P4 blog 26/5/16

Hello and welcome to our class blog.
We have done a competition in the class on colouring in the Paralympics mascot called Tom.
We used this to design our own Badminton mascot and had to write a story about their personality. We have been using persuasive language to write a letter. We had a class debate on the subject so we had ideas on what we could write about. It was interesting because everyone had different ideas and we had to think about what it would be like to have a disability. We have been singing food songs in music and had to fit musical instruments into the rhythm. We have been revising VCOP language and how we can add adverbs and adjectives. We know an adverb describes a verb and often ends in –ly.
In maths we have been exploring decimals and fractions and made designs that had different lines of symmetry. We used computer games and shapes and rulers to do this.
In PE we have moved to outdoor games like softball and Rounders. Some of us are looking forward to improving our batting and bowling skills and improving our speed of running.
We hope you have enjoyed our blog. See you next week
Callum, Isla, Holly, Nuala and Kit
Next Week’s Highlights
WOW jotters (Week of Work)
P2/1 Assembly

P4 blog 13/5/16

Hello and welcome to P4’s class blog. This week we had our sports day and we all thought it was very successful. Lots of us had a lot of fun some of us liked the obstacle course and others liked the quiz. There were 12 activities and it all went well and we practised lots of different skills !!! We also learnt about working in teams to win. In hand writing we have been learning the FU join. It was a wee bit tricky but most of us found it easy. This week we have learned about the Paralympics and made fact posters and Power Points. We researched on the internet, some of us used Junior Encyclopaedia Britannica, we wrote down facts and made a plan and then used the plan to make our poster or Power Point. Some people gave their group members separate jobs to do depending on what they liked doing or a special skill they had. In maths we have been learning more about division. Some of us used a short technique to find out the answers. It was tricky at first but we all helped each other and we are getting better now. Literature circles has been interesting because we get to interact with lots of different people and share our ideas and thought about the book. We think we are doing really well at it. We all really enjoyed sharing our baby pictures and toys during Birth care and Growth. It was fun seeing what everyone looked like when they were a baby.
We hope you enjoyed seeing our sports day. At least the sun was shining.
Millie, Alice, Tara, Kyran and Matthew
Next Week Highlights
Tuesday & Thursday Better Movers and Thinkers
Tuesday After School handball
Friday P3 Assembly

P4 blog 29/4/16

Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
We have been looking at different division strategies mainly chunking. This means breaking a number down into smaller chunks and dividing these chunks. Most of us found it quite difficult at the start but after a little bit more explanation, experience and thinking we are feeling a little bit more confident. Some of us have also looked at fractions and division.
In our science work we had to use all of our knowledge and learning about electricity to solve the puzzle of making a quiz board. What was interesting was that we used tin foil as a wire because it conducted electricity and we used masking tape as an insulator because it did not let electricity flow through it.
We have started literature circles, we all like discussing our reading books and our homework tasks. We are thinking about how we can respond positively to other people’s ideas
In PE we have being playing football, we learned new skills and did long and short passing of the ball.
We had great fun doing punctuation dramas; it was a fun way to learn about speech marks. It was good sharing our ideas and knowledge.
Have a good holiday weekend see you Wednesday.
Next Week’s Highlights
No homework because of the holiday weekend.
In-service on Tuesday the 3rd May
VLG Friday the 6th May.
Remember Sports day the 12th of May

P4 blog 21/4/16

Hello and welcome to P4’s class blog. We have just started football in P.E. We have been practising dribbling, passing and taking the ball off people, this is called intercepting the ball.
It was fun because we had to work in pairs and get the ball of each other.
What we have enjoyed most was Mrs Johnston’s sport games, all the activities were fun and interesting to do. Mrs Johnston is also doing the London marathon; we sponsored her fundraising for bowel cancer. We wish her good luck on Sunday.
What we were most pleased about was our story planners and stories for the young writer’s competition. We had to use quite a lot of wow words and tried our best to use commas.
We all enjoyed doing electricity as our shared finish. We sent Morse code messages using a paper clip switch and a light bulb. It was fun because we got to share our learning with our parents and we could send random messages. We also liked it because it inspired some of us to think about how electricity works to send messages.
Hope you enjoyed our Blog
Finlay, Stuart, Katie, Sam and Erin
Next Week’s Highlights
25th April Education Scotland Visit
2nd May Holiday Weekend
3rd May In-service

P4 blog 24/3/16

Hello and welcome to our last P4 class blog of this term.
We are going to let you know about some of our highlights of this term.
We all enjoyed world book day because we all like dressing down for school and dressing up as our favourite book characters. It is also good fun seeing everybody’s costumes.
We all remember coming back in the bucketing rain from our performance at the Burn links lunch. We were absolutely soaked through to our skin. Memorable and fun!!!
We were all surprised at how well we did in the sponsored silence. We really enjoyed doing our detailed drawings and some of us could actually hear ourselves think in the silence. We all drew great apples and enjoyed eating them as well. When we painted apples at another time we found it quite tricky to mix the paint.
We have all been having a great time exploring balances and rolls in gymnastics, we also loved playing on the big bars and jumping on the spring boards. Swinging on the ropes was the most memorable for some of us.
We thought our assembly would have been fun to watch. We were all pleased with our caterpillar design and fruit creations. Our pronunciation was pretty good we think. We certainly worked very hard on it. We hope you all loved it too.
We discover how to change the pitch of a sound and that sound was air vibrating. We used straws to make a pitched kazoo. In science we have recently been exploring electricity. We have found out that electricity is a flow of electrons and it can make a light bulb go on. Two batteries also make a light bulb brighter. We are excited to know that we will be doing a little more on electricity next term.
We all hope you have a great Spring holiday.

