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Primary 4 Blog     12-02-15
Hello Everybody,
This week we have been learning a lot about birds and Celts. We have been talking about and preparing our assembly. We are feeling nervous and excited at the same time.
We learned about where the Celtic tribes lived in Scotland and their names. We watched an interactive video about how to build a roundhouse. Then in groups we had a timed challenge to work in a team to build a roundhouse for our Celtic families. We used Shredded Wheat, straws, paperclips, cardboard, material, glue and other bits and bobs to build it. We had to measure, put our ideas together and change our plans. We thought it was a lot of fun.
In maths we were doing Area, we had to make shapes of 4cm2 and 6cm2.
During UNICEF day of change we learned about what it all meant and what children would need straight after an emergency.
We had a visit from the SSPCA and learned about how they rescue animal and birds that are in danger in Scotland.
We also had another visitor this time from Linlithgow library she was telling us how to get onto Junior Encyclopaedia Britannica. This was a good site to use because it was child friendly, safe and appropriate for children, correct information and up to date. We also had fun with a Harry Potter name generator.
We hope you have a happy holiday.
Mairi , Freya, Abby
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4

Next Week
Holiday Monday
P4 Parent Assembly Friday



P4 Blog

This week we have completed our writing about the “Doomed Voyage”. Rory loved typing it on the computer and many others enjoyed using their imagination to write a story. Mrs Henderson is looking forward to reading them.
We learned sequencing strategies in comprehension; we did not think it was too bad.
In gymnastics we enjoyed balancing on the horse and doing different types of jumps off.
We enjoyed working together to play different maths games. We learned about different Scottish words when we talked about the “Thistle Poem”. We used some of these words to write a class poem about a thistle. We even drew some.
We enjoyed working together to play different maths games. We were also improving our written maths skills; we think we are getting better at it.
We are excited about seeing the primary one assembly on Friday; Patrick is looking forward to seeing his sister and Rory to see his brother. Ted enjoyed seeing the P7 assembly and thought his sister was great.
Goodbye see you next week.

From Ted, Rory and Patrick
Mrs Henderson and P4

Next Week
Wed-Mr Lamont coming in to talk about birds.
Thurs- NYCOS singing
Frid- A holiday!

P4 Blog

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our class blog. We have been having a lot of snow around our school and it has been good fun playing in it.
This week in language we have been writing our stories called the “Doomed Voyage”. We have been using VCOP to express our ideas in writing and up level our work. In spelling we were learning about more compound words. These are when two words are joined together to make one word, like football.
In PE we are doing gymnastics. We are doing summersaults, forward rolls and dive rolls as well as headstands.
In maths we were learning about written methods of doing sums. Some of us think subtraction is trickier than adding.
Mr Jamieson gave us a fantastic talk about Celts and Picts. We learned about how they might have lived and when they lived. We thought he was great.
Mr Kynoch also gave us a great talk about electricity and forces. We even played with balloons and hair. It was fun.
We also did some bird watching; we will do this for the next few weeks. We have spotted blue tits, robins, sparrows and seagulls.
Thank you for reading our class blog. We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you have a nice weekend.

Zak, Alasdair and Alyssa.
Primary 4 and Mrs Henderson

Next Week
Thursday-Mrs Mc Harg visiting from Linlithgow Library to talk about Encyclopaedia Britannica
Friday-P1 Assembly and Day of Change (Dress in Blue bring a donation of £1(voluntary))

P4 Blog

Hello Everyone,
This week we did gymnastics in PE. We did jumping and 180 degree turns. We used the spring board and the trampoline to jump off.
In language we were looking for descriptive language. We were looking at nouns and adjectives, verbs and adverbs, and pronouns. We are planning to write an imaginative story. We watched video clips of ships in storms and sinking to help us think of words.
In topic we shared our facts about Picts. We learned that they painted their faces blue like tattoos. We watched a video about the evidence they left behind. They left shoes, leather belts and ragged clothes. They farmed in mainly the North of Scotland.
In maths we did some times table and looked at bar graphs and used them to find information.
We have a new girl in our class and we are all happy to welcome her into our primary four class. We hope she enjoys it.
From Mrs Henderson and Primary 4
Next Week
Mon- Dr  Freeman in talking about Robert Burns
Wed- Mr Kynoch in talking about Electricity
Thur- NYCOS singing
Frid- P7 assembly –Wear something Tartan



Hello everyone and welcome back,
We hope you all had a great break over the holidays.
We have learned that our topic this term is all about the Celts and the Picts. We have discussed what we already know about them, what we would like to find out, how we can do this and how we can share our learning. Now we have to go and do it! We have also learned that we will be doing a class talk on birds.
We have been talking about adjectives and adverbs in our VCOP lessons and are going to try and use more of them in our writing. We did silent letters in spelling and confused words in our grammar. We have been looking at addition and subtraction in maths and looking at doubling. Reading books have been chosen and were issued out yesterday.
In PE we have started gymnastics and will be using lots of equipment. We have focussed on linking movement and balancing. We have also looked at improving our forward rolls on mats.
We have been having fun with Mrs Curle doing beat and rhythm with NYCOS.
We hope you have had a good week too.
Primary 4 and Mrs Henderson
Things to remember for next week
21st January – choir singing at the Caring Café
22nd January we hope to have a visit from Mr Jamieson to talk about our topic.
23rd January our first vertical learning group of this term
23rd January Primary 1 assembly


Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had an enjoyable break and are looking forward to 2015. We have a busy term ahead at Low Port Primary and we will continue to keep our website updated and also inform you by Parentmail of all the events between now and Easter.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Livingston and staff.

