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Hi Everyone,
This week we have been doing science in the zone. Lots of people enjoyed it. We were doing electricity worksheets, circuits on the computers and making circuits with wires, batteries and a buzzer. We talked about electrons flowing through the wires. We made a bulb light up.
We have also listened to LEPRA who are a charity that fundraises for leprosy in India. Some of us found that very interesting because it was easy to cure. People had to take a tablet and they only cost £1 each! With Mrs Bethell we have been doing symmetry. We found out about lines of symmetry in different shapes, it was fun.
In Birth Care and Growth we saw how babies grew and were born. We were surprised about how heavy a baby weighed. It was amazing how small we were when we were babies. We looked at each other’s baby clothes, pictures and toys.
In our internet safety lessons we learned that not everybody is who they say they are on the internet. We also found out about the CEOP reporting button on the ThinkuKnow website..
We had a great sports day we hope you enjoyed it too.
Rory, Ted and Patrick
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4
Next Week
Primary 1 Assembly on Friday

P4 blog

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are enjoying the week .In class we have been learning the French alphabet, it was hard for some people but still enjoyable. In Birth Care and Growth we have been learning how to get ready for a new baby, it was very exciting. In VCOP we have been learning about speech marks ( inverted commas ) .We have been learning the nine times table using some interesting strategies, it was a little bit difficult but fun. We have also been dividing numbers by hundreds and thousands. We have been writing water leaflets about water shortages in countries like Africa. Half the class have been doing think u know internet safety and the others have been doing library skills. We will swap over every week. In PE we have been doing ball skills and fitness circuits. It was hard work, exhausting but exciting.
Please have a safe and happy week.
Alyssa, Alasdair and Zak
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4
Next week
Wednesday –bring in baby clothes, a small toy and your birth weight.
Thursday- Possible Sports day
Friday- P6 assembly

P4 blog

Welcome back from the Easter holidays. We now know our new topic, it is the Romans; it is going to be cool.
In maths we have been doing multiplication and division. Some of it was challenging. We were learning about electrical things and magnets. We were also looking at a timeline. It took us back in time to see all the discoveries made about electricity. It was really interesting because we found out lots of facts.
We have also been looking at new-borns and it was really exciting to watch another thing coming into the world. There was a rabbit called Muffin. We saw dogs, swans and rabbits on the smartboard. The disc was Birth Care and Growth. We are looking forward to finding out about the Romans.
See you next week
Written by
Blair, Oli and Louis


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P4 Blog 1st April 2015
Hello Everyone,
Our final week has arrived and we are all ready for our holidays. I am sure you are too.
We have been learning how to draw Celtic knots. Some people found it interesting to do because we drew dots to help us. Most of us thought it looked hard but actually found it very easy. So we might try doing a harder one! Mrs Henderson was very impressed with what everyone managed to do.
Everyone thought the readers were very impressive at our church service. They spoke clearly and loudly, gave good eye contact and tried very hard to be expressive. We talked about these when we did our class talks. We watched videos of ourselves and self-assessed them. It was a little funny watching ourselves because our voices sounded funny and occasionally the camera people were a little shaky. Overall it was scary but we feel we all successfully delivered our class talks. We also learned a great deal about different birds.
In maths we made our own Kandinsky shape pictures using all our knowledge of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. It was really interesting.
We created eclipse poems for the round table competition. Good luck to everyone who entered.
We hope you have enjoyed this terms blogs. We have worked hard and had good fun.
We hope you have a good holiday and we will see you next term
Mrs Henderson and Primary 4

P4 blog

Primary 4 Class Blog-26/3/15
Hello Everyone,
This week we have been learning Easter songs for our Easter church service on Wednesday next week. We hope you can make it. We will be singing three songs.
We made model Celtic harps from lolly pop sticks and elastic bands.
The harps had to make three different pitches of sound .We discovered that the length and the thickness of the elastic band made a difference to the sound. We decorated them with felt pen.
In maths we looked at naming 2d shapes and discussed whether or not they were regular or irregular shapes.
We learned a lot more about different kinds of birds from all our class talks. We peer assessed each other. We were looking at body language (good eye contact, not fidgeting) and delivery (clarity, pace and volume). We all thought the class talks were interesting, exciting and amazing. Mrs Henderson wants to say thank you for all the work and effort put into these great class talks. She has been very impressed by them.
In tennis we have been working on moving around more to try and hit the ball. We did try to play outside but sadly it started to rain and we all had to go inside quickly.
We have been writing stories about our Celtic people using a story mountain plan. We have been working on writing about character traits and words that told us how a character was feeling.
We had a spelling test and some of us found it a bit tricky but we all feel we tried our best.
Have a good last week
From Zara, Kate and Georgia
Notes for next week
Monday-Parents’ Night
Tuesday- Parents’ Night
Wednesday –Easter Church service
Thursday- Easter Egg decorating and last school day
All Resuming Monday the 20th April


P4 blog

P4 Blog 19/3/15

We have been looking at sound vibrations and making two pitches of sound. We are going to try and make a Celtic harp with two or three pitches. It was interesting and fun.

