them, others didn’t! We also got to taste chocolate.
In PE, we were continuing with our gymnastics work. We were looking at rotations. We worked in partners and scored each other out of 5 on how well their rotations were. We did Teddy bear rolls, forward roles and sideways rolls. We also got to make up routines in our pairs using the rotations we were learning and some balancing work.
During writing, we were getting excited about Robinwood. We wrote letters to the centre or our potential leaders. We had to use good VCOP, personal and emotive language and make sure we were using the correct letter structure.
We also had a visit from Lush as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. When they were here, we had a PowerPoint around the company and what makes them Fairtrade. After, we also got to buy some of their products.
We were identifying the properties of 3D shapes. We were using language such as Vertices, Edges and Faces to help us identify them. We have all gotten better at this and our confidence has improved. We went outside on a shape hunt to see if we could find some of these shapes – it was quite tricky.
Mrs Johnston came into P6 to do a lesson on Listening and Talking. We had to use good listening skills and presentation skills. We took part in a 60 second challenge where we had to talk about a random topic for 60 seconds without saying ‘em’ or pausing for too long. It was good fun – thank you Mrs Johnston!
Camp next week – remember to be at school for 8am on Wednesday! Some children have brought luggage labels into school (so there is not a panic to find them the night before!). Additional medication forms and medicine should be brought to Mrs Ramsay’s office on the morning of camp – she will have some spare forms should you need another. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school. We are getting very excited!!

P6 blog 2/3/17

This week in PE we have been doing rugby and gymnastics. In gymnastics we were doing partnerships and trios and focusing on creating balances. We had to work hard together and trust the people on the base of our balance. During rugby, we played lots of different games that helped us improve our teamwork, throwing and catching and also spacing.

We have also been learning about parallel and perpendicular lines. We have been working on text book tasks and also went outside to find these types of lines in the school grounds. We have also been learning about the different parts of the circle. It was quite challenging to try and remember all the different parts and identify them in a circle. Some of us knew what they were but we forgot so this was a good reminder.

For homework, we have decided to read a book to challenge ourselves to read an entire book and get more stickers in our First Minister Reading Challenge Passport. We are doing well but could try and read some more at home – why not check up

In IDL, we have been making posters to advertise the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers. We hope to gather as many of these as we can so we can get even more sports equipment in school. Some of us also had an important job to do. We wrote a letter to the PTA asking them if we could have a stall at the Fair so we can raise money for Golden Time resources. We have been doing this because the party who won the election wanted sports and golden time resources.

Writing this week was inspired by our Virtual Reality Google session. During this we went to the Galapagos Islands and saw lots of wildlife there. We used this experience to inspire our writing and we wrote stories about a trip there. Some of us wrote adventure stories and others wrote stories about a lovely trip to look at the islands. We had to use a good story structure to make sure our story made sense and we have all been working hard to up level our VCOP.