P5 blog 11/12/15

P5 had a super time at the Handball festival yesterday and every single child showed great sportsmanship, teamwork and a dash of competitiveness. All 3 teams scored lots of goals, saved lots of goals and listened to the referees well. A credit to Low Port PS! A warning to everyone though from myself, Leah, Cara and Freya – handballs are hard and if they hit you they are sore!!
Well done to everyone who auditioned for a part in the P5/6 show – you are all so brave and performed brilliantly. Miss Smith and I have some very tough decisions to make – parts will be announced next week.
We re-enacted the battle of Bannockburn in the playground with our buckler shields and various weapons – we had a lot of fun and there was some very effective swordplay and ‘deaths’ witnessed!
We have our party on Monday afternoon so bring party clothes to change into after lunch.
It’s the Christmas service on Wednesday afternoon – please come along and join the celebration. The P1 nativity looks set to be amazing and the choir, strings and brass always entertain.

P5 blog 3/12/15

This week’s blog comes from the reflection journals belonging to Patrick, Kirsten, Abby, Sanjana and Rory – great effort from all 5!

Patrick wrote, “In IDL we were doing internet safety and were learning about never accepting unknown messages. I really enjoyed our RNLI visit. I learned a lot about safety in water and how to call if you get caught up in a wave. I also really enjoyed our open afternoon and the puppet show we put on!”

Abby wrote, “What I enjoyed most this week was the RNLI visit. I thought Mairi looked funny and so did Jamie when they dressed up. I learned that you can get saved when you are in a flood and I also learned that if you get stung by a jellyfish or a wasp you put vinegar on the sting. What surprised me this week is that we have an advent calendar but it’s a maths one!”

Sanjana wrote, “What I enjoyed this week was making weapons to go with our Scottish shields. I made a Morning Star – Alasdair and I were creative with the choice of our weapons and I enjoyed it very much.”

Rory wrote, “At PE, me, Maisie, Patrick and Kirsten all used a lot of teamwork. In IDL we all made a puppet show and I was with Harry, Sanjana and Maisie. I also improved on my drawing. At art we made weapons and I made a battle axe – I got better at working with tin foil.”

Kirsten wrote, “This week I enjoyed making our puppets and acting with our puppets about the Robert the Bruce and spider story. We used teamwork to get it better. Molly was Robert the Bruce, Leah was the narrator, Cara was his army and I was the spider. My mum came in and helped with our play. I enjoyed when the RNLI came in too and told us about how to stay safe if you’re stranded in the water. We investigated what to wear in water like life jackets.”

Coming up:
Friday 4th – VLG
Monday 7th – school show auditions
Thursday 10th – Handball festival
Friday 11th – Bubblegum and Fluff event
Monday 14th – P4/5 party!
Wednesday 16th – Christmas service at the church

P5 blog 27/11/15

This week our blog is made up of reflection log excerpts from Zara, Kayleigh, Ryan, Oli and Freya.

Zara wrote, “We did mixtures in Science – it was awesome! In PE we did dancing. It was fun but you need to have co-ordination.”

Freya wrote, “I found Science interesting and fun when we investigated what would happen when we put things in a bottle together. I strengthened my understanding of 2 digit multiplication. I improved on my teamwork skills in PE doing dance.”

Oli wrote, “In problem solving we investigated a difficult question and I feel that I’m starting to understand it a bit more. In Science we developed mini lava lamps and in our group in PE we used lots of co-operation, teamwork and support so we got better at our task. In art we achieved making the first bit of our shields.”

Kayleigh wrote, “In science I learned how to make a lava lamp – you add some oil and some food colouring and other stuff. In PE we were developing new ideas in dance using teamwork and we improved on thinking about new moves quickly.”

Ryan wrote, “I was most pleased about my shield because I hadn’t done paper mache before but I think mine was OK. I enjoyed Science because we were doing mixtures and we also did an experiment in a bottle. I think I need a bit more help with multiplication because I got some wrong. During handball I got better at my throwing and catching skills.”

Coming up:
RNLI session – Friday 27th November
Curriculum afternoon and evening – Tuesday 1st December
auditions for talent show – Thursday 3rd December

P5 blog 19/11/15

Our blog is made up of excerpts from some of the pupil’s reflection logs – we hope you like reading them!

Kate said, “On the Lidl bus we developed new skills on making smoothies. I consolidated that we need to eat 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day. We were also in the hall where we investigated our heart rate and then check it after some teamwork races. It was so fun!”

