P5P blog 8/12/17

Star stockings
In P5P we made star stockings for Enterprise Night which was on this Thursday. The colours are Red, Blue, Gold and silver. We made one hundred and twenty of them. We worked very hard on Monday because we put paint and glitter on them. On Tuesday we brightened them up with an extra coat of paint. You can get them personalised with your name on and stitching on it.
Santa stories
In writing we got put in partners and have created stories for young children. We looked at story, picture books for young children to see the style of writing and how they used illustrations to tell the story.
In Maths we looked at time this week. We will continue this into next week.

P5P blog 17/11/17

Hello from Primary 5P
This week we did…
In Writing we were given a Story Starter. Here is our Story Starter: ‘What have you done?’ yelled the Head-Master, trembling with rage. I wasn’t sure how to explain-it was a bit of a long story…Everyone wrote a story beginning with this Story Starter.
Maths Subtraction
In Maths we did Subtraction. In the Green Group they did check-up on subtraction. In the Orange Group we did a check-up with Subtraction sums going as far as 10,000,000.
In Fitness we did Tae Bo with Billy Blanks (obviously not the real Billy Blanks). We thought it was really hard for all the class. We also did Fitness for kids with Mo Jones (HARD).

Country Dancing
We also did Country Dancing with Mr Carswell (who came in with his kilt). We learned ‘The Saturday Morning Jig’. It involves 4 people going around in circles and lots of fast movements. We also did some other dances.

In IDL we have been learning about the Battle of Bannockburn.

By Flora and Elodie

P5P blog 10/11/17

Hello from P5P

In Maths
We did subtraction in our booklets. Some of us worked in pairs or in a group of three. The orange group did page twenty two and the blue group did page twenty four. We also used the strategy of using bridging to count. We also used chimney sums. We had to concentrate on borrowing numbers and carrying, it was a bit tricky for some of us but we all managed in the end. We are going to do more practise with chimney sums on our own so that’s why we have been practicing as a class.
In Writing
We made a story about someone stranded on something. Some people did a page and some people did two pages or half a page. Our task was to work on our punctuation. There was a picture on the smartboard of some people stranded on an Island which was why we all did a story about people stranded in some way.
Diwali and mehendi designs
In Diwali and mehendi designs we made our very own patterns.
Scottish Wars of Independence
We researched some of the key figures and after watched some BBC clips about their roles.

Thanks from Zoe, Isla and Miss Paton

P5P blog 3/11/17

Hello from P5P

Halloween silhouettes – we used paint to fill the background and black paper or charcoal to put Halloween inspired images over the paint and then we did pictures around it and they looked amazing.

Halloween stories – we made Halloween stories and we tried to make them creepy and they all were.
We got told to use VCOP and particularly adjectives.

Subtraction – in maths the blue textbook were taking away money of furniture while using a strategy. The orange textbook were finding the difference between different values e.g. difference between 135 and 375=240.

Endangered animals – for our class talks we have to make a PowerPoint the rules are:
• It has to show what the animal looks like
• 7 mins long
• Where it comes from?
• Who are its predators are?
We have been doing fitness and games in PE and next week we start a block of country dancing! We have started thinking about our new topic by stating what we know and would like to know about the Scottish Wars of Independence. We discovered that we don’t know a lot yet which should make the topic even more interesting. We had a visit from the Wild about Scotland bus who talked to us about endangered animals and encouraged us to investigate and classify threats to Scottish wildlife (pollution, over hunting, natural disasters, habitat loss, live capture, invaders). We had a great time with them and this is the theme we have chosen for our class talks. Information about this has been sent home this week with homework.

Have a lovely weekend!

Finlay, Alex and Miss Paton

P5P blog 27/10/17

Hello from P5P. This week in maths we did data handling, some of us finished the work in the text book and went on to extra extension work.
In PE we played netball with Miss Paton. We went into our new superhero groups and played against each other.
For writing we did a book review on Spellchasers Beginners Guide to Curses.
On Wednesday the Royal Bank of Scotland came to see us and held a money sense workshop. We had to organise a party in seven different stages. In spelling we did prefixes. We added words to words. We drew winter Robins in stages and learned how to do clever shading with pencils.

