P4H blog 16/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Today we were going to meet our new teacher and we were delighted to find out that our new teacher is Mrs Henderson, again! Mrs Henderson says she is also delighted to be taking us into primary 5.

In maths some of us were doing fractions and decimals it was great fun. We enjoyed using Numicon to learn about decimals. We eventually saw the link between decimals and fractions. One tenth equals 0.1. We did lots of sums to practise them. Some other people were using the computers to learn about division.

We wrote letters to our new teacher and Mrs Henderson says she will look forward to reading them. We used a check list to make sure we included the right things in a letter. We have now completely finished our literature circles books and this week we shared our book reviews and our opinions about our books. Some people liked their book and some people did not like it as much as they had hoped.

We had PE and played a game called Danish Long Ball. One team were fielders and the other team stand in a line. The fielders throw and pass the ball and try to hit the other team as they run, all together, to the other side of the pitch and back. We had to be good at throwing, catching and dodging the ball. Every team member gets a point if they run there and back without being hit. We used a soft ball because it would be safer.

In French we have been revising classroom objects, we also heard a song about things you would find in a school bag or in a pencil case. We drew and labelled a picture about this.

Some of us enjoyed watching the Marches parade. It was good to see the floats; they were Boss baby, Beauty and the Beast and Denise the Menace. We enjoyed hearing different music from the drums, the bagpipes and the brass bands.

Some of us enjoyed the rides at the fair. It was great fun and we are looking forward to the gala. We hope you enjoy gala day.


Primary 4H

Next Week’s Highlights

Tuesday: visit to Tesco bakery and shop and picnic in the Peel.

(Please do not bring a packed lunch or pay for a lunch that day. We are buying our lunch in Tesco; a small charge will be confirmed at a later date.)

Friday: VLG assembly and coffee morning for parent helpers.


P4H blog 2/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Monday was our last forest school this week. One of the rangers taught us how to use flint and steel to make a fire. First we practised on cotton wool then we collected twigs and bark to make a fire in a fire pit. It was very exciting but harder than it looked. We also collected twigs and sticks to make dens. We found lots of toads sleeping inside a log. We have really enjoyed working outside and exploring around the loch. We finished everything by toasting marshmallows on the fire and then eating them, yum! We made bread in the zone. The ingredients were warm water, yeast, salt, oil and flour. We mixed them all together and cooked our roll at home. Most of us really enjoyed it. We used flour with some wholemeal in it this is because fibre is good for keeping your intestines (stomach) healthy. In science we looked at different sources s of energy: Heat, sound, electrical, kinetic, potential, light and magnetic. Heat energy is the sun. Light energy is a torch or light bulb, electrical energy is a lightning bolt, kinaesthetic is movement energy like a runner; potential energy is stored energy like the pulled string on a bow and arrow. In PE we were doing Rounders using a bat and ball. In maths we have been doing division strategies. We used Numicon to help us see what was going on. We used a halving and a written long division strategy. WE enjoyed doing the maths problems and using the new strategies. Some of us did stations revising everything we had done in maths.

We are looking forward to having some of our parents visiting us for our open morning. We have been all excited about our new class member Rosie, who came today. We wish Rosie a happy welcome to Low Port.


