P5H blog 13/10/17

In maths we have been doing measurement. We have been working on length and capacity. We poured water into different sized tubs and then saw how much they could hold. We were looking at metric measurements litres, millilitres, centimetres, metres and millimetres. Some of us revised perimeter and addition.
In PE we did a variety of different things like dodgeball girls v boys and tennis. In tennis we did rallies and had leader boards in tennis. We thought it was challenging to compete against each other and a good way to practise all our skills.
We went to Learmonth gardens and planted some wild flowers. We used trowels, kneelers and gloves to protect ourselves from thistles and germs. We saw lots of worms, maggots and spiders…..they were awesome. (Although not everybody thought this!) We planted foxgloves, oxeye daisies, white clover and red clover. We planted them in groups of three. This helped to protect them and with seed scattering. We all enjoyed the experience; you can go down to the gardens to see our plants. We would like to thank Burgh Beautiful, Buglife and Central Scotland Green Network Trust for inviting us to take part in this great local activity
Last Friday we did our assembly. We all had a great time and enjoyed creating it. It was fun to learn about languages around the world and create our power points. Mrs Henderson was very proud of us.
We hope you have a fabulous October break. See you again on the
24th of October.
Jude, Millie, Matthew and Fraser

P5H blog 29/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update.
It was WOW week this week we had to write in our wow jotters. On Wednesday this week we had Mrs Ramsay, we made road safety competition posters with her. The twelve winners get their posters put up outside their school, and their own personalised prize. In badminton we were doing leagues in fours. After that, we did bum badminton which was really enjoyable because you had to use all your skills to try and hit the shuttlecock .We really enjoyed doing our writing; it was about a cable car accident. Our stories were exciting and scary. Some of us wrote about a cable car failing to work because the cable had broken or snapped. In maths we were doing measuring. Most of us went outside and used metre wheels and metre sticks to measure distances in metres. We have also done some work on kilometres. Our art pictures are now finished and we will be making them into a wall display. Next Friday we have an assembly about world language day. Parents are invited. We will be working on this next week. We have been practising a Spanish song already.
Rosie B, Lewis, Billy, Grace GM.

P5H blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. This week we have been learning about different units of measurements; mostly length and capacity. We went into groups of 5 and went around the classroom measuring different objects [including people]. We had to measure 2 things over a metre, 2 things under a metre and 2 things under a centimetre, it was really fun and we enjoyed it!
Last week we collected lots of sticks and outdoor objects for our art this week. We were going to make British Isle pictures. We had to look at atlases to find what the outline of the British Isles, the United Kingdom and Great British looked like. We are going to use the sticks and objects to create outlines of the countries .We all enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun but quite a challenge to make the outline using the sticks. We had to break them into lots of different sizes.
In PE we did a badminton tournament; we were in groups of 4 and played against each other. It was fun having a small competition.
We hope you all had a good September break, we did lots of fun things during our holidays and we hope you did too.
Hamish, Matthew, Imogen and Lily
Next Week’s Highlights
WOW week next week

P5H blog 15/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. In maths we have been doing rounding to nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, and some also went to millions. Some of us found it tricky remembering all the numbers we had to write, we also had to remember that if it was a 5 we had to round up to the higher number.
In P.E. we were doing badminton with Mrs Clapton; we were doing doubles and singles. We were also practicing different ways of hitting the shuttle-cocks. Some of us found them tricky and some found them easier. The highest score for doubles was 28, and the highest for singles was 13.We all found this good fun. In tennis we were doing rallies with doubles.
Some of us enjoyed music because we got to try different instruments e.g. the tambourine, the maracas and the drums. We were remembering the difference between beat and rhythm. The beat is the steady speed of the music; the rhythm follows the lyrics and is a repeated pattern.
Our new topic is the British Isles we are looking at the geography of the land and the countries that make up The British Isles. We discovered that it was Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. We used and explored atlases to discover information about our topic.
We are all waiting to hear about who has been lucky enough to get a musical instrument. We wish everyone good luck!
We hope you have a good week.
Written by Grace P, Euan, Dexter and Sophie
Next Week’s Highlights
Wednesday-Return to School
Friday-P5P Assembly

P5H blog 8/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update.
This week in numeracy we did place value from thousands to millions, and learnt how important the zeros are in numbers. We found out that it told us that there were no hundreds or units etc. and it held the place value. We learned this by using dominoes to make a number with a zero in them and then practising writing it and saying it. We thought it was an enjoyable way of learning.
In literacy we listened to a video about the Caledonian Canal and took some notes. We did a report on the video about the Caledonian Canal. We then proof read our work and corrected our mistakes. We went on a canal boat on Tuesday. It was interesting because we learned the history of the Union Canal and lots of information. We learned that the ropes that were tied to the horses rubbed against the bridge wall and caused it to be worn away. Each bridge has a number and there are 62 bridges along the whole canal. The canal is about 32 miles long, we have worked out that there is a bridge roughly every half mile.
Next Week’s Highlights
Friday VLG Assembly
Friday –Sharing the big picture issued

