P4T blog 26/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Literacy circles have been resumed this week for homework. We have been working super hard practising our class assembly that takes place on Friday morning. We are looking forward to welcoming parents along to see our hard work. In writing this week, we looked at the story of ‘Cinderella’ and spent time investigating the other characters in this story. The class had to retell this story from the view of another character! We plan to continue this next week.
In numeracy with Miss Tully this week, we have been investigating 3D shapes. We looked at 5 shapes: cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and cones. The class enjoyed going into the playground to carry out a ‘3D shape hunt’. On Tuesday, we learned about faces, vertices and edges on a 3D shape. We used a ‘feely bag’ in class to describe the shapes to others in the class.
Rosie Black, the Linlithgow Ranger came along to teach the children about bush craft on Wednesday afternoon. Henry enjoyed being outdoors for the afternoon as it was a lovely day. The class had to go on a wild food search to find a list of items that Rosie put on a sheet. Isla told us that we had to search for oak leaves, beech leaves, nettles and many other wild food items. Rosie also taught us how to pick nettles without being stung! We had to go in pairs or a group to build a shelter for ‘Malcom the mouse’ using the materials from around the loch. Rosie also found some garlic mustard which is edible!
On Thursday, we had a visitor from the Dog’s Trust who taught us about the different senses that dogs have. Different children were picked to become scientists and carry out a range of experiments. Ryley tested out ‘smell’ by pretending to be a sniffer dog! He has to cover his eyes with a blind fold and sniff out the dog biscuit. Ryley took only 20 seconds to sniff it out but we found out that dogs can take up to 5 seconds! Sophie and Alex tested out ‘hearing’ by carrying out a listening experiment. We learned that this is the second most developed sense for a dog. Zoe was lucky to test out ‘taste’ and had to try dog food (luckily this was a piece of chocolate)!
In P4T, we use CBBC Newsround in class daily in order to discuss and debate the issues sensibly and sensitively.
Have a lovely weekend

P4T blog 19/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!

This week we have decided what our class assembly topic will be. Our class assembly will take place on Friday 26th May. Parents are welcome to come along. Amelie is trying to keep our assembly top secret until next Friday so we can’t go into too much detail. We can tell you that there will be a drama piece in the assembly which is very exciting and funny! Ryley enjoyed researching our topic in groups using the laptops. Henry said that the class have been busy making a props list so that we can start to bring things into class. Henry also told us that we have been learning our lines in class this week.

Jozhie enjoyed PE with Mrs Clapton this week because the class played rounders outside. The children had a choice between a tennis racket and a baseball bat. Most people picked the tennis racket. Jozh picked the tennis racket because he is very good at tennis. Zoe enjoyed hitting the ball with the racket and throwing the ball. It was fun to catch the ball too. Evie thought that PE was very fun this week.

We continued our birth, care and growth topic. Callum enjoyed watching the videos of how babies grow and develop into grown-ups. We have a booklet to complete and Callum liked the activity where you had to draw yourself. The children had to put labels on the drawing to describe how they are growing.

In reading, Elodie enjoyed the comprehension activities. Elodie liked this because she knows if she comes across a word she isn’t sure of then she can use the strategies taught in class to help her. This includes reading the sentence before or after again.


P4T blog 28/4/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Homework has resumed this week and we have introduced literacy circles now. There is a note in homework jotters explaining the new tasks for reading, spelling and numeracy. Our new topic is ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. In writing this week, Amelie enjoyed taking on the role of a journalist to begin a newspaper report. Amelie told us that we watched a short video called ‘Lighthouse’ which was about the lighthouse keeper’s lamp being smashed. Ryley explained that we had to take notes about what happened which would help us write a report for the newspaper. We had to interview some of the villagers and the lighthouse keeper. Ryley asked the lighthouse keeper how he felt when he smashed the light. Primary 4T have now been introduced to literacy circles. Alex reminded us that Primary 5 came down to our classroom to explain what literacy circles involved. The class got to watch Primary 5 in their reading groups. Every week, the children will change jobs in their reading groups to complete a weekly homework task. The roles include: discussion director, summary sergeant, word wizard, artistic ace, character captain and passage picker.
Finlay explained that in numeracy this week, his class were learning about shape and angles. Finlay was able to describe the shapes and tell if the shape was irregular or regular. Sophie and Fraser enjoyed beginning our division topic in numeracy with Miss Tully. Sophie was able to explain the link between multiplication and division. Fraser explained how to divide by 2 to the class and used his knowledge of doubles to help us.
In PE this week, Shaymaa enjoyed playing a game called ‘left or right’ outside. She thought this game was really fun. Shaymaa also described the relay races that the class participated in. Mr Stewart visited P4T again to play outdoor games. Isla liked playing the eliminator game because you had to find a colour of cone that Mr Stewart said. The person who didn’t get the colour was put out. Another game Isla and Ruben enjoyed was the bench game in a team. You had to get your team in the order that Mr Stewart said without anyone falling off the bench. Isla said that the class worked hard on their team work.
Alastair told us that we used our targets set for term 4 from last week to create our new wall display. This is based on rugby and will be called ‘going for the post’. We cut out a rugby ball template and split it into 3 sections – literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. Ruben enjoyed designing his rugby ball for display.

