P3 blog 24/3/17

Hello from P3!
Wow! The show, The Last Monster in Scotland was an amazing success!!! What stars we all are! Such a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience went into this show. This displayed what confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens we are! Amazing work P2 & 3!

In literacy we wrote a personal piece on what we want to be when we grow up. There were lots of interesting jobs and great explanations of why we wanted to do these jobs. We also learned that text does not need to be from a book. We listened to a man reading The Musicians of Bremen and completed some work relating to it. This is text too, as are films, songs, story CDs etc…

In maths we looked at symmetry and used a mirror to complete pictures and patterns. We found the line of symmetry in many shapes, letters and in nature. We drew the other half of Easter egg patterns and spring animals; they were very accurate and symmetrical.

We have completed our Fairtrade topic and learned so much about why Fairtrade is so important. We also learned a lot about honey bees and that they help pollenate most of the food we eat. We learned that a lot of pesticides are killing off the bees and some governments are trying to stops this. You can see our display set up outside Mrs Livingstone’s office.

P3 blog 9/3/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we looked at good sentence openers. We planned our own piece of writing and tried to use good sentence openers to make our writing more interesting. Our teacher banned the word ‘then’. We marked each other’s work by giving them 2 stars and a wish! The Ants were spelling words with ‘oo’ in them and the Bees and Moths were looking at –ture endings as in adventure, future… We are still very busy with the show and are doing so well at remembering our lines, we now need to make sure we project our voices!

In maths and numeracy we learned about area. Area is a measure of how much space there is on a flat surface or shape. We used counters and squares to find out the area of different shapes including our hands, feet and shapes we made up on squared paper. We counted the squares to find the area. Some of us covered shapes in counters to measure the area of a flat shape. We had great fun drawing lots of weird and wonderful shapes to find the area. We also worked on problem solving, two of us made a problem that we gave to the rest of the class to solve, it was tricky! We have been revising what we have learned so far… we realised that we need to try and remember what we’ve been taught as we had forgotten some of the numeracy we have learned this year. Our teacher will help with lots of fun revision tasks.

We have nearly completed our beautiful Fairtrade Honey display! We have added our t-shirt designs to the display. We have used many skills making this, including ICT skills, drawing skills, collage skills, designing skills and of course gaining more knowledge about Fairtrade. We also painted our clay bees, they look so cute! We have also been rehearsing our show using props so we know what to do with them and where to put them. We are really excited about the show!

P3 blog 2/3/17

Hello from P3!
Sorry we have missed some blogs, we’ve been really busy with the show and other things!
In literacy we were learning note taking skills. We watched Newsround and took short notes. We then used our notes to write up a report of the day’s news using subheadings. Our teacher was impressed by both the note taking and the write ups! The spelling pattern this week for the Ants is ‘ee’ as in sleep and the Moths and Bees were working on silent g as in gnome, and design. We also looked for connectives in our reading books… what a busy week!
In maths we were looking at strategies to add near 10’s and near 100’s. We thought about adding multiples of ten then adjusting our answers by adding or taking away 1 or 2. For example 27 + 31 if we add 3 lots of ten that would take us to 57 and then adjust the answer by adding one more to 58. We played games to help us with speed.
The school show is coming along fantastically well and the tickets are now on sale! Could all children continue to practise their lines at home as by this stage we should know them without using the script? Remember to project your voice and speak s.l.o.w.l.y so you are understood! If you have not brought your costume in for the show, we need it ASAP!! We are into Fairtrade Fortnight and P3 are learning about how bees make honey and the benefits of Fairtrade. We are looking at countries that produce Fairtrade honey and we are making a beautiful display with flowers and bees. We also made a honeycomb and bee out of clay which we are leaving to dry and we’ll paint it next week.

