P4T blog 3/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
It has been WOW week so we have been very busy filling in our jotters with exciting work! We have included some photographs in these jotters for the lessons where we have been engaging in active learning! This included our listening and talking lesson. We had to act out a scene of great listening skills being displayed and a scene where poor listening skills were being displayed!
Ryley and Isla went along to a Remembrance Ceremony for Ronnie to mark his plaque at the Rose Garden. They said that the Primary 7s had some special speeches to say for Ronnie. His family and local councillors came along as well. They had their photo taken and they were very happy that the weather was dry!
Ruben and Flora told Miss Tully what the class were doing with Mrs Cameron in PE. Ruben told us that the class played a lot of mini games of football. The children had to pass three times before they could score! Flora told us about a fun game that the class played with a soft football. The children had to throw the football up in the air then shout a name for the child to catch it!
Fraser and Elodie explained what we had done in drama this week. They really enjoyed using the drama technique ‘freeze frame’ to create a still photograph of a scene from the book Matilda. Elodie enjoyed doing the freeze frame because she found it tricky to stay still!
Finlay and Zoe enjoyed looking at the work of artist Georgia O’Keefe. We went into pairs to recreate the giant flowers from some of her work. We plan to finish these off next week using water colours and pastels. Jozhie said he found this very interesting.
Sophie and Evie discussed what we have been learning in numeracy this week with Miss Tully. We focused on introducing the written method of subtracting a 2 digit or 3 digit numbers. The class enjoyed playing ICT games on the laptops to revise what we have been learning.
Alastair enjoyed learning about more about Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr. Shaymaa very kindly brought in her prayer mats to show to the class. We decorated our own prayer mats and glued them into our WOW jotters.
Well done to all the children in Primary 4T for their assembly performance last Friday. Miss Tully was very proud of the class and their singing skills! We are in the middle of doing our Chinese New Year Wall display.

P4T blog 27/1/17

This week we have been very busy working hard on our assembly which we will present to the school tomorrow! We are excited to announce it will be on Chinese New Year! We have developed a lot of skills this week through researching Chinese New Year and our assembly practice. Firstly, we have become aware of others’ needs by taking turns in the assembly. We have listened to others and encouraged our peers when they needed support. Our assembly covers literacy skills as the children have contributed to discussions and explained their thinking. We have also practiced our reading and writing. There has been IDL links in this topic which have encouraged the children to contribute their ideas after researching Chinese New Year using ICT. Our assembly practice has covered health and wellbeing as the children have challenged themselves and developed motivation to do their best. In art, we made our own Chinese dragons and had a go at writing our name using Chinese symbols. In PE, we welcomed Mr Stewart who carried out a fun gymnastics lesson using all the equipment in the gym hall. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class were subtracting a teens number from a 2 digit number. We moved on to subtract a 2 digit number by bridging the multiples of 10.
Enjoy your weekend
From P4T

P4T blog 20/1/17

We visited the local Library on Thursday morning to learn more information after the librarian came to our class in December. We learned lots of information from the librarian. For example, fiction books go in alphabetic order of the first letter of the author’s surname. We also learned who Melvile Dewey was. He created the Dewey Decimal Classification System for ordering books. In PE, we continued to practise throwing and catching with different sizes of balls. We played piggy in the middle in order to add in height to our chest pass and bounce pass. In literacy, we used our imagination to decide what the circle was and included this circle into our stories. In numeracy, we revised our subtraction facts to 20 and introduced subtracting a single digit. We have also been subtracting a multiple of ten from two digit numbers. Lastly, we have been practising subtracting 11 and 9 mentally from a two digit number. We have been working really hard on our Assembly topic which we are keeping a secret until next Friday!
From P4T

P4T blog 13/01/2017

We hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We are very excited to be back at school. Last week, we filled in our term 3 targets for literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. This week in literacy, we completed an imaginative story about superheroes. In reading, we used our books to pick a character to create a wanted poster. It was fun to think of the crime and reward! In numeracy, we have been finishing off our addition topic. We have been practising adding a 2 digit number to another 2 digit number. The class used chimney sums and bridging as strategies to work out the answer. We also began to add several small numbers together. In French, the class revised colours. We played a game to find items in the class when Miss Tully said the colour in French. In drama, we worked in pairs to convince the audience why Matilda was such a wonderful child. In PE, we began to look at basic movements of throwing and catching (chest pass, bounce pass and chest bounce pass)
We are really looking forward to our library visit next Thursday.
From P4T