P4T blog 30/3/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
It was lovely to see you all on Tuesday and Wednesday. This week we enjoyed taking part in the annual egg decorating competition. We brought in hard boiled eggs from home along with some resources to design a fabulous egg! Josh enjoyed making a caterpillar by colouring in five eggs and joining them together in a long line. Isla liked going around and looking at what everyone else in the class had done with their egg! Elodie designed three superheroes with her eggs. Her eggs were transformed into Spiderman, Batman and Cat women!
In numeracy, Lexi enjoyed revising the three times table outside in the lovely sunshine we had on Monday afternoon. We played different ball games. Fraser loved playing ‘around the world’. We moved on to learning our four times tables through lots of active learning opportunities.
In RME, Finlay told us that we were learning about the Easter story. We worked in teams to put the different parts of the story into the correct order. We then went into groups of three and Miss Tully handed out parts of the story to each group. We had to make a short drama scene with the parts of the Easter story we were given. Evie also told us that we watched a short video about the Easter story before going to the Easter service at the church. Well done to Ryley for his excellent reading at the Easter service.
Shaymaa and Alex told us that in PE with Mrs Clapton we continued our gymnastics topic. There were different stations to go around. The favourite station for them was the monkey bars!
The whole class is so excited that we have reached 100 marbles which means we will receive a special treat at the end of the week! PE kits have been sent home to be washed and should be returned after the holidays.
Have a great two weeks off school! School resumes on Tuesday 18th April.

P4T blog 3/3/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
In Miss Tully’s numeracy class, we continued our time topic. We began to write times in digital and analogue clocks as well as being able to read the written version. We also learned this week that there is sixty minutes on the clock and fifteen minutes in every quarter of an hour. In Mrs Henderson’s numeracy class, we started our multiplication topic and looked at the links to division. In PE, we went outside because the weather was lovely. We worked on all the skills that we have learned so far through our football topic. This included good sportsmanship, team work, passing accurately and keeping control of the ball. We played mini matches then at the end we played one class match. In writing, we wrote a recipe for making pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday! We learned about Shrove Tuesday and we were all were hungry by the end of that lesson. As part of our Fairtrade Fortnight topic, we researched what is meant by ‘Fairtrade’ and created our own posters. We looked specifically at the topic sugar and we watched a short video about where it comes from. On Thursday, it was World Book Day and the class enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters. We got a class photo and looked at why we celebrate World Book Day. The class were given a £1 book token on Monday to spend.
Have a good weekend everyone.

P4T blog 24/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
In Miss Tully’s class, Elodie told us that we were learning how to write and read ‘quarter to’ on an analogue and digital clock. We also revised ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’ and ‘quarter past’. We worked in stations to carry out a range of different activities. We played ‘time’ dominoes; ‘time’ snakes and ladders and ‘time’ match up. We also used the laptops to play some time games and completed different worksheets. In Mrs Henderson’s numeracy class, Fearghas told us that he was learning about subtraction. They used chimney sums to help them.
In PE, Sophie told us that Mrs Clapton taught us gymnastics. We had to do lots of activities. For example, we used ropes to swing on and climbed up the bars. We also worked on our balance skills with another 3 or 4 people in the class. Shaymaa told us that we were learning to develop basic movements used in football as well as learn how to dribble more effectively. We played small matches in groups of 4 or 5. We had to make sure we passed the ball three times before shooting at the goals. Afterwards, the whole class came together and played a class match.
In writing, Isla and Finlay told us that we watched a short clip of a film as a story starter. The film was called ‘The Tree’ and we had to imagine what the next part of the film was. With our groups, we had to think of a one sentence blurb for our story ‘The Tree’. We found it very useful to use the film as a stimulus for our stories as it can sometimes be tricky to start a story! At the end after we had finished our stories, we got to watch the end of the short film to find out what happened.
In French, Zoe and Fraser told us that we continued our lesson from last week. This lesson was focused on learning the French words for our clothes. The class had to pick an item of clothing and draw this piece of clothing on an A3 piece of paper. We had to include detail and the French word for the piece of clothing in big writing. Miss Tully is going to hang these up in the classroom on our “washing line”.
In literacy, we have focused on completing a range of VCOP challenges using our VCOP team (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation). Amelie really enjoyed using descriptive words in her opening sentences. We went on to use adjectives to describe different pictures that Miss Tully put on the smart board.
Have a good weekend everyone.

