P3 blog 23/2/18

Hello from P3!

In literacy we learned how to write a persuasive text. As we have been learning about body systems and how to keep our bodies healthy, we made a leaflet for a doctor’s surgery. It was a persuasive leaflet, giving advice on healthy eating and the impact this would have on your body, especially your heart. Out spelling sound was –ie- words. We learned the rhyme: I comes before E except after C when it rhymes with key, but this does not always work as the English language is WEIRD and we noticed that PROTEIN also doesn’t follow the rule!

We have been learning a lot about the human body and different systems. We looked at the circulatory system, the skeletal system and will be looking at the nervous system and the digestive system next week… It is all very exciting and we have produced some really super work! We also learned about germs and how easily they spread. We did an experiment with glitter representing the germs on our hands and saw how easily they were passed on. We then washed our hands properly in order to prepare food. We made some delicious chocolate truffles!

Next week we will be starting our class talks. Pen drives can be brought in or PowerPoints sent to the school email which will be forwarded to P3. Please make sure you practise your talk using the criteria sheet in your homework jotter as they will be assessed using this criteria and feedback will be given on each talk.

Thank you for your continued support!

P3 blog 9/2/18

The first exciting piece of news is that a student teacher has joined our class for 6 weeks as part of her training to become a teacher! It is great to have two adults to help us! In Literacy we were using our imaginations to write the continuation of a story based on a picture of Michael hearing a noise and looking under his bed. We had to think of good sentence openers, use some wow words and make sure it made sense. Our spelling pattern is –ey endings such as obey, they, monkey, valley, honey and turkey. We also looked at adjectives and character during reading and made one of the characters from our book a birthday card!
We are revisiting multiplication and have taken our understanding forward through various activities such as loop games, laptop games playing against each other, other games and consolidation by completing some jotter work. Any practise at home would also be greatly appreciated! We also continued with subtraction strategies through Number Talks.
We wrote and acted in our own charity adverts. We had to think of the setting, any music or sound effects, a script and drama skills. Our teacher filmed them and they look great! Mrs Fan told us about Chinese New Year and the legend of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. We made red envelopes and tried out some Chinese writing on them. The envelopes are given to children during the New Year festival with money in them.
There is no homework this week due to the February break. Have a lovely holiday!

P3 blog 2/2/18

Hello from P3!
Literacy comes in many shapes and forms; this week we went outside to look at the natural world and wrote down words linked to nature and what we saw. We used this vocabulary to write a Tanka poem about nature around us because Rabbie Burns wrote a lot of poems about nature. Tanka poems originate from Japan and are thirty-one-syllable poems, traditionally written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as “short song,” and is better known in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7syllable count form. We had great fun writing these and counting syllables!
We remembered our ‘ould’ spelling sounds by watching a funny clip with the mnemonic ‘Oh U Lucky Ducky!’ Because the film was so funny, it stuck in our heads and we remember how to spell words like ‘would’.
We also collaborated to make PowerPoints on a charity of our choice and some of our parents came to see us in action. This involved reading, note taking, summarising and writing a well as ICT skills!
We are continuing our work with fractions as we are finding this tricky. We know that finding a half is the same as dividing by two, that finding a quarter is the same as dividing by four and so on. If we are finding, for example, 3/5 of a number, we find one fifth of the number first, then multiply by the top number of the fraction, which in this case is 3. We are finding it tricky because some of us are not confident with our tables so please keep practising at home! Rote learning and songs help with this…
We had a real treat on Wednesday, a Chinese visitor called Mrs Fan came to our class to get to know us. She will be working with us weekly for a short time, teaching us about the culture and language of China! We thought of questions we could ask her about her country.

