P5 blog 3/3/17

Hello and welcome to P5’s class blog.
This week Eilidh Muldoon (she is an illustrator) visited us. We learnt how to make a standing street out of an A3 piece of paper, they were really cool.
More art…
In art we have also been drawing and decorating posters for Livingston designer outlet to promote recycling.
In PE we have been doing gymnastics.
And best of all Mrs Walls has come back!!!!!!!!!!!
We were doing balances like standing or sitting on each other’s backs.
Topic – Fairtrade cotton
In topic we have been learning about Fairtrade cotton because it is Fairtrade Fortnight. We learnt that cotton comes from a plant that grows in hot countries like India.
A visit by google
Google came to show us their virtual reality headsets, they were so cool! We saw under the sea creatures like seals and sharks!
World Book Day
On Thursday it was world book day some of the school dressed up and there were lots of different costumes.
In maths we have been doing multiplication like:
In maths this week we have also done an assessment on rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000.

P5 blog 9/2/17

Hello this week in P5 we have been having fun learning about netball and learning the positions we split into teams of 7. We noticed that there was a disadvantage because one of the basketball hoops was higher than the other. We played mini matches and the length was round about 5 mins we all had great fun!!!
On Monday Music Programming came in and continued on with our songs many people have finished their drums and bases. Next week we will be putting in the vocals using our own voices and adding more instruments to our awesome songs.
We all made amazing art work of Steven Browns Highland Cows. We were all were amazed at our colourful highland cows. We are putting our brilliant pictures in the hall and we all think they are beautiful.
The P6’s held a school election. We had to vote for our favourite campaign. There were 5 campaigns, Arty Sporty, Dancing Peanuts, Ninja Squirrels, Clubbing Golden Chimpanzees, Crazy Clubs and Golden Sports. We learned how to secretly write and put your vote into the ballot box.
We have been busy writing poems and stories about the canal for a competition. The competition was called The Round Table Marches Magazine competition. We have been working hard on the poems but we are finding it tricky to find words that rhyme.
In maths we have been working on data handling we split the class into groups and worked on a presentation to do with various types of graph. We made a survey for the class and we chose our subject e.g.: cars, food and apps.
For literacy circles we got an interesting discussion about reading homework. And shared our jobs with our reading groups. Thank you for reading our long class blog.

Ryan St and Matthew

A very thorough blog this week. I don’t have much to add other than to wish you all a lovely holiday weekend.

• Class Assembly 24th March
• PE Kits home to be washed.
• Please ensure literacy circle homework is completed every week to make sure our circles run smoothly.

P5 blog 3/2/17

Hello and welcome to our P5 blog

We have been looking at Andy Warhol’s Pop Art and we got to make our own pictures using cartoon characters inspired by his work. We all found tracing our pictures very tiring because we had to trace it four times.

On Tuesday we went to the Leisure Centre and did a swimming assessment. We all passed!! We all got to play in the pool after the assessment, we thought it was really fun but maybe we could have done a bit more proper swimming.

Over the last few weeks two people from Scotland software team have been coming in to talk to us about music software and we are all really enjoying it.

Katie and Suzie

This week we reflected and up levelled the imaginative piece inspired by their visit to the Mound about a Kist. We all worked in groups to plan budget for an Alien movie and worked hard to create the best film possible within our £800 budget. Some observed the cast price list may need updated as Angelina and Brad may no longer accept a 50% reduced fee if cast together. We all created surveys and used the data collected to produce bar charts. We focused on the skill involved in creating a graph and deciding the scale we would need to represent our data.  I am really impressed by their music programming skills and it is very interesting to hear how differently they are approaching the changes to the songs. I have added data handling activities to studyladder to support our work in class. Please let the children choose which activities they wish to complete.  Our class talks will be on the week beginning 20th February and the details on this are in homework jotters. We will revise key spelling next week and the following short week in class. Literacy circle activities allocated on Monday will be due in two weeks time. Please encourage the children to use homework time for preparing their talk and studyladder activities


P5 blog 27/1/17

Hello from P5!
This week we had gymnastics with Mr Stewart. We got to climb the bars, swing on the ropes, perform all kinds of balances and use the ladders. It was really good fun but also quite hard. We also played tennis during PE as well as playing some fitness games.
We did more music programming using Garage Band and we have been making backing tracks to our songs in our groups. We can’t wait to show other people soon!
In maths we have been learning about fractions. We made fraction bars to help us and posters to show our knowledge. Some of us could link fractions to percentages and decimals.
We are making power points for our topic on financial education.
Next week we are going swimming on Tuesday – remember your kits!
Have a good weekend!

