P5 blog 15/4/16

Primary 5 really excelled today at the Marathon of Sports fundraiser! Not only did they help decide which sports to include, they worked out what equipment was needed and what each station would involve! They helped to set up the course, they explained their stations so well, they encouraged and supported all the pupils and were generally superstars! Also a big thank you to the P7s who helped with the set up and the P6s who helped with the tidy up.
We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Stevenson who came as an RBS volunteer to help us with their Moneysense programme during which we had to plan and budget for a birthday party. She was super impressed with how hard the class worked and well they got through their tasks. She returns next week to see our final presentations. Connected to this we are doing money in Maths just now. We had fun learning about our respiratory system and doing different activities to see how that affected our pulse rates and we enjoyed going outside to practise our learning skills.
Problem solving with the IZAK cubes was pretty challenging this week – we were working on making a magic square with the numbers 1 to 9 – you should try it, it’s tricky! Saying that, 2 teams managed to solve it in the given time – well done!
Coming up:
Friday 22nd April – drumming workshop in school

P5 blog 24/3/16

What a busy term! Hope everyone has a great holiday. See you all on 11th April.

P5 blog 10/3/16

The class has been split this week with just over half the class out on their outdoor activity week with the Low Port Centre. They all seem to be enjoying the experience and I suspect by Friday they will all be exhausted! It’s been lovely seeing the rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces after each day so hopefully this will be an experience they will remember for a long time.
The other half of the class have been getting lots of attention in class and we have been outdoors in the Rigg creating Green Men (we hope they’ll still be there when next week’s groups go to the Rigg!) and we’ve also been popping outdoors to run, walk, jog a mile at the end of the day at times. The children have been learning how to pace themselves when running longer distances and have been pushing themselves a little to try and run more of the mile if they can.
We’re studying Time in Maths and we’ve been learning about the history of money in our topic work. We’ve also been doing some music appreciation work, problem solving and science so it’s been a very varied and enjoyable week!

Coming up:
Activity week for the other group/back to school for the rest
Modern language cafe by the P7s – 15th March
P6 camp 16-18th March – Mrs Johnston will be at camp/Mrs Ramsay in P5

P5 blog 3/3/16

It’s Mrs Donald’s last week so she has had full responsibility for the class. We’ve enjoyed having her here and we wish her lots of luck in her final placement and we hope she continues to enjoy teaching.
We’ve been learning a lot about Fairtrade this week and have linked it to our Financial Education topic – did you know some bank-notes in Europe use a percentage of Fairtrade cotton? That’s just one of the facts we’ve learned! Talking about Financial education, we have some great resources from some banks including a workshop during the last week of school provided by Moneysense and we are lucky to have a Low Port parent coming in to help out with this. Watch this space! If any parents work in the financial sector have any spare time and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the class then please get in touch!
We finish fractions this week (hooray!) and in writing we’ve been writing familiar stories from a different point of view or perspective. We’ll continue this next week.
Next week we have our first Activity week with the Low Port Outdoor centre – the 2 groups of children should come to school as usual with packed lunches and warm, all weather clothes and they are due to finish around 4.15 – 4.30pm each day, including Friday. The same applies to the following week’s group.
Today is World Book day and we have an array of book characters in the classroom – brilliant effort everybody!

