P5 blog 24/6/16

Well that’s another year nearly over! And what a year it’s been. We are world record holders now, we performed a sell-out show with P6, we learned about the canal, the Scottish wars of Independence, bridges, financial education and the British Isles. We’ve had some very good debates, wonderful class talks and super personal projects. We all enjoyed a variety of learning within our VLGs and there have been many achievements both in and out of school.
All that remains for us to say is that it’s been a fab year and we hope everyone has a super, safe summer with loads of excitement and experiences to remember and share when we return back in August for Primary 6! Take care and see you in August!

P5 blog 17/6/16

We found out our chums!! So exciting! We had a couple of chum times last week and this week we had our first official chum duty during Grandparents day. We had to help our chums guide their grandparents round the school and answer any questions the grandparents had. We all did a fantastic job and are now even more excited about Primary 6 and our chums.
We are still working hard in class learning about the Euros ’16 championships and doing work related to the flags and merchandise involved in the tournament. In Maths we’re tackling long division and the divisibility rules. We’ve written letters to our P6 teacher who we now know is Miss Smith and we have been creating comic strips using the ICT program Comic Life.
Coming up:
Fencing taster session – Tuesday 21st
P7 graduation ceremony (evening) – Thursday 23rd
Last day of school – Wednesday 29th

P5 blog 2/6/16

We really enjoyed our assembly last week and we hope you enjoyed our drumming! We were so pleased that it all went well and no-one made even a single mistake!
Our very exciting news is – we are all WORLD RECORD HOLDERS!!! And it’s officially amazing because the Guinness Book of Records were there to make sure it all went according to plan! So there were over 460 of us playing the djembe and other African instruments and we played for over 6 and a half minutes!!! AMAZING! Here are some of our thoughts:-
Oli said ‘It felt more like 2 minutes!’
Freya said ‘It really improved my focus because everyone around us were doing different things so I had to concentrate to keep my rhythm going.’
Rory said ‘It was so much fun and we ended up breaking the record, getting a cool hat, getting cheered and got photographs taken by a drone!!’
Thank you to Kirsten and Ted’s mums for helping on this officially amazing event!
Coming up:
Class talks – w/b 6th June
Linlithgow book festival – Monday 6th June
Abercorn Lifepath event – Tuesday 7th June – wear trainers!!

P5 blog 26/5/16

We are all very excited about our assembly tomorrow – we’ve worked really hard to make it funny, entertaining and informative – we hope everyone enjoys it.
We’ve also been practising so well for our drumming world record attempt that we can do it in our sleep! If you come along tomorrow you’ll hear a sneak preview!
We are doing division in Maths just now and next week we’re learning some divisibility rules and tricks which will help us with our mental maths. We will be writing to our P6 teacher next week telling them all about ourselves and what we are looking forward to and what we hope to be doing in P6.
On Thursday 2nd we go to Livingston football stadium to try and break the world record for playing the longest time using un-tuned African percussion instruments. We’re all very excited about it and will let you know how we got on!
Coming up:
2nd June – world record attempt!!
3rd June – visit from Deacon’s court
6th – 10th June – class talks
6th June – book festival
7th June – Abercorn Lifepath event

P5 blog 12/5/16

We had a lovely trip along the canal today learning about water safety. We now all know how to get someone out of the water without going in ourselves! We also know how important it is to stay safe around water of any kind.
We’re enjoying our drumming workshops and are looking forward to smashing the world record on the 2nd June – imagine, real live record breakers, here at Low Port PS!
In writing we’re focusing on writing instructions and yesterday we wrote instructions for a sensory trail around the school grounds – that was good fun, especially since the weather has been so lovely. Our focus in Maths is measure so lots of practical work going on in and around class. Class talks will be taking place in June – everyone should have an explanation sheet to help with the preparation of these.
We enjoyed using some of the super construction resources in the Zone on Monday to build different types of bridges including suspension, cable stay, cantilever and truss bridges. We worked in teams of four and all the teams had a good level of success!
Some of us are playing at the George Allan football festival this weekend so come along and support us if you’re free.
Coming up:
Drumming workshop – Friday 20th May
P5 assembly – 27th May (parents invited)