P5 blog 13/01/2017

We have been doing music programming with Bob and Maria, the music teachers. They have given us a choice about what song we are going to try and create a cover, for example Ronin’s group did “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.”
We were making fables and we all thought it was very fun. A few of us acted out the stories and explained the moral we had selected. For example, Ryan S moral was: never give up on something you really want.
We did Romero Britto pop art. Nathan said, “It was hard but I liked it.” All our brilliant pictures are on the wall outside our classroom.
On Wednesday we were using the Izak cubes Lewis said, “It was fun and I enjoyed making a magic square.”
By Lewis, Nathan and Callum

We are now settling into term 3 well. We have been learning all about Fables, the morals behind them and we enjoyed writing ours own. The class did very well. We have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. There are activities on Studyladder to support this. We will be working on Netball skills in the next month and will be having a session on Monday run by the active Schools co-ordinator. Our class trip is on Tuesday. Thanks you to those who are joining us. It would not be possible without you. Remember packed lunches will be required on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes.
Mrs Paton

P5 blog 9/12/16

Country Dancing
During the week we did country Dancing with P6 and P3. We’re sure that everyone enjoyed it! At the end of one we got to do freestyle and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We were all very sweaty at the end and we had a dance off against the P3s. Of course, the P3’s won but I’m still sure we were better than them!

St Michaels Church Visit
We went to St Michaels instead of a movie that the school watched together. I think we all liked St Michael’s way way way better! We made tile decorations which we can take home. They look amazing!

Izak 9 (The awesome maths resource.)
We played with the izak cubes and we got lots of complex problems to work out. They were hard but in the end we managed to work it out!

Spanish Bingo In Spanish we were doing bingo also known as el bingo in Spanish. We had a few winners and they got to call the numbers. We have been learning the numbers up to 20 and we have all done very well and we can all count up to 20 in Spanish.
It has been a very busy week in P5. We have been learning how to structure a newspaper report, more on subtraction, all about The Battle of Bannockburn, Country dancing, Christmas at St Michaels, making chalk and charcoal snowman, exploring more activities with IZAK incorporating our Spanish learning and consolidating our learning of Spanish numbers by playing bingo. Next week we begin our music software programme which will be on Monday afternoons and stretch until Monday the 6th of March. Sadly it was our last week of Music with Mrs Dickson and we will miss her smiley face around school.

Things to remember:
• Christmas Service and Nativity- Wednesday 14th.
• P3 & P5 Christmas- Tuesday 20th.

P5 blog 2/12/2016

Hello and welcome to our first P5 blog in the Christmas season!

We have been doing lots of things this week for example, we have been researching the Scottish wars of Independence. We all found it very interesting and some people found it a bit gruesome.
In literacy we have been learning how to write in the style of the author. We all had to write imaginatively so we all found it challenging and we had to be very creative!
In Scottish country dancing we had our usual teacher Mr Carswell. We were lucky enough to learn a new dance called the Pudsey bear! We had four couples to demonstrate the dance then we all had a try at it. We all found it so fun to dance with each other!
In maths we did the IZAK 9 cubes with Mrs Johnston. We put all of the numbers in alphabetical order when the numbers were in French! The groups were all mixed so it was equal. Some groups found it slightly easier than other groups. It was fun experimenting with the IZAK 9 cubes!
Now we have come to the end of our blog. We all hope that you are enjoying this Christmas season!

We are now working on subtraction and a new bank of activities have been loaded onto study ladder and can be used to support the class learning. There is no requirement to complete all of these. In topic we have learned lots more about the timeline and events affecting the Wars of Independence. Next week we have been invited to St Michael’s Church for an event titled Christmas Unwrapped. There will be a presentation and the chance to unpack the events of the first Christmas. It will be interactive and will include a variety of activities – drama, craft, quizzes, music, storytelling and acting out some events. The class did an excellent job of teaching the P3’s the Scottish Dances we have been learning and we learned the Dashing White Sergeant together. They did exceptionally well.

Have a lovely weekend!

P5 blog 25/11/16

Welcome to the class blog for the twenty fourth of November 2016. On the maths open day we learned how to use the Izak 9 cubes, some of our parents came to see us master this task and helped us learn how to work with them! We also went on the computers and then we played pearl diver which is a maths integers game. In writing we did some imaginative stories which were based on a creature. We made these stories by looking at pictures. The stories were called The Creature in the Mist. We also did something called Rookie Rockstars and our parents came out to do a wrap battle and some grannys and grandads came out too. In R.M.E we previously watched a Hindu story called Rama and Sita and this week we did a drama play acting out the story.
By Alice, Katie, Finlay and Kyran.

