P4 blog 13/10/17

Hello and welcome back to our weekly blog. This week in literacy one of the things we have been learning about is moving images. In moving images we closed our eyes and listened to the video clip. We spoke about what we thought we could hear and how the sounds made us feel. We then wrote down all the sounds and drew what we think was happening. Some of us had a fantastic imagination. Iona thought the main character was a troll. Nolah though the clip was something from Mr Bean. However, when we finally watched it, it was actually about a baboon on the moon. Jenna said this was a very fun lesson because we got to watch the funny clip and we let our imaginations run wild!!! In numeracy this week we have been doing mental strategies in addition. We have also started doing number talks at the beginning of the lesson. We are really enjoying doing this. We have been learning how to do addition questions in our head. We discussed the different ways we can calculate the answers in our head and shared our strategies with the rest of the class. In art with Mrs Cameron we created Scottish thistles out of paper. We then made tartan out of paper on a blank piece of paper. We stuck the thistle on to the tartan and we created some masterpieces. Some of us were very proud of the way our thistles turned out but some of us found it very tricky to create. We were pleased with the end result. During topic we created a map of Scotland jigsaw puzzle. This was very fun. We now have a better understanding of where exactly places are located in Scotland. We also got into groups and completed a quiz on Scotland. The fantastic four who were Izzy Andrew, Iona and Angus were the winners and received a whopping 5 pom poms for their table. It was also parents evening this week. At the beginning we felt very nervous about it. However, once it was over we were happy that we got some good reports. So far P4 are having a great year. We are now exhausted and are very excited for the October break!

P4 blog 6/10/17

Class Blog
Hello and welcome back to our weekly blog. We have had a busy week this week. In numeracy we have been learning to use a range of mental strategies we can use to help us add. Some of us found it very interesting listening to each other talk about the methods others used. In PE this week we have continued doing football. We were learning how to pass the ball with accuracy. Some of us were beginning to get really good at this and were very good at controlling the ball. In health and wellbeing we were discussing who our role models were and what makes a good role model. Some of us said our brothers and sisters were our role models whereas others suggested people such as Barak Obama and Ariana Grande were their role models. We learned that role models are people who set good examples and are people we admire. We have also been learning more about our Scotland topic. We now know that Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in Scotland. Some of us have actually climbed that! We also learned that River Tay is the largest river in Scotland. We also created posters about the famous landmarks which are in Scotland. We used ICT to help us research lots of facts on the landmarks. Some of the famous landmarks include Edinburgh Castle, Arthurs Seat, Loch Ness and Wallace’s Monument. This week in writing we created a simile poem. A simile is when something is being compared using the words ‘like’ or ‘as ’. Some of these were fantastic and we were remembering to use a lot of adjectives in our writing.

P4 blog 29/9/17

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog.
This week was WOW week therefore we have been completing all our tasks in our WOW jotters. This week in numeracy we consolidated our understanding of place value by completing a check-up. We also did rounding in maths to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. This was a fun lesson as the class was split into different stations. We had a mixture of games, worksheets and ICT to help us with our understanding of rounding. In art, we went outside and collected lots of different leaves. We then brought them inside and decorated them using oil pastels. We then flattened the leaves and put them on the display in our classroom. Our display looks beautiful and has a real autumn feel. In spelling we got our new ‘ee’ sound. We were finding out different words that had the ‘ee’ sound in it and the different ways the sound can be written. In writing we wrote about our hobbies. Ashley said that his hobbies were den building and swimming. Iona said her hobbies were gymnastics and singing. It was very exciting finding out what everyone’s different hobbies were. In PE with Miss Tariq we continued doing football. This week we focused on our dribbling skills. It was very funny as we even tried to dribble the ball with our foreheads! We also started our new topic Scotland. We found Scotland on Google Earth and explored the different parts of Scotland using the laptops. We then created our own map of Scotland. We can’t wait to do some more of this topic as we are finding it very interesting. This week we also had a few birthdays. Miss Tariq just wanted to say a big thank you to all the boys and girls for their beautiful cards and gifts!

P4 blog 22/9/17

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog! This week has been a very short week as it was the September weekend. We had a great time relaxing and doing lots of fun things at home. This week in numeracy we started to use different mental strategies for addition. We were using numicon to help us with our adding and this was really fun and helpful. Some of us even added more than two numbers together and instead, added four or five numbers together! This was challenging as we had to do it in our heads but we figured out the easiest way of adding and used this to help us reach the answer. In literacy this week we were continuing to build our knowledge on VCOP. We have been learning about more WOW words which we could use to make our writing more interesting to read. We were continuing the story of The Doomed Voyage. This was about a ship which was sinking. It was interesting to hear the way different people continued the story. Some of us had a very happy ending whereas some others decided to leave it on a cliff hanger. In art we created 3D boats out of paper for our Linlithgow High Street display. This was very fun! We are all very sad that our Linlithgow topic has come to an end. We created leaflets about Linlithgow High Street which will give people information about the history of Linlithgow, attractions in Linlithgow and some of us even drew a map of Linlithgow!

