P3 blog 17/11/17

Hello from P3!
This week we were focusing on subtraction in numeracy. We learned that there is different language used for taking away numbers and it all means the same thing. We played ICT games, worked together and did some work out our text book. We all did really well! We are also learning to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks.
We began to learn note taking this week. We watched a PowerPoint about why the Romans invaded Britain and used our notes to write 4 paragraphs. This was a factual piece of writing. When taking notes, we learned that you don’t need to write sentences, just words, phrases or bullet points which we can later turn into proper sentences.
We made a super timeline which stretches the length of our class, all about the Romans in Britain and Scotland. We found out they never actually conquered Scotland because it was too cold, we were too fierce and it was too full of midges! We are making ‘wanted’ posters for another fierce Celt, a lady called Boudicca. We also looked at the Roman gods that the planets are named after. We used non-fiction books to find facts about the god and the planet. We learned about rotation and revolution of the earth. We know rotation gives us night and day and revolution gives us our year. Because the earth is spinning in a tilted axis, we learned this gives us seasons.
The Benchball festival is on Wednesday 29th Nov. Please come dressed in tracksuit bottoms. We will change into our t-shirts in school and wear our sweatshirts on the walk to the academy.

P3 blog 3/11/17

Hello from P3!
In Literacy this week we wrote spooky stories, focusing on super sentence openers! Some of them were very spooky indeed! We had some fantastic openers such as: Eventually, As quick as a flash, Heart beating and All of sudden… Our spelling pattern was looking at past tense of words ending in ‘y’ such as dry and try. You change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and add ‘ed’ as in dry – dried. We also looked for good sentence openers in our reading books and pretended we were one of the characters and wrote a diary entry about what happened in part of the story.
In numeracy this week we were continuing to work with money. We were adding coins and finding change of £1. Some of us can find change of £2 and more… We looked at different ways of finding the correct change. We have to remember that £1 is the same as 100p so we take away the cost from 100 and that gives us our change. We can also add on from the cost up to 100. E.g. item costs 47p so what is the next multiple of ten after 47? 50, how many jumps is that? 3. Find 3p. How many jumps from 50 to 100? 50, so find 50p. How much altogether? 53p. You can practise this at home!
We are finishing off our Animals Around the World topic and ready to start learning about the Romans and why they invaded Britain and why they didn’t stay in Scotland for very long… We also learned how to use oil pastels and blend colours, we drew a fox in winter, and they look lovely!
Thank you for your continued support J

P3 blog 27/10/17

Hello again from P3, hope you had a great October holiday!
Our spelling sound this week is ‘th’. Many words start with ‘th’, some like ‘mother’ have it in the middle and some words like ‘with, bath’ have it at the end. This is a difficult spelling sound for many of us because we don’t say it correctly, which means we often spell it wrong. Remember, it is the cheeky sound where we can stick our tongues out between our teeth! We found lots of facts about South American animals by researching on the laptops. We noted them down. We also predicted what our new reading book was about by looking for clues on the front cover. We looked at the colour of the illustration, facial expressions and tiny detail that might give us clues. We have completed and put together out animal stories. We are going to read them to P1!
We are working with money in maths and have been participating in carousel activities, using fake coins, code games and laptop games. We have learned all about our coins and some of the notes. We are adding up change and are beginning to give change of £1. We also had a visit from RBS, talking about money sense such as the difference between needs and wants. We got a wee gift from them too! As we are working with money, it would be a good idea to complete the money activity on the homework maths wall. If you have already completed it, you could do more advanced work and give your parents the correct change from £1!
Thank you for your continued support J