P4T blog 9/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Henry told us that in numeracy, his class were learning about capacity. They were measuring litres and millilitres. Callum went on to tell us that the class measured capacity with jugs and water. The class watched videos about capacity as well. In Miss Tully’s class, Elodie and Zoe told us that we were learning about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Zoe went on to explain that we finished our subtraction topic this week and revised everything we had learned. We are looking forward to starting our time topic.
Jozh explained that in RME this week, we researched how Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated. We learned that people celebrate by giving cards and presents, eating special food, wearing new clothes and visiting the Mosque. Women and children have their feet and hands painted using Mehndi paste. Jozh enjoyed creating his own Mehndi design.
Lexi told us that in problem solving this week, the class had a number of different problems to solve. Lexi solved a problem with Flora which involved trying to work out how much each symbol in a diagram was worth. Once the girls had done this, they were able to fill in the boxes around the diagram by adding up all the symbols in each row and column.
Alastair told us that the class were exploring the story of Matilda through role play. The class worked in groups of three to recreate the scene when Miss Honey goes to the Wormwood’s house. The meeting had to include detail about Matilda at school and how amazing Miss Honey thinks she is. In reading, we also looked at Matilda. Flora explained that we made wanted posters for a character in the book. The class spend some time discussing the characters and what their crime could possibly be! This was a lot of fun! We had to make these posters look old!
In PE, Alex told us that the class were playing fun ball games with Mrs Cameron. This was our last lesson with Mrs Cameron and we are very sad about this. We would like to thank her for all the fun games she has taught us. In our other PE lesson, Amelie told us that we were learning to keep control of our football. We went into groups and practiced dribbling with the football and cones.

P4T blog 3/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
It has been WOW week so we have been very busy filling in our jotters with exciting work! We have included some photographs in these jotters for the lessons where we have been engaging in active learning! This included our listening and talking lesson. We had to act out a scene of great listening skills being displayed and a scene where poor listening skills were being displayed!
Ryley and Isla went along to a Remembrance Ceremony for Ronnie to mark his plaque at the Rose Garden. They said that the Primary 7s had some special speeches to say for Ronnie. His family and local councillors came along as well. They had their photo taken and they were very happy that the weather was dry!
Ruben and Flora told Miss Tully what the class were doing with Mrs Cameron in PE. Ruben told us that the class played a lot of mini games of football. The children had to pass three times before they could score! Flora told us about a fun game that the class played with a soft football. The children had to throw the football up in the air then shout a name for the child to catch it!
Fraser and Elodie explained what we had done in drama this week. They really enjoyed using the drama technique ‘freeze frame’ to create a still photograph of a scene from the book Matilda. Elodie enjoyed doing the freeze frame because she found it tricky to stay still!
Finlay and Zoe enjoyed looking at the work of artist Georgia O’Keefe. We went into pairs to recreate the giant flowers from some of her work. We plan to finish these off next week using water colours and pastels. Jozhie said he found this very interesting.
Sophie and Evie discussed what we have been learning in numeracy this week with Miss Tully. We focused on introducing the written method of subtracting a 2 digit or 3 digit numbers. The class enjoyed playing ICT games on the laptops to revise what we have been learning.
Alastair enjoyed learning about more about Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr. Shaymaa very kindly brought in her prayer mats to show to the class. We decorated our own prayer mats and glued them into our WOW jotters.
Well done to all the children in Primary 4T for their assembly performance last Friday. Miss Tully was very proud of the class and their singing skills! We are in the middle of doing our Chinese New Year Wall display.

P4T blog 27/1/17

This week we have been very busy working hard on our assembly which we will present to the school tomorrow! We are excited to announce it will be on Chinese New Year! We have developed a lot of skills this week through researching Chinese New Year and our assembly practice. Firstly, we have become aware of others’ needs by taking turns in the assembly. We have listened to others and encouraged our peers when they needed support. Our assembly covers literacy skills as the children have contributed to discussions and explained their thinking. We have also practiced our reading and writing. There has been IDL links in this topic which have encouraged the children to contribute their ideas after researching Chinese New Year using ICT. Our assembly practice has covered health and wellbeing as the children have challenged themselves and developed motivation to do their best. In art, we made our own Chinese dragons and had a go at writing our name using Chinese symbols. In PE, we welcomed Mr Stewart who carried out a fun gymnastics lesson using all the equipment in the gym hall. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class were subtracting a teens number from a 2 digit number. We moved on to subtract a 2 digit number by bridging the multiples of 10.
Enjoy your weekend
From P4T

P4T blog 20/1/17

We visited the local Library on Thursday morning to learn more information after the librarian came to our class in December. We learned lots of information from the librarian. For example, fiction books go in alphabetic order of the first letter of the author’s surname. We also learned who Melvile Dewey was. He created the Dewey Decimal Classification System for ordering books. In PE, we continued to practise throwing and catching with different sizes of balls. We played piggy in the middle in order to add in height to our chest pass and bounce pass. In literacy, we used our imagination to decide what the circle was and included this circle into our stories. In numeracy, we revised our subtraction facts to 20 and introduced subtracting a single digit. We have also been subtracting a multiple of ten from two digit numbers. Lastly, we have been practising subtracting 11 and 9 mentally from a two digit number. We have been working really hard on our Assembly topic which we are keeping a secret until next Friday!
From P4T