P5H blog 8/12/17

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections
We have had a very busy week preparing for Enterprise evening. Sadly our salt dough idea did not work very well and we had to change our plan. Lolly pop stick Christmas tree decoration and a “Guess the Bear’s Birthday”.
We had to do a lot of maths calculations to work out the best price for our ideas. We even did a survey of all the pupils and adults in the school to see what they thought. We had to work out what was the lowest price just to cover costs. We also had an interesting discussion about when something might become too expensive. We had to think about how much money an adult might spend if they had a larger family. We did finally agree but it needed lots of discussion.
We have also created a great whole class dance in PE. It has a Scottish country dance theme. We worked in pairs and fours to make it and had to think about eight beats and moving in different direction. Mrs Livingston, Mrs McCartney and the primary ones came to watch us; it was nice to have an audience. We are going to show Mr Carswell next week. Mrs Henderson said she will video it so we can watch ourselves dance.
We all self-assessed our own class talk. It was interesting to see what we thought we did and what we actually did. We learned a lot about how we presented ourselves and about how much eye contact we gave our audience.
We hope you enjoyed our class enterprise. We had great fun serving on the night and making our products.
Have a good week.
P5H and Mrs Henderson
Next Week
Wednesday-Nativity Rehearsal
Thursday-Christmas Lunch
Thursday –Mr Carswell last day
Friday- Class Auditions for Talent show

P5H blog 17/11/17

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections

In Health and Well Being we have been learning about how to become more independent and take responsibility for ourselves. We discussed the things we do at home that help us to learn about the skills we need to look after ourselves when we grow up. We have also been doing Scottish dancing. We have been doing real Scottish country dancing with Mr Carswell and in PE with Mrs Henderson we made up our own Scottish dances with partners. We then merged groups, and did it in groups of three or four!  We have found out that you need lots of energy to do dancing and it is more tiring than it looks.

In Inter disciplinary learning we were making Christmas cards for our International link with other countries and for our pen-pals. We have made lots of cards. We have also been addressing envelopes to Spain, Malta, Portugal, France and many more other European countries. We made Christmas tree shapes and put glitter and decorations on them. We have started to receive cards from other countries but we are not allowed to open them until nearer Christmas.

We have also been learning about saints in RME. We were learning about patron saints, especially St David the patron saint of Wales. We learned about how some people in Wales celebrated this with special dancing and Welsh cakes. Their national emblems are a dragon and a leek, they also use daffodils.

In literacy we wrote squirrel poems, first we found out about the red squirrel and wrote a fact file, and then we read a poem about them and thought of words that described how squirrels moved and what they looked like. We used thesauruses to find interesting words. Mrs Henderson has picked some of them to go on our wall.

We hope you have a good week.


Billy, Grace GM, Lewis and Rosie B


Next Week

Road Safety Week

Start to create our items for Enterprise evening!

Thursday-Dancing –Mr Carswell



P5H blog 10/11/17

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections
This week we were doing time in maths. Some of us were telling the difference between AM and PM and also working out the difference in 12 Midnight and 12 Noon. We had to change from one time to another time. Mrs Henderson says we all worked really hard… We all really enjoyed it but unfortunately this was the last week of time.
In PE we were doing country dancing. We went into pairs to make up dances, but we had to dance to a beat of 4 or if you felt like it 8. Some people liked it but some didn’t but everybody tried their best. We are also doing Scottish country dancing with Mr Carswell, we learned the “Saturday Morning Jig “and the “St Bernard’s Waltz”
In Science we did an experiment to try to prove the water cycle. We got a bowl, a plastic cup, Clingfilm and water. We filled the bowl with water and put the plastic cup in [with weights in it] and put the Clingfilm over it, we hope the water will evaporate and go onto the Clingfilm and drop into the cup and therefore prove the experiment.
In art and literacy we were learning about why the Red Squirrel was endangered. We had watched a clip about red squirrels and then took notes. We listened first and then took notes when we listened a second time. We learned that they were endangered because of the squirrel pox. This disease makes their face come out in sores swell up and this makes it difficult for them to eat and drink. After two weeks they die slowly of hunger and thirst. Grey squirrels carry the disease and pass it onto the red squirrel but the grey squirrel do not get ill. Interesting Red Squirrel fact, it can fall 12 metres and not get hurt. It can be left or right handed and its nest is called a drey.
We revised the Ten Commandments and drew tablets of stone. They can be split into two different categories, one about God and one about how you should treat other people around you. We hope you have enjoyed our reflections
Imogen, Lily, David and Hamish
Next Week
String on Thursday 15th not Thursday as usual
Dancing Mrs Carswell on Thursday

