Welcome back to everyone and here’s to a very happy, healthy 2015. Here’s our first blog of 2015 and the whole class did it this week.
This week we have started our new topic – the industrial revolution. At first we didn’t have a clue what it was but Mrs Johnston asked us what ‘industrial’ meant and then asked us what ‘revolution’ meant – after that we had a good discussion about it.
We learned about an American artist, Daniel Patrick Kessler, and drew our own versions of his cat and dog pictures. We learned that art can be simple when it is made up of shapes we know how to draw. Look out for our display next time you’re in school.
We’re doing shape in maths and learning about different types of lines, triangles, lines of symmetry and reflections. This is a nice change from addition and subtraction but we’re also doing some multiplication and times table work too.
We had to write a breakfast recipe for homework this week and our comprehension work was based around 4 different recipes. We’re thinking about how important a healthy breakfast is and we are also using our ICT time to design a breakfast recipe booklet. Some of us have been encouraged to cook more and to try different things to eat in the morning.
In PE we are doing gymnastics with Mrs Walls which is really fun, epic, amazing but some of us find it a bit boring because it’s on mats but hopefully the wall bars will come out soon.
Coming up:
Choir singing at the Caring Cafe on Wednesday
Big pictures coming home
VLG on Friday


Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had an enjoyable break and are looking forward to 2015. We have a busy term ahead at Low Port Primary and we will continue to keep our website updated and also inform you by Parentmail of all the events between now and Easter.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Livingston and staff.

P5 Blog

Our update today is very Christmassy!
Firstly Molly thought the Nativity was brilliant and the P1s all looked great in their costumes. They sounded great too – well done P1s!
Findlay enjoyed going to sing at the Caring Cafe – the adults there were really nice and we got a box of Roses to share afterwards!
Chloe enjoyed singing her duet with Anna. She had sung in the church before so she felt quite confident. Matthew and the rest of the string players really liked playing in the church – no nerves, just excitement! They sounded brilliant! The brass players can’t wait for their turn.
Sophia enjoyed the Christmas party we had with Primary 4 – especially the corners game where she was in the last 4!
Lee is proud of the fact that everyone in the class handed their personal projects in on time. Mrs Johnston is looking forward to reading the projects which are all about water in some way or another.
Bubblegum and Fluff last week was exciting (Lois), interesting (Joseph) and enjoyable (Leah). We learned a lot about Christmas in an entertaining way, we made beautiful tiles and Adam really liked the dragon on the church carpet!!
It’s been a very busy term so we’re all ready for a rest now. Hopefully everyone will have a very happy Christmas and will be ready to come back, all cylinders firing in the New Year! Merry Christmas everyone and a happy, healthy 2015.


P5 Blog

This week’s update comes from the whole of Primary 5
Handball festival – generally everyone enjoyed the handball festival. We were mixed up into teams with other schools which some of us liked but others didn’t so much. There were some familiar faces there acting as coaches, like James and Madeline’s big brother and other ex-Low Port pupils and buddies. Adam injured himself but managed to go back on and Adam was delighted when a coach told him he was a super goalkeeper.
Scottish Country Dancing – it was our last lesson with Mr Carswell (sad faces) and we all had a great time and are quite sad that it’s finished. The good news is Mr Carswell has offered to come back during Scots week to do a special lesson (happy faces).
Auditions – we held auditions for our Silent night solos and everyone who was brave enough to audition were amazing, fabulous, epic, wicked (you get the picture) but we had to make a decision. Madeline will sing a solo, followed by Anna and Chloe who will sing a duet, followed by Lois and Kristina who will also sing a duet – well done girls and well done everyone who auditioned.
Dog’s Trust visit – Laura learned how to pick up dog poo, Adam learned how to check for fleas, Anna checked to see if the dog was micro chipped and we all learned about the importance of washing our hands after touching dogs and about being an environmentally friendly dog owner. We also learned a little more about the charity – it was a great visit and we handed over our donations which will go to the Dogs Trust centre in West Calder. Look out for us in the Gazette!
SumDog – we’ve been taking part in the national Christmas contest and we can now send friend requests and dress our avatars through the shop. Oh and we’re learning about maths too!! Lots of us are now common chimpanzees, Kristina and Lois are narwhals and the rest of us are rats. This is an optional activity at home but we are concentrating on SumDog during ICT time.
Bubblegum and Fluff – more next week
Magical moment of the week – snow is falling outside our classroom window so we’re very excited!! (Gordon and Finlay are still wearing shorts – well done boys)
Coming up
Fri 12th – last VLG of the term
Mon 15th – church rehearsal for choir and strings
Tues 16th – P5 and P4 Christmas party
Wed 17th – singing at the Caring Cafe and Christmas Service
Thu 18th – visit from local vet



