P5 blog 22/6/17

Hi welcome to P5 class blog.

This week we have been:

Maths- in maths we have been looking at area it has been tricky for some but most found it quite easy.  We had to measure the shapes and find the area.  We also created our own shapes.

In Health and Wellbeing we’ve been talking about honesty. We watched a video talking about honesty and discussed different scenarios and how they were dealt with. We also learned about inclusion and diversity, what they mean and what they entail. We have been looking more at persuasive language and looking at how it is used in adverts.


Archie and Calvin


P5 blog 20/6/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog

Meet the teacher hour:  we went in to our new classroom, sat in the seats and waited for our new teacher to arrive.  A couple of seconds later our new teacher came in, it was Miss Tully and everyone started cheering because we were so happy.  After everyone had stopped cheering we played two truths and a lie then we each got a paper jigsaw piece and we were told to write down on it all about us.

This week we also did short talks on our non- fiction books in small groups. We returned our library books.  We finished time and completed a fidget spinner maths investigation that solved a crime. We wrote letters to our new teacher and did our ‘All About Me’.  We talked more about how Bridges are constructed and made our own using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was very tricky.


Holly and Carolyn


P5 blog 9/6/17

Drama: We split into six groups and acted out different scenes in the book Spellchaser’s. It was really hard to think of how to act it out. The class enjoyed it.

Writing: In writing we wrote a message in a bottle. We had to write to our family like it was our last words.  We were writing from an island and needed someone to save us. We all found it fun.

Book Festival: We went to the rugby club to see Kate Leiper. She told us how she became an illustrator and how her life was back then. It was really fun meeting her. Thanks Kate Leiper!

Maths: In maths we did 24hr time. We wrote in our books the answers to the questions. There were questions about before and after the time that was in the text book.

PE: In PE we played Danish long ball it was really good fun. We all ran into the middle to get the ball and it was funny because we all were running quite weird but majority of the class liked it.

Election: We all went in our groups from drama and got a sticky note. All got a different party and one group got to make up a party. Then we did some research about the party and created and shared a PowerPoint with P3 and P5. We then voted! The made up party won.


Katie, Orla and Sam


P5 blog 2/6/17

Hello and welcome to P5 blog!


In Maths we have started angles, we went into partners and found different angles in the playground some of us found it a bit hard. We also did tree poems we learned about trees and what they feel and smell like. It was fun for the majority of the class. We’ve also done circle time we played 2 truths 1 lie. It was really funny and there were some weird ones. The majority of the class liked it. We have also been drawing trees in art from the poems we did about our favourite tree.  We got to draw them.  Most of the class found it very imaginative and fun.

We did French words with Mr McRae some of them were a bit hard and confusing but we found it very interesting. We have done verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs, we learned what they were used for some of it was fun we also did a sheet on them.  It was good. In P.E we played dodgeball in two separate teams and if you were hit by the ball you had to stand on a bench and catch a ball from a teammate to re-join the team.

We have also done non-fiction reading tasks. We picked random words from our books and created cross words from them and the tested a partner with them. It was good fun and the majority of the class enjoyed it.


Orla, Tara and Aimee


P5blog 26/5/17

Hello and welcome to P5’s class blog.In class we have been doing CEM testing. It is a test on a computer to see how we are doing and feeling in school. Most of us have finished all of the tests. Dogs trust came in to talk about how to look after dogs and how not to look after dogs. The good thing about it is they brought in things to simulate how to do it in real life. In maths we have been doing division sums and have been learning about fractions and how to simplify fractions. Decimals are the main focus we have done a lot on decimals.


Information on Newsround: The class normally listen to the class novel or watch Newsround with milk after break except when the news covers sensitive issues such as the sad events in Manchester this week.


P3 blog 19/5/17

Hello from P3!

It’s been a wee while since the blog was updated as we were off for the local election and had sport’s day last week!

In literacy we have created job adverts for our class castle! We had to use persuasive language to attract applicants. We listed the skills needed for the jobs. We advertised for maids, jesters, blacksmiths and knights! We discovered a secret panel in our class castle. We made a zigzag book and used our imagination to write down how it opens, what was in it, who put it there, what the object does and how we would use it. They turned out really well. We wrote our assembly script which is all about the skills we learn in school which we can use to prepare us for work and later life. We also tuned into Authors Live and listened to Alex T Smith talk about his books. What a busy week in literacy!


In maths and numeracy we have been working on direction. We have tried out different activities in relation to this. We learned about co-ordinates, compass work using N S E W and North East, South East etc. We used left, right, forward and backwards when programming the Bluebots and using the mats. We are in the process of creating our own medieval style mats to test our direction skills. We also kept up with our numeracy skills by doing a number talk about friendly numbers and adding up with numbers that are two away from a friendly number. Ask your children how this works!