P4T blog 16/12/16

In numeracy, we introduced adding a 2 digit number and a single digit number with bridging. We also used ICT to recap our previous topic, money. We had a visit from the local librarian, Mrs McHarg on Tuesday to show us how to use Britannica Library. This is a great resource that the children can use at home to research class topics. The children need to have a library card in order to access this. In writing, we completed some imaginative writing on what it would like to live as an elf! This was inspired by our little elf Alfie. In PE, the class played Christmas games and also performed their dance to the rest of the school. On Wednesday, we went along to the church to watch the Primary 1s perform their nativity. We really enjoyed singing the nativity songs!
Next week, the class are visiting Low Port Centre to sing some lovely Christmas songs to the Caring Café. If possible, can the children please wear a Christmas jumper, t-shirt, hat or hairband/bobble.
From P4T and Alfie the elf

P4T blog 9/12/16

In writing, we received a letter from Santa asking us to write him a reply. We had very special visitors in writing this week, the VCOP team! Sergeant sabotage has been trying to destroy our writing! He has been trying to take out all the exciting words and all punctuation. Luckily, Violet Vocabulary and Doctor Punctuation were on hand to help P4T. In IDL, we looked at the timeline of the Ancient Greece and began to look at Greek pots. We sadly said goodbye to Mrs Curle who has been coming in every Thursday to do singing with us. We continued using chalk and charcoal in Art this week. We created lovely artwork of snowmen with the caption ‘Let it Snow’. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class continued learning about money. In particular, we focused on counting change from our ice cream shop. Our little elf Alfie has been very naughty this week in our classroom! He made a huge glitter mess all over the floor. He also brought a Christmas tree in with baubles so we could write our names on them.
From P4T and Alfie the elf.

P4T blog 2/12/2016


In writing, we used our imagination to continue a story that started with jingling bells. Some of the class thought it was Santa’s sleigh bells! In PE, we continued listening to a retelling of the traditional Russian story ‘The Firebird’ with dances to music. We have been practicing our spelling in class this week by using a menu of different activities. In numeracy, we continued looking at money and in particular counting coins. In art, we used chalk and charcoal to create lovely snowmen for our winter display.

We were very excited on Thursday afternoon as we received a letter from the North Pole! Santa told us that he has sent us a little elf to stay in our classroom until Christmas. On Friday morning, we will have a visit from Fearghas’ grandpa who came along to talk about waves and the power of the sea. Thank you very much for coming along.

Have a lovely weekend!

From P4T


P4T blog 25/11/16

This week we had our Rookie Rockstars concert on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We had great fun rocking out to all the songs about bullying! We particularly enjoyed Mrs Ramsay rapping on Tuesday night! In PE, we started listening to a retelling of the traditional Russian story ‘The Firebird’ with dances to music. The class have been learning all about Sukkot and we went outside to start collecting things to make our very own sukkahs. It was our second last week of NYCOS and we will be sad to say bye to Mrs Curle next week. In writing, we completed an acrostic poem on autumn. On Tuesday afternoon, parents were welcomed into our class to join in with our numeracy lesson on money. Thank you for coming along. J
From P4T

P4T blog 18/11/16

Hello from P4T
This week we have been working hard being Rookie Rockstars! We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning learning songs and cool dance moves. On Thursday we felt like real rock stars recording these songs for our CD. Everyone in P4T has designed a CD cover to enter in the school competition. We’ve had lots of singing practice this week as Mrs Dickson and Mrs Curle also did singing with us. We had great fun this week! On Monday we went along the Rugby club with P4H and joined in with fun games. In writing, we practiced our letter writing by responding to someone who had been expelled from school! In PE, Miss Tully and the class did some relaxing yoga.
Enjoy your weekend and see you next week for our Rookie Rockstars concert!

P4T blog 11/11/16

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day and we made lovely poppy collage pictures in art. We went along to rugby with P4H on Monday and had a lot of fun playing games! Mrs Ramsay was with the class on Wednesday and we were learning about electricity. We used a story starter in writing to help us use more exciting vocabulary in our work. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class revised addition facts to 20. We moved on to looking at addition link facts using the whiteboards to complete examples. In PE, Mrs Cameron was teaching the class a dance to Justin Bieber. Miss Tully had a great time going along to watch the class perform!
Have a nice weekend from P4T