P5H blog 1/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s first class update. We hope you had a great summer break. In numeracy we did place value from units to millions. We were leaning about the value of numbers depending on its place. Most of us feel we are improving. We also talked about multiples and what it meant.
In literacy we did personal writing. We had to describe our feelings and use adjectives and adverbs to make our writing more interesting. We wrote about something we did on the summer holidays. We are being encouraged to write more.
In Health and Well Being we did PE, we were learning to play badminton. We had to communicate with our partners so we could play a rally. WE also did another racket sport, tennis. We had to watch the ball and try to hit it accurately. We agreed on some skills you needed to play tennis and badminton and one of them was agility. We needed to move our feet quickly. We also discussed and designed our class charter… We created a mountain ski scene and used speech bubbles to show the things we would do in class to help others get their rights. In IDL we started our project on Canals. We researched on the internet and created a Power Point, posters and a wall display to show everything we had learned. We are looking forward to our canal trip on Tuesday.
We hope you all have a good week.
Jude, Millie, Fraser and David
Next Week’s Highlights
Monday 4th Sept – NSPCC “Speak Out Stay Safe”
Monday 4th Sept – Meet the Teacher Evening
Tuesday 5th Sept- Visit to Canal Basin
Thursday 7th Sept – First Homework issued out

P5 blog 22/6/17

Hi welcome to P5 class blog.

This week we have been:

Maths- in maths we have been looking at area it has been tricky for some but most found it quite easy.  We had to measure the shapes and find the area.  We also created our own shapes.

In Health and Wellbeing we’ve been talking about honesty. We watched a video talking about honesty and discussed different scenarios and how they were dealt with. We also learned about inclusion and diversity, what they mean and what they entail. We have been looking more at persuasive language and looking at how it is used in adverts.


Archie and Calvin


P5 blog 20/6/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog

Meet the teacher hour:  we went in to our new classroom, sat in the seats and waited for our new teacher to arrive.  A couple of seconds later our new teacher came in, it was Miss Tully and everyone started cheering because we were so happy.  After everyone had stopped cheering we played two truths and a lie then we each got a paper jigsaw piece and we were told to write down on it all about us.

This week we also did short talks on our non- fiction books in small groups. We returned our library books.  We finished time and completed a fidget spinner maths investigation that solved a crime. We wrote letters to our new teacher and did our ‘All About Me’.  We talked more about how Bridges are constructed and made our own using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was very tricky.


Holly and Carolyn


P5 blog 9/6/17

Drama: We split into six groups and acted out different scenes in the book Spellchaser’s. It was really hard to think of how to act it out. The class enjoyed it.

Writing: In writing we wrote a message in a bottle. We had to write to our family like it was our last words.  We were writing from an island and needed someone to save us. We all found it fun.

Book Festival: We went to the rugby club to see Kate Leiper. She told us how she became an illustrator and how her life was back then. It was really fun meeting her. Thanks Kate Leiper!

Maths: In maths we did 24hr time. We wrote in our books the answers to the questions. There were questions about before and after the time that was in the text book.

PE: In PE we played Danish long ball it was really good fun. We all ran into the middle to get the ball and it was funny because we all were running quite weird but majority of the class liked it.

Election: We all went in our groups from drama and got a sticky note. All got a different party and one group got to make up a party. Then we did some research about the party and created and shared a PowerPoint with P3 and P5. We then voted! The made up party won.


Katie, Orla and Sam


P5 blog 2/6/17

Hello and welcome to P5 blog!


In Maths we have started angles, we went into partners and found different angles in the playground some of us found it a bit hard. We also did tree poems we learned about trees and what they feel and smell like. It was fun for the majority of the class. We’ve also done circle time we played 2 truths 1 lie. It was really funny and there were some weird ones. The majority of the class liked it. We have also been drawing trees in art from the poems we did about our favourite tree.  We got to draw them.  Most of the class found it very imaginative and fun.

We did French words with Mr McRae some of them were a bit hard and confusing but we found it very interesting. We have done verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs, we learned what they were used for some of it was fun we also did a sheet on them.  It was good. In P.E we played dodgeball in two separate teams and if you were hit by the ball you had to stand on a bench and catch a ball from a teammate to re-join the team.

We have also done non-fiction reading tasks. We picked random words from our books and created cross words from them and the tested a partner with them. It was good fun and the majority of the class enjoyed it.


Orla, Tara and Aimee