P3 blog 3/2/17

Hello from P3!
Literacy comes in many shapes and forms; this week we continued a story in the style of the author. It was a funny story so we had to use phrases that would make the reader smile! We had great fun sharing and assessing them! We have also been looking at the use of punctuation in a piece of text we know why writers use exclamation marks, speech marks and ellipsis… Our spelling patterns this week are: Ants ‘th’ – which is confusing as we often say ‘f’ as in ‘wif’ instead of ‘with’ so keep practising! Bees and Moths had ‘ough’ that made an ‘o’ sound as in bottom. We made spelling scribbles, practicing the pattern over and over, we think we’ve got the hang of it!
We are continuing our work with fractions as we are finding this tricky. We know that finding a half is the same as dividing by two, that finding a quarter is the same as dividing by four and so on. We are finding it tricky because some of us are not confident with our tables so please keep practising at home!
We have been very busy practising our assembly for our parents and carers. Our teacher thinks we have worked really hard on it and we all hope it is a success on Friday! We know all the show songs, now we need to learn them off by heart without the words, but we are doing so well that it shouldn’t be a problem. We also designed our own tartan with paint. We will make them into kilts by adding a sporran and a kilt pin!
Remember our assembly tomorrow!!

P3 27/1/17

Hello from P3!
This week we have been looking at adjectives in our reading and in our writing. Inspired by Tam O’Shanter, we wrote a ghost story using adjectives to create a spooky setting! We assessed these ourselves using the success criteria. We have also been working in groups in Reading Routes, we read a piece of text and highlighted the parts that made us smile! We have been doing a lot of listening and talking this week as we prepare for our assembly and the school show.
This week we have continued to work with fractions. We learned that fractions are just like division for example, to find ½ of 16 is the same as dividing by 2! Easy! To be able to work with fractions we need to know our tables really well. Keep practicing these at home!
We have been really busy learning the songs for the school show. We had auditions and all the parts have been given out. Please practise at home, but remember to put your script back in your bag so we can use it in school when we rehearse! We need to practise projecting our voices, so mums, dads and carers please help out by giving constructive feedback.
Remember – P3 assembly 3rd Feb at 9.05am
School Show dates – Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of March. More information to follow…

P3 blog 20/1/17

Hello from P3!
We are still working on Scots language. We were reporters this week and wrote a newspaper article after hearing a strange story from a local man called Tam, who claimed he was chased by ghosts over the Brig O’ Doon! Our articles had to include a catchy headline, an orientation and a picture with a caption along with the main body of the text. Our teacher thinks we have some budding journalists in our midst! We are learning to project our voices for our Tam O’Shanter drama, which we will present at assembly on the 3rd of February.
In numeracy we are learning about fractions…it is not as tricky as we thought as we can see the link between them and division. We have realised that if we know our times tables well, this will help us when we find, for example, ½ or ¼ of a number. We can now look at a shape that has been split into equal parts and work out the fraction of any shaded parts. Remember, the total number of parts is always the number at the bottom of the fraction and the number of parts shaded goes on the top.
We used our knowledge of Tam O’Shanter to create a piece of artwork using mixed materials. We used paint to create the look of a bonfire burning inside the ruined kirk and silhouette to create the building. We then used black pens to draw in the trees. They were very effective! We are learning the songs for our school show and there are many lovely singing voices in our class. We have also been auditioning for various parts in the show, we’re having lots of fun finding out the story!

P3 blog 13/01/2017

Hello from P3!
Happy New Year! Welcome back. We wrote out New Year’s resolutions, thinking about things we could do in and out of school to make us happy. We have also started looking at Scots words by reading texts and writing our very own Scots alliterations all about hoolets! We are making this into a book and we will share our work with parents at our class assembly. We are learning about the Rabbie Burns poem Tam O’Shanter. We have listened to it and are working on drama and presentation skills so we can re-tell the story.
We have been examining the properties of 3D shapes by using ICT, making skeletons out of straws of various 3D shapes and cutting out nets, folding and gluing to make them also. Some of us even made an octahedron!
For the month of January we are completing topic on Rabbie Burns with a focus on Scots language. This will lead in nicely to our school show which will involve Scottish mythology, culture and geography. There will be an opportunity for us all to give a class talk on a Scottish mythological creature of our choice!. Look out for further instructions in homework jotters for dates and criteria. If you have not done so, remember to bring your P.E. kit back to school!
P3 assembly is Friday 3rd February at 9.05am – all welcome!