Euan, Matthew, Rosie Mc, Fraser and Millie

Next Week’s Highlights

P7s at camp

5th June Book Fair early lunch-Packed lunch please

9th June Minister’s Assembly


P4H blog 26/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog. This week in forest schools we learned about willow and how bendy it is, we made baskets for our topic, lighthouse. We made rope lines so we could move the basket between two places. We learned about how gravity pulled down the basket then we had to find a way of pulling it back. Some people discovered that if the rope did not go down enough it would not move so they had to change the level of the rope to make it steeper. If the rope was too loose it would stop, so we had to make the rope tighter. Also some of us put stones in the basket and made it go faster. We have all really enjoyed our Forest schools experience and are looking forward our last one. In PE we have been doing Kick Rounders. We have been learning to cooperate as a team to try and win. It is nice to mix up football with Rounders. We think it is great to play outdoor games. We like getting home runs because it gets more points for your team. In maths some of us have been playing games to help us recognise and describe shapes. We had to feel a shape, describe it and name it. Others have been doing multiplication revision and how it links to division. In our dogs trust visit we had to use our maths skills. We had to work out using division and multiplication how much it cost to have a dog for 1 year. We found that the total was about £1052. We were astonished about how much it cost to own a dog. In French we have been playing games about classroom objects. We had a bag and we had to pick out an object and say what it was in French. It was hard but we all think we are getting slightly better each time we do it. In literacy we have been learning about trying to give clear instructions. We had to write in the present tense use command verbs and write enough details to explain clearly what the reader had to do. We wrote about making a model lighthouse. We have been enjoying our Minister’s Reading Challenge and been reading most days, we have therefore not had time to watch Newsround. We have just finished learning about how water is used in a baptism. We learned that a christening is when you become a Christian and god welcomes you into the Christian church. This is our last week of Forest school so please remember to come dressed in suitable clothes.
We hope you have a nice week from
Jude, William, Grace G. And Billy
(We are writing this outside in the playground, it is a beautiful, hot sunny day)
Next Week’s Highlights WOW WEEK
Monday 29nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
Tuesday 30th Bread Making
Friday 2nd Parents Open door event

P4H blog 19/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog.

In Mrs Henderson’s maths group we have been working on Time. We have used some computer games to practise digital and analogue times. We also worked in groups asking the time and writing it down three different ways. Miss Tully’s group has been looking at division we have been looking at halving and dividing by 10, 2 and 5.

We have been enjoying Forest school and this week we played a game called camouflage. This is like hide and seek but the seeker is not allowed to move and the hiders are to try not to be seen. The winner is the one who moves the closest and touches the tree. We also made willow baskets to transport something over a pulley. We learned that willow is a bendy tree that lives near water so it can soak up lots of water.

We have been learning about lots of different drugs like alcohol, medicine, tobacco and solvents. They are all drugs you can buy if you are 18 or over. We discussed lots of different kinds of drugs and why they might be dangerous.

In science we used magnets to push a metal ball through a maze. We also made posters to show different activities that use different push or pull forces from skiing to diving.

In literacy we have been doing comprehension. We have been using a highlighter pen to mark the keywords in a text and then working out what the main idea of a text might be.

We have all finished our lighthouses and they work! We used our knowledge of electricity and circuits to make a light in our lighthouse go off and on. Mrs Livingston was very impressed when she saw them.

We hope you have a good week.


Archie, Dexter, Maya, Lily and David

Next Week’s Highlights

Monday 22nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Thursday 25th May Dogs Trust visit