P3 blog 6/10/17

Hello there!
This week we wrote chapter two of our book. We wrote about what our animal eats and how they get their food. We used the research we did for homework to help plan this piece of writing. It is exciting being an author, just like Mike Nicholson who we met last week! We had a lovely time outside in the garden, listening to how he comes up with ideas and we even took part in an investigation just like the characters from his books, the Museum Mystery Squad. Our spelling sound for this week is wa- as in was, water, wall, wander, warm, swallow etc. We also learned about verbs, they are something you can do, so we called them ‘doing words’. We looked in our reading books to find them.
In numeracy we rounded up our knowledge so far on place value, adding 10 and 100 by completing some work for our teacher, we all did well! We are looking at different strategies to use when adding. We talk and share these strategies to help each other. Number Talks helps us do this, we were talking about friendly numbers this week. Friendly numbers are easy to add and take away from other numbers. They are the stations of the ten times table. Sometimes when we see a sum such as 29+ 13, it is easier to change one of the numbers into a friendly number, such as changing 29 to 30, then it is easier to add 13 to it, but remember to take one off the final answer!
We looked at the continent of North America during our animal challenge this week. The group work is improving all the time! Next week we will look at South America and leave the last two continents until after the October break.

P3 blog 29/9/17

A BIG hello from P3!
In literacy this week we became authors. We wrote our first chapter for our book about a wild animal. We gave the book a title and our first chapter was all about introducing our character and using adjectives to describe him or her. We also described the setting, that is the place our animal lives. We had stories about foxes, tigers, snow leopards, snails, snakes and meerkats! After planning and writing our first draught, we wrote the final copy out neatly on a special piece of paper. This is our first chapter ready to put into our book! Our spelling sound this week was –ea- as in bread, weather, ready etc. in reading we looked for wow words the author used, these are interesting words and we can use words like these to make our writing more interesting. Another day we looked for nouns, these are naming words and remember them as ‘things you can touch!’ We also found proper nouns, these are people’s names and names of places.
In numeracy we played loop games learning to add 10s to numbers with speed. We also revised place value and played a loop game for that too. We used Education City on laptops to add and subtract in teams. This all helps to consolidate our learning. We also took part in a Number Talk, where we discussed different strategies we could use to add two digit numbers together, we learned there is no right or wrong way, and sharing our learning gives other people ideas they might not have thought of.
We sometimes watch Newsround while we have our milk. This week we were shocked to learn that in another country, women were not allowed to drive cars! We had a discussion about fairness. We also completed our African animals challenge. We now have lions, zebra, hippo and elephants on our wall along with flags of many African countries and facts about African animals. We are looking forward to meeting author Mike Nicholson later today!

P3 blog 22/9/17

Hello from P3!
We’re just back from the September weekend, but already we have worked hard! We have completed another animal challenge, this time on wildlife in Asia. We painted pandas, a snow leopard, a Bengal tiger, an Asian elephant and an orangutan! We found out facts about these animals and drew flags of the countries we found in Asia.
In maths we have been playing a fun loop game, where we are using speed and our knowledge of place value to complete the game.
In Literacy we learned how to write an acrostic poem. We used the words WORLD WILDLIFE as a theme for our poem. We used our knowledge so far about wildlife to complete the poems.
As the weather changes, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for all weather as we like to go out rain or shine. We will also be visiting Annet House on the 28th September, to hear an author talk, so make sure you have a waterproof jacket in case it is raining!

P3 blog 15/9/17

Welcome to P3’s weekly blog!
In maths this week we continued with number sequences and worked on place value. We played games to show us how numbers are made up. You can practise at home by talking about numbers e.g. 305 how many 10’s are in this number? (none!) How many hundreds? (3). We were also adding 10 and 100 to numbers, e.g. 267, 277, 287, 297, 307… practise going across 100 barriers at home as we find this tricky…
In literacy our spelling pattern is wr- silent w as in wrote, wrinkle etc. We have enjoyed different activities including elk boxes and fancy writing to help us learn our spelling words. We learned that we must always begin sentences with capital letters and end with full stops. We wrote about losing a tooth, a personal piece of work.
We began our new topic, Animals around the World, starting here in Linlithgow and moving out to the whole continent of Europe. We worked in teams painting animals, researching fun facts about European animals or drawing flags of the countries of Europe! We will look at a different continent each week and rotate the stations we are working at. We are looking at food chains in science, thinking about the animals we learned about in the Europe challenge. We were learning the names of animals in French too…
Reminder: could children please have their reading books in their bags every day as we do work with them throughout the week.
Have a lovely long weekend!