P4 blog 10/3/16

Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
We have been doing Gymnastics. We have been exploring balancing and rolling. We have been doing tricky balances.
In fair-trade we have been learning all about fair-trade sugar. In Malawi we found out that sugar has changed the life of a village. They now have electrical power, a water pump and a shop. They did not to have any of that before Fairtrade. Sugar is big business because we found out that most of the food we eat contains different amounts of sugar except some foods like olives.
In maths we have been making 3D and 2D shapes and then we tried to name them. 2D and 3D means 2 dimensional flat lined drawing and 3D means 3 dimensional, length, width and height. We made shapes like cubes, square based pyramid and ones with hexagonal faces.
On Wednesday we had an author’s visit. He is called David MacPhail, he wrote “Thorfinn the Nicest Viking”. We found it really funny when he gave us the Viking names; Lewis was “Leaf the Granny Wrestler”
One thing that we enjoyed most was learning about electricity and when it first came to earth .We figured out there is a lot of different ways to make electricity. There are still lots of places in the world with no electricity.
Our assembly was about the Hungry Caterpillar and most of us remembered our lines. We all really enjoyed it and were proud of learning and saying our lines in French. Our parents thought that it was very good. Hope you have a good week.
From Lewis, Ronin, Suzie and Orla.
Next Week’s Highlights
Class talks
P3/2 assembly

P4 blog 4/3/16

Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
In maths we have been working hard on times tables and different strategies. We know about distributive law, box multiplication and doubling and halving. We are learning how to use them. It can be quite tricky but we have been working hard.
We had lots of different book characters on Thursday. It was fun seeing all our friends dressed up.
We have spent a lot of the week doing our assembly. The pronunciation was very hard at first but we got better as the week went on. We have all learned about days, weeks, months, seasons, fruit and numbers. Our favourite songs were the alphabet song and the days of the week song. We hope you enjoyed our assembly we had lots of fun making it and performing it.
Have a good week from
From Primary 4

P4 blog 26/2/16

Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
In maths we have been learning how to do problem solving we used
RUCCSAC and this means read, underline, cross out, choose, solve, answer and check and we all found it useful.
In P.E. we have moved from hockey to gymnastics and some of the boys found it difficult. Holly found it difficult too because she does not think she is very flexible but she will keep practising.
We have started thinking about the Rotary competition. We have looked at videos about the new bridge and watched the opening ceremony of the Forth Road Bridge. We were very surprised to find out that the Queen came to open it and that her car was the first car to cross it. This told us that the bridge was very important. We were very surprised to see how young the queen looked.
We are planning our assembly we have been discussing our lines and who will hold all the props. It was hard to work out what order everyone would go in and how to make the caterpillar. Mrs Nicolls and Mrs Wood have been helping us make the props. We also had to think very hard about how we got on and off the stage. We are a little bit nervous but also excited to present our assembly. We hope you enjoy it.
Have a good week from
Callum, Kit, Isla, Holly and Nuala.
Next Week’s Highlights
3rd March – World book day –Dress up as a Character
4th March- Our assembly

P4 blog 11/2/16

  • Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
  • This was our last week of bird watching, we have made bar chart graphs from our data. We have been surprised by how many different species of birds we have spotted. We have seen blue tits, robins, carrion crows, wrens, black headed gulls, song thrushes and Dunnocks.
  • We had a problem solving activity of building and putting up the bird feeder some days were harder than others because of the weather, especially when the wind was blowing, so we just brought it back in.
  • We had a focus this week on internet safety. We learned about people who bully online and how to help keep ourselves safe. Some of us knew about blocking people but did not know you could report them. We learned not to make friends with people you have not met face to face. We watched a video about Becky’s world that told us about this.
  • In maths we have moved onto multiplication we practised multiplying by 10s and 100s using a smartboard game and dice, we have also used dominoes to help us make up numbers to multiply. We learned that you can split up numbers and use addition to help you multiply. It was good to use different strategies to help us learn.
  • In French we have been learning about fruits. The French we were surprised to find out that they say “an apple green” not a “green apple”. We also learned songs about numbers up to 100.
  • In literacy we have been finding out about the meanings of verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns.
  • A busy week!
  • Hope you all have a good holiday weekend.
  • From Ryan, Michael, Imogen, Nathan and Carolyn
  • Next Week’s Highlights
  • Holiday Monday and Tuesday.


P4 blog 4/2/16

Hello and welcome to our P4 class blog.
This week we have been learning about the homophones their, there and they’re. We learned that they had different meanings.
Their : possessive, There: location, They’re: contraction (made shorter)
We learned using a song, we all felt that it was fun and helpful. If you want to watch it here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G45RQ5b4W78.
In story writing we have been using a new planner called Story Mountain. Matthew thinks it is useful because story writing is like a hill. A story gets more exciting in the middle and then it calms down to the end. Some of us shared the skeletons of our stories before we wrote them. In French we did numbers to 70. It was very hard because the French numbers use others maths such as addition to say the numbers. Soixante-dix means 60 +10 =70
We learned a lot in our library visit because we found out that fiction books have letters and non-fiction books have numbers. We explored the Dewey Cataloguing system which is a way of putting books into subjects and giving each subject a number between 001 and 999.
In maths we have still been practising our subtraction mentally and using chimney sums to check.
PE was fun with our new teacher Mrs Cameron. We did more hockey skills practise, using balls instead of pucks.
We have been looking at different parts of birds. We discovered that birds have different beaks because they eat different things. We also discovered some of the simple things fishermen have been doing to help save the albatross.
We hope you enjoyed our blog.
From Matthew, Alice, Tara, Kyran and Millie