P3 blog 22/6/17

Hello from P3!

This is the very last blog of P3! It has been a fabulous year, especially as we got to do the school show with P2.  We have really enjoyed our latest technology topic, enabling us to turn our classroom into a medieval castle! We have reflected on our targets for this term and wrote about our achievements. We got to meet our teacher for P4 and wrote a letter to her, telling her all about ourselves, saying what we liked in P3 and what we are looking forward to in P4.

We have been completing some work on science. We looked at inheritance using Mr Men and Little Misses. We looked at traits passed on to us from our parents. The Mr and Mrs Men had babies and we had to guess the parents by looking at the traits. We made up our own characters, a mum and a dad and they had babies which included traits from each of them. We also looked at the circulatory system, which is how the heart and lungs work. We learned about how the red blood cells take oxygen from the lungs all round the body and then pick up carbon dioxide, a waste product, and take it back to the lungs for us to breathe out. The heart pumps all the time allowing the red blood cells to move in the right direction. We had some really interesting discussions round this!

Next week we will have a medieval banquet to round off our topic. We made menus for a healthy banquet using knowledge from the Eatwell plate.

Lastly, please have a safe and relaxing holiday! It has been a pleasure teaching you all. We will see you back on Tuesday 22nd August in your new classes!!!


P3 blog 16/6/17

Hello from P3!

It has been an interesting week, even though we were off for the Marches! We have been working on problem solving, finding all the different possibilities in the problems we were working on. We work in groups of three so we can contribute effectively and help each other.


We made Sun Safety posters which we will share around the school. They all have messages on them about how to keep safe in the sun, even in Scotland! We used the message: Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on some sun cream Slap on a hat! Also wear sun glasses, drink water and find shade if it is too hot, especially at mid-day!


We have been thinking about foods we would like for a healthy medieval banquet and the types of food they ate then. We linked this to the Eatwell plate where we learned what constitutes a healthy diet. We learned that fruit and veg should take up a third of your diet and carbohydrates should take up another third. The remaining third is split up with protein taking up the biggest portion, dairy or an alternative taking up the second biggest and a tiny bit for oils and spreads. Sweeties and crisps are not on the plate, but it is ok to have a little of them every so often!


P3 blog 8/6/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we wrote a character study on a character of our choice from our reading books. We drew a picture of our character, wrote lots of adjectives around them and used them all in a paragraph. We also invented a character and labelled them with similes. There were many strange and wonderful characters with a cape as red as blood, teeth as sharp as nails and hair as wavy as the sea! We also had the privilege of attending the Linlithgow Book Festival to listen to an author called Mike Nicholson. We had read his book previously in class!

In maths we played round the world, which is a times tables game of speed and skill. We also went outside to look carefully at multiplication and make arrays from chalk, stones and twigs. We drew as many ways as we could think of that helps us work out a multiplication. Some of us were interested in long multiplication and we were shown how to break down the numbers and use the ‘box’ method.

Our castle now has an owlery. We drew beautiful owls using chalk pastels and they are now roosting in our class! Our entrance to the class is now a big wooden door with a portcullis. The portraits of the staff are also now on display.

P3 blog 2/6/17

Hello from P3!

It has been a very busy week this week as it was Outdoor Education week, WOW jotter week and P3’s turn for CEM quizzes! Even so, we managed to do all three!

In one of our outdoor lessons we looked at the rules of a Haiku poem, originating from Japan. They have a total of 17 syllables over 3 lines, the first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third 5. They are mostly written about nature from seasons to the tiniest dew drop. We went outside to look at the world around us and following the rules, we wrote a number of Haiku poems. When we went back inside, we chose our favourite one and wrote it out neatly and illustrated it! We also did a spelling activity outside. We used chalk AND nature to create our spelling words, some were very imaginative, creating letters out of leaves, stones, twigs etc…

We also completed a scavenger hunt (in the rain!) and collected different objects for display!

We brought in our own books to do some quiet reading while some of us completed our CEM quizzes on laptops, we also coloured in detailed pictures for relaxation during CEM time. We did some meditation and yoga to keep a fresh head! We revised lots of concepts including fractions, times tables, division and number talk strategies. What a busy week and it’s still not over!


P3 blog 26/5/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we learned about functional writing. In our class castle there lies magic! We decided to share this magic and write spells that you could order from a catalogue. There are some strange and wonderful spells for sale in P3! We also chose a character from our book and asked open questions to him or her in relation to the story. We answered what we thought the character would say.
In maths we finished our medieval themed Bluebot mats and challenged each other to find directions using vocabulary such as left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise, north, south east and west. Some of us also learned about turning 45, 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees. In numeracy we were revising fractions, division and times tables.
For our class castle, we drew portraits of the staff and made big chunky frames for them as no castle is complete unless it is full of portraits! We are in the process of making frames for the portraits, big chunky gold frames. We also learned about technical drawing and drew plans of the castle; a plan is a bird’s eye view. We had some interesting rooms in our drawings, including a haunted room!
P3 quite often watch and discuss Newsround with milk, but not every day. We also have a class novel that the teacher reads. This week because of the sensitive events, we did not watch Newsround as the news was very upsetting. Our teacher said if we wanted to watch it, ask parents and discuss this topic at home. Many thanks.