P5 blog 25/2/16

After all the excitement of the school show we are now back into the normal routine. It was lovely singing the show songs once more to Ronnie at his celebration assembly.
Literature Circles have restarted and groups are working well together so far. Since this is the second time we will be doing Literature circles in P5 high standards of work will be expected by all pupils. This includes presentation, the provision of evidence to support opinions and pupils being as creative as possible. We are just about to finish fractions in Maths and we’ll be moving on to decimals soon. In French we have been telling the time but we’ve also had to revise this subject in English too! The children are loving working with our new Maths resource – IZAK9 cubes. Feel free to google these. They promote lots of things including teamwork, communication, mental maths agility and problem solving. Our student Mrs Donald has been increasing her class contact time gradually and will be taking the class full time next week. Her last day in P5 will be Friday 4th March. She has proved to be a very hard working, enthusiastic and creative teacher and it has been a pleasure having her in the class.
Next week we start focussing on Fairtrade – our particular focus will be on cotton and it is World book day on Thursday 3rd March so children are allowed to come into school dressed as their favourite book character.
A reminder that the Low Port Activity weeks will start on 7 March when around half of the children go off on their adventures. The week after that the remaining half have their opportunity. Fingers crossed for dry weather but I’m sure whatever the weather they will have a lot of fun! If you haven’t returned forms/payment yet please do asap.
A special mention to Freya and Georgia who participated in the biggest SSSA Alpine series event this week – both performed brilliantly and we’re looking forward to seeing a power point of the event made by Freya’s Dad – well done girls!

P5 blog 11/2/16

What a week to finish this part of the term on! Monday saw our dress rehearsal in front of the school – it went really well and the pupils and teachers told us how much they enjoyed it. Our two evening performances, however, were EPIC! We were all absolutely buzzing and the audiences laughed at all our jokes! As a result (and we hope you agree) we felt we did a brilliant job and were very proud of ourselves! Here are some of our own comments about the show:
Rory said, “I think I improved my acting skills and in the end I had fun!”
Molly said, “I got better at singing in front of an audience and I developed the skill of learning a high number of lines.”
Leah said, “I feel I’m more confident acting, singing and dancing in front of a crowd.”
Alyssa said, “I learned about talking during a performance and knowing when to speak.”
Kayleigh said, “I was a bit nervous and I found getting the right accent difficult.”
Rosie said, “My Gran thought it was amazing!”
Georgia said, ” think that when I am singing, I should smile more.”
Zak said, “I was a bit nervous doing it in front of the parents and the whole school.”
Kate said, “Everyone improved with every performance.”
Kirsten said, “Everyone was great. I enjoyed doing the limbo dance.”
Blair said, “I thought the school show was very successful. Everyone played their part very well.”
Ryan said, “I remembered all my lines and when to say them.”
Ted said, “We supported others and produced a fabulous performance.”
Patrick said, “Whenever someone got stuck on their lines we would support each other and developed a good show.”

We wish we could include all the comments but there’s no room!! Lot and lots of positive comments from all involved! Thanks to everyone who helped with the show in any way, shape or form and hopefully ‘borrowed’ costumes will be winging their way home very soon. Please let us know if you are missing any items.

Back to normal next week after the February break where we continue with, among other things, fractions in Maths and critical literacy work with Mrs Donald. No homework during the short week but normal homework will resume the following week.
Have a lovely holiday weekend, stay safe and see you on Wednesday 17th!

P5 blog 4/2/16

A short update this week – school show fever has gripped P5 and P6 and we are all very excited about performing our show to the school on Monday and to our friends and family on Tuesday and Wednesday night! Today we are practising with props and microphones – the lights arrive tomorrow and our costumes are just about all ready to go too. Remember there are still tickets available for both nights!
Mrs Donald, our student, is taking the class at different points of the week and is really enjoying her time with the class – the children are working well with her and I’m sure the next 4 weeks will just fly by for Mrs Donald.
We got a letter from the Department for International Development this week. This was as a result of our letter to the Prime minister urging him to help children during humanitarian disasters – this was part of our Rights Respecting Schools work. The children felt very happy that they had been listened to – article 12 in the UNCRC states that children have the right to give their opinions and for adults to listen and take them seriously!
There will be no homework next week – this is due to the school show taking up 2 valuable evenings. We will still do spelling in class but this will be more informal with no test on the Friday. In Maths we are concentrating on fractions and in writing we are still on imaginative writing.
Ronnie’s assembly is next Friday so the children will be making a memento for Ronnie to remember Low Port PS and we will be entertaining him with a song from the show – it is bound to be quite an emotional assembly for Ronnie, Heather, the children and the staff!