Jamie said, “This week I enjoyed Maths because I thought I improved. I also enjoyed the Lidl bus where I thought we used teamwork. I also enjoyed topic when we were watching a video and taking notes.”

Leah said, “In PE I feel I’ve been persevering and we have been using good teamwork. I feel that in school I have lots of responsibilities, like making sure I get things done at a reasonable time. I think I solved lots of maths problems and I investigated lots of things.”
Molly said, “On the Lidl bus I consolidated my learning about fruit and my 5 a day. It was fun making smoothies with Mairi. I investigated that you should only have 200ml of smoothie a day. In PE we did dancing and I improved my rhythmic skills and I also worked on teamwork.”
Harry said, “In writing we did our plan for the Scottish Wars of Independence so I developed my writing skills. This week we went on a Lidl bus and we made smoothies and consolidated that we have to only have 200ml – it was fantastic!”

P5 blog 12/11/15

We had a very good trip to the Wallace Monument on Tuesday.  It was a grotty day but that didn’t stop the valiant P5’s from striding up the hill to the Wallace monument, before tackling the 246 steps to the top.  It was extremely windy and wet at the top of the monument but we still got a great view of the site where the Battle of Stirling Bridge took place.  We learned a lot about William Wallace and the battle and we’ll be writing about this next week.  We got to see the types of weapons and armour worn by the armies and we learned about the tactics used by the Scots to win the battle.  A great trip all round.

Sanjana taught us a lot about Diwali this week – the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus.  She told us how she and her family celebrate it and we made rangolis (window decorations) for our classroom.

We learned how the Scottish Wars of Independence started and made a comic strip to represent the death of Alexander III.

In Science we learned how temperature affects the states of matter – solid, liquids and gases.  We’ll be doing some experiments next week to see some physical and chemical changes in action.

We started Literature Circles this week and Mrs Johnston was so pleased with how well we did.  Everyone completed their tasks to a very good standard and some very good discussions were going on.

We are still practising hard for our handball festival and played a big game in PE this week.

Maths included multiplication and some data handling – all the groups are finding the work a bit challenging and are learning to read questions very carefully before diving in!


Coming up

Tuesday 17th November – Lidl bus at Low Port

Friday 20th November – PTA disco


P5 blog 6/11/15

It’s been a busy week in Primary 5 with topics finishing and new ones starting. We have now started our new topic, the Scottish wars of independence, and have created a time-line to give us a sense of when this happened in history. We are very lucky to have Alasdair who is already somewhat of an expert in this area – he even brought in his Dad’s mug which had part of the ‘declaration of Arbroath’ on it! We are all looking forward to our trip next Tuesday (10th) – please remember to send in a packed lunch as we will be arriving back too late for school lunches that day.
We had fun in science this week when we made some water very dirty and then filtered it using sand and filter paper to make it clean again. The children were all very excited when the clean water started to drip through. Next week we will be focussing on the states of matter – solid, liquid and gas.
We are getting very good at our handball in preparation for our festival on the 10th December. We have been learning skills like passing, throwing, catching and marking and everyone is playing well. We also did some yoga at PE this week – Mrs Johnston thought it might relax and calm the class and be a lovely, quiet experience but, alas, there was a lot of giggling and hilarity at some of the poses we had to do! It was good fun though! Mrs Johnston is running the London Marathon in April and the class are encouraging her every step of the way. To help with this there is a ‘marathon mileage’ chart on the door so that the children can see how many miles Mrs Johnston has run every week – no pressure then!
We had a good session during ICT exploring and working on SumDog – everyone seems really enthusiastic about it and Mrs Johnston has entered us for 2 contests already although its up to each pupil to decide if they want to participate or not.
Maths has been quite challenging recently within our data handling topic although results are improving all the time with practice and consistent effort. Our next Maths topics will be multiplication and division.
Our last Bikeability session was on Monday and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Wilson and Mrs Garcia-Alis for their enthusiasm and happiness at delivering these sessions. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and perhaps we’ll see more children cycling confidently to school from now on.
Coming up:
10th Nov – trip to Wallace monument
13th Nov – VLG 3
17th Nov – LIDL bus
20th Nov – PTA disco

P5 blog 29/10/15

Everyone has arrived back to school safe and sound with lots of holiday stories to share – sounds like it was a busy holiday for some of you!
This week we are finishing off our British Isles topic by exploring the water cycle and how it affects us. We’ll also be doing some science experiments to support this, including making our very own water cycle!
We are continuing with information handling work in Maths and the children are enjoying carrying out their own surveys and translating them into bar charts and line graphs and working out other information from them.
We are still learning about Moses in RME and have started our burning bush pictures. We’ve been writing about Halloween monsters and talking about these in French too!
Brass players got their instruments yesterday so great excitement and already tales of how they are annoying little/big brothers and sisters with their playing! String players already have their instruments and are very enthusiastic about the whole experience.
It’s our ECO inspection today so Ryan and Leah are geared up to talk about the P5 duties and Jaime and Patrick will also be meeting the ECO inspector in their roles of ECO VLG members – good luck to the ECO team!!