P4 blog 15/9/17

Hello and welcome to P4 class blog. Wow, what a busy week it has been. In numeracy this week we have been learning all about estimating numbers. We were learning why we might estimate numbers. It was fun as we looked at empty number lines and tried to guess where each number was. Some of us were very good with our estimating and were almost accurate in our guesses. In literacy we were writing some spooky ghost stories…it is Halloween soon after all! We continued the story in the same style as the writer and used our knowledge of VCOP to make our wring even better and more interesting! In art we stuck with the autumn/ Halloween theme and created some lovely autumn pumpkins. We shaded them in using different colours we thought were autumn colours. They are now in the classroom on display and they look GREAT! We also went on our trip to the Linlithgow High Street and the Annet museum. We first of all just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in organising the trip and the helpers who came along. We had so much fun! We learned all about how Linlithgow has changed over the years! It was very interesting finding out what different buildings used to be such as the Tesco used to be a bomb factory! We also found it very cool and interesting that many things were produced in Linlithgow such as glue, whisky and different medicines. We also found out that different buildings have plaques on them. Some of us haven’t noticed them before therefore we thought this was very fascinating that so many buildings had these. Next week is our long September weekend. We are very excited to be off Monday and Tuesday!
VLG launch assembly on Friday
September Weekend

P4 blog 8/9/17

Hello and a very warm welcome to our P4 class blog. This week in numeracy we have been learning to write numerals in words. Some of us found it very tricky to spell words such as hundreds and thousands. We were also arranging numbers in order from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We managed to arrange numbers up to a thousand (some of us even 100 000)!! In literacy we have been focusing on the ‘ae’ phoneme this week. To help us remember our spelling words we created a poem using them, a TV advert using them and a letter to a superhero! In literacy with Mrs Cameron we learned about VCOP. We now know that V stands for vocabulary, C stands for connectives, O stands for openers and P stands for punctuation. This will help us make our writing more exciting. We did drama to do with Georges Marvellous Medicine. It was very fun because we felt like we were actually one of the characters! Lisa, Hanna, Izzy, Katie and Niamh made very good grannies! We all went to the NSPCC assembly. We learned about how to keep safe. We also gained a deeper understanding about who we can talk to help us when we don’t feel safe. In RME we were learning about different stories in Christianity and Judaism. We spoke about the importance of values and how this is portrayed in the stories through compassion and honesty.
Finally a big thank you to all the parents who made it to Meet the Teacher.
Next week we can’t wait for our trip to Annet house!

P4 blog 1/9/17

A big hello from P4 and welcome to our weekly blog! This is our first weekly blog of the year and we cannot wait to share what we have been learning so far. This week we began our IDL topic ‘Linlithgow High Street’. We researched lots of facts about Linlithgow and discovered what the meaning of Linlithgow is (lake in the damp hollow). We also looked at various pictures of old and new buildings in the High Street. We compared different features such as brick size and window size to gain a deeper understanding of whether the building was new or old. We are also very excited and lucky to be going on a trip along the High Street in the next few weeks. We will be sure to take lots of pictures on the way! In art with Mrs Cameron, we have started to create buildings on the High Street which we will put up on our display outside the classroom of the High Street. We can’t wait until the display is created! Nathan said he has enjoyed creating the paintings of important buildings. We have started doing secret student every morning with Miss Tariq which is very fun. If the secret student is well behaved all day, the secret student chooses to play a game which the whole class can enjoy. In PE with Miss Tariq, Lisa said she was exhausted after the very competitive game of dodgeball with the class on Tuesday. We all got very loud and were cheering for our teams to win! With Mrs Clapton we have been playing volleyball which has been great fun! We are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine as our class novel. We can’t wait to find out what happens to grandma. Hannah, Lawrence and Jenna really enjoyed doing mathematics this week. We learned all about place value and used ICT to assist us in our learning. Thank you for reading our update. We hope you have enjoyed reading it.
Next week
NSPCC Assembly on Monday
Meet the teacher on Monday

P4H blog 16/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Today we were going to meet our new teacher and we were delighted to find out that our new teacher is Mrs Henderson, again! Mrs Henderson says she is also delighted to be taking us into primary 5.

In maths some of us were doing fractions and decimals it was great fun. We enjoyed using Numicon to learn about decimals. We eventually saw the link between decimals and fractions. One tenth equals 0.1. We did lots of sums to practise them. Some other people were using the computers to learn about division.