We now have wood panelling, stained glass windows AND suits of armour in our classroom castle! We used technology skills to make full size suits of armour and we worked in groups. We still have to spray them silver, but they look amazing!


P5 blog 12/5/17

P5 have now finished fractions and are going on to percentages and decimals. We did a topic assessment and everyone tried their very best. In PE with Mrs Clapton (which is Miss Walls new name) we were throwing into hoops, this was also linked to golf. On Wednesday we went on a trip to the canal to learn about water safety. We personally found it very interesting. Thursday was very enjoyable for many people in primary 5 because it was sports day! In the girls race Katie came first Millie came second and Nuala third. In the boys race Matthew came first Gregor came second and Ryan St third. We built bridges in the Rigg using wool and sticks. We had to build it to a certain length and make sure it could support the weight of a large stone.We all came up with very different ways to do this. We learned about Jewish Passover and their Sedar traditions. We got to listen to our Music Programming tracks. You can listen to them too by following this link.




Nuala and Alice


P5 blog 28/4/17

We have had a good start to our final term of primary 5. In PE we have been doing athletics and we have been focusing on our running. One of the activities we did was called exhaustion. We were split up into groups of four and each team got put into a position round the circle then when the PE teacher, Mrs Clapton said go one person from each team would try and tag the person in front of them. If you got tug you were out of the team with the most people still going winning! And we’re sure everyone was completely exhausted! We have also been doing Hockey with Mr Stuart and we played King or Queen of the ring with hockey sticks and tennis balls it was very exhausting.
We have written our piece of work for the young writers competition. Everyone made some great things to go through but sadly only three pieces of work from each class were allowed to go through.
In class for the past few weeks we have been doing mental maths. Lots of people’s scores have been improving through the weeks. We have also been looking at fractions. Some of us have been going to Mrs Ramsay. We have been doing maths in the zone in a smaller group.
In P5 we have recently started a new topic on bridges. We have been writing things that we want to find out about bridges on sticky notes we found this talk very interesting. We also looked at lots of different bridges on Google Earth to see why they had been put where they had and to see if we could find a better place to put it.
We have been enjoying another book out of the Spellchasers series we started off with a summary of the first one we recently read. After we read the first chapter we predicted what we thought was going to happen in the new book.
Hope you enjoyed our class blog!
By Archie, Stuart, Ryan and Matthew

P5 blog 31/3/17

Hello this week in P5.
Recently we have been practicing our mental maths in pairs. Once we do it in pairs we normally do another mental maths test by ourselves and we get up to about 15 seconds to answer it and write it down!
On Monday we did PE games that we created in class and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We have also been doing gymnastics in the last couple weeks and since it was our last day doing gymnastics we got the bars out. We got split up into groups and went to different stations. I think everyone’s favourite station was the bars. At the end of the session we decided that we were doing hockey after the Easter holidays.
As you know we went to the Easter service. All of our performances including the strings, brass and choir were fantastic. Some of the people in our class were in the strings and the choir.
Yesterday we drew Easter bunnies, we could draw our own shape or we could just use the teachers. Then we had to draw lines on them and after that we cut out sunglasses and coloured them in then we glued them on the bunnies.
Today we have been busy creating some amazing eggs. There was a whole range of eggs but with a triumph Calvin won. Some cracked but I’m sure everyone had a cracking day!
Have the most superbly cracking holiday!!!

Matthew and Ryan Su

We have had a busy term in P5 and all the children deserve a fun filled holiday. PE kits are coming home to add to your washing piles! Please remember to return them on the first day as they will have PE.

P5 blog 17/3/17

This week P5 have been doing…
A railway safety police officer came in and talked us about railway safety, he showed us a video that was based on a true story it was about two brothers who snuck onto the railway tracks to spray paint. One of the brothers gets flattened by a train and it changed the brother’s life.
Our new topic is substance abuse we have been thinking about alcohol and how it can affect your life and not for the better. We watched a video about two kids whose parents were addicted to alcohol and how it affected their lives.
We created games for PE. We had to create instructions for our games. We had to use commanding speech. We had to list down the equipment the players needed to play the game.
We have been doing some mental maths to improve our maths, at first it was hard for some of the class but then we got the hang of it and improved some of our maths
We were learning about Spanish weather. We drew pictures of houses and in the background we drew and wrote about what the weather was. It was hard but it was fun.

Michael and Nathan

The class have been working very hard on maths the past two weeks. I am very happy with their work ethic and progress. In literacy we are working on non- fiction writing and so far have written a persuasive piece and instructions. Next week we will be using our discussion planners that have been sent home to write a discursive piece.

A few children do not have indoor shoes for PE. Could you please check their kits over Easter. We will be having an Easter Egg decorating competition on the 30th of March. Please provide a hard-boiled egg (or 2 to cover potential breakages) and anything they may need to decorate it.

28th and 29th- Parents Nights
29th March- Church Easter Service
30th- Easter Egg Competition
31st- Easter Holidays