P4 Blog

Hello Everyone,
We had a great primary 4/5 Christmas party, we played lots of games and did dancing. We found the primary one nativity very funny and eye catching. We thought their costumes were great. The primary ones were very good at remembering all their words. The brass, strings and choir performances were outstanding. We worked hard on remembering our words for our song, we hope you enjoyed listening and watching us.
We have had a marvellous term. Jamie particularly enjoyed the benchball festival, Louis and Cara enjoyed making their poppies. Patrick, Rory, Leah, Abby and Ryan and many others enjoyed extreme dodgeball. Zara, Melanie, Kate and Kirsten all enjoyed making the bird feeders. Wren enjoyed the Halloween vertical learning group and the outdoor learning group enjoyed the mud painting. Molly, Alyssa, Ted and Alasdair enjoyed making the model farms. Oliver, Freya, Zak and Harry enjoyed making the soup. Maisie and many others enjoyed learning about how World War 1 started.
Our final art activity has been making pompoms, Rosie, Georgia, Mairi and Kayleigh have enjoyed learning how to make them. On Monday we have our shared finish, we will be using the pompoms to create Christmas decorations.
Thank you for all your help this term we hope to see some of you on Monday.
Have a happy Christmas and a great New Year.
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4


P4 Blog

Hello Everyone,
We have had a busy but good week. People in the choir were all very excited because they were getting recorded by West Lothian Council. We are all in the choir and we found it interesting to see how it all worked. We felt nervous about going onto YouTube because lots of people will be able to see us. We have been doing more singing in school with Mrs Curle from NYCOS choir and we practised our song for church in front of the whole school. This helped us with our confidence.
We have been learning about wheat, we learned about what it looks like when it is growing and when it is harvested. We also learned that it make bread, cakes, cereal and biscuits. When it grows it turns golden yellow and has ears at the top. The stem makes straw for the animals to sleep on or to eat.
In maths we have been revising addition and doing a Beat That maths challenge. We have also been revising some timetables. It was a bit trickier when we were timed. We had our whole school Christmas lunch, it is better than our normal lunch because we get to see all the teachers having their lunch and we got a pudding and a Freddo. It was delicious.
We watched a short video about human rights and heard about lots of famous people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King. It was sad to think that a lot of children still die through hunger. We thought it was very informative.
We hope you enjoyed the Blog, please visit YouTube if you have time.
Molly, Cara and Maisie

Information for Next Week
Choir rehearsal at the church on Monday
P4 and P5 Christmas party on Tuesday. The children can change at lunch time.
The nativity is on Wednesday afternoon
The Art club will be on Thursday

Have a good week
From Mrs Henderson and P4


Hello Everyone,
We have been having lots of fun this week because we were preparing for our Enterprise evening. We hope you had a good time at our stall and all the other stalls. Thank you for all the money you gave us, we will be calculating our profit over the next few days. We will let you know soon.

This week we have been busy finishing off the poppies for our stalls. It was fun learning how we could model clay using cutters, rolling pins and our hands. It was messy but fun. We learned that birds like fat and seeds to eat. We had to use weighing and measuring to make the food for the birds. We used 200g of seeds and 125g of lard and 35cm of coloured ribbon. We also learned that lard had to harden in the fridge or else the food would slip out the cup. Let’s hope the birds enjoy the food.
The Author who visited was a bit crazy because he kept on saying weird and funny things but it made us feel that reading was good for your imagination and we should all read. Everybody seemed to enjoy it.
Last week we had a visit from a local farmer who brought his tractor. We learned that farmers share their equipment because they cost lots of money to buy. We learned that he had lots of different jobs to do over a year. He had to plough the fields, sow seeds and spray the fields with a spray machine, with very long arms. He also had to harvest the fields before winter.
In writing we were up levelling our writing using a VCOP planner. It was useful because it made us think about what we were writing and we used it in our stories.
We hope you enjoyed our BLOG.
Ryan, Leah and Kayleigh.

Notes for Next Week.
Christmas Lunch on Wednesday the 10th December.
A visit from NYCOS choir team on Thursday the 11th December
please remember P4 and P5 Christmas party on the 16th of December.
Nativity in the church on Wednesday the 17th December.

Hope you have a good week.
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4



Hello Everyone,
This week has been fun and some people have been making soup, they are going to taste it today, yum!!!! We have been planning to make some ceramic poppies, we went onto the internet and we saw pictures of the Tower of London’s poppies and a video of how they were made. Kate was surprised at how simple it seemed. Georgia thought it looked a little tricky but thought it might be easier when she was making them. Zara thought the moulding of the clay would be tricky, it might be difficult to get the shape right. On Friday we did some singing with percussion, Georgia thought it was a good song to learn easily, Georgia played the chime bars. Zara enjoyed playing the instruments, she played the triangle. Kate played the tambourine and liked playing the instruments. We learned how to hold the instruments so that the sound would vibrate and travel further. In language we looked at two different pieces of writing and used VCOP to show why one was better than the other.
by Kate, Zara and Georgia.

A few notes for next week.
On Wednesday we have a visit from a farmer.
On Thursday we will be planning and trying to make our bird feeders for enterprise.
Have a good week.
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4