P5 blog 21/4/16

We had a quick look back on our week and this was what came up during our discussions!
Freya said we had an exciting lesson with Moneysense and Mrs Stevenson where we planned and budgeted our own parties. We then had to make up presentations using Power point and the internet which we presented to the class. Everyone did completely different parties and spent different amounts, all within our budgets. We learned a lot about money, budgeting and working in a team. We all got goodie bags and a class piggy bank which we have named ‘Mr Chops’.
Molly remembered we started to create a trim trail for the playground which is a fitness trail. We split into groups and thought about different activities we could do which would exercise different parts of the body. We’re also doing some football training in PE with Mrs Cameron.
Zara added that in PE with Mrs Johnston we’ve been doing circuit training. In groups of 3 we were given some equipment (like a mat or some cones) and we had to create an activity for the class to do. We also had to think about which muscles were being exercised and what skills were being developed.
Alyssa enjoyed our lesson on graphic scores and thought it was fun making up our own instruments using classroom objects and then writing our own short piece of music in our group. We used the brand new visualiser which let the rest of the class see our graphic score while we were performing!
Blair suggested we talk about the point of homework this week so we had a debate. Both sides battled hard to put their points across and lots of us came up with very good and sensible arguments.
Oli mentioned about doing comprehension outside this week and remembered it was all about asking questions and the difference between open and closed questions – Georgia remarked it was so much more fun and it was easier because we got to talk and listen rather than the usual reading and writing!

Coming up:
Drumming workshops and our World Record attempt on Thursday 2nd June
May holiday 2nd and 3rd May

P5 blog 15/4/16

Primary 5 really excelled today at the Marathon of Sports fundraiser! Not only did they help decide which sports to include, they worked out what equipment was needed and what each station would involve! They helped to set up the course, they explained their stations so well, they encouraged and supported all the pupils and were generally superstars! Also a big thank you to the P7s who helped with the set up and the P6s who helped with the tidy up.
We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Stevenson who came as an RBS volunteer to help us with their Moneysense programme during which we had to plan and budget for a birthday party. She was super impressed with how hard the class worked and well they got through their tasks. She returns next week to see our final presentations. Connected to this we are doing money in Maths just now. We had fun learning about our respiratory system and doing different activities to see how that affected our pulse rates and we enjoyed going outside to practise our learning skills.
Problem solving with the IZAK cubes was pretty challenging this week – we were working on making a magic square with the numbers 1 to 9 – you should try it, it’s tricky! Saying that, 2 teams managed to solve it in the given time – well done!
Coming up:
Friday 22nd April – drumming workshop in school

P5 blog 24/3/16

What a busy term! Hope everyone has a great holiday. See you all on 11th April.

P5 blog 10/3/16

The class has been split this week with just over half the class out on their outdoor activity week with the Low Port Centre. They all seem to be enjoying the experience and I suspect by Friday they will all be exhausted! It’s been lovely seeing the rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces after each day so hopefully this will be an experience they will remember for a long time.
The other half of the class have been getting lots of attention in class and we have been outdoors in the Rigg creating Green Men (we hope they’ll still be there when next week’s groups go to the Rigg!) and we’ve also been popping outdoors to run, walk, jog a mile at the end of the day at times. The children have been learning how to pace themselves when running longer distances and have been pushing themselves a little to try and run more of the mile if they can.
We’re studying Time in Maths and we’ve been learning about the history of money in our topic work. We’ve also been doing some music appreciation work, problem solving and science so it’s been a very varied and enjoyable week!

Coming up:
Activity week for the other group/back to school for the rest
Modern language cafe by the P7s – 15th March
P6 camp 16-18th March – Mrs Johnston will be at camp/Mrs Ramsay in P5

P5 blog 3/3/16

It’s Mrs Donald’s last week so she has had full responsibility for the class. We’ve enjoyed having her here and we wish her lots of luck in her final placement and we hope she continues to enjoy teaching.
We’ve been learning a lot about Fairtrade this week and have linked it to our Financial Education topic – did you know some bank-notes in Europe use a percentage of Fairtrade cotton? That’s just one of the facts we’ve learned! Talking about Financial education, we have some great resources from some banks including a workshop during the last week of school provided by Moneysense and we are lucky to have a Low Port parent coming in to help out with this. Watch this space! If any parents work in the financial sector have any spare time and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the class then please get in touch!
We finish fractions this week (hooray!) and in writing we’ve been writing familiar stories from a different point of view or perspective. We’ll continue this next week.
Next week we have our first Activity week with the Low Port Outdoor centre – the 2 groups of children should come to school as usual with packed lunches and warm, all weather clothes and they are due to finish around 4.15 – 4.30pm each day, including Friday. The same applies to the following week’s group.
Today is World Book day and we have an array of book characters in the classroom – brilliant effort everybody!