P5 blog 21/1/16

This week’s blog comes from Alyssa, Blair, Cara, Jamie, Kayleigh and Oli.

Cara is enjoying the school show because it’s funny and everyone is trying hard and doing a good job. Alyssa says even if you have a small part it is important and often very funny too. Blair thinks some of the scenes are awesome. Costume requests will be sent home soon – please remember to label the bag with pupil’s name.
Oli enjoyed playing King of the Ring because we got to knock people’s balls away until only a few people were left. This required skill and good ball control and you needed to know where the ball was and where other players were.
Jamie has enjoyed using the compasses in Maths to draw circles and we’ve been practising to split circles into 8 and 12 segments – quite tricky. We’ve been learning about angles and turns.
Kayleigh kind of liked planning for story writing – it was good because she has ideas on how to start writing her story today but for some people it can be a waste of time because they are ready to start their story without planning.
Cara and Blair enjoyed the Art VLG and creating cat pictures using oil pastels and paint. Oli felt quite responsible during the drama VLG because he had to teach 5 younger pupils their lines. Jamie enjoyed being outside during the ECO VLG doing a spot of bird watching. Alyssa was in the RRS VLG and she and 2 others have written a piece for the newsletter so watch out for that!
Oli and others found using the baseplate compass a little tricky – we’re not sure if all the compasses really work properly. But everyone identified different places in different directions from the school in order to build up a map for maths work.
Coming up
Sponsored silence Monday 25th January
Lots of show practice
Mrs Donald (student) starting in in P5 on Monday 25th January

P5 blog 14/1/16

Our main focus for the next few weeks is, of course, the school show! Rehearsals are taking place through the week and again, well done to a lot of the pupils who have already learned their lines and are trying really hard with their acting! It’s set to be a really fun show. An email will go out shortly asking for the loan of some props – remember if you do send anything in with your child it must be labelled with your name so it can be returned after the show. Thank you in advance and remember to save the date(s) – 9th and 10th February.
We have entered a ‘Cosmic Classroom’ competition in which we have the chance to take part in a ‘live’ conversation with Tim Peake on the international space station. We will be making a video of the questions we would like to ask him next week and then our fingers and toes will be crossed!
In Maths our focus is on shape, position and movement and this has included using compasses to draw circles and compasses to find our way!!
In writing we’re concentrating on poetry and in PE we are dribbling a lot because we’re learning about basketball.
We are trying hard to use more French within our classroom so now the children have to ask to go to the toilet in French but don’t worry, there is a sign in the classroom which helps them to remember how to say this!
Our big pictures for this term will be coming home next week and that gives you an overview of our learning for the term as well as some important dates.
Have a good week!

P5 blog 8/1/16

Happy New Year – Primary 5 and Mrs Johnston hope it is a very happy and healthy one for everyone!
We started this week off by writing some resolutions – for home and for school so let’s hope we can stick to them! We also shared our Christmas and holiday experiences – it sounds like everyone had lots of fun and were very lucky. We are working on shape in Maths and this includes symmetry and position and movement. As an art task related to symmetry we had to draw half of our own faces from a photograph – the results were fabulous and will definitely be going up on the wall outside the classroom. We are going to be talking about different shapes and their properties next week and this includes work on angles.
We had our first run through of the school show – some of the children have obviously been practising hard over Christmas with their scripts which is brilliant (please note – only chidren with main parts were given scripts). There were lots of laugh out loud moments and I think the end result is going to be amazing! We will need some help from home though in the way of props and costumes so watch this space…. Please encourage your child to bring their scripts in every day if they have one, thanks. The show is going to be a main priority for the class this term and so our IDL work in January and early February will all be related to the show’s theme which is pirates. This gives us lots of potential for research, art, writing, maths, mapping, RME and so on!
In writing we are focussing on poetry and reading will be done within class through a variety of different individual and group tasks so no reading homework for a few weeks! In PE we are moving on to basketball and netball skills and we have our vertical learning groups on Friday. It’s going to be a busy, busy term!!