This week’s blog comes from Lois, Chloe, Oscar, Ross, Emma, Lana, Gordon and Broddy
We loved the author Stuart Reid when he came on Tuesday – he was so funny and hilarious and he told us all about alliteration. He came back on Enterprise and over half the class bought his books! We especially liked what he wrote in our books – he was a bit rude but we think it’s very funny!
We’re looking forward to the handball festival – more on that next week – and we’re looking forward to meeting and talking to other P5 pupils from other schools.
Enterprise night was a lot of fun and our stall nearly sold out! We only had 4 things left at the end of the night. We are going to carry on making some pompom cupcakes because some of ours were so brilliant other pupils bought them before we had a chance to buy them! We made over £50 and because we used recycled wool, cardboard and plastic bottles we had spent no money so every penny we made is profit!! Mrs Johnston says everyone who helped on the night were super sellers!
We started using Sumdog this week and it was such fun. It’s really good for mental maths and we can make our own games and talk to others. We have our own logins and we can use it at home to improve our maths. Mrs Johnston says she’ll look at our scores and change the challenges if needed.
We’re practising our Christmas songs – Walking in the Air, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Silent night. We all wanted a soloist or duet or quartet to have a shot so we are having auditions next week. We have to practise the first verse of Silent night if we want to audition. Mrs Johnston says it’s going to be a very tough decision!
Magical moment of the week – Gordon and Leah helping author Stuart Reid create a scene from his book and Stuart mistaking Gordon for Justin Bieber!! You couldn’t make it up!
Coming up:
Mon 8th- Last Scottish Country Dancing session (sad face)
Tue 9th – Visit from Dogs Trust and choir recording in hall
Wed 10th – Christmas lunch
Thu 11th – P5 Bubblegum and Fluff



This week’s blog comes from the Krazy Kandies table – Matthew, Adam, Anna, Ella, Sam, Findlay, Laura and Megan!
Scottish Country Dancing was fun this week especially when Mr Carswell made Mr Coyle dress up in a ‘man dress’ – a kilt that covered all of his body! We’re learning more than just dancing so it is good. Some of us are even holding hands now.
In topic this week we talked about the Cats Protection League and made our own personalised ‘paw prints – something that charity has done to raise funds. It has been interesting finding out all the different ways charities raise money. We also printed off our charity poster and coloured it to make it more eye-catching. In ICT we made posters for our enterprise night – we hope everyone comes along to buy our lovely products.
In Maths some of us have been making our own Time games, some of us have been learning using laptops and some of us have been sitting topic assessments and getting brilliant results!!
There was a learning round on Tuesday so teachers and other people came into our class and asked us questions about our learning – some of us were nervous but some of us liked talking about what we were doing and why.
We are starting to learn our Christmas songs for the church service and for our performance at the Caring Cafe (look out for a note home about this) – Mrs Johnston says we sound like angels already!!
We really enjoyed working with the P1s on Monday – this is good practice for when we become Chums next year – we helped them with their nativity songs and we did nativity pictures with them – it was lots of fun!
Magical moment of the week – being allowed to talk about Christmas in class because it’s only 28 days to Christmas now!!!!
Coming up!
Tuesday 2nd – author visit – Stuart Reid
Wednesday 3rd – enterprise evening 6.30 – 7.30pm
Thursday 4th – P5 handball festival
Tuesday 9th – Dogs Trust Workshop
Thursday 11th – Bubblegum and Fluff at St Michael’s church


This week’s blog comes from the Loom Band Platypus table – Adam, Molly, Rebecca, Molly, Sophia, Robbie, Kristina and Jessica
We really enjoyed Pudsey day – we raised over £272 and we think it’s great that by each doing a little we can make a big difference. We won lots of prizes too and even Mrs Johnston won a Pudsey keyring.
We love PowerPoint and this week we made black and white posters for our favourite charities which include Dogs Trust and WWF. We’ll add colour to them and put them up on the wall to show them off. We have been finding out about Dogs Trust during our topic and watching Jimmy and Chew (2 rescue dogs) – they’re funny! We’ve learned about responsibility and about what Dogs Trust does. We’re all very excited because a lady from Dogs Trust is visiting us in December to tell us even more!
We are learning Handball in PE – most of us like this but some of us find it tricky! Scottish Country Dancing is getting better – Lana and Robbie danced with Mrs Johnston who was very impressed with their dancing! We still don’t like to hold hands but maybe one day……
We did a comprehension test this week – we all felt differently about this – really hard, fun, boring and OK. Mrs Johnston is happy as long as we have tried our best.
We are still enjoying doing our Enterprise work – please come along on Enterprise night and support us! So far we’ve made 4 different products each.
Rebecca has told us it’s 35 days to Christmas! We have to pick a song to sing at our Christmas service which is proving tricky since we all like different songs! We also have a trip to church called Bubblegum and Fluff but we’re not too sure what that’s all about yet – Mrs Johnston says she’ll give us an idea nearer the time but it’s about Christmas and the church.
Mr Kynoch came in to tell us all about Energy especially Electricity – we had so many questions for him which he answered for us and he gave us sweets at the end – thanks Lois’s Dad!
Magical moment of the week – everyone having a super time in the playground and all getting along.