P3 blog 19/01/18

Hello from P3!
We have been looking at Scots words this week and learning about one of Rabbie Burns’ famous poems, To A Mouse. We have been given an extract to practise at home and some of us will be reciting this at our assembly next week. We made a class book called ‘Alpha Moose’. We used Scots words to write alliterations. We each got a letter of the alphabet, then wrote an illustrated a page each. Our teacher filmed us reading them out. The film will be premiered at our assembly! Our spelling pattern this week is –se endings like pause, because, please, cheese and ease. We made a mnemonic up for the trickiest word. We practised writing open questions to ask each other about our reading books, it was trickier than we thought!
We worked on adding and subtracting skills by doing number talks, playing games and working in our jotters. We looked at family facts. We can get two addition facts and two subtraction facts using the same numbers. E.g. 29+ 36=65, 36+29=65, 65-29=36 and 65-36=29. You can practise these at home…
We have been working on drama skills, as we are performing a short play about a little Scottish girl called Katy Morag. We have been working on using our voices and singing some Scottish songs. We have been using instruments to keep a steady beat and also matching appropriate sounds to words in the songs. This will be performed at our assembly next week.
• Please remember to look over and practise reading out your Burns poem as we will be reading them in class.
• Our assembly is on Friday 26th, parents welcome!

P3 blog 21/12/17

Hello from P3!
What a busy and exciting time we’ve had! We wrote letters to Lady Campbell thanking her for the Fairtrade donations for our enterprise stall. We raised £306.70! We also used story stones to write an imaginative story relating to the pictures on the stones. We came up with some weird and whacky ideas. There were snails who had burgers for Christmas and worms who got presents from trees and highland coos who explore rainbows!
We looked at 3D shape and their nets. We made different shapes with the nets, cubes, cuboids, triangular prisms, square based pyramids and even a pentagonal prism!
We had our Christmas party with P4. We did Scottish country dancing and lots more including games! We had great fun and got Haribo when we were put out games. We have been doing lots of Christmas activities and learned how to cut out star snowflakes, we hope you like the Christmas cards we made.
Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!
School starts back Tuesday 9th January 2018

P3 blog 7/12/17

Hello from P3!
In Literacy this week we were learning the skill of note taking. It was very tricky but this is a skill we will need for life – we will use note taking in jobs, college, university and before that, secondary school! We used our notes to write a wee book all about the very first Christmas. We read our stories to P1 as that is what their Nativity play is all about! We also worked on verbs, finding them in our reading books. We also wrote a letter to Santa telling him three things we have helped with, three things we would like and why we like Christmas.
In maths we are working on division and seeing the link to times tables. We understand that the more we know our tables the better we are at understanding division. Any practise of times tables at home would be greatly appreciated! We also spoke about profit. We spent money on Fairtrade items and tonight we want to make a profit. So not only do we have to make back the money we spent, we need to make extra to say we made a profit. We hope our stall does well tonight!
We have been learning the Nativity songs for P1’s Nativity next week. Our singing is coming along brilliantly. We also learned about how organised the Roman army was and we drew 4 soldiers in a row, so we can have a whole legion of them on the wall!
We hope our enterprise goes well, please come along and support our school!

P3 blog 24/11/17

Hello from P3!
Literacy is not always about writing a story in a jotter, it is in many shapes and forms. This week we drew and wrote a cartoon strip telling the story of Romulus and Remus and how Rome was founded. We had to remember the order to the story and include the important parts. We focused on ‘ch’ spellings that sound like ‘c’ as in school, choir, chemist and of course… Christmas! We looked at asking the characters in our reading books ‘open’ questions. This means the answer would not be a one word answer or a yes or no answer.
In maths this week we continued work on telling the time and converting times from analogue to digital and vice versa. We also worked on subtraction and took part in a number talk to share strategies we use when taking away.
We were learning about how some religions use light as an integral part of their festivals. We started with Diwali, and made lovely rangoli patterns using chalk pastels instead of coloured, powdered rice. They had to be symmetrical and using chalk pastels is very tricky, but the results were amazing! We are going to make diva lamps also, as they are used to celebrate Diwali.
Thank you to everyone who has donated a Fairtrade item to our tombola so far, our stall should look amazing!
Remember wear joggies/trackies on Wednesday 29th for taking part in the benchball festival. Also make sure you wear a jacket as we will be walking to the academy, rain or shine!