P3 blog 28/4/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we learned to plan using a story map. In keeping with our castles theme, we planned a fairy tale and used our imaginations. We then assessed each other’s work, looking at our story maps to see how well we used them to plan our tales. Some of us reviewed our reading books and gave them a mark out of ten and explained why we gave it the mark we did. The rest of us focused on the main character and found words to describe their behaviour. We are also working in reading skills groups, focusing on a short novel. This week we learned about inference.

In maths we are working on measure. As the weather has been lovely, we went outside and drew castles in groups. We estimated the length of them, then measured them with metre sticks. Most of us were very good at estimating! We also looked at scales and weight. We know we use grams and kilograms to weigh things. We estimated which objects were heavier than others and used a balance to check our estimates. We are continuing with number talks where we teach each other strategies to work out numeracy work.

We have begun our new topic on Medieval Castles. We made fact files which we can add to when we research using books or laptops. We are learning how to read information and write it in our own words. As this is a technology topic, we are using new skills to make and turn the class into a castle banquet hall. We understand that technology is not just electronic devices, it is also using materials, discovering their properties and how to solve problems by measuring and constructing both 3D and 2D work.

P3 blog 30/3/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we went for a walk in our playground with our clipboards and looked for signs of spring. We wrote lists of things we found. We then used all the words to create a spring poem. Our learning intention was to use imagery to create a spring poem! We also wrote a blurb for our reading books and designed a new front cover for it. We had a special treat for all our hard work during the school show, watched The Water Horse, a film about a wee boy finding an egg which hatched into a mythical monster! We loved it!

In maths we revised what we have been learning this term by taking part in a ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ style quiz. We answered questions on adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, area, place value, time and rounding up and down! Wow! We have learned lots this term! We need to keep practicing our tables as it makes many aspects of numeracy a lot easier if we know them.

Have a great Easter Holiday!

P3 blog 24/3/17

Hello from P3!
Wow! The show, The Last Monster in Scotland was an amazing success!!! What stars we all are! Such a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience went into this show. This displayed what confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens we are! Amazing work P2 & 3!

In literacy we wrote a personal piece on what we want to be when we grow up. There were lots of interesting jobs and great explanations of why we wanted to do these jobs. We also learned that text does not need to be from a book. We listened to a man reading The Musicians of Bremen and completed some work relating to it. This is text too, as are films, songs, story CDs etc…

In maths we looked at symmetry and used a mirror to complete pictures and patterns. We found the line of symmetry in many shapes, letters and in nature. We drew the other half of Easter egg patterns and spring animals; they were very accurate and symmetrical.

We have completed our Fairtrade topic and learned so much about why Fairtrade is so important. We also learned a lot about honey bees and that they help pollenate most of the food we eat. We learned that a lot of pesticides are killing off the bees and some governments are trying to stops this. You can see our display set up outside Mrs Livingstone’s office.

P3 blog 9/3/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we looked at good sentence openers. We planned our own piece of writing and tried to use good sentence openers to make our writing more interesting. Our teacher banned the word ‘then’. We marked each other’s work by giving them 2 stars and a wish! The Ants were spelling words with ‘oo’ in them and the Bees and Moths were looking at –ture endings as in adventure, future… We are still very busy with the show and are doing so well at remembering our lines, we now need to make sure we project our voices!

In maths and numeracy we learned about area. Area is a measure of how much space there is on a flat surface or shape. We used counters and squares to find out the area of different shapes including our hands, feet and shapes we made up on squared paper. We counted the squares to find the area. Some of us covered shapes in counters to measure the area of a flat shape. We had great fun drawing lots of weird and wonderful shapes to find the area. We also worked on problem solving, two of us made a problem that we gave to the rest of the class to solve, it was tricky! We have been revising what we have learned so far… we realised that we need to try and remember what we’ve been taught as we had forgotten some of the numeracy we have learned this year. Our teacher will help with lots of fun revision tasks.

We have nearly completed our beautiful Fairtrade Honey display! We have added our t-shirt designs to the display. We have used many skills making this, including ICT skills, drawing skills, collage skills, designing skills and of course gaining more knowledge about Fairtrade. We also painted our clay bees, they look so cute! We have also been rehearsing our show using props so we know what to do with them and where to put them. We are really excited about the show!

P3 blog 2/3/17

Hello from P3!
Sorry we have missed some blogs, we’ve been really busy with the show and other things!
In literacy we were learning note taking skills. We watched Newsround and took short notes. We then used our notes to write up a report of the day’s news using subheadings. Our teacher was impressed by both the note taking and the write ups! The spelling pattern this week for the Ants is ‘ee’ as in sleep and the Moths and Bees were working on silent g as in gnome, and design. We also looked for connectives in our reading books… what a busy week!
In maths we were looking at strategies to add near 10’s and near 100’s. We thought about adding multiples of ten then adjusting our answers by adding or taking away 1 or 2. For example 27 + 31 if we add 3 lots of ten that would take us to 57 and then adjust the answer by adding one more to 58. We played games to help us with speed.
The school show is coming along fantastically well and the tickets are now on sale! Could all children continue to practise their lines at home as by this stage we should know them without using the script? Remember to project your voice and speak s.l.o.w.l.y so you are understood! If you have not brought your costume in for the show, we need it ASAP!! We are into Fairtrade Fortnight and P3 are learning about how bees make honey and the benefits of Fairtrade. We are looking at countries that produce Fairtrade honey and we are making a beautiful display with flowers and bees. We also made a honeycomb and bee out of clay which we are leaving to dry and we’ll paint it next week.