Thursday 25th May-Ragbag day please

Friday P4T Assembly


P4H blog 28/4/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
We have had a busy start to this term.
In PE we did some outdoor games with Mr Stewart. We were learning to work as a team. We had to communicate and cooperate with each other to help us try and win the game. Our favourite game was the “Rotten Apple” game. We had to throw balls (apples) to our opponent’s side. The team with the least number of balls won… We have also started athletics with Mrs Clapton. We will be working on improving our running, jumping and throwing skills.
We have finished a class novel called the “The Leopard’s Tail” by Nicola Davies. It was about how a boy called Malik saved his village mountain and the animals that lived on it from possible extinction. This was based on a true story. We watched a video clip that the story was based on. It was very hard to see the leopard but we just got a glimpse of a spotted tail. We may read another story by Nicola Davies quite soon.
We have now chosen our books for Literature circles we are all feeling excited about reading these new books. We will all have different discussion jobs to do each week. We need to record what we do each week in our booklets.
Our new topic this term is about Lighthouses in Scotland. We have read the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and we are planning how to make our own lighthouse out of different materials. We are hoping to make the lighthouse work by putting a circuit inside it. We will need wires, batteries, bulb and a switch. We have to work as a team and cooperated to make this model. We have looked at lighthouses on the internet and even looked at shipping maps. Sailors have to use these to know where they are in the sea and try not to hit rocks. Each lighthouse has its own timing for the light going off and on. The oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse in Britain is called Bell Rock; it is 11 miles out to sea. The smallest working light tower is in North Queensferry. It was designed by Robert Stevenson; he is the grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson. He wrote the poem we learned, “From a Railway Carriage”.
In Health and Wellbeing we had a very serious discussion about everything we knew about drugs and medicine. We made two posters about this and shared our ideas and thoughts. We will do more about this over the next few weeks.
Euan, Matthew and Millie
Next Week’s Highlights
29th April-Spring fair
1st May-Holiday
4th May-In-service
5th May-Elephant’s Tea Party

P4H blog 31/3/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
This has been a very busy week and we have been doing lots of things about Easter. We did an egg decorating contest it was very creative and fun. We had lots of different ideas. Well done to Imogen who won with her fabulously bright peacock. We have been using the internet to research how Easter is celebrated in other countries across the world. Each group made an Easter Power Point; Mrs Henderson was very impressed with our amazing animations. We also used everything we had learned about positive body language and frequent eye contact to deliver a good presentation. We attended our church Easter service we all thought the choir, brass and strings were fantastic and well done to Dexter for his great reading.
In maths some of us have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, prisms and pyramids. Some of us wrote DEVFS (depth, edges, vertices, faces, shape) on our white boards and drew 3D drawings. We also made 3D shapes using construction material. On Thursday we had a visit from the RSPB. We had great fun watching and identifying birds and playing games about habitat.
We all wish you a happy holiday and look forward to next term.
Hamish, Grace G, Grace P, Millie and Euan
Week’s Highlights
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Return 18th April)

P4H blog 17/3/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
We all completed our class talks on birds this week. We all had mixed feelings about standing up and talking to the rest of the class. We were excited to show what we had created but also nervous about something going wrong. Some of the skills we needed for our class talk were having a loud, clear voice, not fidgeting and trying to keep a positive expression on our face. We all tried to keep our audience interested by thinking about good eye contact and using a voice that sounded interesting. It was a little disappointing when the internet was not working very well for our links but we all kept very positive and kept going; we think this is having a growth mind-set. We did manage to show some of them the next day, thankfully. We have explored Sugar for Fairtrade and found out how much sugar was in some foods and we were very surprised about how much sugar was in some sweets and chocolate. We also found out about how sugar is grown and produced, we even made a short drama to explain all the different parts. We also made a little booklet, by folding paper.
In PE we were doing Gymnastics and racket sports. We have been learning how to control our bodies and how to control bats and balls.
We have been looking at disabled access around the school and grounds. We discussed things that were good and things that could be improved.
Well done to the Low Port ski team who competed on Wednesday.
Rosie, Matthew, Fraser, Maya and Archie
Next Week’s Highlights
Monday Class photographs
Tuesday P2/3 show
Wednesday P2/3 show
Friday VLG