P5H blog 3/11/17

Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections
In PE we have been doing handball. We played matches with five players in a team; it was hard because you had to watch for opponents trying to intercept you. We also had to be aware of the rules; you are only allowed to do three steps, three throws and could only hold the ball for three seconds.
In RME we have been learning about the Ten Commandments and Moses. Last week we had to act out a drama based on the story of what happened to Moses when he was born. We all tried really hard to include everything we remembered in his story and to make sure everyone was included.
In literacy we have been writing our letters to our French pen-pals. We have been writing about what we enjoy doing, we have found out that there are lots of French words that are similar to English: gymnastics /gymastique tennis/ le tennis. It has been fun to write and we are excited about posting them.
In maths we have finished doing weighing and are now all a little more confident at reading a scale and know more about grammes and kilogrammes. We have moved on to the measuring of time. We have been playing “Stop the Clock” computer game. We have to match times to a clock and the time we take to do it is measured. It is exciting and fun.
We had a visit from the Wildlife Bus. They came to our school in a double-decker bus. In the bus there were stuffed animals (real ones!!!) and we learnt about animals that live in Scotland. They had different colours of boxes with things about the main threats to animals, such as natural disasters, pollution, habitat loss, over hunting. We learned a lot about how animals can become endangered. We have been talking about our class talk; it is on endangered animals around the world. We have been doing art involving red squirrels we hope to finish them next week.
We have enjoyed our week. We hope you did too.
Euan, Dexter, Grace and Sophie
(Mrs Henderson and P5H)

P5H blog 27/10/17

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections

This week in numeracy we have been weighing salt and different objects. This included pencils rubbers and other classroom objects. We were learning about how much 1.5kg, 1kg, 500g and 250g felt and looked like in weight. Some of us were converting kilogrammes into grammes and into tenths of kilogrammes. We think we now have a better idea of how much 1kg and 500g actually weigh.

This week in IDL three people came in and they talked to us about Moneysense. We had to organise, plan and budget for a party. We had to choose an imaginary character. We had a budget for each person which was only ten pounds! We discussed in groups what we thought were the most important things you need when organising a party. All groups decided that guests, venue (entertainment), cake and food were the most important things to think about. We had fun choosing what type of party it would be and the food we would choose. We had to decide what the best value was for the money we had. We all decided that making a cake at home was far cjeaper than buying a cake from the shop. Every group managed to be within budget and we all managed to save some money.

This week in PE we played handball. We were learning the movements and skills needed to throw the ball, catch the ball and to hit the target. We had to move around the pitch with a partner and make sure we had good eye contact, or we may drop the ball. We need to practise our skills because we may have a tournament later in the year.

We have all been using Wordshark games to practise our spelling; these are computer games that make spelling fun. We have all now chosen our books for Literature circles and will start discussing them next week.

Thank you for reading our class reflections

Written by Archie, William, Maya & Rosie Mc :]

(With some help from Mrs Henderson)

P5H blog 13/10/17

In maths we have been doing measurement. We have been working on length and capacity. We poured water into different sized tubs and then saw how much they could hold. We were looking at metric measurements litres, millilitres, centimetres, metres and millimetres. Some of us revised perimeter and addition.
In PE we did a variety of different things like dodgeball girls v boys and tennis. In tennis we did rallies and had leader boards in tennis. We thought it was challenging to compete against each other and a good way to practise all our skills.
We went to Learmonth gardens and planted some wild flowers. We used trowels, kneelers and gloves to protect ourselves from thistles and germs. We saw lots of worms, maggots and spiders…..they were awesome. (Although not everybody thought this!) We planted foxgloves, oxeye daisies, white clover and red clover. We planted them in groups of three. This helped to protect them and with seed scattering. We all enjoyed the experience; you can go down to the gardens to see our plants. We would like to thank Burgh Beautiful, Buglife and Central Scotland Green Network Trust for inviting us to take part in this great local activity
Last Friday we did our assembly. We all had a great time and enjoyed creating it. It was fun to learn about languages around the world and create our power points. Mrs Henderson was very proud of us.
We hope you have a fabulous October break. See you again on the
24th of October.
Jude, Millie, Matthew and Fraser