This week’s blog is brought to you by the Wildlife Weirdos table (they named themselves!) – James, Leah, Madeline, Lee, Finlay, Ruth, Anna and Joseph
We loved our RNLI visitors – Mrs Fisher and Mrs Atkinson (Mrs Johnston’s Mum!). We learned lots about the lifeboats and about keeping safe around water. Gordon, Oscar, Joseph and Finlay had made a PowerPoint the night before and showed Mrs Fisher who was very impressed! She was also very happy to take our collection boxes away with her and she will let us know how much we raised once she has counted the money. We are writing thank you letters to Mrs Fisher today and Mrs Johnston will give them to her mum to pass on to her.
Most of us had maths check-ups this week and most of us did brilliantly! This makes us feel happy and confident that we are succeeding in Maths.
In ICT we are loving creating PowerPoints – this week we did one about a charity and we learned all about animations and transitions – they turned out really well!
We are working hard on our Enterprise project – all our products are made with donated wool and recycled bottles. We have learned how to weave carefully and that the less we spend on our materials the more money we’ll make.
We made a world war memorial tray with our crosses that remembered veterans and casualties. It is in the school foyer if you want to come and see it. We also had a 2 minute silence on 11/11 which made us a bit sad.
We’ve started learning handball in PE because we have a handball festival in December.
Some of us are going to SU club and think its good fun so far. Some of us have signed up to the Homework club too which should mean our homework will be so good!
It’s Children in Need day tomorrow so we’re looking forward to dressing up as superheroes, or as a Children in need character or just dressing down. We’ll try and remember our 20p and coppers to spend in the hall tomorrow.
We got our personal project homework out this week and we have nearly 5 weeks to do it – it is about water so we are all very excited about this and Mrs Johnston is looking forward to learning all about different things to do with water when she reads our projects.
It’s Road safety awareness week next week so we’ll be learning a bit about keeping ourselves safe when near roads and traffic.
Mrs Johnston’s magical moment of the week – when Gordon, our resident RNLI fanatic got dressed up as a lifeboat person during our RNLI visit – his smile was so huge!!


P5 Class Update

Today’s P5 blog comes from The Minecraft table – Broddy, Gordon, Lana, Emma, Lois, Chloe, Oscar and Ross

We’re all very excited about the visit from RNLI tomorrow (especially Gordon) – it’ll be fun to meet Mrs Fisher and Mrs Johnston’s mum who are coming into class to tell us all about the RNLI charity and about water safety. We have enjoyed making collection boxes which we will give to Mrs Fisher tomorrow. We’ve been watching some lifeboat videos to get prepared and have even watched one that involved a World War 1 hospital ship.

We have researched World War 1 veterans and casualties and have made memorial crosses for these men and women and we’re looking forward to sharing our information next week when we place them all in a memorial tray.

A lot of us are looking forward to the PTA disco tomorrow night – thank you PTA for organising this!

We’ve started on our Enterprise work for enterprise night – thank you for all the wool donations – keep them coming in please.

We have been doing lots of mental maths and are concentrating on adding just now. In ICT we are working with PowerPoint and in just one afternoon we produced some super firework posters/slideshows. Mrs Johnston says she’s looking forward to our class talks next year because we’re already so good at PowerPoint.

Brass and strings groups all love their instruments and we are all practising lots. Mrs Bisson and Ms Creanor think we’re great!

Literature circles started this week – Chloe loves her group because it’s all girls! Remember Literature Circles will be held every Wednesday.

Gordon, Lois, Megan, James, Joseph and Broddy are all involved in the pupil council VLG and are helping to organise the Children in Need day next Friday so remember to dress down, in Pudsey gear or as a superhero – bring money to take part in the different activities – an email has been sent out about this.

We have an author coming in on Tuesday – Bob Harris – so we’re looking forward to that too!

by the Minecraft Table

Mrs Johnston’s magical moment this week
was seeing the P5s dancing together beautifully at Scottish Country Dancing –
can’t wait to see them do it all again next week!