Some groups have been doing smile and grid multiplication it was a fun way of doing maths.

Some of us have been doing more work on subtraction, we feel more confident in our maths. We also used card to make 3D shapes: hexagonal prisms, cubes, cuboids, triangular prisms, cones etc.

This was our last week of NYCOS we played lots of games including categories, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Tue Tue. These were good games to learn about beat, rhythm, musical notes and musical staves.

We are doing research in RME. We are looking at different Easter traditions around the world. Maisie and Molly are doing Switzerland. Cara’s is Poland. We are to make a poster and do a short presentation.

In language we have revised apostrophes and contractions and looked at synonyms. We also looked at words used to describe a character’s feelings. We talked about how some words described stronger emotions than others. We did some drama work acting out a story.

In PE we did more work on our tennis skills using benches as nets. Cara really enjoyed this. Molly and Maisie think they are improving.

We hope you have a good week.


Molly, Maisie and Cara

Notes for next week

Term spelling test on Monday

Bird Talks

Parent Night slips out


P4 blog

Blog Week  12. March  2015
Hello Everyone,
In science we used wood and elastic bands to make
musical instruments. We were learning that sound can change
and that different thicknesses of elastic band can change the sound.
Some of us have been doing multiplication of 2digit numbers
using a grid method. We have also looked at 3D shape and tried to
identify objects by getting clues. The clues described faces,
edges and vertices. We really enjoyed this.
We watched a short video of how Francesca Simon created her characters
and used this to help us ask questions of a character in a book we had
read “ The Captive Celt”. This is a short story about a boy who met, in a cell in Rome, King Caractacus.
Some of us have been bird watching again and have discussed how they
nest and why they build them. This will be continued over the next few weeks.
It has been a fun and busy week.
From Harry, Kirsten and Rosie.
Notes For Next Week
Last week of NYCOS


Hello Everyone,
We enjoyed making up our own little song and learning about the note “lah”. We learned and sang a new song about Oliver Twist.
We have been looking at character traits and have listened to a story called “Captive Celt”. We were pretending to be Deri (The Celt) and were asking him question about how he lived and how he felt about his life. It was interesting to see what other people were thinking about Deri.
We did a science experiment and tried to make a musical instrument with two pitches using straws. It was hard and fun. We made lots of funny noises that made us laugh.
We learned that when a letter was missing an apostrophe went in the space. It can also be used to show that something belongs to someone.
We hope you enjoyed reading our class blog.
Good Bye From
Leah, Ryan and Kayleigh

P4 blog

Hello Everyone,
We liked making the Celtic people it was fun learning about what they wore. We enjoyed teaching our parents and the school the King Caractacus song. It looked like everyone was having fun. I hope you enjoyed it.
What surprised us this week was how many sugar farmers there were in the world. In 2012 there were 61, 800. Some of us went to the Fairtrade coffee afternoon, thank you for all the baking.
In maths we have been doing multiplication, adding and taking away. In spelling we have been looking at different suffixes, these are things that go after a root word.  “harm-less, harm-ful”. It was linked to a fun story about robbers called the Baker gang.
Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have a good week.
By Wren, Jamie and Sanjana

Mrs Henderson and Primary 4

Next Week
Book Week
VSE week
Thursday the 6th Dress up as favourite book character.


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Hello Everyone,
We hope you all had a good long weekend. We have been doing lots of work on our assembly. We have been learning the King Caractacus song, it was a bit tricky in the beginning but fun. We hope you like it.
We all went into groups to talk about different parts of our assembly. We made up our lines and some of us made up short plays. We had to work together as a group, discuss our ideas, listen to each other and then agree on what we were doing. Sometimes we rolled a dice to see who would be doing what, we think it is a fair way of doing it. After we practiced it we changed some of our ideas.
We have been having great fun organising and preparing our assembly. We hope you enjoy it.
Primary 4 and Mrs Henderson

Next Week
Fairtrade Fortnight
24th Fairtrade Coffee afternoon
26th NYCOS singing