P5H blog 29/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update.
It was WOW week this week we had to write in our wow jotters. On Wednesday this week we had Mrs Ramsay, we made road safety competition posters with her. The twelve winners get their posters put up outside their school, and their own personalised prize. In badminton we were doing leagues in fours. After that, we did bum badminton which was really enjoyable because you had to use all your skills to try and hit the shuttlecock .We really enjoyed doing our writing; it was about a cable car accident. Our stories were exciting and scary. Some of us wrote about a cable car failing to work because the cable had broken or snapped. In maths we were doing measuring. Most of us went outside and used metre wheels and metre sticks to measure distances in metres. We have also done some work on kilometres. Our art pictures are now finished and we will be making them into a wall display. Next Friday we have an assembly about world language day. Parents are invited. We will be working on this next week. We have been practising a Spanish song already.
Rosie B, Lewis, Billy, Grace GM.

P5H blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. This week we have been learning about different units of measurements; mostly length and capacity. We went into groups of 5 and went around the classroom measuring different objects [including people]. We had to measure 2 things over a metre, 2 things under a metre and 2 things under a centimetre, it was really fun and we enjoyed it!
Last week we collected lots of sticks and outdoor objects for our art this week. We were going to make British Isle pictures. We had to look at atlases to find what the outline of the British Isles, the United Kingdom and Great British looked like. We are going to use the sticks and objects to create outlines of the countries .We all enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun but quite a challenge to make the outline using the sticks. We had to break them into lots of different sizes.
In PE we did a badminton tournament; we were in groups of 4 and played against each other. It was fun having a small competition.
We hope you all had a good September break, we did lots of fun things during our holidays and we hope you did too.
Hamish, Matthew, Imogen and Lily
Next Week’s Highlights
WOW week next week

P5H blog 15/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update. In maths we have been doing rounding to nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, and some also went to millions. Some of us found it tricky remembering all the numbers we had to write, we also had to remember that if it was a 5 we had to round up to the higher number.
In P.E. we were doing badminton with Mrs Clapton; we were doing doubles and singles. We were also practicing different ways of hitting the shuttle-cocks. Some of us found them tricky and some found them easier. The highest score for doubles was 28, and the highest for singles was 13.We all found this good fun. In tennis we were doing rallies with doubles.
Some of us enjoyed music because we got to try different instruments e.g. the tambourine, the maracas and the drums. We were remembering the difference between beat and rhythm. The beat is the steady speed of the music; the rhythm follows the lyrics and is a repeated pattern.
Our new topic is the British Isles we are looking at the geography of the land and the countries that make up The British Isles. We discovered that it was Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. We used and explored atlases to discover information about our topic.
We are all waiting to hear about who has been lucky enough to get a musical instrument. We wish everyone good luck!
We hope you have a good week.
Written by Grace P, Euan, Dexter and Sophie
Next Week’s Highlights
Wednesday-Return to School
Friday-P5P Assembly

P5H blog 8/9/17

Hello and welcome to P5H’s class update.
This week in numeracy we did place value from thousands to millions, and learnt how important the zeros are in numbers. We found out that it told us that there were no hundreds or units etc. and it held the place value. We learned this by using dominoes to make a number with a zero in them and then practising writing it and saying it. We thought it was an enjoyable way of learning.
In literacy we listened to a video about the Caledonian Canal and took some notes. We did a report on the video about the Caledonian Canal. We then proof read our work and corrected our mistakes. We went on a canal boat on Tuesday. It was interesting because we learned the history of the Union Canal and lots of information. We learned that the ropes that were tied to the horses rubbed against the bridge wall and caused it to be worn away. Each bridge has a number and there are 62 bridges along the whole canal. The canal is about 32 miles long, we have worked out that there is a bridge roughly every half mile.
Next Week’s Highlights
Friday VLG Assembly
Friday –Sharing the big picture issued