P4 blog 11/12/15

Hello and welcome to P4 class blog.
In French we are learning the seasons some of the class thought spring was interesting because it was quite long and unusual. Spring in French is le printemps!
In PE we have still been doing dance.
We were doing the Flying Scotsman and we also did the St Bernard’s waltz. It was fun to do the flying Scotsman was very fast and the St Bernard’s waltz was very slow. They were tricky to learn but we all got there eventually.
In maths we started subtraction. We talked about all the words that had the same meaning as subtraction and some different ways of doing it. Some of us found it a little tricky when we started. We feel a little better now but will do more work on it. We have also learned about compasses and directions. We wrote direction to escape our mazes. We found it fun trying to go through other people’s mazes.
Some of us auditioned for the talent show next Friday, it was quite fun to watch people and see how talented they were. Our class have nominated Gregor for his piano playing and Millie and Imogen for a gymnastics dance.
Good luck to both of them.
From Kit, Nuala, Holly, Callum and Isla
Next Week’s Highlights
Monday 14th Nativity rehearsal
Monday 14th Class Party
Wednesday 16th The Nativity service
Thursday 17th PE kit to go home
Friday 18th Talent Show and end of term

P4 blog 3/12/15

2015-16 P4 03.12.15 Blog
Hello and welcome to P4 class blog.
We are enjoying our music lessons with NYCOS. We have been learning a new note called Lah it is higher than Soh. We sang and played a game called “Throw the Ball High Throw the Ball Low.”
We are getting better at saying the date in French and we will be learning the seasons very soon.
We drew a maze on a square piece of paper and we made a secret passage like a Labyrinth. It was really, really fun because it was quite tricky to block the paths, but not all of them.
We had to memorise a poem to tell the class, it was called “From a Railway Carriage” by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was quite tricky because it was quite long but some of it rhymed so that helped us a little bit. We learned a little bit about the past from the poem. We are working on making our own poems about travelling on a train in 2015.
We are all proud of how well our choir performed when they were videoed for West Lothian YouTube. Please watch it if you can, you will enjoy it.
Michael, Nathan, Ryan Su, Imogen and Carolyn
Next Week’s Highlights
Christmas Post Starts
Wed 9th Christmas lunch (If not having lunch please bring a packed lunch)
Wed 9th NYCOS
Wed 9th and Thurs 10th Talent show Auditions
Frid 11th Assembly

P4 blog 19/11/15

Hello and welcome to P4 class blog.
Last week we were working in our VLG groups. We enjoy our VLG because it is fun and we learn how to work together. We help each other learn along the way. We learn lots of interesting things in our groups but we all learn how to take responsibility to help pupils in younger classes. Some groups help to make school better. The Eco group and the school worked hard at getting their green flag they are all doing lots of different things from song writing to making posters. RRS group have been looking at how to treat other people even if they look different. All classes have been given a Low Port Green THINK action card. Our Healthy choices group have been looking at different types of breakfast and deciding on the healthiest one. We found out that a lot of cereal has a lot sugar in it. Our LIDL bus also taught us how to make smoothies and that you should have only 200ml of smoothie a day. It has a lot of natural sugar in it.
We have been busy creating our assembly. We are creating plays for our assembly. The plays are based on Greek mythological stories. We have six different plays. We have also been learning the Greek Alphabet. We found out that the Greek alphabet only has twenty four letters.
Have a good week.
Millie, Alice, Kyran, Tara and Matthew
Next Week’s Highlights
Road safety Focus
23rd November –Our Choir sing for Forth 1
25th November – NYCOS

P4 blog 6/11/15

Hello and welcome to p4’s blog,
In maths we have been learning strategies to double and add 2 and 3 digit numbers. Some of us found it a little tricky at first but we think it is getting easier now. We really enjoyed making our number word problems we think it helped us remember the meaning of the maths words.
In literacy we have been looking at collective nouns, common nouns and proper nouns. We are now more able to recognise them in our reading. We have also been looking at adjectives and have been trying to use them in our story writing.
We have just started our topic about Ancient Greece. We are hoping to learn the Greek alphabet. We are going to do an assembly on Greek Mythology. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. We have been learning to self-assess our talking skills and have set a target to improve our talking skills.
Next week we have our Benchball festival we have been practicing our throwing, catching and pivoting skills. Wish us good luck!
We hope you stay safe and enjoy bonfire night celebrations.
Bye for now
Erin, Katie, Sam, Finlay, Stuart
Next Week’s Highlights
11th Nov Benchball festival
13th Ministers Assembly

P4 blog 15/10/15

Hello and welcome to our class blog.
In PE we have been learning about moving with a ball. We were doing movements of four steps with four moves, it was fun because we worked with partners and we had to use all our skills.
In maths we have been using partitioning to double and half numbers. We found out that odd numbers are slightly harder than even numbers. We have also been rounding to the nearest 10s or 100s and some of us 1000s. It was tricky at first but now we are feeling more confident.
We have practised our handwriting and our joining of O to K and L. We have also done an end of term test in our spelling. We thought it was useful to go over the rules sheets and get better at some of the spelling. In topic we have been using Power Point to create Scottish poems; we use colour and different fonts to make it look good. We will hopefully finish them this week.
We finished our salt dough maps; we think they look like miniature Scotland in 3D. We are amazed at how they all turned out and feel very proud of our work. We have now also written instructions on how to make salt dough. Some of us have even tried it at home. We have really enjoyed our topics this term and are looking forward to next terms topic which is “Ancient Greece”.
We hope you have a good holiday and see you next term.
Bye from Lewis, Gregor, Ronin, Orla, Suzie
Next Week’s Highlights


