P6 blog 17/11/17

Hello and welcome to our P6 class blog !
In topic, we have moved on to World War Two. We are focusing on Britain, the blitz and rationing. We did timelines to see how long the war was. It went on for six years.
In maths, some of us moved onto subtraction whilst the rest of us are rounding up on addition. We have been revising mental subtraction with three digit numbers.
In chum time, we made paper cats (not real ones)! We got lots of different materials to use. We also got a template to make it easier for our chums.
We made trees with Mrs Ramsay, they had lots of colours and it was cool. We had the choice of a winter or an autumn tree. They will use them for a display.
Thank you for reading our blog by Sam, Stuart, Eleanor and Holly.

P6 blog 09/11/2017

Hello and welcome to our P6 blog.
Last Friday we had our first class assembly. It was on Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. We all really enjoyed it and had lots of fun making it. We also enjoyed making the scenes in groups and there were 4 different scenes. For example, scene 1 the plotting stage. It was a really fun assembly.
Our new IDL topic is World War 2, we have discussed what we would like to learn and what we already know. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!
In numeracy, we have been finishing off our addition topic. We are all enjoying it so much but we are now moving on to subtraction and time.
In writing this week, we used a story starter to complete an imaginative piece of writing. Our writing was called ‘The Beast’.
Gregor, Kyran, Nuala and Isla.

P6 blog 3/11/17

Hello and welcome to our Primary 6 weekly blog.
This week we have been practising for our assembly on Guy Fawkes and firework safety because it is Bonfire night on 5th November. We split into four groups to act scenes from the gunpowder plot. Unfortunately it is just a school assembly so parents and carers can’t come but we are still looking forward to it.
On Tuesday we had a visit from Wild about Scotland. First we had an assembly and we played a fun game where we were split into two teams and were given riddles we had to solve about the animals that live around Scotland. Then we got on their bus and they gave us a bit more information about their jobs. We went to different boxes and clues were in them. We had to guess what caused the problem.
In PE, we did circuits and we had one minute at each station. We worked in pairs to help with each other’s technique. We are going to link it to data handling by drawing charts of our progress. The things we do in circuits are: skipping, spotty dog, shuttle runs, ball catch, step ups, sit ups, throwing for accuracy and star jumps.
Every Monday, Amy Joss comes into school from Relax Kids and helps us to breathe slowly, calm down and relax.
Thanks for reading this week’s class blog by Alice, Isla, Carolyn and Emily.

P6 blog 12/10/17

Hello and welcome to our last blog for term 1.
Firstly, we will talk about chum time!
In chum time we made paper trees by watching a video to see what to do. Then we drew a diagonal line then cut strips to the line and rolled it and glued it. After that we folded the strips to look like braches and cut out paper leaves and stuck them on. We all loved it and so did our chums!
On Tuesday we did writing. Miss Tully told us to write about a bird. We started with a story starter then imagined what its dream was. Some of us did crazy dreams in our writing. We tried to complete our literacy targets that we had set as our individual success criteria.
Now we will talk about maths. In maths we worked in mixed ability pairs and worked out some addition sums on the board and shared our strategies. It was really fun!
See you next term!
Katie and Ryan Su

P6 blog 6/10/17

Hello and welcome to our Primary 6 blog with Calvin and Gregor.
We enjoyed having some quality time with our chums painting and drawing super hero backgrounds. It was very amusing and we all enjoyed it.
In numeracy, we have been doing number talks nearly every day. It has really helped our understanding of strategies and listening to other people working out the problem. To revise place value, we worked in partners playing an ICT game called maths invaders.
In writing, we focused on our favourite things in Linlithgow. As an extra twist, we discussed what Linlithgow might look like in 2117. Calvin thinks that the town would be floating rubble because aliens might come invade us!
See you later folks!

P6 blog 29/9/17

Hello and welcome to our P6 class blog.
This week we had European Languages Day. We all made a presentation about Spain and their daily life. We showed this to the class and all received 2 stars and a wish. We all had fun making these presentations; we all worked hard making these presentations to show the class.
This week in I.D.L we were all assigned a European country. For example, this could be Spain and Germany. We started some posters on our country and the posters had to include the main facts about the country.
In P.E., we played a game of capture the flag and jogged around the school for 10 minutes to test our fitness. It was so much fun. We made fun and fair teams that we all agreed on. We also did some badminton and we had loads of fun in our teams.
Our class started a new thing called number talks. It is where your teacher puts some questions on the chalk board and you try to figure out the problem. We then talk about our strategies with the class. On Monday we wrote a story with a story starting in a forest and had to continue the story in our style.
Thanks for reading our blog by Ronin, Lewis, Archie and Nathan!

P6 blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P6’s class blog. We have had a short week so here is a summary of what we have done so far. We have been writing a diary about what we did over the September holiday weekend. Some people went away on holiday and some of us stayed at home. When we got back to school we wrote diaries about what we happened over the weekend. Everyone wrote their own diary entry. At the beginning of the lesson, we looked at a diary example and discussed as a class how this person could improve their work.
In PE, we continued to play team games to improve our team work and sportsmanship within the class. We decided to play dodge ball in teams again as a tournament occasionally swapping players around.
We also had chum time with Primary 2. We helped them with their spelling by playing games such as match the words, silly sentences and spelling snake. The Primary 2’s enjoyed playing these games with us.
In numeracy, we have continued to work in our groups looking at place value and enjoyed playing ‘mystery numbers’.
From Sam, Finlay, Eleanor and Nuala.

P6 blog 15/9/17

Welcome to our P6 blog!
This week it is Scottish Maths Week. We did a task with Primary 7. We went outside and made shapes with a string, there was 3D shapes and 2D shapes. We found some of them were tricky and so did the P7s.
In literacy, we continued to learn about different types of nouns. We learned common, collective and proper nouns. We then found out more about neuter, masculine and feminine nouns.
We also went on a class trip to St Michael’s Parish Church and learned about lots of historical facts. We learned that St Michael’s church is over 700 years old and Mary Queen of Scots was baptised in St Michael’s church. We enjoyed this trip and were able to discuss the research we had found in class.
In writing, we discussed our favourite holiday as a class. We had to make sure we put in lots of detail about our holiday and ensure we had used correct punctuation.
By Kyran, Tara, Aimee and Michael.

P6 blog 8/9/17

Hello and welcome to P6 class blog. We had a visit from the NSPCC (the national society for the prevention of cruelty to children.)They taught us about child abuse and what to do if you are in one of these situations. Their number is 0800 1111.
We all enjoyed chum time on Tuesday. We made autumn trees with them. We made the trees by drawing round our hands and sticking our paper hands on to a piece of coloured paper. Then we put paint on the paper by using our fingers to make the tree leaves. Our paintings were put in the hall.
On Wednesday we did tree diagrams to help us solve problems in maths. Tree diagrams help us to see the different combinations that could be used to solve the problem.
From Erin, Holly, Matthew and Callum.

P6 blog 1/9/17

Hello and welcome to the primary 6 class blog.
This week in P.E we have been doing badminton at the start of the lesson we did 2v2 matches then we did 1v1 matches with teams of 4 then we got changed then we went back up to class.
We have been doing autobiographies which are the different stages of your life for example when you started school or an instrument or something like that.
We did chum time and we made Linlithgow palace out of construction. Most of us made a brilliant structure.
For our topic (St Michael’s church) we would like to visit the church so we all wrote a letter to the minister.
In P.E with the teacher we played rounder’s it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
In HWB we had the chose to make a life sized pupil or a poster about a perfect pupil .Most people chose a life sized pupil!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading our class blog and enjoy the rest of your day!!!