P3 blog 17/11/17

Hello from P3!
This week we were focusing on subtraction in numeracy. We learned that there is different language used for taking away numbers and it all means the same thing. We played ICT games, worked together and did some work out our text book. We all did really well! We are also learning to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks.
We began to learn note taking this week. We watched a PowerPoint about why the Romans invaded Britain and used our notes to write 4 paragraphs. This was a factual piece of writing. When taking notes, we learned that you don’t need to write sentences, just words, phrases or bullet points which we can later turn into proper sentences.
We made a super timeline which stretches the length of our class, all about the Romans in Britain and Scotland. We found out they never actually conquered Scotland because it was too cold, we were too fierce and it was too full of midges! We are making ‘wanted’ posters for another fierce Celt, a lady called Boudicca. We also looked at the Roman gods that the planets are named after. We used non-fiction books to find facts about the god and the planet. We learned about rotation and revolution of the earth. We know rotation gives us night and day and revolution gives us our year. Because the earth is spinning in a tilted axis, we learned this gives us seasons.
The Benchball festival is on Wednesday 29th Nov. Please come dressed in tracksuit bottoms. We will change into our t-shirts in school and wear our sweatshirts on the walk to the academy.

P3 blog 3/11/17

Hello from P3!
In Literacy this week we wrote spooky stories, focusing on super sentence openers! Some of them were very spooky indeed! We had some fantastic openers such as: Eventually, As quick as a flash, Heart beating and All of sudden… Our spelling pattern was looking at past tense of words ending in ‘y’ such as dry and try. You change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and add ‘ed’ as in dry – dried. We also looked for good sentence openers in our reading books and pretended we were one of the characters and wrote a diary entry about what happened in part of the story.
In numeracy this week we were continuing to work with money. We were adding coins and finding change of £1. Some of us can find change of £2 and more… We looked at different ways of finding the correct change. We have to remember that £1 is the same as 100p so we take away the cost from 100 and that gives us our change. We can also add on from the cost up to 100. E.g. item costs 47p so what is the next multiple of ten after 47? 50, how many jumps is that? 3. Find 3p. How many jumps from 50 to 100? 50, so find 50p. How much altogether? 53p. You can practise this at home!
We are finishing off our Animals Around the World topic and ready to start learning about the Romans and why they invaded Britain and why they didn’t stay in Scotland for very long… We also learned how to use oil pastels and blend colours, we drew a fox in winter, and they look lovely!
Thank you for your continued support J

P3 blog 27/10/17

Hello again from P3, hope you had a great October holiday!
Our spelling sound this week is ‘th’. Many words start with ‘th’, some like ‘mother’ have it in the middle and some words like ‘with, bath’ have it at the end. This is a difficult spelling sound for many of us because we don’t say it correctly, which means we often spell it wrong. Remember, it is the cheeky sound where we can stick our tongues out between our teeth! We found lots of facts about South American animals by researching on the laptops. We noted them down. We also predicted what our new reading book was about by looking for clues on the front cover. We looked at the colour of the illustration, facial expressions and tiny detail that might give us clues. We have completed and put together out animal stories. We are going to read them to P1!
We are working with money in maths and have been participating in carousel activities, using fake coins, code games and laptop games. We have learned all about our coins and some of the notes. We are adding up change and are beginning to give change of £1. We also had a visit from RBS, talking about money sense such as the difference between needs and wants. We got a wee gift from them too! As we are working with money, it would be a good idea to complete the money activity on the homework maths wall. If you have already completed it, you could do more advanced work and give your parents the correct change from £1!
Thank you for your continued support J