We wrote letters to our new teacher and Mrs Henderson says she will look forward to reading them. We used a check list to make sure we included the right things in a letter. We have now completely finished our literature circles books and this week we shared our book reviews and our opinions about our books. Some people liked their book and some people did not like it as much as they had hoped.

We had PE and played a game called Danish Long Ball. One team were fielders and the other team stand in a line. The fielders throw and pass the ball and try to hit the other team as they run, all together, to the other side of the pitch and back. We had to be good at throwing, catching and dodging the ball. Every team member gets a point if they run there and back without being hit. We used a soft ball because it would be safer.

In French we have been revising classroom objects, we also heard a song about things you would find in a school bag or in a pencil case. We drew and labelled a picture about this.

Some of us enjoyed watching the Marches parade. It was good to see the floats; they were Boss baby, Beauty and the Beast and Denise the Menace. We enjoyed hearing different music from the drums, the bagpipes and the brass bands.

Some of us enjoyed the rides at the fair. It was great fun and we are looking forward to the gala. We hope you enjoy gala day.


Primary 4H

Next Week’s Highlights

Tuesday: visit to Tesco bakery and shop and picnic in the Peel.

(Please do not bring a packed lunch or pay for a lunch that day. We are buying our lunch in Tesco; a small charge will be confirmed at a later date.)

Friday: VLG assembly and coffee morning for parent helpers.


P4H blog 2/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Monday was our last forest school this week. One of the rangers taught us how to use flint and steel to make a fire. First we practised on cotton wool then we collected twigs and bark to make a fire in a fire pit. It was very exciting but harder than it looked. We also collected twigs and sticks to make dens. We found lots of toads sleeping inside a log. We have really enjoyed working outside and exploring around the loch. We finished everything by toasting marshmallows on the fire and then eating them, yum! We made bread in the zone. The ingredients were warm water, yeast, salt, oil and flour. We mixed them all together and cooked our roll at home. Most of us really enjoyed it. We used flour with some wholemeal in it this is because fibre is good for keeping your intestines (stomach) healthy. In science we looked at different sources s of energy: Heat, sound, electrical, kinetic, potential, light and magnetic. Heat energy is the sun. Light energy is a torch or light bulb, electrical energy is a lightning bolt, kinaesthetic is movement energy like a runner; potential energy is stored energy like the pulled string on a bow and arrow. In PE we were doing Rounders using a bat and ball. In maths we have been doing division strategies. We used Numicon to help us see what was going on. We used a halving and a written long division strategy. WE enjoyed doing the maths problems and using the new strategies. Some of us did stations revising everything we had done in maths.

We are looking forward to having some of our parents visiting us for our open morning. We have been all excited about our new class member Rosie, who came today. We wish Rosie a happy welcome to Low Port.


Euan, Matthew, Rosie Mc, Fraser and Millie

Next Week’s Highlights

P7s at camp

5th June Book Fair early lunch-Packed lunch please

9th June Minister’s Assembly


P4H blog 26/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog. This week in forest schools we learned about willow and how bendy it is, we made baskets for our topic, lighthouse. We made rope lines so we could move the basket between two places. We learned about how gravity pulled down the basket then we had to find a way of pulling it back. Some people discovered that if the rope did not go down enough it would not move so they had to change the level of the rope to make it steeper. If the rope was too loose it would stop, so we had to make the rope tighter. Also some of us put stones in the basket and made it go faster. We have all really enjoyed our Forest schools experience and are looking forward our last one. In PE we have been doing Kick Rounders. We have been learning to cooperate as a team to try and win. It is nice to mix up football with Rounders. We think it is great to play outdoor games. We like getting home runs because it gets more points for your team. In maths some of us have been playing games to help us recognise and describe shapes. We had to feel a shape, describe it and name it. Others have been doing multiplication revision and how it links to division. In our dogs trust visit we had to use our maths skills. We had to work out using division and multiplication how much it cost to have a dog for 1 year. We found that the total was about £1052. We were astonished about how much it cost to own a dog. In French we have been playing games about classroom objects. We had a bag and we had to pick out an object and say what it was in French. It was hard but we all think we are getting slightly better each time we do it. In literacy we have been learning about trying to give clear instructions. We had to write in the present tense use command verbs and write enough details to explain clearly what the reader had to do. We wrote about making a model lighthouse. We have been enjoying our Minister’s Reading Challenge and been reading most days, we have therefore not had time to watch Newsround. We have just finished learning about how water is used in a baptism. We learned that a christening is when you become a Christian and god welcomes you into the Christian church. This is our last week of Forest school so please remember to come dressed in suitable clothes.
We hope you have a nice week from
Jude, William, Grace G. And Billy
(We are writing this outside in the playground, it is a beautiful, hot sunny day)
Next Week’s Highlights WOW WEEK
Monday 29nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
Tuesday 30th Bread Making
Friday 2nd Parents Open door event