P4H blog 10/3/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
We all enjoyed our assembly last week and we hope you enjoyed it too. We had great fun creating our assembly and worked hard to learn our French lines. We think it helped to boost our confidence in speaking out loud to a big audience. We had to speak loudly and clearly, give good eye contact and not slouch. Luckily we all remembered our lines! In Authors Live today, we had to go to the BBC studio in Glasgow. We met and listened to Nicola Davies. She was great fun to watch and she told us fun stories and facts about animals. She told us that the blue whale is 29metres long and that its poo was pink sometimes. She showed us a tiger skull it was very big and had huge big teeth. She told us a story about a boy who lost his arm to a lion. Lewis was chosen to ask her a question about how she felt when she wrote stories. She is very happy about what she is writing most of the time but when she thinks it is not going well she can be grumpy and kick the chairs!
We saw lots of different things going on in the studio, there were four camera people and one photographer. We waved at the camera and then had to sit very quiet, still and smartly. We really enjoyed our day at the BBC. Our Lush visit was also interesting. We did not realise that Lush used so many Fairtrade ingredients. The school smelt very nice when they were in the Zone. We are working on the Fairtrade snack challenge. We are creating our own snacks in groups. Inventing a name has been tricky but fun. It has been a very busy couple of week with lots going on; Mrs Henderson wishes us good luck with our Fringe Poster competition entries. Have a good week.
Goodbye From
Sophie, Imogen, Jude, Lewis and David
Next Week’s Highlights
Mon, Tues, Wed: Class Talks
Tues: Rail Safety Officer
Frid: P1 Assembly

P4H blog 24/2/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
We are entering the Edinburgh Fringe competition. We explored information about the fringe and looked at a painting of Edinburgh to help inspire us to create our posters. We are all excited about it.
We have started to plan our assembly. We are in 3 groups and are looking at the weather in French. We are a little nervous because we will be in front of lots of people. We are starting to make props.
In maths we have been working very hard on subtraction and decomposition, It was tricky but we tried lots of different strategies including partitioning, adding on and taking away. We are moving on to multiplication next week. Some of us have been learning about time and using an analogue clock.
In PE we have been learning about the skills we need for racket sports like tennis. We were even been juggling 2 balls, we had to concentrate really hard to try not to drop the balls. Ms Walls, now Mrs Clapton has been doing gymnastics. We used the equipment to jump, climb, balance and hang. We were practising holding a balance.
We now have new reading books and will be learning about Literature Circles. We will be finding out about all the different roles we can have during our discussions.. Our first one, DD, is Discussion Director we need to think of open ended type questions we can ask our group.
We are looking forward to our BBC Glasgow visit and have thought of questions we can ask Nicola Davies.
We hope you have a nice week.
From William, Dexter, Billy, Lily
Next Week’s Highlights
Fairtrade Fortnight
World Book Week
Thursday 2nd March Dress up as favourite character
Friday 3rd March P4H Assembly-All welcome

P4H blog 3/2/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
In Health and Well-Being we watched a Birth Care and Growth video about how baby animals were born .It showed us how the mothers prepared for giving birth. It was really interesting when they were giving birth. In PE we were looking at different balances, we had to choose two balances and link them together in one flowing movement. One group had three people so they had to work as a team to support each other. The teacher recorded us and next week we get to see how well we did and to see if we can improve our balances and linking moves. In literacy we were writing poems with inspiration from a Scottish poet called Robert Louis Stevenson. His poem was called “From a Railway Carriage”. We had to rhyme the words at the end of the lines and try and include onomatopoeia. We learned about the KY and KU join in handwriting, we are all getting better at trying to join our writing.
In IDL we went out outside to look at and try to identify birds we spotted. We used binoculars and charts to help us. It was great fun. We also had to stand quietly and listen to the bird songs we could hear. We are going to do this again next week and record our results on the RSPB’s Big Bird watch website. Hamish’s dad also came in to talk to us about birds. We learned that their beaks are all different and this is because they all eat different things and look for their food in different places. The whole class found it very interesting. Thank you Mr Lamont.
In maths we were learning about written subtraction strategies. We had to partition the numbers before we subtracted them. It was a little tricky at first but we all felt it was a good way of doing it.
We hope you have a good week
Hamish, Euan, Grace GM, Grace P and Millie
Next Week’s Highlights
Mon 6th Feb- Visit from a ranger and a visit to the peel
Please wear warm clothes and outdoor shoes
Wed 8th Feb-Visit to library
Frid 10th-Holiday
Wed 15th-Return to school