P3 blog 16/12/16

Hello from P3!
This week has been a little different. We completed our First Christmas books and we read them to P1. It was lovely to share our learning with a different class! We completed our weekly reflections for the last time in 2015. Next year we will set new targets for term 3. We also listened to a story called The Giving Tree and wrote to Santa thinking about what special things we could give our families at Christmas time, we thought of things such as cuddles and kisses, love helping round the house and spending more time with brothers and sisters.
We have continued with work on money and giving change. We have also looked at symmetry by examining snowflakes then making some to decorate the classroom!
In science after last week’s water experiments, we learned that there are three states of water. In groups we made posters showing examples of solid water, liquid water and steam! We also looked at how the molecules of each state behave and acted this out in the class. We made menorah lamps when we learned about Hanukkah, one of the festivals of light that we are learning about just now. We have created a lovely, colourful display with our class Christmas tree, the diva lamps for Diwali and our menorah candle sticks!
We all really loved P1’s Nativity at the church service. We sang our hearts out!
• Have a safe and happy Christmas!
• Children are back in school Wednesday 4th Jan
• Remember to bring your P.E. kit back to school!

P3 blog 9/12/16

Hello from P3!
In Literacy this week we wrote and illustrated our own books all about the very first Christmas. We used our note taking skills and made a plan to work out what we would write on each page. We are going to visit P1 and read our stories to them, we hope they enjoy them!
In maths we were learning to work with money. We were adding coins, finding the correct amount, finding the amount using the least amount of coins, using ICT to play shopping and match the amount games and some of us were giving change. We found giving change tricky, but if you count from the pence first and then move to the pounds, we didn’t get into such a muddle! E.g. you have £5, you pay for food which costs £3.67, start by taking the 67 up to the next multiple of 10 which is 70. So that’s 3 jumps = 3p. then from 70 to £4 would be counted in tens, so 30. 30 + 3 = 33p. but that is only up to £4, so one more £ and that takes us to £1.33! Practice this at home…
We painted our diva lamps for Diwali, as we are looking at 3 festivals of light in RME. We also looked at the properties of water in science and did some cool experiments!
• The P3 & P5 Christmas party is on Tuesday 20th in the afternoon
• The Christmas service and Nativity is on Wednesday 14th

P3 blog 25/11/16

Hello from P3!
In Literacy this week we wrote imaginative stories about Roman gods. We described the character and the setting. Some of the stories were very imaginative, and we discussed how reading lots of stories or having your parents read to you helps with story writing and imagination. The Ants spelling words this week ended in –ng, like strong, sing etc. The Bees and Moths has –se endings like cheese and because. We also learned about alliteration in our read to learn reading groups. We can now use this in our writing.
In maths this week we continued work on telling the time and converting times from analogue to digital and vice versa. We also stared learning about the properties of 2D shapes. We looked at sides, corners and lengths of sides. We went outside on a shape hunt with our parents. We had to look for the shapes we had been learning about, in the environment. We then made pictures by drawing round these shapes, they were fantastic! We are continuing with problem solving activities and this week we are drawing sketches to solve a problem!
We were learning about the movement of the earth in science and we made moving posters which show the two ways the earth moves and what effects this has for us. We now know that rotation gives us day and night and revolution gives us our seasons because the earth’s axis is tilted. We also drew a line of 4 Roman soldiers, listening to instructions as we went along. Then we decided we needed to draw a line of Celtic warriors to even things up a bit… they look fantastic!
Thank you to all the parents who came along to our maths in context afternoon, the children really enjoyed having you around.