P5P blog 6/10/17

Hello from P5p we have been doing addition in maths and we have been focusing on doubling and adding really hard sums like 987 add 56 by adding in stages. In PE we have done netball with Miss Paton and with Mrs Walls our Gym teacher we have done badminton and the whole of P5p have been awesome.

At the end of Wednesday, everyone in the class did a work out. We will tell you 5 work outs we did.
1. Press-ups.
2. Windmill.
3. Running man
4. Skipping
5. Basketball shoot
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Ruben and Jozhua

P5P blog 29/9/17

It is WOW week and we have been doing all of our work in one jotter. In numeracy we have been learning addition strategies. In our writing we wrote about our most memorable day. We learned about the geography of the UK and drew a map marking in the capital cities.  With Mrs Walls we practiced our badminton skills. We researched the positions in netball and drew them out. We then went to the hall and played using the proper positions. Next week we will look more and the rules each position follows. We wrote about what we think are important qualities in a friend. We did line drawings of a friend in our jotters using line markers which helped draw faces better. We used the song from Zootropolis to help keep rhythm using instruments. In Spanish we played a colours game where Miss Paton called a colour and we collected things outside of that colour.

P5P blog 8/9/17

Hello from P5P
This week we went on a canal trip. First we went on a boat called St Magdalane and we played eye-spy with pictures that the lady put out for us. Afterwards we went indoors and watched a video about how the Union Canal was built and what it was used for.
The brass teacher came into our class and asked the people who wanted to do brass to come so that we could try out the mouth piece. She said there was only room for four people to actually do the instrument at school. There are twelve people in total who want to try to get into this group.
In Spanish we played a game that involved a parachute to practise our numbers and colours. In PE we played badminton and netball. In RME we discussed the creation of the world and learned how Christians believe the world was created.
We made comic strips in literacy and learned about factors and products in maths.

P5P blog 1/9/17

Hello from p5p and welcome to our first Blog.
In P.E we did badminton we practiced our serving and had a few rallies, we enjoyed this because it gave us a first taste of badminton. With Miss Paton we played netball we learnt to use chest passes and pass well to our partners. In French we revised our birthdays, for instance, Mon anniversaire janvier 5.
In writing we did superhero stories, everyone had their own unique superhero’s and superhero powers. We did the stories bit by bit to make it little bit easier. We had a planning sheet to help us when we were onto our stories.
In Art we did art for the wall outside our classroom in Romero Britto style. We did two pictures one picture for the hall and another for the wall outside our classroom. We watched a couple of videos about him and his art which were really interesting and helped a lot.
In RME we created our own modern 10 commandments. In Numeracy we have been looking at number properties.

P4T blog 22/6/17

Hello from P4T

Fearghas and Amelie enjoyed writing letters to their new Primary 5 teacher. We had to plan out our writing first to decide what information we should put in it. Amelie included information about herself such as her birthday and her hobbies. Jozh and Isla included what they would like to learn about in Primary 5. During this lesson, we recapped how to lay out a letter. Fearghas remembered that the address goes in the top right hand corner of the letter.

In numeracy this week, Finlay and Alex moved onto fractions. They started learning about the numerator and denominator in a fraction. The children got into pairs and revised basic fractions. In Miss Tully’s class, Sophie and Shaymaa told us that we spent some time revising dividing by 3 and 4. We used the cubes to represent the amount of items and then we split them into groups of 3 or 4 to see how many they get each. We have started to look at length and revised measuring in metres and centimetres.

In PE with Mrs Clapton, Ryley and Flora enjoyed playing Danish long ball. This is a mix of rounders, dodgeball and football. The class liked the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ using their body.