Next week we will be moving on to subtraction and a new bank of activities will be loaded onto study ladder to support this next week. During our topic on The Wars of Independence the class have been learning about the time line and the uniforms worn by soldiers on both sides of the border. Next week we will look in more detail at what the war was about. Thank you to those who were able to come to our open afternoon. The children were extremely excited about our introduction to Izak and we will be continuing to use this resource throughout the year to support our learning. Thanks also to those who made it along to our Rookie Rockstars concerts. The children loved learning more about anti bullying in such a positive and upbeat way.

Enjoy the last weekend in November!

P5 blog 18/11/16

Rookie Rockstars
In Rookie Rock stars we have been making lots of tunes; I am so glad, Bullies ain’t big, Lets all be friends, HEY HEY ( I’m ok) and never give up. The first day we did challenge time and Mrs Livingston had to play chubby bunny, it was so funny!!! On the second day it was teachers against pupils and we had to rap Mr McRae did an awesome rap he had to rap Baa Baa Blacksheep, have you any wool. On the 3 day we had interviews and Ronin was the person from our class that was interviewed. Callum thought that the songs were good but he didn’t get how it would get them to stop bulling.

We wrote about a cable car stopped in the middle of the ride and we carried on writing from the authors writing. We all made fantastic stories. With Mrs Livingston we learnt some new songs we think that the p1s nativity will be brilliant. Our new novel is called the boy called Christmas so far the boy’s father Jo got a job working for the king. His dads job was going to find out if there was magical elves in the mountains it was a dangerous journey and Christmas wants to go with him but his dad doesn’t let him go and leaves Christmas with his old aunt who hates children she thinks they are revolting.
In RME we have been learning about the Hindu religion. We learned about the festival of light when Hindu’s all join together. It’s about the story of Rama and Sita where the step mother of Rama wants her own son to be king. So she tricks Rama and Sita to go to the deep dark forest. They build a civilization and build their own house. Ravana the three headed demon wanted Sita for himself. One day Rama went to find some food and left Sita. Ravana steals Sita. In the end Sita is rescued and they return to defy the Queen so Rama can take his place as King. This is why Hindus put lights in their house to show the celebration of the couple being welcomed home.
Thank you for reading this I hoped you enjoyed it!
By Isla, Holly, Ronin, Finlay and Matthew

We will also be be finishing and assessing our focus on addition in Maths. We will continue with literacy circles and next week we will do this a group at a time throughout the day supported by myself and Mrs Morrice. The class will be beginning to learn about the Scottish Wars of Independence. This week in P6 asked to join us to continue country dancing so our line dance has been postponed for now… In RE we recounted the story of Rama and Sita with our own dramatic interpretations. In Spanish we will be learning the numbers 1-20 and be playing Spanish Bingo!

Have a lovely weekend when it comes!

Dates to remember:
18th November- Children in Need dress down
22nd November – Curriculum afternoon 2:15-3pm
22nd/23rd November- Rookie Rockstars

P5 blog 11/11/16

Hello and welcome to our P5 blog!!! 10.11.16
In maths we have been doing addition strategies. Some people have been going with Mrs Hodge. We have been doing Problem Solving and it is fun.
We have been doing Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Carswell. We have been doing it with the P6’s. The one thing that we did not enjoy was the boys had to dance with the girls.
Class Talks
We have been doing our class talks on role models they have been very interesting most people have done it on a power point but some people did it on paper.
With Mrs Dickson we used the instruments to make a song we tried them all we used Jembes (drums) casheshes (shakers)
We started literacy circles the books we have are The Hobbit, Suitcase Kid, Platform 13, Clovenstone Castle, Jasper and the Green Marvel.
That’s all folks!!!!!
By Stuart, Gregor and Suzie

Next week we will be working in the morning each day to transform ourselves into Rookie Rockstars. We will also be moving forward with addition in Maths, continuing with literacy circles and the class will be beginning to learn about the Scottish Wars of Independence. This week in PE we had great fun learning Scottish Country dances and next week we have a week off and will be learning a class line dance. In RE we will be recounting the story of Rama and Sita. Thank you for all the efforts with class talks. They have been very thoughtful and well prepared.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes!

Dates to remember:
18th November- Children in Need dress down
22nd November – Curriculum afternoon 2:15-3pm
22nd/23rd November- Rookie Rockstars