Coming up
10th November – trip to Wallace monument
13th November – VLG


P5 blog 15/10/15

Thank you to all the parents for coming along to parents night – it was great to meet you and share your children’s many successes with you. I’m very lucky to have an enthusiastic, motivated, sometimes noisy, supportive class and I look forward to more of the same in term 2.

Our highlights this term have been:
Bikeability, the Kelpies, Music Technology, Power Point presentations, our assembly, French, splatter art, glaciation, mindsets, THINK, data handling, the canal trip, learning handball, golden time, blue bags and tuck shop.

Special thanks to Mrs Garcia-Alis and Mrs Wilson for doing Bikeability with us – we have one more session to go. We have all loved it and feel very proud of our achievements.

It’s been a busy but successful and fun term and I hope term 2 will be full of success, busy-ness and fun too. I hope everyone has a wonderful week’s holiday and will be ready to come back refreshed and set to impress in term 2.


P5 blog

P5 have been learning about growth mindsets this week. It has been really interesting to learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and we’re going to try hard to ‘change our mindset, change our words’. For example, instead of saying “It’s good enough”, we’re going to say “Is this really my best work?”. In ICT today we’re going to make up our own statements to display in the class to remind us to always think positively about ourselves and our abilities.
We’ve loved music technology but this is our last week sadly. Lots of us have brought instruments in for today so I wonder what we’ll get up to today….
We did some really colourful and messy paintings as part of our British Isles topic. They turned out really well and you can see them at Parents night next week.
Our assembly went really well – everyone remembered their moves and their lines so well done P5.
We’re all enjoying handball and are getting very good at throwing, catching and marking. It’s a lot of fun but very exhausting too!
Maths is going well but it’s nearly time for a more practical topic so we’re going to start data handling next week.
We all had much better discussions during reading this week. We’ve been learning about questioning and how to create discussion and debate. We now use different types of questions depending on our tasks.

Most of us were excited about the Bake off final and we wrote to Newsround about who we thought should win. Much to our surprise our comment is now on Newsround’s website!! Check it out!
Coming up:
Tuesday and Wednesday is parents night – please remember we have to stick strictly to 10 minutes maximum
Wednesday – last handball session from the specialist
Friday – holidays!!!


P5 blog

This week’s blog comes from the Flying Piggies – Leah, Abby, Alasdair, Ryan, Georgia, Zak and Molly.

Molly and Leah think Bikeability is fun because you get to go on your bikes and learn by playing games. Georgia enjoys it because we don’t normally get to do things like that.
Abby has been enjoying learning the French fruit version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes. We’re all trying to learn our lines and some of us are a little nervous about our assembly on Friday. It’s all about our responsibilities in P5 and about healthy eating. Zak says our last assembly practice is today!!
Alasdair was surprised to get an instrument letter and thinks he’ll have a shot. 12 children from the class got an instrument so a lot of excitement but some were disappointed not to be chosen.
Zak and Ryan and everyone else are enjoying our music technology lessons. Last week we recorded lots of different sounds and made our own little orchestra with them – the result was quite funny! 2 more lessons to enjoy.
Georgia noted that in talking and listening we’ve been focusing on pace and this week we read out food poems to the class trying to make sure our pace was just right.
We’ve all entered a competition to name a gritter and if one of us wins then our gritter will visit the school and we’ll be able to see it up close.
We’ve got a new class novel – we had a choice of 3 and Mr Nobody’s Eyes got the most votes – Alasdair is looking forward to reading it.
Leah, Abby, Zak, Molly and Georgia all love Hi5 French because it’s funny which makes it fun to learn.
The red arrows have moved on to addition which is a nice change and the green dragons have been looking at the link between addition and subtraction and the blue bears are working really hard with their tricky subtraction sums too.
For topic we are looking at the British Isles so we now know where the borders are and the different capital cities. Leah says we did this by marking them on a blank map of the British Isles.

coming up:
Assembly on Friday 2nd October
Bikeability on Monday 5th October
parent night appointments out Monday 5th October