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P4T blog 8/6/17

Hello from P4T
This week in numeracy, Elodie told us that we were learning more about symmetry and we had a quiz using different shapes to see if they were symmetrical or not. We know that the “line of symmetry” is the imaginary line where you could fold the shape and both halves match exactly. Shaymaa enjoyed making a symmetrical face using different coloured pieces of card. She included eyes and curled the hair to create a three-dimensional effect.
We continued literacy circles this week in class. We have nearly finished our booklet. In writing this week, Ryley reminded us that we wrote about what we got up to at the weekend but we had to focus on our punctuation and vocabulary. Alex enjoyed writing about his Tennis tournament that he went to last Saturday. Ryley liked writing about the fun time he had at the disco. We decided that we were not allowed to use the words ‘good’, ‘exciting’ or ‘big’. Instead, we spent time trying to up-level these words and used a thesaurus.
We celebrated World Environment Day. The class had a discussion about the ways in which we could look after the environment at home and in school. Amelie enjoyed making poster with Fraser to make other people aware of how they can look after the environment. On their poster, they included phrases such as “switch off the lights”. Fraser liked learning about different ways to help look after the environment.
On Monday, we went along to the Book Festival at the rugby club with P4H. Zoe told us that we walked along the High Street to get to the rugby club and we got soaked! Twice! The author we went to see in the marquee was Alan Dapre who writes stories about Porridge the Tartan Cat. We have been reading one of his books in class called ‘Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes’. Zoe enjoyed doing the tongue twisters with Alan Dapre! The author showed us the different characters in the book and Isla liked Porridge the best. She thinks he is very funny and it is interesting that he is a tartan cat! She also likes Invisible Isla because of the name!
As we begin to prepare to move forward into Primary 5, we started to complete our annual ‘all about me’ sheets. Callum explained how the class had to fill in two different sheets. He liked the sheet which allowed him to draw and explain the safe route he takes to school in the morning. Sometimes he takes the car and sometimes he walks! Sophie liked the first sheet as she got to fill in what her favourite book was and why. She also enjoyed writing about her favourite trip in Primary 4 which was the Book Festival.
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P4T Blog 2/6/17

Hello and welcome to our P4T blog.

Thank you to everyone who attended our final class assembly last Friday. We hope you enjoyed watching and learned something new about lighthouses. This week we have spent a lot of time outdoors for outdoor learning week. Alastair explained that so far we have done shelter building in the school grounds using the skills we learned from Rosie Black last week. The class went into small groups and had to create a suitable sized shelter for a stuffed toy animal. Alastair thought this was really fun and he was able to teach others how to build a sturdy den. Fearghas enjoyed planning out the shelter beforehand carefully in order to avoid the shelter collapsing on the toy! Shaymaa enjoyed going outdoors to create a collaborative group poem. We had to focus on our five senses to create this poem. For example, Shaymaa could see Linlithgow palace and was able to describe it using excellent vocabulary.

This week in numeracy, Miss Tully’s group spent a lot of time using the Numicon shapes to investigate numbers. We used different stations set up with Numicon shapes to support the learning. On Thursday, Lexi explained that we moved around the stations to revise addition, subtraction, odd and even numbers along with using ICT games. She liked using the feely bag to create subtraction sums. Evie enjoyed playing around the world to revise our times tables – she thought it was funny that Miss Tully kept forgetting the question!

In Mrs Henderson’s numeracy group, the class were continuing their division topic. Two groups moved on to long division. Amelie thought numeracy was very fun this week. The class used Numicon shapes to support and extend their learning.

In literacy, Flora and Fraser enjoyed finishing off their newspaper report on Lighthouses for our class display. We continued Literacy circles and the class went into their reading groups to discuss their homework. Fraser was passage picker this week and enjoyed this role!

In PE, Henry enjoyed practicing his batting and throwing skills with Mrs Clapton. He liked batting the ball the best! Ruben explained that the class played a game of rounders. In Art, Jozh told us that we used clay to make our own models of lighthouses. He said that some people didn’t like the feeling of it! His favourite part was making the platform on his lighthouse.

Bye for now!