Elodie and Evie

P5P blog 6/10/17

Hello from P5p we have been doing addition in maths and we have been focusing on doubling and adding really hard sums like 987 add 56 by adding in stages. In PE we have done netball with Miss Paton and with Mrs Walls our Gym teacher we have done badminton and the whole of P5p have been awesome.

At the end of Wednesday, everyone in the class did a work out. We will tell you 5 work outs we did.
1. Press-ups.
2. Windmill.
3. Running man
4. Skipping
5. Basketball shoot
Thank you for reading our blog.

Ruben and Jozhua

P5P blog 29/9/17

It is WOW week and we have been doing all of our work in one jotter. In numeracy we have been learning addition strategies. In our writing we wrote about our most memorable day. We learned about the geography of the UK and drew a map marking in the capital cities.  With Mrs Walls we practiced our badminton skills. We researched the positions in netball and drew them out. We then went to the hall and played using the proper positions. Next week we will look more and the rules each position follows. We wrote about what we think are important qualities in a friend. We did line drawings of a friend in our jotters using line markers which helped draw faces better. We used the song from Zootropolis to help keep rhythm using instruments. In Spanish we played a colours game where Miss Paton called a colour and we collected things outside of that colour.

P5P blog 8/9/17

Hello from P5P
This week we went on a canal trip. First we went on a boat called St Magdalane and we played eye-spy with pictures that the lady put out for us. Afterwards we went indoors and watched a video about how the Union Canal was built and what it was used for.
The brass teacher came into our class and asked the people who wanted to do brass to come so that we could try out the mouth piece. She said there was only room for four people to actually do the instrument at school. There are twelve people in total who want to try to get into this group.
In Spanish we played a game that involved a parachute to practise our numbers and colours. In PE we played badminton and netball. In RME we discussed the creation of the world and learned how Christians believe the world was created.
We made comic strips in literacy and learned about factors and products in maths.

P5P blog 1/9/17

Hello from p5p and welcome to our first Blog.
In P.E we did badminton we practiced our serving and had a few rallies, we enjoyed this because it gave us a first taste of badminton. With Miss Paton we played netball we learnt to use chest passes and pass well to our partners. In French we revised our birthdays, for instance, Mon anniversaire janvier 5.
In writing we did superhero stories, everyone had their own unique superhero’s and superhero powers. We did the stories bit by bit to make it little bit easier. We had a planning sheet to help us when we were onto our stories.
In Art we did art for the wall outside our classroom in Romero Britto style. We did two pictures one picture for the hall and another for the wall outside our classroom. We watched a couple of videos about him and his art which were really interesting and helped a lot.
In RME we created our own modern 10 commandments. In Numeracy we have been looking at number properties.

P4T blog 22/6/17

Hello from P4T

Fearghas and Amelie enjoyed writing letters to their new Primary 5 teacher. We had to plan out our writing first to decide what information we should put in it. Amelie included information about herself such as her birthday and her hobbies. Jozh and Isla included what they would like to learn about in Primary 5. During this lesson, we recapped how to lay out a letter. Fearghas remembered that the address goes in the top right hand corner of the letter.

In numeracy this week, Finlay and Alex moved onto fractions. They started learning about the numerator and denominator in a fraction. The children got into pairs and revised basic fractions. In Miss Tully’s class, Sophie and Shaymaa told us that we spent some time revising dividing by 3 and 4. We used the cubes to represent the amount of items and then we split them into groups of 3 or 4 to see how many they get each. We have started to look at length and revised measuring in metres and centimetres.

In PE with Mrs Clapton, Ryley and Flora enjoyed playing Danish long ball. This is a mix of rounders, dodgeball and football. The class liked the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ using their body.

Thank you for reading