P3 blog 8/9/17

Hello again from P3!
In maths this week we were learning about handling data. We looked at all the different leisure activities we take part in and sorted the information first by using tally marks. We then sorted the information into pictographs and we could answer questions like, ‘Which is the most popular activity?’ We have made a lovely display outside our class with these and our mind maps and newly designed sports strips. We have also been learning about place value, using hundreds, tens and units.

In literacy we have been learning different activities to help us learn our spelling, like rainbow writing, writing in elk boxes and partner work. We were still working on the –tch spellings this week as we only started at the end of last week. We also used our imagination to write about a sport of the future. We came up with some pretty amazing sports such as sky diving from the moon, hoverboard football and flying rugby where you need to wear special boots that make you fly!

We really enjoyed making our pictographs! We worked as a team, which we will be doing a lot in P3. This helps with communication skills and working with each other’s strengths. We also worked on a piece of art using the artist Kandinsky as inspiration. We listened to music while we worked to see if we ‘heard colours’ like Kandinsky did. Our finished products will be displayed in the hall, look out for them!

A wee reminder:
Please send children to school with their reading books every day as we use them in class. All homework is due on Monday.

P3 blog 1/9/17

Hello everyone and welcome to our first P3 blog!
In maths we have been learning about multiplication and different strategies we can use to find the answers. We have been focusing on the 2, 3, 5 & 10 times tables. We are also working on sequencing numbers. You can help at home by asking what is the next number after or before… The tricky ones are what is the number after 599 or what is the number before 700. Play games walking along the road or in the car, it all helps!
In Literacy we got our new reading books and worked on some predicting skills, looking at only the front cover and writing down what we thought the book would be about, we weren’t even allowed to read the blog! We have written postcards to our teacher from where we were on holiday. We have also written about our Rights Respecting school and what rights we enjoy during our time here. Our spelling pattern this week was –tch as in match, kitchen etc.
We made our class charter and made up the rules we think we should follow. We also made up rule we think our teacher should follow and chose some UNCRC rights that we enjoy at school. We have designed a new football strip and gathered information about leisure activities in Linlithgow. We will use this information to make a graph to show all the different leisure activities we take part in. In P.E. we have been competing in races, Mrs Clapton is teaching us ball skills and Mrs McGilliard has been teaching us to work well in a team. What a busy start back to school!

P3 blog 22/6/17

Hello from P3!

This is the very last blog of P3! It has been a fabulous year, especially as we got to do the school show with P2.  We have really enjoyed our latest technology topic, enabling us to turn our classroom into a medieval castle! We have reflected on our targets for this term and wrote about our achievements. We got to meet our teacher for P4 and wrote a letter to her, telling her all about ourselves, saying what we liked in P3 and what we are looking forward to in P4.

We have been completing some work on science. We looked at inheritance using Mr Men and Little Misses. We looked at traits passed on to us from our parents. The Mr and Mrs Men had babies and we had to guess the parents by looking at the traits. We made up our own characters, a mum and a dad and they had babies which included traits from each of them. We also looked at the circulatory system, which is how the heart and lungs work. We learned about how the red blood cells take oxygen from the lungs all round the body and then pick up carbon dioxide, a waste product, and take it back to the lungs for us to breathe out. The heart pumps all the time allowing the red blood cells to move in the right direction. We had some really interesting discussions round this!

Next week we will have a medieval banquet to round off our topic. We made menus for a healthy banquet using knowledge from the Eatwell plate.

Lastly, please have a safe and relaxing holiday! It has been a pleasure teaching you all. We will see you back on Tuesday 22nd August in your new classes!!!