P4T blog 26/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Literacy circles have been resumed this week for homework. We have been working super hard practising our class assembly that takes place on Friday morning. We are looking forward to welcoming parents along to see our hard work. In writing this week, we looked at the story of ‘Cinderella’ and spent time investigating the other characters in this story. The class had to retell this story from the view of another character! We plan to continue this next week.
In numeracy with Miss Tully this week, we have been investigating 3D shapes. We looked at 5 shapes: cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and cones. The class enjoyed going into the playground to carry out a ‘3D shape hunt’. On Tuesday, we learned about faces, vertices and edges on a 3D shape. We used a ‘feely bag’ in class to describe the shapes to others in the class.
Rosie Black, the Linlithgow Ranger came along to teach the children about bush craft on Wednesday afternoon. Henry enjoyed being outdoors for the afternoon as it was a lovely day. The class had to go on a wild food search to find a list of items that Rosie put on a sheet. Isla told us that we had to search for oak leaves, beech leaves, nettles and many other wild food items. Rosie also taught us how to pick nettles without being stung! We had to go in pairs or a group to build a shelter for ‘Malcom the mouse’ using the materials from around the loch. Rosie also found some garlic mustard which is edible!
On Thursday, we had a visitor from the Dog’s Trust who taught us about the different senses that dogs have. Different children were picked to become scientists and carry out a range of experiments. Ryley tested out ‘smell’ by pretending to be a sniffer dog! He has to cover his eyes with a blind fold and sniff out the dog biscuit. Ryley took only 20 seconds to sniff it out but we found out that dogs can take up to 5 seconds! Sophie and Alex tested out ‘hearing’ by carrying out a listening experiment. We learned that this is the second most developed sense for a dog. Zoe was lucky to test out ‘taste’ and had to try dog food (luckily this was a piece of chocolate)!
In P4T, we use CBBC Newsround in class daily in order to discuss and debate the issues sensibly and sensitively.
Have a lovely weekend

P4T blog 19/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!

This week we have decided what our class assembly topic will be. Our class assembly will take place on Friday 26th May. Parents are welcome to come along. Amelie is trying to keep our assembly top secret until next Friday so we can’t go into too much detail. We can tell you that there will be a drama piece in the assembly which is very exciting and funny! Ryley enjoyed researching our topic in groups using the laptops. Henry said that the class have been busy making a props list so that we can start to bring things into class. Henry also told us that we have been learning our lines in class this week.

Jozhie enjoyed PE with Mrs Clapton this week because the class played rounders outside. The children had a choice between a tennis racket and a baseball bat. Most people picked the tennis racket. Jozh picked the tennis racket because he is very good at tennis. Zoe enjoyed hitting the ball with the racket and throwing the ball. It was fun to catch the ball too. Evie thought that PE was very fun this week.

We continued our birth, care and growth topic. Callum enjoyed watching the videos of how babies grow and develop into grown-ups. We have a booklet to complete and Callum liked the activity where you had to draw yourself. The children had to put labels on the drawing to describe how they are growing.

In reading, Elodie enjoyed the comprehension activities. Elodie liked this because she knows if she comes across a word she isn’t sure of then she can use the strategies taught in class to help her. This includes reading the sentence before or after again.


P4T blog 28/4/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Homework has resumed this week and we have introduced literacy circles now. There is a note in homework jotters explaining the new tasks for reading, spelling and numeracy. Our new topic is ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. In writing this week, Amelie enjoyed taking on the role of a journalist to begin a newspaper report. Amelie told us that we watched a short video called ‘Lighthouse’ which was about the lighthouse keeper’s lamp being smashed. Ryley explained that we had to take notes about what happened which would help us write a report for the newspaper. We had to interview some of the villagers and the lighthouse keeper. Ryley asked the lighthouse keeper how he felt when he smashed the light. Primary 4T have now been introduced to literacy circles. Alex reminded us that Primary 5 came down to our classroom to explain what literacy circles involved. The class got to watch Primary 5 in their reading groups. Every week, the children will change jobs in their reading groups to complete a weekly homework task. The roles include: discussion director, summary sergeant, word wizard, artistic ace, character captain and passage picker.
Finlay explained that in numeracy this week, his class were learning about shape and angles. Finlay was able to describe the shapes and tell if the shape was irregular or regular. Sophie and Fraser enjoyed beginning our division topic in numeracy with Miss Tully. Sophie was able to explain the link between multiplication and division. Fraser explained how to divide by 2 to the class and used his knowledge of doubles to help us.
In PE this week, Shaymaa enjoyed playing a game called ‘left or right’ outside. She thought this game was really fun. Shaymaa also described the relay races that the class participated in. Mr Stewart visited P4T again to play outdoor games. Isla liked playing the eliminator game because you had to find a colour of cone that Mr Stewart said. The person who didn’t get the colour was put out. Another game Isla and Ruben enjoyed was the bench game in a team. You had to get your team in the order that Mr Stewart said without anyone falling off the bench. Isla said that the class worked hard on their team work.
Alastair told us that we used our targets set for term 4 from last week to create our new wall display. This is based on rugby and will be called ‘going for the post’. We cut out a rugby ball template and split it into 3 sections – literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. Ruben enjoyed designing his rugby ball for display.