P4 blog

Hello and welcome to our class blog.
Only one week left of this term. We have all really enjoyed this term some of our fun activities have been making the salt dough maps, our museum trip, some of us really liked doing rounding in maths. Others really enjoyed High Five French because they were listening to other children learn to speak French.
We learned how to do rounding first a long way then a short way. We also liked doing more halving and doubling.
We completed our Week Of Work jotters (WOW) it took a bit of time but we liked doing them. We think it will be nice to go back and remember work we have done.
We have done a lot of mapping parts of Scotland and used atlases to help us. We discovered the three main hill and mountain ranges in Scotland. We found out that there were 7 cities in Scotland and the longest river was the river Tay.
We marked Edinburgh because it is the capital of Scotland.
In PE we have been doing Tough rugby and have been playing games called Sharks and Fishes and Tag Thief. We are really having to work as a team and include everyone when playing.
Have a good week from
Nuala, Callum, Kit, Isla and Holly
Next Week’s Highlights
Tuesday & Wednesday- Parents’ Evenings
Wednesday – last handball session
Wednesday – NYCOS
Friday – Assembly P6 and VLG


P4 blog

Hello and welcome to our class blog.
We have now almost finished our 3D map of Linlithgow High Street. We think it is looking amazing. We have now added information about the history of some of the buildings. Some of us think it looks better than they thought it would look like. Some of us are feeling very proud of our line drawings.
On Friday we started our Vertical Learning Groups. We like vertical learning groups because they help us learn about lots of different things not just Maths or French. We like being with different people and different ages.
This week we had a visit from Archive Scotland. We were digging in boxes of sand to find buried items. We were like archaeologists. We even found an old teacher’s belt and a miner’s piece box
In PE we started touch rugby. We learned lots of exciting games. We were all very hot and tired but it was fun.
Wow jotters were started. We put in all the work we have been doing for this week. We cannot believe how much we had done in a week.
Next Week’s Highlights
Monday- Parent Night Slips Home
Tuesday- Touch Rugby
Friday – Ministers Assembly

P4 blog

Hello and welcome to our class blog.
This has been a short week because we had Monday and Tuesday off.
On Wednesday Last week we went to Annet house and walked along the High Street. We learned that some of Linlithgow is extremely old. We took pictures of some of the old buildings.
We learned that over 600 years ago Linlithgow there were hardly any houses in Linlithgow. Also we saw pictures of washing on a line near Katie Wearie’s tree. We also found out that Linlithgow used to have a wall all around it. In class we have been doing detailed line drawings of some of the buildings in our High street. We are very pleased with how they look and it has been great fun. We hope to finish our 3D map soon.
In maths have been working on how to partition big numbers and have been learning how to use this to help with halving numbers.
In spelling we used fun secret codes to help with learning spelling rules for –le endings. Although you do not hear the “e” you have to remember it is there. Ascenders (tall letters) and descenders (hanging down letters) were also clues to spelling.
In French we watch High Five French we all thought it was a good way to learn French. That’s all for this week.
Imogen, Carolyn, Nathan, Michael and Ryan Su
Next Week’s Highlights
Mon-Student Ms Collins
Tues-Touch Rugby with Mr Thomson-Outside on Pitch
Wed-Museum Handling Session & NYCOS singing
Frid- P5 assembly


P4 blog

Welcome to our class Blog,
This week we have been learning about Linlithgow. We talked about what Linlithgow (Llyn laith cau) means.
Llyn means Loch, Laith means damp or moist and Cau means hollow. Many of us did not know this. We are making a big 3D map of Linlithgow High Street. This means it is not flat and things pop out. We thought it was a good idea and looked fun to make. We learned that a map is a bird’s eye view of a place, like you are looking out of an aeroplane. We will be discovering more about Linlithgow when we go for our walk and visit Annet House.
In maths we have been learning all about place value and partitioning numbers. Some of us are feeling confident about work and some want a little more help.
We are very excited about our vertical learning groups and are looking forward to our activities. We will find out about it this week.
We only have two more sessions of handball. We have been practising our teamwork and have really enjoyed learning about handball. We will be starting our new topic about Scotland very soon.
We hope you have enjoyed reading our Blog.
Millie, Alice, Matthew, Kyran, Tara
Next Week’s Highlights
21st Sept Holiday
22nd Sept In-service
23rd Sept NYCOS start
(National Youth Choir of Scotland)
25th Sept VLG 1


P4 blog

Hello Everyone,
We started our topic about Linlithgow High Street. We looked at photographs of the High Street and circled things that we thought were old. Gregor was in one of the photographs.
We discovered that you can sometimes tell if a building is old by looking at the windows, the roof, the chimneys and what materials they were made of. Sometimes you can see a shadow or an outline of another building. We all found it interesting.
We have been given a quest, we are to find out what a shop in the High Street was before it became a Beauty Spa shop.
We have been learning how to read and order big numbers up to 100, 000. We talked about chunking the numbers into groups of three and reading the largest place value first. This was helpful when trying to read big numbers. We have also been learning how to read graphs.
In handwriting we have been learning how to do an UT join. Some of us are really working hard at trying to make our writing neater and holding our pencils better. We are all getting there.
In PE we have been doing handball skills. We have been improving our finding of spaces, marking people and throwing and passing.
We will be choosing our vertical learning groups soon and we are all excited about it. Last year was fun but it will be good to be in a different group and to meet different people.
Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you have a nice week.
Emily, Eleanor, Archie, Calvin and Ryan St
Next Week’s Highlights
15/9 – handball taster
16/9- Planned walk in High street and Visit to Annet House
18/9- Assembly
21/9 Holiday